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Wobbegong Illustrates #pokecharms and miscellany

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Wobbegong, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. This is pretty cute, though El isn't scary, he's fabulous.

    I particularly like your sketchy style.
  2. If anyone here scares you, it should be either Andrew or Sem. *Shudders*

    This sketch is very cute and you should definitely make more like these~
  3. Very nice, Wobbegong. I didn't know you were an artist, but you're actually very good. Like Secad said, your sketchy style is really nice.

    Are you planning on taking requests? *coughtotallynotwantingtogetdrawnoranythingcough*
  4. Accepting "requests" sounds awfully formal. Also would require an attention span longer than OOH SHINY THING!!
    /chases sparkly thing

    ...where was I? Right. I think I might do a few "first 1-2 people to post a pic/link to pic/description get a doodle" when the mood strikes. Not full artwork, mind, a really sloppy doodle.

    Speaking of, next 2 people to post a pic, link to a pic, or description get a doodle.

    #Charms strikes again: Toastie is to be held accountable for this Jirachi riding a Togekiss. (Complete with bonus edition you know you want.)

    The List grows yet shorter: hey look it's a Sorena!
  5. Hmm carpet shark? Intresting. The Yoshi one made me smile.
  6. I like all of them, especially the Yoshi one and the first one. I'm struggling to see Indie though. All in all, good job!
  7. That picture is awesome <333333

    Togekiss looks bitchin' in sunglasses :D

    Could I use that picture for my avvie? (I'd say that you'd made it in my siggy.)
  8. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    So flattered that you drew Sorena, though I must admit that in your pic she looks nothing like she normally does, clothes-wise. Sort of... She does wear all black, but the skin showing on the sides is funky and draws all my attention.

    I dunno, Sorena is crazy enough to try something like that on if she's under the impression it's fashionable. XD

    Also I love her expression. All in all I like the pic. Good job ^^
    #9 Sem, Sep 17, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  9. Sem: Yeah, some pretty horrible liberties were taken. Sorry about that.

    CLEANEDj has a white background, CLEANEDp has a transparent background. There's also a full-sized one if you'd like to resize it yourself. Go forth and avatar.

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