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Windsaver's Sprites and Request Shop *New! Blocky Sprites!*

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by windsaver, May 17, 2009.

  1. Shop is Open!

    Hi There I'm Windsaver. I've been here a while and have evr since been imporving my spriting here is some of my stuff.

    These are what I call Proliminary Trainer Battle shots. In my ame you have to battle them before the gym leader





    And These are their Sprites





    [glow=blue,2,300]Finished Requests
    Tatile's Patinum Battle Shot[/glow]

    [glow=blue,2,300]SRWG's Platinum Battle Shot[/glow]

    [glow=blue,2,300]Princess Sapphire's Platinum Battle Shot[/glow]

    I can do requests for Platinum Mushots
    Just Pick from the below and uplaod a sprite of picture of who you want me to make

    Note: I did not make these. They were ripped by somebody. Credit goes to Spriters Resource

    I will also do requests with the HG/SS Mugshots

    These are called Blocky Sprites. They are Made by me and no one else. Unless given permission. I will take Requests for these. [glow=red,2,300]But Read this First[/glow]: [glow=yellow,2,300]Blocky Sprites are property of Windsaver, Blocky Sizes are Small and Medium, I do not take legendaries unless you are a friend or Regular to my thread. The Second Gyarados Sprite has a tail or "Extra". You may ask for Extras such as fins, tails or accesories. Blocky Sprites are probrably best for Avatars and Signatures. If used I must be credited either with MY Watermark or "Blocky Sprite By Windsaver".[/glow]
    Requesting is Currently [glow=green,2,300]OPEN[/glow]

    Update On January 3rd 2010:
    Pokemon Tiki Masks

    These are by me and nobody else can use them. If any of my work is used without permission or credit, I will hunt you down...
    [glow=Orange,2,300]See Below For Request Forms![/glow]
    Request Slots
    1. -------
    2. -------
    3. -------

    Platinum/HGSS V.S Mugshot.
    Chosen Pose (See above):

    Blocky Sprite.
    Size (Small, Medium):

    If Blocky Sprite is a Fakemon
    Fakemon Name:

    Tiki Masks
    Pokemon/Fakemon Name:
    Mask Name (1. Smoocher, 2. Angry Eyes, 3. Doggy Ears):
    Super? (See Gyarados Sprite (With Tail and fins etc.):
    (For Fakemon Only) Reference:

    Please use these forms when requesting.

    Here is a sprite of me! (This is the closest thing that you will ever see of the real me...)

    Comments would be appreciated

    Well...More To come later

    Bye for now :D
  2. I've been wanting a Platinum mug of my PRP character for a little while now, but I don't have a sprite of him for reference (I have no spriting skills). Is it possible for you to do one from a description or must it be from sprite?

    Also, your Taia sprite seems to have no neck.
  3. Suer I could do that.

    Also... Yeah I'm fixing that. ;)
  4. Ah, excellent, thank you :)

    I'll take the liberty of using a generic form structure then.

    Mug Base: Top row, third along (I assume that's Lucien of the Elite Four, I'mo no good with names)
    Hair Colour: A grey-blond, so dirty, essentially.
    Eyes: Feline-esque, brown iris with a green circle about the pupil (a not uncommon colouring).
    Skin: Dusky beige, a light brown, with a bit of freckling.
    Hair Style: (WARNING BELOW) This took an age to find*, but it's similar to that, how the hair flops into cat-style ears. I know it'll take some re-shaping on the sprite base, so if it's too much of a challenge let me know.
    Additions: No glasses, standard t-shirt of a grey colour and if possible, a melancholic expression?

    Here's his bio should you need it :)

    Yeah, Kari's a freaking Tibbet!

    *Hot damn! I should have flicked through a couple of pages before linking it. So, um, if you don't like half-naked boys, you'd best want to avoid everything after the cover page. The artist's extra sketches and stuff have disappeared from her DeviantArt, otherwise I'd have linked them.
  5. Tatie: Here is my atempt at your request if anythings need changing just ask. ;)

  6. I like the colours, it's just the hair and neck that get to me. The neck doesn't seem to sit properly with the head nor shoulders and the hair shape is nothing like I had expected.

    Also, is he missing the other shoulder a tad? Perhaps it's because the original sprite had a lapel.

    Other than that it's certainly a decent sprite, thank you.
  7. These sprites are very, very clean. They look almost official!

    I love the tattoo on Taia's arm. Nobody else has tattoos in the Pokemon games, not even the Roughnecks.

    What are the types of the gym leaders?
  8. For Now Gemma And Natalie do not have a set gym but Taia is the proliminary at the fighting type gym and Joana is the grass type gym Proliminary

    Tatile: I will fix those things and will repost a bit later ;D

    Edit: Wow That was fast...

    Okay so I fixed The Shoulder and a tried the neck but I couldn't get the hair right so I kept it the way it is if that alright.

  9. Heh, well thanks for trying with the hair, I know from experience it's a a bit on the 'hard' side (then again I was trying to it with a mouse and no spriting experience). It's almost like he's just got out the shower XD

    *pets Kari* Aww, he's my little abused baby. Thankies :3
  10. I would like a mugshot using the from of Gardenia, except that it must be holding a leek in the out streched hand. This is the sprite reference.

  11. Hellos, can you use Volkner's style for my sprite:

  12. Ever thought of doing a rom hack with some of these? Seems like they would fill in one quite well.
  13. Hey there. I have a few requests, though I'll do them all seperately.

