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Will Ash's story ever come to a conclusion?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by precita, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. The anime has been going on for 13 years now and has over 650 episodes. Since the BW saga was announced, its bound to go on for another 200 or so episodes.

    Will Ash's story ever reach a conclusion at this point? The show has gone on far longer than anyone ever thought possible.

    The writers have already abandoned most of Ash's travel companions from the series, yet Ash himself remains. Why do you think Ash is kept while Misty/Brock, May and Dawn, etc. are all removed from the show at various points? I always figured they could have a female Pikachu owned by a new character, if they're so worried about Pikachu being gone from the series.

    Are we so sure he'll never be removed? There was a time when people never believed Misty or Brock would leave the series, and both wound up happening. If Misty/Brock can be axed, why can't Ash? I've wanted a new hero forever.
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Ash's story will never come to an end, as long as this cash cow is still mooing.

    They do seem to be mixing it up with characters - we all knew Dawn would eff off by the end of the DP arc to be replaced with a new fanservice female character - but we all expected the main DP female protagonist, and the new chick was kind of a surprise. Brock being replaced with Dento was a very WHAT decision considering we all know what happened last time they tried ditching Brock. The massively negative reception Tracey got (and it's a shame because he was a pretty cool guy, eh sketches pokeymans and doesn't afraid of anything) made them bring Brock back in Season 3 faster than you could say Squint-eye. Although over the years Brock has been reduced into little more than an expogab-producing sad joke - so maybe the fans won't clamor as hard for his return. >>;

    But Ash is here to stay, along with his annoying yellow rodent. There's some things you don't fuck with, and Ash is the Freaking Main Character. >>;
  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I think the main reasons behind Tracey being generally unsuccessful as Brock's replacement is the fact that Brock wasn't really ready to leave at that stage. He wasn't really "stale" at that point, at least nowhere near as stale as he has become now, and a lot of people probably felt that he wasn't ready to leave at that stage, which resulted in the backlash against Tracey. If I remember correctly, May received the same backlash when Misty left, although I'd pin that down to fanboys/girls mostly since Misty had served her time at that stage, and had a very good reason for leaving (ironic that Brock would take a temporary leave in the same episode.)

    I feel that the new male character Dento will be a lot more well-received than Tracey was, since I know I'm not the only one who feels that Brock has long overstayed his welcome. Give the guy a girlfriend or something, it'll give him reason to leave and it'll give the guy a break - seriously, he's been trolled far too much for far too long in the girl department.
  4. I remember Tracey being disliked, but not May aside from some Pokeshippers who thought she was, "stealing Ash away from Misty," LMAO. I remember when AG was airing all people talked about was how Togepi killed Misty's character and how boring she was in Johto.

    Meanwhile in AG, the Contests wound up becoming the best received addition to the show and May was vastly preferred over Misty the entire arc. Hence why Misty was abandoned from the series permanently, and why they've even gone as far to stop Misty's cameo/guest appearances and continually bring May back instead.

    When you stop to think about it, was Misty ever more popular than May when AG was airing? Were the Contests ever not popular? I don't believe so. I know this is a long time ago, but I honestly remember everyone talking about how boring Misty was in Johto while May and the Contests were the most popular additions to the show. They brought May back over Misty for Kanto's Battle Frontier arc, for DP's Wallace Cup arc, and Misty is ignored/neglected and not even given a single appearance over the last 5 years.

    I always thought while Tracey failed at replacing Brock, May succeeded in becoming more popular than Misty, hence this is why the original character wound up being abandoned and why May paved the way for all the female co-stars that came after her. As I said, when was the last time Misty was even in an episode? They avoid that character like she's Tracey 2.0, while May keeps getting to come back after the Hoenn saga.

    DP is ending and Misty shows no sign of ever appearing in the anime ever again. It really does seem like May and the Contests, and later Dawn, drove the final nail into Misty's coffin, so the writers abandoned her.
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  5. Gah! Precita beat me posting XD

    I agree with Stel. The Pokemon anime will continue as long as people continue to watch and it continues to make money. From a story standpoint, the anime can go on for many more years if creators wanted it to because a Pokemon journey is open-ended. We have no idea how old Ash's father is but we know that he's still on his Pokemon journey so that adventure can last a very long time. Ergo, there's still a plot; however it would take some creativity to keep it from going stale.

    I certainly wouldn't mind having a new hero and a while ago, I would've been gung ho about ditching Ash. Now I'm not so sure. It would be refreshing, especially if the new hero's personality were totally different. But keeping Ash has its perks too because we get to see what the writers can do with his character. I guess I'm happy either way ♥

    I also agree with KoL in that Brock's second departure may be better received than his first one because he's run his course. If people find Dento to be a good character and a worth replacement, then that's all the better. You're going to get those people who believe the show has been ruined by Brock leaving, but people will complain regardless. I think this is a positive step forward imo.

    Edit after I read precita's post: I guess I was one of the few that never liked May. She and Max (among other things) are the reason I barely remember much of what happened in Hoenn and barely watched Battle Frontier. I found her to be a very annoying character and was relieved to see her go. Dawn got annoying after a while, but even at her worst, she was better than anything May put forth. This is only my opinion though XD
  6. It makes me wish Ash had been wrapped up at the end of Johto, so Brendan/May and then later Lucas/Dawn would be the main characters. Now it just feels like it'll be endless.

