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Private/Closed Wonderland High

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by EmoKitty21, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. On stage is a beautiful blond haired woman. She had striking features and a light blue dress. It seemed to be made of a shining material. "My name is Alice. You may know me from my story Alice in Wonderland. Welcome to Wonderland High. A wonderful place to enjoy learning about Fairytales and their beginings. These will be the best years of your young life. The memories you make here will shape your journey in life going forward. I am glad to see a new group of students joining us this year. I can not wait to see the things you do this semester. I expect great things from you. Now on the board is a list of names and beside them is your dorm number. You will find a key card that will unlick your door as well as the common room in the dorm area. If you will follow the group leaders who have signs that indicate the numbers they will be leading. They will show you which dorm is yours. Remember to be in the gym for the beginning of the year assembly. I want to see everyone's smiling faces. Now go on and have a Happy Unbirthday today."

    Sky had been sitting in the middle of the auditorium where the oritation for the freshman was held. He was glad to see that it was over. Being someone who can never sit still long enough to pay attention in class, it was hard for him to understand all of what the blonde woman was saying. Though his ears did pick up on the fact they were now going to find their dorms. Walking up to the board he found his name.

    Skyler Frost- Dorm #108
    Well it is good to know that most dorms were single occupant. He would not have to deal with trying to get along with someone he never met. Picking up his long staff, he twirled it around. It was like a nervous habbit for him. It was like he had so much energy that it had to come out through his movements. He did finally come to his dorm room. It was fairly nice. There were three rooms, a comman area, that held a kitchen, dining, and living room, a fairly nice sized bedroom that held a nice four poster bed and a large walk in closet, and a very nice bathroom that looked very nice. It had a large shower and a tub that looked as if it could hold a lot of bubbles. Which was something that Sky would enjoy a lot. "Guess it is time to get unpacking. Then to head off to that get know each other thing. Why a school would have such a thing is beyond me."
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  2. Jiaying sat with her back straight and looking as neat as possible as she heard the conference. This was the first time she was in a school with other students and she was really interested and excited about what the experience would be like. Maolong, her guardian dragon, poked her purple head out of Jiaying's hanfu and looked around.
    Jiaying gently shoved Maolong back in. "Not now." She whispered to it.
    The conference ended and walked over to look for her dorm information. She smiled to other students that would look at her and bowed her head towards teachers or other adults.
    "Mmmm... You look like a nerd." Maolong whispered in Jiaying's ear.
    Jiaying ignored her dragon and continued to walk. She waited patiently for the crowd to finish looking for their dorms and was one of the last ones to reach the board.

    Jiaying Li - Dorm 136

    She sighed as she noticed it was a shared dorm. She never shared a room before and was a little worried they wouldn't get along.

    "Mmmm... I don't like sharing you with others." Maolong said.

    "It's not up to you Mao. Now hush, it's odd speaking to you in public." Jiaying whispered into her hanfu.

    She made her way up to the dorms where she saw other students there already. She walked into her room. She looked around the dorm. There was only one bedroom with two beds in it.

    "How nice... I have my own bed." Maolong said as she slid out if Jiaying's sleeves and went on top of the bed. She stretched her legs and puffed the bed with her claws.

    "Stop that! The other bed belongs to our roomie, so please behave." Jiaying placed her suitcase on the bed next to Maolong and began to unpack.

    Once she was finished she changed into more casual clothes. She wore a black shirt with a picture of a Ying Yang and dark purple pants with black ankle boots. She left her dragon pin on her hair and Maolong climbed up to her shoulder. She placed her clothes and shoes on one side of the walk in closet and then left the dorm.

    She walked over to the common area and sit at the end of a long couch, she began to play a video game on her cell phone while chewing gum and sitting with her legs crossed. Maolong watched over her shoulder.
  3. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    Beatrice sat as princess-like and responsible as she can, her mother told her all the rules she had to follow, remembering it all by thought, Beatrice didn't hear anything the blond woman said, Beatrice just went along with the crowd and it seems they were looking for something, Beatrice being the clueless girl she is, tried to mimic them, pretending to find her name on the board, after seconds of emulating the people around her, she finally understood what she was supposed to do.

