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Private/Closed Wolfborn: The School of Powers (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jodie.xox, Jul 12, 2018.


Should we continue or wait for people to be back after this week, and just catch them up later?

Poll closed Aug 7, 2018.
  1. Continue.

    3 vote(s)
  2. Pause the RP while people are gone this week.

    2 vote(s)
  1. Also, to anyone in the RP, should we go private for now? We have 7 people now! And @black charizard tv don't worry, I'm not trying to get you to leave or anything.
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  2. I love killerbunny's :3 i don't know what a Carbanog is actually. Haven't heard of it before. I just love murderous cute stuff lmao

    Also yeah i understand pansexuality can be hard to understand. Most of my characters are pansexual though so that's something you need to know if you're gonna roleplay with me lmao

    Don't worry, i'm in this until you say that you don't want me anymore!

    About that slumber party, my character is more of a rude and harsh character who don't really attend to that sort of thing. He doesn't mean to be rude to most people. Only to those who deserve it but uhh... i guess he can attend because he don't want to be rude or because his killerbunny wants to

    One last thing, i'm okay with going private if everyone else is
  3. @black charizard tv Just look up Monty Python killer bunny on YouTube :p

    Also I'm cool with going private, I don't mean to be selfish but more people might make it confusing and all over the place.

    1 more thing: I'm not gonna be active for a few hours.
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  4. Scratch the inactivity thing.
  5. The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, which can only be killed with the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is an awesome movie. Good taste.
  6. I saw that killerbunny now. And yeah it's pretty much the same thing. It'll attack you if it feels threatened (i kinda want to see my killerbunny beat someone up completely)
  7. @black charizard tv if you don't want to do the party, do whatever you want! Go look around maybe? You could meet everybody in classes.
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  8. No i'm just saying that there needs to be a good excuse for him to join the party. The best one i can think of is Panny wanting to socialize with other people and enters without Gabriel's consent
  9. Maybe Panny runs in to eat the pizza? Lol
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  10. He probably will. Panny is a complete opposite to Gabriel. Gabriel is mostly rude and harsh while Panny is super friendly
  11. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    I was gonna make Delphi half blind but forgot, if you wanna make your pet do that to her, go ahead, im fine with it ;)

    Edit: Not like, she loses an eye, but she gets scratched in the eye or something.

    Edit no.2: Is anyone gonna post on the rp?
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  12. That sounds pretty cool actually. But like, we should take into account that the school probably would expel Gabriel
  13. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Yeah...never thought about that :@

    But.... i have an idea.
    There could be like a school holiday, and Delphi invites everyone camping on a small tropical island. That could be where it happens. If it happens outside of school, the school cant do anything about it, right?
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  14. That's true. But Gabriel needs a motive to join them. Something should happen at the slumber party and he'll feel like he should go there
  15. Alright, i'll see if i can make a post now~
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  16. I do still want to play, but are we going to actually do the entire game, because that will be really slow and boring. Shouldn’t we just do a long detailed post that just skips to the end of the game?
  17. Sure, we could do a first turn each and then someone just skips right to the end.
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  18. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Yeah we can do like a one hour later where one of us shouts "I WON!" and then we settle down and watch the movie
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  20. Eventually that’s kind of what I’m going for. Thanks.
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  21. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    In Reality he is way older than me tho lol
  22. Yeah, two years...
  23. @Pokéboy098 what you just did is autoing... also, isn't your character pretty young? I doubt he'll be able to lift a 16 year old...
  24. That wasn’t autoing, because I didn’t change what your character was doing. I just attacked him. And yes, he, as a shapeshifter of his kind (a liquid shapeshifter), is capable of lifting extreme amounts of weight. However, up until this, he has been incapable of doing it because he didn’t know how, and he still doesn’t know every form, he just learned a new one.
  25. I didn’t make you move. My character moved you by lifting you. Not autoing.
  26. Yeah... that's autoing. You lifted my character into the air and choked him (which is basically forcing him to move his hands up to his neck and begin kicking aimlessly with his legs) so that's autoing
  27. I didn’t say move your hands to your neck or kick your legs. You automatically assumed that. All I did was choke him. Not autoing.
    We really shouldn’t clutter up this forum with our argument. We should just bring it to the admins and have them decide.
  28. And that is to auto. Forcing damage on to someone is stated in the rules as a form of autoing. And no. I didn't assume that. Because moving your hands and kick aimlessly with your legs is normally what you do when you get choked
  29. Bring it up to the admins. The whole reason I did it anyway is because you couldn’t drop our argument from earlier. I was playing Monopoly and left you alone and you just came over and provoked me, saying I was disrespecting you, OK?
  30. Alright, so the kilkerbunny is a very friendly one but it will attack whoever makes it angry. And stereotypical people makes it angry. To say that no one should trust a killerbunny is stereotypical. Also, i don't want to be roleplaying alone. So of course i'm gonna find an excuse for coming back to the party. The rabbit is the best problem solver in that little dilemma. And yes, he did kinda provoke Gabriel. I'm not saying that Gabriel is innocent in this but as i've stated in my bio, he is pretty rude. He doesn't always mean to be rude but he can't help it. He also lived on the streets
  31. Ok. Let’s just continue this and let it go.
  32. Fine. I'll roll with it for now. But next time someone autos my character, i am out of here. I've had my life threatened because i reported a guy who kept on autoing my characters. So don't do this again
  33. Ok. I’ll try not to, but I still don’t think that was autoing. Also, I’m not gonna threaten your life. StellarWind Elsydeon catches everything, I could never get away with that, not that I would try.
  34. Im back now. So I looked at the rp and there are too many posts again (jesus I need you), but can I get another summary, @Jodie.xox?
  35. I’ll sum it up for you.
    So, Gabriel came and his bunny brought him to the party by running, then we got into an argument. Then Syn, crystal, roman and Delphi played monopoly.
  36. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Then a fight broke out

    I want to post but i don't know what to say XD. When we put the movie on, i have the idea that Delphi will produce a second DVD from the case, and it will be like IT or something

    If you didn't see in my character profile, Delphi is slightly Psychopathic, so don't make her angry XD
    #197 Finch~, Aug 9, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  37. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    2 years? Not that much of a age gap then. I had a crush on one of the year 6 and they left this year, but he is going to the same secondary school as me, so :D

    Edit: Sorry for double posting
  38. Okay, plain rules, no autoing, just control your own characters, never even speak of what the others do, until they’ve posted, and you know they’ve done it anyway!

    @AnimeTail I know the others summed it up, but I’ll do it too, lol

    A new guy joined the roleplay (Gabriel) with a killer bunny.

    Gabriel’s bunny ran into Crystals room to see the party, and everyone saw Gabriel and he went out again. Crystal, Syn and Roman started playing Monopoly, and the bunny came in again and Syn gave a rude comment about it, the bunny almost attacked him before Gabriel ran in to get it back. And then Syn and Gabriel are just fighting and arguing, Crystal is trying to stop them. We’re going to watch a movie soon, so you could just say Mark walked in, got some food or something and sat on the bed, ready for the movie with Levi? (Crystal’s dorm has a TV in front of her bed on the wall, and she has some beanbags out around it if people want to sit on them instead of her bed too.)
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  39. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Delphi has IT hidden in the Lion king case with The Lion King
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