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Wisdom Teeth and Other Dental Matters

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Rayn_Shyu, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. So I got four of my wisdom teeth ripped out today, and I'm currently slurping a Sonic Chiller. So I've been wondering if people haven't gotten them out yet, or if they have and it hurt like a truck was running over your gums (that's how it feels right now).

    Also, you could tell people about your orthodontics history, or lucky lack there of. I lucked out of the whole braces deal because my teeth were pretty much straight. Well, I'm missing two teeth but two other teeth turned to fill them in and some orthodontists wanted to turn them but my mom thought that it would be too expensive to get falsies.

    So yeah, what's up with your mouth?
  2. I'm lucky enough that my wisdom teeth haven't come in yet, even though I'm 19- although a friend of mine got them taken out, and then called me when he was still on some pain pills. It was relatively hilarious. I also got to escape braces, since my teeth are straight enough.

    The one thing I didn't escape was cavities- with the amount of soda I drink, I'm not surprised. In a period of two days, I had over 10 of the little guys filled. It was crazyyy. Didn't really hurt that bad, though.

    And, I don't know if it has to do with teeth as much, but my jaw does lock from time to time- usually when I'm strained in an iron bridge position, or when I have to go to the dentist and have my mouth ridiculously wide for a long period of time. It's quite annoying.
  3. I got my wisdom teeth out when I was 14. They normally don't take them out that early, but I had to have another tooth removed (bottom jaw, last one on the left side) so they figured they may as well get my wisdoms while they were fucking around in there.

    I had braces from sixth grade until Freshman year, when I got them out after like the first week of school. Unfortunately, I had my wisdom teeth removed while I still had braces. Bloody gauze being stuck on your braces is not the funnest thing in the world :\

    It's been a long while since I wore my retainer, but my teeth have decided they're comfortable where they are and aren't going to be moving back.
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    The usual; braces until about two years ago, and used retainers until recently. Braces hated me, though, since the wires kept poking my mouth and one of the little brackets or whatever refused to stick onto a crown on my right top front tooth.

    Yes, I has a crown. Because I was foolish enough to join a roller-skating race back in 3rd grade. THe lace got stuck in the wheels, and I tripped and fell and fell unconcious and the next thing I knew people were around me. And they showed me my chipped tooth. That's a day I'll never forget... And same tooth (position) was also the only tooth I've ever had to have my doctor yank out for me. And it was loose for about 2, 3 years before we finally decided to get it out. AND the permanent replacement was already coming out, so... yeah XD

    No cavities, even though I love sweets and soda. I feel so blessed~

    I haven't got any of my wisdom teeth yet, amazingly enough. Maybe because even my body knows I'm not that mature, mentally? |D
  5. My wisdom teeth are just now coming in, and the bad part is tis only begun 0_0 My friends have repeatedly said it hurts, so that has me worried.

    Although, for the rest of my teeth, even though I have buck teeth and fangs like a wolf (I'm a Vampire Beaver), I've never had to get braces yet. But My dentist made a mistake with my molar by pulling it out just because it didn't have a replacement underneath. He didn't even replace it! All he did was put a wire thingy called a space maker in between the spaces, just so he could fix the back one easier >:( I am not Frankenstein! And the worst part is, its growing into my skin!

    So yeah. I hate my dentist for messing up my smile, but it's still cool for grossing out my friends. But that's it.
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  6. I (fortunately) was born without wisdom teeth ;D . However, the rest of my mouth was pretty fucked up. I had a moler growing in sideways. I've had two teeth pulled, and one cavity (and with my Dr. Pepper addiction, I'm surprised I didn't have more), which was drilled, filled, and had fallen out in the same day. I got braces in the 3rd grade, and had them removed in the 8th grade, and I had to wear the bane of my existence, my retainer for two years. I HATED it. I actually burned it after I wasn't supposed to wear it anymore. Good riddance.
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  7. I wasn't born with five of my adult teeth, so I still have baby teeth, you can see them when i do my usual cheesey ass grin or something that involves opening my mouth, usually because they're the bottom front teeth, most people think its cute but i think its a bitch :V because if i lose them, I'll have to get a bridge and fuck THAT >____>

    I never had wisdom teeth come in either, so meh, i don't want them to come in >>;;
  8. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I've never had a filling or anything - the dentist says I have brilliant teeth. However I've had two problems over the years:

    1) I was born without enamel, so I'm told. For the first year of my life I didn't have any which meant my parents had to be super careful. After that first year, it turns out that my body realised it should be doing something about it and I gained enamel. No idea how that works, but that's what I'm told happened :V

