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WIN a copy of Pokemon Let's Go by joining us LIVE on Saturday for our first stream!

  1. Doctor Oak

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    We've been on a little break from streaming for a while as we work on other stuff (such as new videos for GameCrash - our general gaming sister site) and start putting together a plan for more content throughout 2019 for Pokecharms as well.

    But we're back for a special stream this Saturday at 4:30pm (GMT/UTC) to play Let's Go Pikachu LIVE. And it's worth making sure you tune in as we'll be trying to give away a digital copy of Let's Go Pikachu or Let's Go Eevee to one lucky viewer.

    To qualify, we must hit our target of 151 viewers for the stream. Once we get past that number, we'll ask everyone watching to answer a Pokemon trivia question in the chat. If you are subscribed to our channel and get the answer correct, you will be entered into a hat and we will randomly pick one person from that hat to win the code.

    To hit that target, you'll need to make sure you share the link with your friends and get them to subscribe as well so they can enter with a chance of winning. We'll announce the winner live and the winner will receive their code after the stream has ended.

    If we do not hit our target this weekend, the prize rolls over to another stream.

    With Pokemon finally hitting the Switch, we're planning on doing a lot more streams in the future, so there'll definitely be plenty to subscribe for.

    Some terms and conditions below, but hopefully we'll see you all on Saturday!

    • This offer is not endorsed by Nintendo or The Pokemon Company International and they are not involved with either the live stream production or the prize available.
    • 151 concurrent viewers must be achieved during the live stream before the promotion will begin.
    • If/When 151 concurrent viewers is achieved during the live stream, we will at some point during the remainder of the stream ask a Pokemon-related trivia question that must be responded to in Twitch chat.
    • By being subscribed to the channel and answering this question correctly, you are entered into a random draw to determine a single winner.
    • If you answer the question correctly, but are not subscribed to the channel, your entry will not count.
    • If 151 concurrent viewers during the live stream is not achieved, the prize will roll over to a future live stream, but not necessarily the next live stream on twitch.tv/Pokecharms
    • Only live streams advertised with this promotion will include the promotion should that stream be watched by 151 or greater concurrent viewers.
    • The only prize available is 1x Digital eShop code for either Let's Go Pikachu or Let's Go Eevee. The winner will be given the opportunity to choose their preferred game.
    • Though we will not ask for any personal data for any entrants or the winner, the winner will be asked for their basic location for the purposes of identifying the relevant eShop market. Where possible, a local eShop market code will be provided but no guarantees are made as to the specific region required for the eShop account to redeem the prize.
    • You may be required to create a new eShop account in a different regional market to redeem the code.
    • If you are selected as the winner on the stream, but fail to respond to messages on Twitch afterwards, we reserve the right to consider the prize forfeit and attempt to give it away again on a future stream.
    • Once we provide the digital code as promised, we have completed our side of this agreement and we bear no responsibility for any problems that might arise from redeeming the code, nor any responsibility for you losing the code or the code failing to work due to any problems such as region locking.
    • Pokecharms moderators and administrators are not eligible, obviously.
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