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Wolfies sprites (Requests Closed)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Wolfness321, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Requests Closed​

    Here are some of my examples:

    Those are some of the things i can do. I can also do fusions,recolors,type changes, adoptables, and my own style baby pokemon. I will post examples for those once i find the files. I have a limit to how many requests i do. So if you dont get a slot don't complain, just wait until one opens up. The examples i gave and the ones i listed that i dont have pictures for yet are the only ones i'm doing at the moment.
  2. I think your Chaos are pretty good, but I think there's something off about your "Sailor Moon." I dunno. Might just be the hair.

    Can you make a sprite based on my Pikaiju and Clefatal Fakemon?
  3. Awwww, your chao's are so cute! Can you make me a Pikachu chao?
  4. yea i know the hair is off but its hard to make her hair so i got as close as i could and just made it long. I'll edit this post with your requests. heres the pikachu choa you wanted. i made another just for fun i hope you like it [​IMG]

    here you go gardevoir master [​IMG]
  5. OMG I love them thank you thank you thank you! You know, I didn't notice those 3-D pics you made of like, Rayquaza and Jirachi, they are super nice. Can I request a Pikachu one of those?
  6. ok here you go [​IMG]
    its harder with pikachus then the others
  7. Wow. Your sprites look awesome. (Especially the chaos and Jirachi.) Great job! *2 thumbs up* I'll be back. :)
  8. Yay! Thank you soooo much, I can't wait to see more sprites!
  9. These are pretty good. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
  10. thanks you guys. ^_^ i won't be on since my computer is getting fixed and i'm on my sisters so i'll post as soon as posible
  11. Do you think you can do a Zangoose/Lucario fusion for me?
  12. here you go its not that good since i was half a sleep when i made it and all i really replaced was the feet and the ears then recolored it if you don't like it just tell me and i'll make it better [​IMG]
  13. u have talent with does cool 3-D sprites keep up the good work
    p.s. do u do fakemon requests?
  14. Nice Sailer Moon trainer!
    Can ya make an eeveelution thats a Flying type?I need it for my comic......
    Can ya make it an Overworld,too?
  15. [size=8pt]Those are really nice! :)[/size]​
  16. cool!! Do you think you can make me a sprite of her:


    (not the best pic of her but at least it's an actual ref)
  17. can you make a a luxray/asol fusion?
  18. i like those lineless one the look cool can you make me my favorite pokemon Umbereon lineless please
  19. Could you make a trainer sprite for me?
    Hair: brown, 'mid-back'
    Eyes: turquoise or cerulean
    Outfit: long sleeved pastel pink top and a black knee-length skirt with black lace( if possible) along the edge. a silver belt with her pokeballs on it.
    Could you have her holding a pokeball and with a Vaporeon next to her.

    Sorry if it's too hard, you can simplify it if you need to.
  20. sorry everone i'm going to have to cancel all of the orders. I'm going on a vacation for a mounth then i have to go visit my sisters collage to see if she wants to keep aplying or to leave it at the one she got a scolar ship for.
  21. That's okay.

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