    2) When I was about 16 we realised that I still had two of my baby teeth - both the same tooth on either side on my bottom set. The dentist poked them a bit and they were stuck in there, so he took an X-ray to find out if I was just missing the adult teeth that should have pushed them out. I wasn't. They were growing the wrong way, instead of going up they were going forwards. My baby teeth had basically refused to budge, so my adult teeth decided to look elsewhere for room to emerge. Had we not found it in time, the dentist says my teeth would have continued growing forwards - causing server pain and finally going out of my chin :V

    I don't think I have wisdom teeth yet, or if I do I'm not aware of them. I guess I'm just not wise enough XD
    He removed my baby teeth, saying that once the space was freed up, my teeth had a moderate chance of turning round and taking their proper place. Thankfully they did and now you'd never known the drama they caused. You can't really tell, but they came up the wrong way round - so the back of the tooth is the front. Silly teeth XD
  9. I had three wisdom teeth, all of which grew in over the course of last year and were removed about this time. The procedure was painless and fast - I literally felt like I blinked and the teeth were gone. After that I stayed at my grandmother's house for a few hours, recuperating. She gave me coffee milk and let me recline in her big chair. Strangely enough, though I did feel a bit fatigued from the intravenous anesthetic, I didn't fall asleep until later that night.

    Let's see...previous to that I had had two baby teeth that didn't grow in, so I had to get them taken out and replaced with implants, which took the better part of a year. Though I got to eat pudding most days, which was fun. This was about...4 or 5 years ago. I think I was a sophomore in high school.

    Other than that I've just had the usual cavities and junk.
  10. Ohohoh, I forgot to say that I've had eightybadrillion cavities. I'm such a sweet tooth and I had pretty bad hygiene habits as a kid...

    In Magpie's line of thought, I had to get my lower (forgot scientific name) front teeth pulled, because they weren't wiggly and the dentists were like "It has to come out!" They had fused roots too, I think.

    Also, apparently they had to explode one of my wisdom teeth because I have four throbbing sockets of gum and there's only three teeth in the teeth bag they gave me.
  11. Eh, I have kinda meh teeth. I don't have any stories or whatnot, and the only irregular thing was I that I got one filling done last year. My mom's dentist did give her her tooth on a string though. :>
  12. Well i'm not an American and all so I have no idea what 'wisdom teeth' are but I think they are known as your tonsols (however you spell that)

    Yeah but with the dentist and all, all treatments are paid via the NHS so its not really expensive, so luckily I'm able to have the works done with my teeth.

    I've had baby fillings which are basically free fillings you get until your about 13 I think. Then I've had about 3 adult fillings (£40 each) and one grey one, I've had my 4 molars taken out so my teeth could be straightened with a brace i had for 14 months following a retainer afterwards.
    I think i've had root canal if you think about it.

    Oh dont worry i dont have bad teeth (i do brush properly) its just something genetic from my Dad, I cant help it. My teeth are pretty decent if you ask me xD
  13. Emma, Wisdom Teeth are usually the some of the molars at the back of your mouth. People get them when they're like 18-20 I believe :p
  14. Oh, xD but why do people have to get them removed then?
  15. Its quite common for them to grow in the wrong way or for them to irritate the existing teeth. Lovely things like that :p

    I'm lucky enough to not have my wisdom teeth yet I believe, so hopefully they turn up all okay ^^
  16. I had my wisdom teeth removed in high school and it was a pretty painless experience since I took my meds religiously. I really dread going to the dentist though, I have sensitive teeth despite brushing with the special toothpaste and whatnot, and having my teeth cleaned is usually pure agony, not to mention all the stabbing they do of my gums. It's not that bad when they let me watch the TV of course. I've also had a ton of cavities, which is really frustrating because apparently they keep forming in these grooves in my teeth where the brush doesn't clean well, and it's like, well WTF do I do?

    Apparently eating more cheese changes the pH of your mouth so cavities are less common, so I keep meaning to do that.

    I also grind my teeth at night, especially when I'm stressed. My dentist made me get a splint to protect my teeth but it was so badly made and feels like it was dragging my teeth out of the bone when I wear it. So I got a $2 mouthguard from a sport store and it works a lot better. >:( I feel like our dentists' office has gone downhill lately, the old dentist is old and doesn't care anymore and the new dentist seems to order a lot of unnecessary shit so he can buy another home or something.

    Most peoples' jaws aren't big enough to hold them. :D It's thought that they are an evolutionary relic from when our jaws were larger and more robust, or from before modern dental care, when people would often lose teeth, and the extra molars could come in and fill some of those gaps.
  17. Cody has braces D:
    And they suck. Really. There's no other way of wording it. Braces suck. I've had them on for something like two years, three months now. It's a pain. Food gets caught in them, the brackets come loose, they poke you in the mouth, the rubber bands are a pain to remember....yeah. I really, really hate braces.