    Dawn I was rather indifferent to, but her character never really came across as fresh and exciting because she basically re-did the same Contests we've seen before. Iris thankfully looks like a nice change of pace, and hopefully she will not be a coordinator. I never found May annoying, probably because she was so funny and made up for how lackluster Misty was in Johto.

    I guess the writers consider the original trio a failure. After the Johto arc, that group never saw the light of day in Pokemon ever again. Misty wound up becoming a mishandled background character, and although Brock fared slightly better at first, he suffered the same fate in DP later on. If it weren't for Croagunk, I wouldn't care for Brock at all in DP.

    As I said above, the fact that Misty was not given a single appearance over the entire span of DP makes me think she will never appear in the show outside the openings ever again. Since Dawn is leaving as well, I think she will be the only older girl to get cameos next arc.

    The thing that upset me about Misty is how poorly treated the character was. They should have at least given her one last hurrah instead of saying, "Yeah, we know we messed up with Misty, so we just won't show her in the anime anymore," and that's it. Its almost as if the writers themselves dislike Misty's character and wanted her to look as bad as possible.
  7. They technically did give Misty a 'one last hurrah' episode in the AG series where she came back and her Togepi evolved to rule over the magical other dimension of utter crap. It was really quite sad, and not nearly as nice a send off as it should have been (although seeing her with that pwnful Gyarados was pretty sweet!). I'd love to see her cameo at least once more sporting her new 'do from HGSS and being even more badass, but that will probably never come to pass.
  8. I can't see her appearing in her HGSS clothes, as that would make her look much older which doesn't fit her anime counterpart, and if it were going to happen she would have appeared as DP was going on, not now as Isshu is starting.

    My main problem is Misty was always showcased to be a lousy battler. She hardly ever battled throughout her entire run, (and when she did, it was Psyduck's headache antics all the time), and she was only in like two tournaments in her entire run. Her team was underdeveloped, and she did not have a single impressive battle in the show at all.

    For a character that was in as many episodes as Misty was, she really has nothing to show for it. The only thing Misty really had going for her was that she was funny and had the dynamic with Ash, but other than that she was just a mishandled and neglected character.

    Although I do believe that had May and/or Contests not been successful, Misty likely would have returned after Hoenn ended. It seems like back in early Hoenn they were keeping Misty alive via the specials, but once May's popularity really took off, her appearances started dwindling and then she just disappeared altogether. And now May's getting things that were water-centered, (like the Wallace Cup, and Manaphy), so its like May has moved into Misty's slot now, and Misty has become a non-entity.
  9. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Uhm, that has NOTHING to do with the current conversation. Warning you for spam. Make sure to read the forum rules before posting again.

    ... And for the record. Isshu looks awesome ;P Don't discount it before the game is even out.
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  10. Probably not. Let's compare it to other serieses (Not sure what the plural is ^^;)

    Beyblade: It went on for 3 season (I beleive) before they finally replaced the starring guy with Ginka. (Or Jinka, Jinga, who knows.).
    Yu-gi-oh!: It went on for a few arcs, then went on for 2 more seasons, each with their own arcs and seasons.

    Granted that Beyblade went out a few years before making a comeback, It still doesn't change the fact that they did.

    However, The anime is based almost entirely on the handhelds, which means that unless Pokemon were to take a decade or two off, I don't really see Ash going away anytime soon.

    However, seeing how they got rid of Brock finally, it may be a hint for a future change. Granted that the chance of Pokemon without Ash is 1 in 12,909,338,080.1, I would like to see a fresh face in the series, which is probably why I enjoyed Chronicles so much. Like I said, very, VERY, VERYYYY slim, but even if it does happen, I doubt it'll happen before the next decade.

    But, just know this, if Ash and Pikachu leave, this will bring on the wrath of billions of nostalgia fans. I'm not calling anyone who likes him a raging fan-boy/girl, but I would like to see a new face, preferably one without those cheek marks (Not you Pikachu, you can stay). I've just looked at it like this, Ash's dream is to become a Pokemon Master, right? That's why I want a new face. It would just seem better to me to start a new story than to drag on one's journey, only to never obtain their dream.

    Don't flame me, just my thoughts.
  11. So what is the difference between Ash and Misty/Brock? All three of them are as old and nostalgic as each other.

    Is it simply because Misty/Brock's characters were derailed causing people to dislike them, which is why they wound up being abandoned and replaced with more popular characters?

    Unless Iris/Dento bomb as characters, I don't think the writers will have any qualms about abandoning the old cast. As said, Misty would still be on the show to this date if it wasn't for the poor handling during Johto, and the intro of Contests/May.
  12. Ash may catch EVERYTHING that comes to him, (Catches a Pidgeotto with a frekin Caterpie at the 2nd/3rd episode.), and then walks around for a while, fights team rocket, then they suddenly end up in another region. Howwill it end? Poor ash never ages. After almost a decade, hes STILL 10!
  13. I believe Ash is thirteen, but I'm probably wrong.