    Beatice Tremaine- Dorm #141
    As Beatrice opened the door to her dorm, her big smile was replaced with a big frown, this room only holds one occupant which means Beatrice will be spending her days in the dark, cold, and empty void, she went to her room and sighed, this wasn't what she wanted, she wanted someone to stay beside her, she was about to throw a tantrum when she remembered her mother telling her the rules she had to follow, Beatrice calmed down and unpacked her stuff and sat in her room for a few minutes, she looked rather upset and perhaps shed a tear, "even here, i'm still alone" Beatrice whispered under her breath.
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  4. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Hope was very nervice for her first day here. She turned to Baymax who was watering the flowers near the windows. "Come on Baymax, let's go find our dorm!" I said pulling him over to where the names were listed.
    Hope Hamada - dorm 153
    When Hope finally got to her dorm, Baymax could barliy fit threw the door! "I appere to be suck." Baymax told Hope. She rolled her eyes and went to go help him, when she got him free they both fell over and crashed into the dresser. Which fell over, and there was a vase on top which broke.
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  5. In the auditorium, Hamilton leaned back in his chair rather informally while his bag rested under his legs and his parrot rested on his right shoulder, he didn't pay much attention to what Alice had to say apart from the fact they had to get keys and move to whatever dorm number was said on them. When everyone got up, he grabbed his bag and walked over to check the board and collect his key. "Let's see... I'm in dorm-" His parrot squawked. "-Dorm 136!" Hamilton was caught off guard, but sighed in slight annoyance as he adjusted his hat. "Thank you Percy." Hamilton said in an annoyed tone of voice as he collected his key. "But I told you to never interrupt me unless it was really important." He added as he hoisted his bag over his left shoulder. "Sorry." Percy replied.

    After a few minutes of walking through the hallways to find the dorm he was in, he slowly opened the door to look around, but the main thing that caught his attention was the fact that there was someone else already here. "Oh, hello there, I didn't realize someone else was here, are you-" He stopped and thought for a brief moment if there were shared dorms as well as single person dorms. "-my roommate?" He asked as he walked in and closed the door behind him, meanwhile Percy tilted his head upon the sight of the curious looking creature accompanied by the lady.
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  6. Jiaying was focused on her video game. "I'm finally going to get three straight wins un a row!" She cried excitedly. "Oh you running! Nobody runs aways from me!" She yelled at the video game.

    "Mmmmm someone is here." Meolong said as she saw the door being opened.

    "Yeah! Your butt wooping is here!" Jiaying called out, still focused on her game.
    She then heard Hamilton's voice and turned around. She was surprised to see someone there and froze for a moment.
    "You have been slain." A female computer voice came from Jiaying's phone.

    "Mmmm this is were you present yourself." Maolong whispered to Jiaying.

    Jiaying stood up suddenly, her phone falling to the floor, and bowed to Hamilton. When she came back up, she looked nervous. "Hi! I'm er.... Good morning yes I'm your..." She took a deep breath as she thought of what words to say. "Your roomie! Unless you got the wrong room, then this would br awkward." She stopped talking and whispered something to the purple dragon on her right shoulder. "Sorry, I'm Jiaying, you can call me Jia or roomie or buds."

    "I heard cool kids call each other's pets delicious now a days." Maolong whispered to Jiaying.

    Jiaying smiled brightly. "Your parrot looks delicious!"
  7. Hamilton couldn't help at Jiaying's choice on introduction despite her delayed reaction because of her phone game, slightly curious as to what she played. "I don't think so; I looked at the chart and saw that I was dorm 136. I didn't realize you'd be here before I would and my old man says I'm an early bird." He said as he kept his bag close with a little pouch within it slightly visible thanks to a slightly opened zip.

    "Anyways, my name is Hamilton Hook." Hamilton said as he tipped his hat to his new roommate. "And this little guy here is my parrot, Percy..." He said before he saw the way her pet looked at his, he was about to give an unsure comment, but was convinced when he heard what Jiaying said. "Your parrot looks delicious."

    Hamilton cautiously turned his body slightly to hide his parrot a bit more only to hear Percy squawk. "Try me, reptile!" The parrot said in a rather threatening tone. Hamilton lightly raised his hand to make sure Percy stood down. "If... you're trying to compliment Percy, I don't think delicious is the right word for it... and I don't like the way that pet of yours is looking at him." He said as he folded his arms.
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  8. Maolong moved her tail excitedly. Like if she was getting ready to pounce.

