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Private/Closed Wolfborn: The School of Powers

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jodie.xox, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. "It was those villains again! They came in through a portal and stole a ton of the hydras! And there were new villains in their group I didn't even recognize... They must be recruiting more. We need to warn the school!" Syn Shouted, alarmed.
    Nik, seeing an opportunity to get Syn in trouble (he still was convinced Syn was going to switch side and betray them all in the future), ran around the front of the room and entered, Saying, "I watched the whole thing through the window. Syn stole the hydras, we should go alert the teachers."
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  2. Crystal gasped, “No! Syn wouldn’t do that! It must have been the villains, right?” She sighed and put down the checklist of Hydras, “Do we have any evidence or anything?” She checked the area, but couldn’t find anything from what she knew. “No matter who did it, Hydras were still stolen, and we have to get them back, we have no idea where they are or if they’re safe!”
  3. “Don’t worry, I’ll get them back!” Syn yelled as he left the building in a hurry and flew as a dragon towards where he had remembered the villain’s evil lair was. This all happened just as Mr. Beamon entered the room. There was one missing student who already had a criminal history (particularly with hydras) and several missing hydras. Syn seemed to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, as the creature tending teacher found a wyvern and hopped on the back of it, immediately following after Syn.
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  4. Scarlett leaned in to one of the Hydras which tried to snap at her finger, and she quickly pulled her arm back, "Well, first they'll need to be tamed, the nasty beasts!" She hissed, releasing them into the cells from their small cages. "They can stay in the cells, those bars are strong enough to hold them, and I'm pretty sure they should be growing even more soon." She grinned, "We'll get along nicely." She laughed, looking at the angry, frightened and confused Hydras in each cell.
  5. Roman sighed as he went into the room with his silver griffin. He raised an eyebrow as he saw that there were way fewer hydras than before, but what really worried him was that Helios wasn't among the few hydras. Athena looked around the cages for a thorough check, but yielded no results. "Where the hell are the hydras?" He asked with clear concern and shot Syn a clearly angered look as he left to try and get them back, he wanted to say something to him, but he left before he could. He turned to Crystal. "Wherever the hydras are, I just hope they're okay... I don't want to imagine what Helios and the other hydras are in right now." He said with clear concern as Athena went to put her wing around him in comfort.
  6. Crystal turned to Roman as he turned to leave, “Wait! You have no idea where they are or who has them, we need to find something to get us started!” She looked at Syn, “It couldn’t be him, he wasn’t even in here, and you can’t just jump to those conclusions!” She said, concerned for Syn. “Hey, aren’t there security cameras about the school? We could check if anything was filmed when they were stolen here, couldn’t we?”
  7. Jesse was now stood in front of what was Hedge's part to the pen; he was disheartened to know that the villains had taken him. He turned over to Crystal, saying in a voice as if he was at a funeral:
    'Do you have an idea on how we're getting them back? If we do anything ourselves, we'll just get in more trouble.'.

    And then he thought to himself. This school definitely has one negative: the justice system. I don't get how helping to save the school gets us in trouble, we were, I guess, heroes? I feel like I can't do nothing to save Hedge, but I don't want to do anything and see how hard the teachers found it without us.

    Eric was finding it hard to try and fit in to cheer people up- the students could have snapped at him, and he had no idea how to cheer up such a situation. He sighed and walked over, to spot a dragon and one of the Creature Tending teacher on a wyvern.
    'Err, what is going on?!'.
    Jesse responded with a tone that was asking Eric if he was dumb. 'The hydras are taken...? Is it not obvious?'.
    'No, I mean that.'. Eric pointed to the sky.
    'Oh. I have no idea.'. Jesse went back to the hydras.

