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Ask to Join Wings of the Lost

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by TrappedNutCase, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. ((Kind of a maximum ride rp but not quite. In a lab we were all developed for a take over, however the lab was destroyed and we were left to travel only with each other.
    Rules: You must have wings, and you can have a power but no no no killing please.))

    Senna looked at the fire that was tearing apart her home. Her bright red wings flapped behind her as her orange eyes looked on in horror. Her blonde hair whipped in the wind. "It....it's my fault...." embers poured from her eyes instead of tear. "All my fault..." she started sobbing, the flames becoming worse.
  2. (Is it fine if I also have ears and a tail? If not, I'll edit the post!)

    Isis put her ears down and whimpered. Her home was now ashes, literal ashes. Her neon yellow wings flapped slowly as Isis flew a bit backwards. She has shocked the daylights out of her home, unknowing it was her until the next day. Her light brown hair, witch also matches her ears and tail, was long, up to the top of her hiney. The girl had no intentions of doing anything that could harm her family, or friends, but she ended up a monster.
  3. Senna walked forward and picked up the black ashes of the lab. She fell onto her knees, her white, ripped dress, which all the women wore, getting covered in the black soot. To be honest, she didn't know why she cared so much. The lab was terrible, they were miss treated, but it was still the only home she had known.
  4. Isis landed nearby and froze a bit of ashes with tears in her eyes. The neon yellow and blue tipped wings folded behind her. Isis picked up some of the soot in her hand and let it fall back onto the ground. Her wolf tail getting black out of it getting buried in the soot. Her ears somehow also got dirty and Isis didn't mind, the only home she ever knew, was electrified/burned to the ground.
  5. Senna looked up. "Isis...." she whispered. "What are we going to do?" She asked. Her voice was hoarse from crying, and her eyes were puffy. "Everything.....it-it's......."
  6. Isis whimpered in response "I..have no clue..." She mumbled and stood up before she shook herself off. Her eyes were bloodshot but not puffy. Her Aqua eyes drooped slightly from crying but she looked normal otherwise, not. Finishing off Senna's sentence "G-gone..." She practically whispered.
  7. Senna wrapped her red wings around herself. She hadn't ever felt so powerless, not even when she was being tested on. The lab was all she knew, nothing else. "I-I'm scared...." she admitted. "I hope everyone is okay...." she said to herself.
  8. Isis frowned "We have to get shelter, soon" Isis said and opened her wings. She hovered and then flew a bit higher before saying "C'mon, we're not going to die out here" Isis said and smiled gingerly at Senna.
  9. Senna nodded and stood up before she opened her wings. Flapping some, she hovered beside Isis and looked around before pointing to a cave. "Up there."
  10. Isis flew towards the cave, stoplight and looking back to see if Senna was following. She pinned her ears down and continued along to the cave.
  11. Senna flew up to the cave and landed seeing a dead tree in the cave she made a fireplace. Placeing her hand in the middle of the sticks, it started a fire. Senna couldn't get cold, but she didn't want Isis to freeze.
  12. Isis sat a few metres away from the fire "Uhh, I don't get cold, heck, I sleep in it!" Isis said and walked to the back of the cave that was slightly illuminated by the fire. She shot a beam of ice out of her palm and it turned into a ice block. With that done, Isis shocked the middle and turned it into ashes before jumping in and laying down, opening her wings and covering her body with them.
  13. Senna said nothing and just looked into the burning fire, and wrapped her wings around herself. As she closed her eyes, she fell asleep.


    Senna was running a black void as large, white hands tried to catch her. Finally the hands grabbed her and started pulling her into the dark.
  14. Sorea sat in the ashes where no one can see her. She sat there staring, wondering what she should do. As soon ash she got up, she saw two more people fly away. She spread her purple wings and used her super speed to catch up to them. "umm.." she started, "my name is sorea." She looked around. "Are you two from that lab down there also?" she asked, with caution in her voice.
  15. Senna shot up from her nightmare and saw a purple winged girl. "We are..." she answered, her voice shaky.
  16. Isis peeped her head out from her ice cubical "Yeah..." She said before she sat down, facing the two, on the cubical. "Im Isis" She said, a bit of shakiness in her voice.
  17. She waited a few seconds. "well, I am glad I am not the only one." She looked out for a second. "are you two alright?" she asked. She spun around quickly when she heard rustling in the bushes, and then two wolves came out and ran for sorea. Sorea spread her wings and used her super speed to send one wolf flying. The other grabbed her leg with its mouth. Sorea looked down and started flying up until it let go and went flying onto the roof of the cave.
  18. Senna stared at the wolves in fear. She hated wolves, or k-9s in general. She readied herself to attack if needed.
  19. "Hey! Don't hurt them! Their my friends!" Isis yelled and jump down and the two wolves ran into her arms. The wolves whimpered before they cowered behind Isis. "You startled them!" She whisper-shouted.
  20. "sorry," sorea said. "I guess I should get going before I do any more harm." She turned around, spread her wings, and flew down onto a tree. She sat near the base of the tree and went to sleep.
  21. Senna looked into the and watched the stars twinkle. "Stars are like balls of fire, so why are they beautiful and loved?" She asked herself and stood up. Her eyes glazed over and she started to fly towards the sky. She reached for one of the stars, but the wind blew and she lost balance. As she fell she wrapped her body in her flames to protect herself as she hit the ground.
  22. Omega saw a ball of fire plummet to the ground and he shadow teleported underneath it and used some ghosts to catch it. The ghosts brought the fire to the ground and he dismissed them and looked at the girl encased in flames." Are you from the lab as well?" He asked, his voice shaky from fright.
  23. Senna opened her eyes at a voice and looked up. "Y-Yes I am." She looked around. "Wh-What happened?" She asked and sat up to get a better look. She had prepared herself to smash into the ground.
  24. Omega looked at the girl." I saved you! I used some 'special help' to catch you." He offered a hand to help her up." Why did the lab burn down to the ground?" He asked as he quickly summoned a ghost to give him some food. He looked at her as he ate the cookie.
  25. Senna took his hand and stood up. "Thank you." She said. "I-I'm the one that caused the fire....." she sniffed. "O-one of the guards took me in for a 'exam' and I lost control of my powers." She explained sadly.
  26. Isis groaned and flew out of the cave. She landed at a nearby lake and sat down, reaching her hand out to touch a fish that was beside her. After touching the fish, Isis curled up into a ball and wrapped her wings around herself and fell asleep.
  27. (mind if I join?)

    Ren woke up, engulfed in darkness. Ashes streamed down from his body as he stood up slowly with his wings spread. Still in the darkness, he felt a cold breeze whistling in his ears and through his clothing. Because of the breeze, Ren figured out that he was outside. Instinctively, he stretched his wings and flew straight up until he felt more wind. He did, but instead of being overjoyed and happy he was out of that hellhole, he was upset, because he was still engulfed in darkness. Realizing what that means, Ren let out a loud, painful cry. He became blind.

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