    "Oh nonono, that's what people say now a days." Jiaying began to explain. "I say your pet looks delicious and you say the same about mine."

    Just then Maolong lunged towards Hamilton, by Jiaying's quick reaction grabbed by the tail and pulled the small dragon back.

    "Or maybe my dragon wants to eat your parrot..." Jiaying said looking down embarrassed as she held Maolong tightly to her chest. "I'm really sorry, it won't happen again, Maolong and I promise."

    "I didn't promise anything." Maolong said.

    "Excuse me..." Jiaying said with a nervous smile as she walked to the kitchen. She began arguing with the dragon, after a few moments she came back. She held up Maolong to Hamilton. "She promised."

    Maolong rolled her eyes, since she didn't like being held that way, and offered her tiny pinky to seal the deal.
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  9. As Maolong attempted to take a bite out of Percy, Hamilton instinctively raised his left arm in self defense while Percy flapped a few times before they saw Jiaying quickly restrain the little dragon. "Why am I not surprised...?" Hamilton rhetorically asked with clear disappointment at Maolong.

    "Come at me, I double dare ya! Come at me again and I'll feed you to the-" Percy squawked before Hamilton raised his hand at him. "Quiet!" He shouted hoarsely soon followed by dead silence and Jiaying's apology.

    Hamilton folded his arms at the promise the two made, Jiaying he believed, but he simply gave a morbid glare to Maolong. "See to it you live up to that promise, Percy might not look like much, but he's quite a fighter... and that's what got a lot of other predators... out of commission." Hamilton explained, whether the comment was true or not, he didn't Maolong to eat his beloved pet. Hamilton let out a light laugh. "Well, I'd say this is quite the colorful first impression, don't you?" Hamilton asked in hope he could laugh off the situation.
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  10. Jiaying looked confused and worried until Hamilton began to laugh. She laughed along with him. "Yes, terrible. Oh wait, I have something for you."
    Jiaying ran to the walk in closet and looked through her bag. She took out a small topper and took it over to Hamilton. "Here, its for your." She handed it over. "It is called Nian Gao. It is like pie, with a taste of China. I brought some over for whoever became my roommate." She smiled and handed him a spoon so he could taste it. She watched closely, waiting to see his reaction.
    Meolong jumped over to the couch and curled up where Jiaying had been sitting. Some sounds could still be heard coming from the phone on the floor.
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  11. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    "Oh no! Their is gonna kill me!" Hope cried, Baymax put the dresser back where it was supposed to be, but the only problem was that the vase broke. Along with all the water and flowers spilled everywhere. "Uh, Baymax, I'll be right back you go charge." She said running out the door. Hope ran to the principle's office and knocked. She wanted to confess so should wouldn't get in crazy trouble.
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  12. Hamilton raised an eyebrow with curiosity as Jiaying left to get something while Percy got off his shoulder and flew around to get used to the scenery... but remained at a certain distance away from Meolong, often at times he gave her a cautious and threatening look. As Jiaying came back with a little topper, he adjusted his hat before he heard what Jiaying offered him... spoon included. "Huh, I guess I'm the lucky one to have a roommate who offers a token of friendship in the form of food, I accept." He said as he smiled and took the stuff off her hands.

    He gave the food a little sniff before he took the spoon and scooped up a bit of the treat she gave him, ready to test the taste. Once he did, his eyes widened with delight. "Not bad! Not bad at all!" He said, clearly impressed as he went to take another bite. "This makes up for your pet's earlier attempt on Percy... speaking of which, I don't think you told me it's name." He said as he lightly pointed is spoon at the dragon.
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  13. Jiaying smiled since her food had been approved. "I'm glad you like it. Oh her name is Maolong. Which means cat dragon." While she looked at her guardian spirit, she noticed her phone. She rushed over to pick it up, she closed the game and put her phone away. She picked up Maolong, who crawl up her arm and settled around her neck. "I'm going out to the school yard, give you some space to settle it. I have chosen the room on the left, hope you don't mind." She looked over at Hamilton. "If you want to catch up to us that would be great, I'm curious to see what other students are like." She walked over to the door and smiled. "By the way, your hat looks delicious." She walked out and took a deep breath, it could've gone worse.