    Eric just sighed, and sat on the grass outside the pen.
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  8. Syn had finally arrived at the villains’ hideout. He was immediately went underneath the door as water and then confronted the villains, shouting, “Give me those hydras or else!”
    Meanwhile, Mr. Beamon saw him sneak into the hideout and put his ear against the door (just a little after Syn had said what he said) in order to hear what was going on. His feet were just visible through the bottom of the door.
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  9. Scarlett flinched as Syn rampaged in, “Gah! Do you have no idea what manners are?” She slowly slid a curtain over all the cells which held the Hydras, hoping they would just silence themselves. “What are you talking about?” She nudged Syn towards the opposite direction of the cells and gestured the other three villains over. (@AstrapiDappletail @Shadow_Pup villains if you didn’t get that) “Why would we take babies?” She laughed, “Blame the villains for everything, huh!” She thought she saw something under their door again, “Did someone follow you, or am I imagining that?”
  10. “I literally saw you take them,” Syn said, then he used his blade arm from across the room to cut down the curtain on the cage. He ran over to them and attempted to free them by cutting the cage itself. He completely ignored the comment on how he was followed.

    Mr. Beamon knew he had been discovered and he had to act fast. He also knew he needed some sort of proof that Syn was up to no good. So, he broke down the door and was surprised by what he saw. Not only did it appear that Syn had been collaborating with these villains, he was over by the baby hydra cage, and he was attacking their cage to torture them. Mr. Beamon immediately ran outside, hopped on his wyvern, and went back to wolfborn to tell the others.
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  11. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Renwick had moved with incredible speed and was behind Syn, before he could react he used his tendrils to move the cages and the hydras away from Syn, "yeah, I don't think so mate." He then threw a punch at the boy as well as sending tendrils at him.
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  12. Scarlett sighed, “He ratted us out, Renwick! That teacher followed him to our cave!” She jumped on a Hydra before it managed to run any further, “And now our cells are broken, thanks to you!” She grumbled, “All you do is make trouble around here, no one else better have followed you.”

    Crystal gasped, “Syn! Wait-“ And then he was gone. “Let’s go check if the security cameras were working when they got stolen!” She said, then quickly caged the last few Hydras, “And keep them safe.” She smiled as she looked down at them, then pointed towards the teachers lounge, “Maybe what they saw will be in there.. I think they have computers..”
  13. Syn ran after Mr. Beamon to try and stop him, but he soon realized the damage had been done. When he landed back at wolfborn, he saw that Mr, Beamon was just now walking right into the headmistress’s house. With such incriminating evidence as that, he knew he had to escape before he was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. How ironic... the master criminal and theif was never arrested for his crimes, but when he tried to be a hero, he was arrested for someone else’s crimes. Syn pondered this thought while he ran to his dorm, where he grabbed all of his stuff and then promptly ran out of the building and flew off towards the wilderness.

    When he landed(somewhere in the same area as the villain hideout, but not super close to it), he thought to himself aloud, “Wolfborn is no doubt punishing me for something I didn’t even do... maybe a little payback is in order. I still have the wolf whistle and the master key. Surely, with such powerful enchanted items I could topple the whole school. The dream with Nick came back to his mind, but he pushed it away quickly.
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  14. Roman watched as Syn ran off with an angry look on his face. "Get back here you-!" before he could finish, Syn was gone just like that. He'd be happy about his disappearance, but the fact he might have to do with the disappearance of Helios greatly vexed him. "I swear if Syn's done something with the villains and done so much as touch a scale on Helios... things are gonna get bloody..." Roman said with a sinister tone whilst Athena stepped forward in an attempt to calm him down, and calm down he did. He turned his head to Crystal. "Any ideas on what we should do? We can't let them get away with stealing the hydras." He stated.

    When he heard Crystal's suggestion on checking the cameras, he nodded and went to go after her whilst he gave a gesture toward his beloved silver griffin. "Athena, stay with the other hydras in case the villains get suicidal enough to come back for the rest." Athena nodded and slowly walked around the room like a predator searching for prey.
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  15. Crystal walked next to Roman, smiling, “Thanks for coming, we’ll get to the bottom of this together.” When they reached the teachers lounge, Crystal turned into a Hydra and did a loud roar, then turned back and knocked on the door, “Help! The Hydra! It’s escaping!” The teachers clumped outside, some of them placing a hand on Crystal and Roman’s shoulders to thank them before running to find the ‘escaping Hydra’. “Sorry, that was a bit uncalled for.. but it worked!” She opened the door and walked into the teachers room, grabbing Roman’s hand and leading him inside. She booted up a computer and put up the footage, “Here it is!”

    Meanwhile, Sapphire lay down next to Athena and spurred to herself, oblivious of the situation.

