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Windsavers Artistic Domain

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by windsaver, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    Hello Artwork Gallery. I seem to have spanned away from sprites more.... Anywho... Some of my wokr here. I'll start this thread by posting some things I have been doing in photoshop lately.

    Recently I have been working on doing Anime-esque style shots of my and other OC's

    To Begin we have my OC Kyle.... Well this is his young look. I based it off the fan-fiction I'm writing. It should be more flashbacky :p


    Next We have my best(ish) friends female OC, Daisy who I just adore :)
    I like the way it turned out. Backgrounds are always a hassle for me :'|

    This is also in my Fan-Ficiton. It's quite early on actually

    Finally I have my first gym leader in anime style. I wasn't too pleased with the way she came out but the background is one of my best ones to date :) I will probably redo her on the same background later on.


    So yeah this thread won;t just be for that style. I will also post some traditional pencil drawings and some sketches here. But as of now this is kind of what I have on my PC that I think is worthy so yeah Any constructive criticism and friendly comments are very much welcome.


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