    First up, is the main female character from my region project.

    The mugshot I want you to use is Cynthia

    The "lumps" on the side of the head are supposed to be braids that meet in the back. The sleeves are elbow length, not 3/4. Use the colors provided. On Cynthia's mug shot, remove the bit of hair that covers one eye. Also,though it's not shown on this sprite, there is one lock of hair that comes right in the face on the left side, partly covering the eye. This bit is the same length as the rest of the hair.

    Thanks in advance :)
  14. Almost dobe with requests. Will Post them in an hour or so... Sorry I was gone for so long.

    Okay Here are 2.

    Princess Sapphire: [​IMG]
    Hope it's okay tell me if there is anything I should Change

    I know the hair looks abit weirs but it was the best i could do. Remember to save pictures as .PNG. :)

    To twYANGzii: Can you use a different uploader so I can see the pixles correctly. Try Tiny Pic
  15. Thanks alot. Though I see a few easily correctable errors.

    The stray lock of hair goes on the other side of the face. When I said left side, I meant on the character, not artist's perspective.

    Also, see if you can make the braids bigger.
  16. I'd like one of this character http://harvesterofmadness.deviantart.com/art/Nicholas-Vermelho-PKMN-Trainer-133666158 , in the style of factory head thorton's.

    Only, instead of the blue thing in his hand, I want the generation I pokedex (the original).
  17. Princess Sapphire Update: [​IMG]

    SRWG's Request Is Finished: [​IMG]
    Any Changes To Make?
  18. Looks great except for one thing! His hair should be visible, in the back his hair reaches to about the top of the collar, and that should be good.
  19. No Problem What so ever. Have Fun! ;)
  20. I have a question.... do you make overworlds? If not that's fine.

    If it's not too much trouble I'd like to request a sprite. I want a Shiny Mew cosplayer sprite, and a mugshot, if you have the time :)
  21. Could I get a picture of this sprite I made, the main character in my fan-region, Leoan. I'd like it in the style of Aaron of the Elite fo[​IMG]
  22. Can I get a Platinum face of the rival from Pokemon Platinum? Thanks.
    Give him Wave's thingy.
  23. SwiftLeaf's Request: [​IMG]

    H1N1: Do you mean Wake? The big guy?

    Blue Mew: I don't do sprites And To do a mugshot I need to know which character you want it made with. At the top.
  24. Cool! That's pretty much exactly what I had in mind, thanks, and you got it done really fast!
  25. Thank You... I'm always fast... Lol ;D
  26. yup, the biggy guy.
  27. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Chaos182, that post is pure SPAM...with extra emphasis on "Pointless..."

    Have a warning, and read the rules.
  28. H1N1: Wow your request might take me awhile. It's quite hard to make a thin guy out of such a big muscular man!I am gonna do another one too and see which version you lie better.
  29. Yay Everyone! Sorry for the long time away, My computer got messed up, so a lot needed to be fixed. Some requests need doing still but I'm putting them on hold for my R/S/E Remake...

    Just for now... Here is a sneak preview of some tester sprites of the Gym Leaders.
    Note that these are not final.

    Sone are missing I know but they Will come soon.
    Winona and Brawley will look different as I am re-doing there outfits. I may redo Roxanne and Watson has been replaced by His gradson Elecsis. There will be a new 8th Gym Leader and an Elite four member is being replaced. More to come soon!
  30. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    your flannery is great but you electric gym leader (forgets name) looks a bit young for his actual age but all around great ;D
  31. Might sound a bit strange but can you do a Weavile mug shot?
    I think Flint will be the best one.
  32. Acctualy he has been replaced with his grandson, thus the sprite.
    Black Wolf: Unfortunately thar is out of my reach, I'm only able to do trainer mugs for now. Sorry :(

    Please Note That requests are still OPEN
  33. Update! New Request Availiable!

    Pokemon Tiki Masks

    Requestable Now. Will add to page 1.
    These are by me and nobody else can use them. If any of my work is used without permission or credit, I will hunt you down...


    Request Form
    Pokemon/Fakemon Name:
    Mask Name (1. Smoocher, 2. Angry Eyes, 3. Doggy Ears):
    Super? (See Gyarados Sprite (With Tail and fins etc.):
    (For Fakemon Only) Reference:

    By the way I now do HG/SS Mugshot People As well.

    Request Away.
    P.S I will start doing trainer sprites soon
  34. Man you are one hell of a spriter...

    Can you make a male trainer sprite and mugshot? Anything that comes to mind will do.
  35. Well, I could... But I don't work like that really...

    I don't do random things... Like many people I ask for referances at the least

    Don't take it the wrong way though

    Plus trainer sprites aren't yet availiable. Until I get more of them on the front page.
  36. Hi um I was wondering if you could do a Platinum battle Mugshot for me using the picture of the People on the 4th row from the top 3rd column from the left that was on your 1st post using the guy on the 4th row from the bottom 1st column from the left on custom other characters (I couldn't get picture or a link) in the front and a Blaziken in the back. can you please make his hand into fist and make him look like he's smiling and saying something. Thankyou so much and sorry if its too hard to make or too confusing.
  37. Well I would make it if I knew exactly what mug you want to use!

    EDIT: Is this what you wanted?


    I absolutely suck at pixel overs, so blaziken looks funny...

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