    Scarlett looked at the other villains in the cave, “We have to get these Hydras and escape to somewhere else, they’ll find us here.. thanks to Syn.” She grumbled.
  16. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail


    Delphi shook her head. "I don't. I don't believe it was Syn." she had said to Roman before he went off with Crystal, before running after Syn in an attempt to find him. "SYN!?" She shouted, turning into a buzzard and flying after her friend. She landed in the Wilderness not too close to him and turned back into herself. "Syn!? Syn!?" She cried out.

    ((By Buzzard I mean https://www.google.com/search?q=buzzard (buzzard - Google Search). Not vultures))

    Lukas looked at Scarlett and grunted. "Crap" was all he said. Kiara snarled.
    "This better not happen again" she muttered
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  17. Syn didn’t hear Delphi as he hid in a cave, making it into a nice and cozy home. He knew a few wilderness survival tricks and hoped that by the time he was done, this cave would be very comfy.

    Meanwhile, Nik didn’t regret lying about Syn at all. He knew deep down in his heart that he was doing the best thing for then school’s future by getting rid of the thief. He was just about to head to their next class when he collapsed on the ground, being transported into a future more real than ever before. In this future, he saw his beloved pet robot, which he had built when he was very young. His parents had thought he was a genius, but he had known the truth. The robot’s entire design had been copied off of some future inventor. Yet, it did seem specific to him, because it helped him control his powers, and he couldn’t begin to fathom why an inventor in the future was making a robot for him. Anyway, he saw this robot coming towards him only to be destroyed by a blade from Syn. He was stunned that Syn was even in one of his visions (he figured that since Syn was no longer at school, he wouldn’t affect any of Nik’s potential futures), and he almost fell on his knees. However, he leapt towards the robot’s broken shell and was quickly transported back. When he came to, he was in his own dorm, where his futures were suppressed. But underneath of him was a broken robot. “Well, I guess it is time to get to work.” Nik said, pulling out a screwdriver.
  18. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Delphi looked around hesitantly. “Syn?!” She called out again, walking in the direction of the cave, hoping to find him. She hoped he was okay, Delphi knew her friend couldn't possibly be in the wrong, yet the wrong place at the wrong time. “Syn!?” She called again.

    (Sorry for the short post)
  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Renwick turned to Scarlett and the others "you guys take the Hydra's and go, I'll meet up with you, after I've dealt with any evidence that we were here", he then turned and as 8 tendrils protruded from his back, he set to destroying the inside of the building. He glanced back at the group watching so he would know which way they went.

    Bellamy ran into the room where Crystal Roman were, he glanced at what they were doing "is that the security footage", he sat in a chair "cool, mind if I join you and watch" he asked the two.
  20. Syn thought he heard someone calling his name outside. He automatically assumed it was one of the teachers searching for him and stayed quiet, but the smoke from the fire drifted slowly out the cave. Syn was as silent as he could possibly be, but then he came up with a genius idea. He whispered a command to Therian. The pet immediately turned into a bear and roared as loud as it could to try to scare off the teacher.
  21. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Delphi heard the roar and instantly froze. She turned into a dragon and roared back, trying to hide the very obvious amount of fear in her roar. 'Whats in there is probably much bigger than me' She thought. The echo of the roar from the cave made it sound much louder than it was. 'What if it is a Ursa Major, or another Dragon?' Delphi whimpered. "I just hope Syn hasn't run into it" She whispered to herself
  22. Syn was doing some quick thinking, and speedily stopped Therian from roaring again. There weren’t many dragons in the area, and the chances that he had found one were pretty small. The only person he knew to be able to turn into a dragon was Delphi. He decided it was worth the risk, and he exited the cave, shouting, “Is that you Delphi?”
  23. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Delphi looked at Syn and turned back into herself. "Syn!" She shouted, running over to him. "Im so glad your okay. Just please...don't do that again. Run away I mean. I know it wasn't - couldn't possibly be you who took the Hydras." Delphi paused. "Just please, come back. We can sort this out" She pleaded, although she knew he would probably refuse, so added. "And if you do stay until this all blows over, then I'm staying too."
  24. “I’m sorry, but I can’t go back,” replied Syn, “I would get arrested for stealing them, even though I’m innocent. My power is also a curse, there is no way to prove I’m innocent, even if they saw someone else doing the crime, because that could’ve just been me in disguise.”

