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Withering Flames: The New Olympians

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by UmbreonTrainer45, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Mount Olympus lit up with a thousand flames, burning the stone walls down to a crumbling crisp. This wasn’t the way it was meant to be. Zeus stared at his home, now a pile of ashes atop a smoking mountain. His face, now filled with lines and gray hairs was weary. We need someone else, this home is gone. There is nothing the gods have to do, for the first time we must pass on our powers to another. His body was already dropping with age; it felt as if in one day he could feel death creep inside of his muscles and take all of the power, the life and everything a god has left to rule, away.

    “Brother, what left to do?” A pale green man stood behind Zeus. His hair dripping wet from salty water covering his form. Sea-Green eyes shown out from under the soaking strands covering his face. A few sea creatures, starfish and crabs lined the robe draped against the sticky skin. He was already beginning to shiver from the cold sea water at which his domain was ruled. His wife, Amphitrite and his only son, Triton, both of whom were half fish, had died; their corpses at the bottom of the ocean, already beginning to erode and become a part of the sand.

    “Poseidon, there is nothing left. Our home is gone, and so our powers. Call the rest of the gods, I have a plan but I cannot publish it before all of the gods approve; for it involves us all.” Zeus looked to his brother, both so alike with gruff voices and muscular forms. Although elements binding them to their godly powers were so different all of the gods only had one thing stuck in their minds, death. Even Hades shivered at the very thought of dying in his own domain.


    “Brothers, sisters, daughters, sons; I have called you all forth today for the last time in our lifetime. Our home, Mount Olympus, is gone. Fallen to the Hungry Ones; although all hope is lost, I have found an outlet at which we all must agree or chaos may rule mankind, our own creation.” Each face of a god staring back at him in a time of need was pain enough, now if even one minor god disagreed to Zeus’s plan then the gods will forever cease to exist.

    “I know what you are going to say,” Hade’s stood up with his Helm of Darkness carefully placed upon piles upon piles of knotted black hair. Waves fell down the lines of hair which escaped the burden beneath the golden crown. It was the first time Hades has been called to a meeting other than the Winter Solstice when he was forced to appear. “We must pass on our powers, our domains to save all of the land from falling under Chaos. I cannot believe I am saying this; or even standing here right now but, I have to agree. Without a ruler watching over our all creation anyone can do anything.” He stared deep into the other gods and goddesses eyes. Athena, Hera, Ares, Poseidon, Zeus, Hestia, Dionysus, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hermes, Apollo, and Demeter all stared back into those dead cold eyes of Hades. They weren’t afraid to be sent to the underworld anymore, for they weren’t going to be. Their powers are who make them; it is not the physical being.

    Murmurs of agreement passed around the circle of gods and forth it was final.

    “We must all choose someone, have it be a Demi-god, and then they shall know. I know you all have your eye on one child in sort and I want you to pick them. They will have your power. We each leave behind a possession, something that will help you to contact them when in the next world.” Zeus commanded the gods as they scattered in flashes of black dust or a rustle of pages. Hestia out of all of them, stayed behind with her brother. She was not an Olympian but was still considered someone of importance. Of great importance; her home had really been Mount Olympus. The fire she tended there lit all fires of mankind. They were signaled; they know something happened to the gods, for all of the fires were nothing but hot timbers.

    The withering flames of Hestia pulled something off of her neck which was pale as ever. Her eyes still on fire she stared at a necklace in the shape of a flame, a single form that she would give to her child. The girl, only a baby then wore the necklace forever. Flowing blonde hair for her mother and black coal eyes for her father. She was to become the next Hestia. She was to become the next fire and the one who would bring the fires back to mankind.

    The last of the gods trapped in the objects were strewn across the world to the child that they have picked to be the next god. Each one to become an Olympian.

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