    She walked out and left the building. It was a good idea to get to know the outsides of the school in case it was needed and Maolong needed the fresh air. She began walking down the school yard, looking around at all the different students in the area. Maolong's eyes were wide with curiosity and she purred every now and then.
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  14. Hamilton watched as Jiaying picked up her phone and still wondered what game she played that got her so distracted by his entry, but he shrugged it off and heard her say that she planned to go to the school yard... and that she already picked a bedroom, which was fair due to the fact she was the first one in, so of course she'd get first dibs; finders keepers as they say. Hamilton shrugged and held out his arm so Percy would land on it and quickly inch to his shoulder.

    He let out a light laugh when she called his hat 'delicious' clearly she had a lot to learn about slang and compliments... in some case, he found it quite cute. Hamilton left his bag hidden, but decided to take the little pouch within it with him and his it inside his hoodie. "Meh... might as well join her and see them for myself." He said before he went out of the dorm room and jogged after Jiaying. "Hey, roomie, wait up!" He called before he eventually caught up to her. A future pirate like him shouldn't be too used to settling down after all.
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  15. Jiaying stopped when she heard Hamilton calling to her. "Oh you decided to join us! That's great!" She smiled brightly. She read that it's easier to meet other people if there are people with you, since you do not look like a lonely person.

    Maolong just eyed the new arrival and then returned to watching the scenery. "Mmmm we were better of alone."

    Jiaying ignored the grumpy dragon's attitude. She wanted to start a conversation but had no idea how. Her head began to get buzzed with questions. Maolong noticed this and said, "Did you eat?"

    "Did you eat?" Jiaying asked nicely. Not sure if it was a proper question, Maolong was problaby just hungry.
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  16. Kanoa was running after his friend Quinn. Who was a small alien, he ran and ran. He had taken the coffee that Kanoa had made for himself. It was very comical as they ran out of the building. Quinn hid behind the girl with the dragon and continued to drink the coffee. "Come back here you little buthead. That was mine. If you would have asked I would have made you some." Quinn looked at Kanoa and just grinned. "No you wouldn't have. Last time I asked you told me no." Quinn spoke like a mixture of Stitch and Reuben.
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  17. Jiaying was sueprised by the small purple alien that used her as a shield. Maolong hissed at the new arrival.

    "Oh what a pretty dog!" Jiaying said as she looked down at the alien. "But I don't think it should be drinking coffee."

    "I don't think it should exist!" Maolong said as her back curved up and the small purple hairs on her back spiked up.

    Jiaying ignored Maolong's bad attitude and greeted the boy approaching them. "Hi, is this lovely creature yours? She looks delicious!" She said with a big smile.
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  18. Hamilton raised an eyebrow at the new arrival in the form of a little... alien with a coffee? Percy the parrot however remained silent and turned his head to the person that was likely the owner of said creature, before he could speak, he heard Jiaying greet the boy and 'compliment' the pet. Hamilton leaned toward her ear. "Delicious isn't a word used to compliment everything; just food." He whispered before he waved at the newcomer.
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  19. "Well the time before that you literally picked up our car and threw it into Jumba's ship. So excuse me for telling you no." Kanoa had a smile on his face. He loved the antics that his friend got into. Like the time they all went surfing. It was a lot of fun to be on a board with Quinn sitting up front.

    Looking up as the girl spoke and saying the dog should not have coffee and hearing the dragon say that it should not exist. "Well he really shouldn't be drinking it, but I guess I can not stop him now. If you look he had done drank most of it. My name is Kanoa Pelekai. That is Quinn, he has been with me since he was born." Looking at the dragon with a friendly smile, he looked her over. "Well I could say the same thing about you no couldn't I little dragon."

    Kanoa was a little thrown off by her saying Quinn looked delicious. After hearing what the other boy had to say, he got the gist that she was not a native English speaker. So he took the complement in stride. Quinn on the other hand was a little disturbed and not too happy with the comment and the dragon. Finishing the bottle of coffe he chucked it at the purple dragon.
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  20. Jiaying listened to Hamilton's whisper, but Maolong replied to her. "Don't listen to him, it's obvious he isn't aware if modern language among friends."