    Then, after thinking over what Delphi was saying, replied, “I’m not sure you can stay with me, anyway. There isn’t that much room in the cave and I wouldn’t want you to throw away your education at one of the most prestigious magical schools in the world, too.”
  25. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    "Well, tough luck" Delphi smiled slightly "Because im staying. You could use the company, plus it will be safer" Delphi walked into the cave. "Anyway, once Roman and Crystal prove that it wasn't you, we can go back. You can go back." Delphi sat down in a rock in the cave. "Besides, I knew a few things about wilderness survival"
  26. Syn was about to make a comment about how she didn’t understand (he can’t be proven innocent), but decided not to continue arguing about it. It seemed to him that she was just too optimistic to listen.

    “Wilderness survival, you say?” Replied Syn, “Do you know how to cook? I can’t make any good food, even with this fire.”
  27. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    "Well, I can try. In Guides we didn't really learn to cook much except boiled fish and stuff, but it was really good" Delphi crouched and looked around in the grass a little, before standing back up and saying "I flew past a river on the way here, do you think you could maybe do some fishing? And get some water. I'll look for some basil and mint, maybe some lavender. Herbs can be used for cuts and scrapes too, and in food, so all the more reason to look for some"
  28. Syn agreed and left with Therian. He flew up into the air as a dragon and saw the river she was talking about. Landing near it, he told Therian to do some fishing, and the golden tiger turned into a bear again.

    While Therian was fishing, Syn decided he would continue planning his revenge plot, and practice fighting. He sent a sword-arm straight towards a tree with speed, felling it, and then he spun around sending his other arm at another tree. All the while, he was thinking about how he could hurt the school without Delphi getting mad at him. He eventually decided that he would meet with the villains the next chance he got, and that he would give them the Wolf Whistle. He thought maybe he would keep the key, though.
  29. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Delphi left the cave and walked round looking for the herbs she needed. She instantly spotted some mint growing under a tree, and some lavender under a few ferns. Picking them up and putting them in her pockets, she started looking for some basil and lavender.

    Delphi returned to the cave after about a hour, pockets and hands full with various herbs. Spreading the out on the floor and sorting them, she came to Mint, basil, doc, lavender, chamomile, feverfew, valerian and goldenseal. Astonished by what she had managed to find, she sat down for a while before heading toward the river to see if Syn was done fishing yet.

    (I know a lot about herbs XD
    Here are some explanations for what some do https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/content.aspx?contenttypeid=1&contentid=1169 (A Guide to Common Medicinal Herbs - Health Encyclopedia - University of Rochester Medical Center). Mint helps with chest infection/ache, as does lavender)
  30. Syn continued cutting down trees in the forest, and he was making quite the racket. Therian had already fished up enough for all of them, so he was sleeping by the river. Syn decided he shouldn't waste the wood, and tried to figure out how to turn into a dragon big enough to carry them in its talons. He hoped that Delphi had found tasty herbs for the food, not just medicinal ones.
  31. Time skip to the evening