    As with Stel, I agree that Ash is going to continue being the main character until everyone has lost interest in Pokemon.
  14. Ash's age is 10 according to AG, yet it was 11 in Johto. So we'll never know.

    Ash is the Anime. He'll only be replaced if the Pokemon series itself undergoes a massive tranformation (although I'd like to see more Pokemon Chronicles.)
  15. One weird thing is, out of all of ash's traing his pikachus proably at a very high level. Yet he was still struggling
    with the first gym of sinnoh which it's levels are 12 and 14!!! It makes no sense...
  16. True. The first gym is that low. Kinda makes ya wonder how he took on Volkener. Real-life hacking?

    They could give PkMnTrainerBlack a chance in the spotlight. Showing him starting out in his journey, with Ash already done with his.

    But, as far as I've watch, it's probably not going to end in 15 years.
  17. An awesome ending for it would be They have to finally take down giovanni and he uses every pokemon he has.
  18. Now that Brock is leaving, and Misty is long gone, maybe Ash/TR will both go out together in the final arc. Could be the BW arc.

    I guess the writers consider the original trio to be a failure, because after the tedious Johto arc that group never saw the light of day again. All that complaining about the Johto arc really killed the original trio for good.

    So next up is Ash's chance to leave, but it may not happen.
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Nope probaly not. Hopefully they'll get Team rocket gone or make it like the earilier episodes with Team rocket smarter than today. I hope we will get Misty back someday.
  20. Well, according to Bulbapedia, they aren't leaving, but they are getting new suits. As for Misty coming back, it probably won't happen. I mean, she didn't even get a cameo in the Sinnoh region.

    Really, I expect her to maybe show up as a small cameo in a movie or opening, but thats it.
  21. Misty hasn't been part of the show for almost 10 years. I think its because the writers think the older fans complained about her in Johto, and the younger fans don't even know who she is.

    There's really no other way to explain why the writers seem to avoid Misty like the plague, whereas they continue to bring back May, Gary and other old popular characters instead.
  22. Sadly Ash's journey may never end. As long as the Pokemon francise is still popular and still making millions he'll continue to be on his journey( and be Ten forever XD). Though I wish the anime would followed the Pokemon Special manga :( . Maybe the series wouldn't get as dry as fast as it has been.
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  23. I hope it doesnt end until someone figures out how to create real pokemon hahaha XD
  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi there its me Oak I found out ow to make a pokemon with this chemical...Nah Ill throw it away. ;D
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  25. Ash's adventure will never end aslong as the cash is rising
    they just do it for money and entertainment.

    (Though Ash is a good character you have to accept.)
  26. I think that it will go on forever until kids start to think its lame .
    A.K.A. until their business declines and the poor Japanese business man goes home without a dime .
    Welcome to reality , folks . It'll happen one day .

    Or American business man im not actually sure where
    Pokemon started .... xD
  27. I would assume it should some time, don't know particularly when, we see plenty of animés giving up on a certain character and story and going about with new characters to follow. With Ash... I want them to go with a new guy, try it out in an entire season and see where that takes us. I just want better voice actors, even the original 4kids cast wasn't all that great.
  28. I just finished watching the first episode of Best wishes and in the opening scene they say that Ash is indeed still ten. I would still like to see him age in the series a bit though unless they just restart his age after each partnership trio ends (misty/Brock) etc....
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  29. Ash's story will go on and on and on and on, then he'll switch with somebody else, and they'll go on and on and on and on on and on and on and on, then they'll run out of pokemon to make up, which will stop the games AND anime in it's tracks. But that wont be for a LONG time.
  30. I highly doubt it. Ash would just go travelling to whatever new region popped out with a random chick. Until the whole show gets so predictable that kids would start losing interest. I, however, shall never be one of those kids...
  31. Ash's story will never come to an end.
    (Even though I hate him and his Ashy-boys disease and his goody-goodyness)
    Whenever there is a new game, there will be new episodes.
  32. One thing I've noticed and absolutely hate about Ash is his voice. In the Japanese version, he's fine, but in the English version he sounds like a woman. Mostly because his voice actor is a female in the first place (or at least the credits to the 3rd Pokemon Movie suggest so).
  33. LOL I just noticed that! Wow Ash is SO weird. He doesn't even know what a Dragonite is! Sheesh......
  34. He might as well be the Justin Bieber of the anime.
  35. ...you mean he didn't know what a Dragonite was 11 seasons ago because he'd never properly seen one?
  36. Yeah, I meant that. I bet he still doesn't know! And he doesn't know about shiny Pokemon. And how come he always battles some random guy in the Pokemon leagues instead of the Elite 4? The Elite 4 would kick his butt all over town..... I am going to stop watching the anime right now unless he gets totally humiliated by one of his Rivals.
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  37. what about the Orange Island finals where his Pikachu fights one
  38. He most likely forgot. My Dragonite could kick that Dragonites butt. I have it in my pocket right now. With 113 Watts. Its LV 86 and shiny. Would SO kill that Dragonite.
  39. Doesn't know about shiny Pokemon? He owns a shiny Noctowl.
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