    Jiaying didn't know who to listen too, but Maolong was her oldest friend, so she opted that delicious was a good compliment.

    Maolong dodged the cup and stuck her tongue out at Quinn. Jiaying petted her to settle down. "It's an honor to meet you, Cuanua? And Quinn." She bowed lightly. "I am Jianying and this is Maolong." She pointed at Hamilton. "This young boy with the delicious hat is my roommate. So you are also a student? We are new."
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  21. Kanoa was not phased about the girl miss pronouncing his name. He was used to non Hawaiians not getting his name right. "It is Kanoa." He slowed down his sating of the name to simplify it for her. "It is nice to meet you Jaiying. Maolong looks beauitful as well. I love her purple scales."

    Noticing the bottle being thrown, Kanoa pulled Quinn around. "Quinn stop that. You know you are not supposed to do that. Do you want me to get Aunt Nani on you again. Remember what happened last time?" Quinn grumbled under his breathe and look up to Kanoa. He was hoping that his human would not tell the devil woman about his actions. "Sorry purple scaley things. I am sorry that I missed." Kanoa sighed that was what his dog was like sometimes. Rolling his eyes and laughing at the antics of his pet.
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  22. "Kanoa? Sorry about that." Jiaying said feeling embarrassed. "I was just asking Hamilton if he wants to eat so I will ask you the same." She stopped talking. She felt dumb for saying what she just did. "Um... Did you eat already?"

    Maolong puffed her chest, she appreciated the compliment and it lifted her pride. "Mmmm not bad for a dog owner." She said with a devilish tone. "Let's go eat, I'm starving."

    "Settle down Mao!" Jiaying patted Maolong's head. "Sorry," she turned to Kanoa and Hamilton. "We're hungry."
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  23. "It is completely fine. I understand my name is not the easiest to say." Kanoa smiled to let the girl know he was fine with it.

    Quinn was not happy with the purple dragon and her insulting manner. "Listen here you over grown geico. I am not a dog. I am highly intelligent alien who was born in Hawaii."

    Kanoa was surprised by Quinn's outburst. He did not here anyone else speak, but hearing what he said and putting two and two together, he knew what was happening. "Quinn stop it." Turning to the girl and answering her question of food. "Yes I would love to get some food. I also need some more coffee."
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  24. Hamilton smiled at the conversation that unraveled between Jiaying and the mew person now known as Kanoa. Percy however remained quiet as he didn't know if Quinn was like Maolong; someone who would eat the parrot... or get hurt trying to. When Jiaying mentioned food, he smiled and shrugged. "I'll come, although I'm more thirsty than hungry; My old man was too busy with... something so I had to fly to school by myself." Hamilton said, upon the mentioning of 'old man' Percy knew what this meant and went to give Hamilton a comforting nuzzle which almost tilted his hat.
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  25. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    Things were getting really sad and gloomy when she had the idea to go to the school yard, this was more fun and exciting, Beatrice was quite excited by this idea, she really like it and put it to action immediately. Beatrice closed the door and dashed outside the building, she had quite a smile stuck on her face, a big smile indeed, she walked past people, who were looking at her, as if she was crazy or something, Beatrice just wanted someone to talk to, and a big group of friends caught her eye, they were like a zoo, there was a parrot, a dragon?, and a dog-like creature, this just made her more excited, Beatrice approached the group and introduced herself, "greetings, noble people, you all look quite happy, and i was wondering if i could join in" Beatrice asked politely, but she was most excited about the pets, wanting to be accepted, she tried to blend in with them, Beatrice called the nearby birds and made five different kind of birds perch on her arm, Beatrice turned to them and smiled once more.
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  26. Hamilton raised an eyebrow, but smiled as he turned his head to the newcomer. "And ahoy to you to madam." He greeted politely as he re-adjusted and tipped his hat to her. "The name's Hamilton Hook." He said with slight confidence... but before he introduced his parrot, he watched as the newcomer began to get five birds perched on to her arm, while Hamilton smiled lightly as if he was impressed, he was cut off by Percy's squawk. "Show off..." The parrot said. "Percy!" Hamilton said to his parrot like a parent who called their kid after they just swore.
  27. "Great! Then let's go eat some..." She stopped when she realized what Hamilton had said. "Did you say fly? Oh do you have a helicopter? Or an airplane"

    "Mmmmm maybe he flew on his parrot." Maolong said and laughed at her own joke.