    I've also had two teeth removed when I was much younger. The dentist told me they were "sick" and when he showed them to me, I believed him. They were some sort of brown/black color in spots. It was weird, seeing that, since they were in my mouth and all.

    Other than that...nothing awful.
  18. No wisdom teeth yet, too young. :p Very oddly, almost my whole family has had some sort of tooth problem or another, but I'm fine. I've had no cavities, which is a major shock coming from the soda drinker and the candy eater of the family.

    Hmmm, perhaps it's that because I eat cheese religiously. :) I haven't needed braces either, I've been told by my dentist that I have some of the straightest teeth he's ever seen; although my two front teeth aren't even with each other (one's a little further out than the other) and it bugs the hell out of me, but apparently it's not that big of a deal.

    Really, the only problem I've had are with my gums, but that's most likely my own damn fault since I used to stick thngs in my gums when I was little and they would get stuck there. I remember one time had a rhinestone stuck in my front gums for a few days...Other than that my teeth are incredibly sharp, which may or may not be because I chew on things all the freaking time, which supposedly sharpens your teeth, but that's my opinion.
  19. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I have made the conscious decision not to get my wisdom teeth removed. They no longer bother me now that they have fully emerged and I try to keep myself as natural as possible so there realy is no point in me getting the procedure. That is unless I want to waste my money by paying some one to mutalate my mouth.

    I have had only one cavity in my entire life and it wasn't even my fault. Two of my molars litterally grew in on top of eachother so the one that came in second got eroded by the already established one. I told he dentist to either yank the tooth out and be done with it, or fill it with pure enamel so that it could regenerate. No such luck, it got filled and it is obvious when I look in the mirror >:(
  20. Heh, I can say that my wisdom teeth have emerged--more so on the right side than the left. Like Mr. Psycho, I'd rather not get mine removed if I can help it, but the right one is slightly annoying. In fact it's annoying me right now XD It's nothing major or anything but I can feel it and if I move my mouth the wrong way, I accidentally 'bite' down on the inside of my jaw close to the tooth. I can see it in the mirror and looks as though it's coming in at a strange angle. I'm afraid they're going to affect the res of my teeth as well.

    I've never had any other dental issues though. Despite my love of Reese's Cups, I've never had cavities or anything. Not to say I don't need work done though. My top teeth are remarkably straight, but the bottom ones are crooked and I have an overbite so braces would be helpful. Not to mention I'd love for my teeth to be whiter. If push comes to shove, then I'll have the wisdom teeth removed, but we'll see.
  21. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Heh. Dental matters. Another bane of my existence.

    I've always had something wrong with my teeth. When I was very young, I had spots on my baby teeth that refused to go away. The only thing that finally got rid of the spots was my adult teeth coming in.

    Later on in life, it was noticed that I have a strangely high rate of tartar build up, so even though I was doing all the right things (brushing often, flossing, mouth wash, etc.), I could never really keep on top of it. Nowadays I just do the best I can and hope that my teeth won't all fall apart when I'm older, but having receding gums doesn't help. XP

    When I was around 13 or so I got an orthodontic appliance put in place to fix my jaw imbalance. I can't remember if it was the upper or lower jaw, but thankfully my appliance was a newer variety and didn't include the headpiece - just a mouth full of metal. Following that I was given braces because my teeth weren't spaced apart properly, and then a retainer to finish it off. Stupidly I kept losing my retainer, so while I had perfect teeth for awhile... I don't now. Two of my lower front teeth turn and rub against each other, and not only does it look bad - it's just one more risk factor for developing cavities. @_@

    On my 22nd birthday I had my wisdom teeth out. Yes. My birthday. Apparently that was the only time free for the surgeon to take them out for AGES, and mine were already really far along and growing at horrible angles. The operation itself wasn't too bad, but the recovery period was brutal. One of my shirts was ruined from my drooling blood, and I was dying for proper foods. Pretty sure when I finally broke down and ate pizza it was too early. Adding to that... I got an infection! :D I noticed one morning several weeks after the operation that one side of my face had swelled up. My immediate reaction was to blink, face-palm, sigh, and mutter "Typical." Thankfully it wasn't too much trouble to clear up... Or maybe I'm just remembering it wrong, lol.

    Finally, I had a few cavities on my baby teeth but only one on my adult teeth... so far. One of my front teeth has been overly sensitive lately so I'm a bit worried that a cavity is developing. I've also noticed a dark spot on the side of one of my molars that's disturbing me, yet there's no pain or anything else surrounding it. Once I get my health insurance I'm going to look into booking an appointment.

    Good times. XP
  22. I'm quite lucky, it seems. I've never had a bracelet, a molar pulled away or anything like that. I do have pain when eating sometimes, because I don't really brush enough (Desperately trying to remind myself constantly, but my memory sucks hard).