    Crystal exited the staff room, “Alright, we’ve got what we need, but I’m hungry! Let’s go eat!” She happily said, running down to the cafeteria. Sapphire ran behind, already standing up on the counter to take a piece of fish. Crystal took some of her own fish and then took a seat. She suddenly realised, “Wait, Syn and Delphi dissapeared, too..” She sighed, “I hope everybody’s okay..”
  32. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Delphi started cooking the fish on a large leaf placed over a small fire, boiling away in the water Syn had collected before sitting down on a rock. Cold wind gusted into the cave, making Delphi shiver. "Its going to be cold tonight" She said "I hope it doesn't rain" Delphi put some of the small, dried out (from the fire) basil into the boiling fish, then attempted to craft makeshift blankets using large leaves and 'sewing' them together with loads of tied up daisy stalks. "Lets just hope this wind doesn't blow out our fire."
  33. Syn moved in front of the wind to make sure the fire wasn’t blown out. The sun was just going down, but hadn’t quite reached the horizon yet. He could already see the moon high in the sky, however. He decided to make himself more useful and get a hole in the roof, so that the cave didn’t fill up with smoke and suffocate them while they were sleeping. Several slashed from the double sword made a few dents, but weren’t enough. So, he had Therian slam into it in dragon form, which seemed to work. The fish smelled pretty good and he couldn’t wait to eat up.
  34. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Delphi put down the "blankets" she was making and took the fish out of the water, pouring it outside in a clump of grass. She put the two pieces of steaming white fish onto two separate leaves and handed one to Syn. "Here you go. Careful though, it's probably quite hot." She said to him. Delphi took a bite out of her fish and smiled. It was delicious, flakey and creamy, and the basil made it even better. She picked up a few juniper berries and ate them too. "Its so good" She said to herself quietly
  35. Roman had his hands in his pockets and calmly walked with Crystal to the cafeteria, his beloved Silver griffin tailed him with clear concern in her eyes, she knew that Roman would be really upset if Helios was hurt... or worse, but she tried to keep a happy demeanor on to help cheer Roman up. "Let's just hope what we have will get us closer to finding those hydras." He said. The moment they arrived at the cafeteria, Roman went to grab a veggie burger and some bacon for Athena, he joined Crystal at her table and sighed in between bites. "There's a lot of people disappearing around here, if this doesn't stop, who knows what'll happen?" He asked rhetorically as he ate his burger and turned to see Athena happily eat her bacon.
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  36. Crystal nodded, “Maybe the school is cursed!” She laughed, then suddenly looked up, “Do you think Delphi or Syn have a phone on them? I think it’ll be a good idea if we try calling them!” She quickly got out her phone and rung up Syn, then put it to her ear to see if he would pick up. She whispered to Roman, “Try calling Delphi, I know you’re not very fond of Syn.. so I’ll do him for you.” She also briefly looked around, “And do you know where everyone else is? They never followed us from the stables..”

    Meanwhile, Sapphire purred and rubbed her fur against the concerned griffin at an attempt to calm Athena down. She circled around her and took a seat infront of her after pawing at a piece of her bacon, still purring, hoping for a piece herself.
  37. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy had accidentally dosed off in in the staff room, he now got up and ran into the cafeteria, he saw Crystal and Roman and sat with them, "so what now, did you find out who took the hydras, I kind of fell asleep, sorry" he shrugged. He glanced around also noticing the lack of the others, "and did you say that Delphi was gone as well?" he asked.

    (@Jodie.xox what's the plan with the villains there hasn't been a response about them, since my last post)
  38. Syn almost burned his hands on the fish, but cooled them down by turning them into water and back again. He took a bite into it and immediately saw that Delphi had some serious talent for cooking. Even in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness, she had still managed to make a gourmet-level meal. Added to with juniper, it was very nice (definitely better than cafeteria meals).

    Syn saw that the leaf blankets were well-built too, and he began to realize just how talented she was. He knew he couldn’t let her throw her education and by extension her future away just to keep him company. So, he planned to make her leave the next morning.
  39. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    (Let's see if I can revive this...)

    Brian headed to the cafeteria with Bug on his shoulder after having a different class than everyone else (the only excuse I could think of xD), saw Crystal and Roman on a table and sat down next to them after getting some food. He noticed that they were calling someone on their phones, so he asked: "Hey guys, who are you calling?" he looked around the empty cafeteria. "And where's everyone else?"
  40. Crystal sighed, "Gone.." She slumped on the table after the call went to a voice message. "Come on, just pick up!" She groaned, then looked up at Brian, "Oh, the hydras are also gone.. it was those villains that took them, too.." She pulled out her phone and showed him the security footage of the villains taking them. "You'll help us find them, won't you?" She nodded to Bellamy, "Delphi and Syn disappeared on some wild journey, Syn isn't picking up my calls, though." She suddenly smiled, "But we can find them! We just have to get a few dragons and Pegasi and we should be able to go out and find them, or maybe we could even alert the teachers and get their help!"

    Scarlett opened up a portal and walked through, "Come through here and find us when you're done." She shouted to Renwick, then came out onto a small island, much like Delphi and Syn's island. She put the cages down under a big tree and sheltered under it after laying down some of its leaves on the floor to sit on. "We'll need a new hideout.." She sighed, "Villain life is so hard!"
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