    "Did you fly on your parrot?!" Jiaying didn't catch Maolong's sarcasm. "Poor Percy that must've been exhausting!" She was about to try and pet Percy when the new arrival showed up. "Oh hello..." She stopped to watch the birds land on the new girl. "Wow that's really delicious." Jiaying said with a smile.
  28. Hamilton looked over at Jiaying and heard her when she asked about flying on Percy to school, this comment caught him off guard and tried to hide a sudden laugh while Percy simply face palmed at both 'compliment' and comment alike. "I think 'cool' is the right word instead of delicious..." Percy said as he wanted to make sure the girl talked properly, meanwhile Hamilton simply shook his head. "Oh no no no, I don't have any of those things, I flew by myself... and with a little something from an old friend of mine." He said as he got out a little pouch and opened it. Inside the pouch was a strange powder that sparkled like well polished gold in the sunlight before he closed it and put it away.

    "This right here is fairy dust, just sprinkle a bit of it on yourself and you'll have the ability to fly. Although I wouldn't go using it o willy nilly; I only have so much of it which I mainly use for transport.... or special occasions and while I could use blue dust to restore it, it costs a lot of hard earned cash." Hamilton said in a clearly serious tone as he kept his pouch hidden to make sure nobody took it.
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  29. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    Beatrice was indeed happy with her actions and she doesn't regret a single bit about her decisions, but she remembered her lessons and quickly curtsied before the people, " I am Beatrice Tremaine, nice to meet y-" but before Beatrice could finish her sentence, she heard the parrot squawk and said something about her, and then the dragon said something about the birds, Beatrice's smile faded into a frown, she was trying to blend in with the others, just then Hamilton took something out of his pockets, it was fairy dust, Beatrice was quite taken with the fairy dust, and quickly let go of the birds, meanwhile birds flew away and disappeared into sight.
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  30. Maolong was eyeing the birds and frowned when they flew away.

    "Cool? That does not make sense." Jiaying thought about it for a second. "Your hat is cool... It just doesn't sound right. How do I know temperature of it?" She looked at the fairy dust. "Well I never heard of that before. So you can fly? That sounds really fun. Though I could never fly, I have a terrible fear of heights."

    "Mmmm he probably doesn't hang out with delicious kids and that is why he doesn't know the right terms." Maolong whispered.

    Jiaying decided to resolve that later and turned to Beatrice. "Sorry, Hello Beatrice, my name is Jiaying. This here is my guardian spirit, Maolong."
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  31. Alice opened her office door. She has been working on somethings for the assembly later on. She had hoped to have a bit of peace before the caos. "Yes, How may I help you?"

    Kanoa was glad to see new people show up. He did not really have many friends who were not members of his family, so this was a treat dor him. Being around so many people made him happy. "Food sounds great. I just got in from my uncle's ship. Would have been here sooner, but I had to try and get my coffee back from Quinn here."

    Quinn looked at the dragon and smirked. It seemed that he won when the purple thing did not respond. Looking up to his human with a look of wanting to hurt him. "Now Quinn do not give me that look. You are the one that took it not me. You know that I get to tease you all I want since that is your punishment for taking the life giving coffee." With that Kanoa stuck his tongue out at the purple dog like alien. Quinn just huffed and folded his arms.
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  32. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Hope just then became very nervous. "Um, I kinda, sorta, broke the vase of flowers in my dorm..." She said looking at her feet. That vase in her dorm could have been very expensive. She was surly dead now.
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  33. Jiaying looked at Kaona. "Life giving coffee? That sounds delicious! Could we try some? I never had coffee before and life giving coffee sounds really good."

    Maolong stretched. "We are going to be with a dog and his owner? I did not sign up for this."