    Weird as it may sound, I already have my wisdom teeth, even though I am fourteen. Not sure why, though
  23. I had all 4 removed but I had to get knocked out, I couldn't deal with dentists with all those surgical tools, so out like a light for about 10 minutes and woken up, I remember when the IV was kicking in, I was apologizing to the dentists and saying they were doing a good job. I remember when they woke me up and I told them (with a mouthful of gause) that I would buy them a pizza.

    I walked into the waiting room where they were processing my paperwork, as soon as I stepped in a girl who was waiting on her teeth as well to be removed was with her supervisor, she was starting to freak out, I tried to speak, my supervisor said not to talk, I just shook my head and gave a thumbs up.
    I tried again to speak which again shot down, then asked to write something down, he gave me something to write and I wrote my story. It was an award winning novel and a New York Times best seller! :O

    No, not really on that last part, lol
  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    My teeth are all sticky-outy like a bidoof and to be honest I really dont have a clue why.
    I have braces and my teeth have gone back 6mm, 8mm from where they shoud be. I have braces that I can take out but im getting train track ones in 30 days (2 days after I come back from Zante!)
    People often bully me and call me goofy and I usually tell them to fuck off because it gets me really mad but most people are okay with it as i've been at my school 4 years and people know me well enough to not mock me.
  25. Eeeeeeergh. Braces are horrible. I got them a bit before I turned thirteen (great birthday present!), even though visually my teeth were straight. However, they were angled so when I was forty (or around that), I would be scraping away portions of my upper palate. Fun. After I got braces, I couldn't eat solids for a month. Whenever my jaws touched, pain shot through them. Slowly, I was able to eat normal food again. Instant Breakfast is disgusting if you drink it every day for a month. XD

    When I got them off, however, the dentist accidentally cracked the enamel on a couple of my molars and a front incisor. It is common, he reassured me. They essentially crack them off the teeth with a sort of plier-like instrument. Thankfully, the cracks are shallow so they are not visible and they will probably wear off in a couple years. Either that, or get sealants for the front teeth is my theory. :p

    Then came my retainer. Gosh, the lisp, the drooling, bleh. It wasn't fun having that, but at least my teeth were almost in their natural state. The feeling of smooth teeth after a year in braces is exquisite. Recently, I was given permission to only wear my retainer at night, which I enjoy. I can eat without removing it and getting odd stares. :D

    Generally, my teeth are rather clean. My stint with braces has made me even more obsessive with dental hygiene, flossing, tongue scraping, and brushing with an electric toothbrush thrice a day. I have never had a cavity in my entire life, but I have a filling. I had a pit in one of my molars that was just there. It had to be drilled and filled in order to reduce the risk of bacteria colonies. Thankfully, it was small enough that the drilling was only for about thirty seconds.

    And that's my tooth situation!

    Edit: Forgot about the gum situation! I have gotten my gums recontoured with a laser to reduce the risk of gingivitis, as I had a lot of gum tissue. It was uber fun, and even with the medicine they gave me, it still hurt.

    However, something funny arose from this. To calm me down, the dentist told me to get a tiny prescription for Valium, literally half of a normal dose. I couldn't walk straight on the way into the office, having to be led in. :p
  26. I hate braces and never had them, I refused and decided to live with my "burden", no way am I getting that crud put into my mouth. I dislike going to the dentist's and I take care of my teeth pretty well even though I need those braces. I have pretty crooked front teeth on the bottom jaw dead front.
  27. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I kind of got used to my braces but they seem like such a popular thing these days! Lots of people wear braces at my school most people find them annoying like the braces i'm wearing make my voice sound funny and slured sometimes.
  28. I think that's the saliva trying to get the new object out of your mouth. More liquid=less clear words.
  29. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
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    I have a couple of weird tooth mutations.

    1) I had three upper-right canines. Not all at the same time (that really would be freaky). The baby tooth, which fell out when I was about 6. Then another tooth, which fell out when I was 15 or so. Then the tooth I have now.

    I could prove that I've had three teeth there because canines look different from incisors or premolars, and my mum kept all my baby teeth anyway. Quite why anyone would ask me to prove it is another matter, but I could.

    2) I have half-sized wisdom teeth at the top. They are about the size of a child's premolars. Apparently this is a mutation only seen in people of Irish descent, or so my dentist told me at the time. They amuse me.

    My bottom wisdom teeth have never finished coming through, and I'm 34 now. My bottom-right wisdom tooth is mostly through, my bottom-left one isn't. They've been like this since I was 19, just pushing through a tiny bit more each year. Or poking through and then the gum closing up over them.

    As for braces, well... that's another story.

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