    Jiaying still ignored Maolong, she didn't see the point in arguing with her. "Let us go then, I can't wait to see the cafeteria, I heard many people like to sing and dance there or maybe one of those famous food fights!"
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  34. "Sure I can make some for you to try." Kanoa was still oblivious to the dragon's comments. Quinn on the other hand was not pleased. He was about to do something to shut that purple dragon up.

    "Like I told you before. I am not a dog. I am alien. Even though I was born here on Earth does not make me a dog." Quinn was not happy and it showed. The purple dragon was not very nice to begin with and her insults made him want to chase her and show her how much of a dog he really is.

    "I think the cafeteria is this way." Kanoa walked up to the building and opened the doors for the others who he hoped followed him.

    "Well I am sure it will be ok. Things that are broken can be fixed in a little amount of time. Now I am sure you are hungry, why don't you go get something to eat and settle down." Alice told the distraught girl. She hoped to ease her worry.
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  35. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Hope heard this and was very, and I mean VERY, grateful. "Oh of course, thank you, good day." She said walking away. Hope went to the cafeteria and got a sandwich and some fruit. She was glad the vase wasn't expensive or valuable. Hope happily munched on her sandwich while walking back to her room, then had an idea for a new robot!
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  36. Hamilton simply decided to make his way over to the cafeteria with Kanoa and beckoned for the rest of the group to go with him. "Now Percy, when we run into Beatrice, what are you going to say to her?" Hamilton asked in a rather serious tone of voice. "I'm going to apologize for calling her a show off with those birds." Percy replied and concluded with a squawk. "Good man, now let's go get something to eat, all this socializing's made me hungry." Hamilton said as he looked around for anything he'd like to eat... but stuck his tongue out with disgust at the sight of the bananas.
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  37. Jiaying walked with the group until they reached the cafeteria. Once she walked in she was amazed. She had seen them in movies but never in person.
    "Wow, look Mao! One of those vending machines. Oh wait there are more, over there and there." She pointed at all the ones she could see. "Look there's the menu on that big screen and the people who take your order. What should we eat on our first time?"

    Maolong turned and looked at Percy. "Mmmm maybe some chicken." She sneakered and looked at Quinn. "Or a hot dog."

    Jiaying noticed Hamilton's reaction. "Are you okay? What does..." She tried to imitate him. "...mean?"
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  38. Sky has been in the cafeteria for awhile now. Though it was nice that they did not have to cook all of their meals in their rooms. While deciding on what to eat, he had a snowball in his hand tossing it up and down. He had this relaxed stance about him. The snowball came up very fast and slowly foated back down to his hand. He was in line when a groupd of people came in. Thinking that the large tanned guy was very cute. He hoped to meet someone who he could connect with on an intimate level.

    Kanoa knew exactly what to get when he saw the traditional pizza. It looked great. Walking up and ordering a large pepperoni pizza, he would share with his new friends. He also ordered three others for Quinn. He knew his pet would eat more then he would and would probably finish of his leftovers as well.

    Quinn had been complating whether or not it would be better to just kill the dang dragon and get it over with. The thing was seriously getting on his nerves. He probably would not have hesitated if it was not for the growling his stomach. He was glad to see that his human was getting him something as well.
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  39. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Hope was honestly just here because the principle told her to go get some food. She looked around and didn't really see anyone that looked nice enough to let her sit next to them, (Yet she thinks that about everyone). She stayed at the seat she picked a little bot ago. She played with her black hair for a little before she took another bite of her food.
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  40. Jiaying walked over to a place where they sold cookies, breads, pies and different beverages. She began looking at the menu.

    "No fish? No chicken?" Maolong asked suspiciously. "Mmmm you have a horrible taste."

    "Quiet. I want something sweet." Jiaying told her guardian.

    "Mmmm fine. But for lunch I choose." Maolong replied.

    Jiaying ignored the dragon and ordered a whole pumpkin pie.
    "Excuse me, do you have life giving coffee?" Jiaying asked the clerk.

    "Um...no...but we have our moka house special." He replied.

    Jiaying order a large moka house special. After she paid and got her food, she went to join Kanoa.
    "They didn't have life giving coffee..." She said disappointed. "But they had moka house special which is really good." She sat down and opened her pie. "You're more then welcome to try some if you want."

    Maolong crawled down to Jiaying's lap, where she began to enjoy her piece of pie.
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