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Open Wilderness Wanderers Discussions Thread - Minor Violence

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Doodlydoo, Dec 11, 2016.


What are you most excited about in the RP?

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  1. Capturing Pokémon

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  2. Exploring New Places

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  3. Managing Hunger and Thirst

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  4. Dying

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  5. Natural Disasters & Manhunter Packs

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  6. Living in the Apocalypse

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  1. Could you survive a Pokémon apocalypse? Professor Pine of the Brunadu region was developing a virus to pacify dangerous Pokémon and weaken their abilties, but it back-fired, making Pokémon aggresive towards humans and stronger. They even gained the abilities to break out of Pokéballs (including Master Balls)! However, a vaccine was developed before the virus reached the larger cities and people rushed to protect their Pokémon. You are one of the lucky few who managed to get them vaccinated. You must travel around the region with your Pokémon, surviving the dangers you face, meeting companions to join you and curing the virus once and for all.

    How to capture Pokémon:

    If you were reading carefully, you would've noticed that I said Pokémon can break out of all Pokéballs. Instead, you must use Pokénets - Super strong mesh nets that can stop the Pokémon from moving or attacking. Once a Pokémon is in a Pokénet, you can apply the cure. However, until the cured takes hold the Pokémon is much more dangerous. Applying status conditions such as tranquilized (sleep), stunned (paralysis), poisoned, dazed (confused) or burnt can help you capture a Pokémon. Once it is cured, you must tame it using food. So, a recap:
    Step 1 - Use a Pokénet to trap the Pokémon.
    Step 2 - Apply the vaccine.
    (Optional) Step 3 - Apply a status condition.
    Step 4 - Wait until it is cured.
    Step 5 - Feed it to tame it.
    Step 6 - You have tamed a Pokémon!

    1. Don't be overly violent. Although this is the apocalypse, nothing gory. If you or your Pokémon (or an enemy Pokémon) gets injured, don't make it vivid. In other words - keep descriptions of injuries to a minimum. "He tripped and grazed his knee" or "The Pokémon bit her on the leg" are fine, but nothing worse than that for describing injuries.
    Edit: If you read further, death is explained. The creature ones are stuff like that. Just using a move on somebody is fine, nothing worse than that though.
    2. Nothing inappropriate.
    3. Maximum 3 characters at a time. If you had 3 characters and one died, you would be back to 2 characters and could make another one.
    4. If you are going to inflict an injury to another player's character or Pokémon, ask them before and only so it if you get their permission.
    5. Keep cursing to a minimum.
    6. Don't do too short posts - aim around 5 - 7 lines. 3 minumum
    7. No Mega-Evolutions or Z-Moves (Z-moves may be reconsidered, but not Mega-Evolutions).
    8. No Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.
    9. You may start with at most 4 Pokémon, for every fully evolved Pokémon, you must have a Pokémon in its first evolutionary stage. For Pokémon like Rotom and Absol, maximum 2. No Pseudo-legendaries straight away (Example: Gabite is acceptable, Gibble is better, Garchomp is not allowed)
    10. You must have the words "Wilderness Wanderers" in your extra information area of your form so I knew you read the rules.

    Areas of the Region:

    Gaffor Town - The town where the Pokémon labratory is, the virus is strongest around here.
    Danger level: Very High
    Heedoodee Town - An old tribal town, the tribe's people here used their Pokémon to help them.
    Danger level: High
    New Wottenwall (Pronouced Vote-ten-vall) - A large city that had a high population before the virus.
    Danger level: Medium
    Ragnawq Forest - A dense forest, full of bug and grass type Pokémon.
    Danger level: High
    Yutbridge City - A city with a river going through it, hence the "bridge" in its name.
    Danger level: Medium
    Jooter City - A coastal city near the mouth of the river Yut, its cliffs are popular with birds.
    Danger level: High
    Quilka Town - A small town with a weaving history, many Pokémon their got vaccinated.
    Danger level: Very Low
    Mount Hubrak - The largest mountain in the region, it has a large plateau at the top.
    Danger level: Medium
    Hubrak Town - A feat of engineering, Hubrak town is located in a tunnel through Mount Hubrak
    Danger level: Low
    Iselgurd City - A city with huge towers, it had the highest population but was the smallest city.
    Danger level: High
    Lake of Calm - A man made lake, made to be the opposite of Johto's Lake of Rage.
    Danger level: High
    Pohlag Village - A village made fom igloos, very little life lives there
    Dager level: Very Low
    Hallow Island - An island just of the coast of Jooter city, it was used by the natives as a cemetery
    Danger level: Medium
    Skele Town - Many fossils have been found and restored here
    Danger level: Low
    Alexandra's Desert - It is named after Alexandra, the first champion of the Brunadu region.
    Danger level: Medium
    Camp Alpha - A survivor camp, represented by a blue banner. It is on the coast
    Danger level: Very Low
    Camp Omega - A survivor camp, represented by a red banner. It is near Alexandra's desert.
    Danger level: Very Low
    Camp Delta - A survivor camp represented by a green banner. It is on a large hill.
    Danger level: Very Low

    I would reccomend starting in an area with a very low danger level such as Pohlag village, Quilka town or a survivor camp. If somebody could make a map, that would be great and enjoy the ouns in there.

    The Character Form:

    Human Form:

    Age: (Nothing lower than 15 and nothing too high.)
    Starting Location: (Can be anywhere)
    Skills: (4 at most, 2 at least and make them reasonable)
    Items: (Optional, Max 3, Make them reasonable)
    Backstory: (Optional)
    Extra Information:

    Pokémon Form:

    Species: (Example: Honchkrow, Metagross, Luxray etc.)
    Age: (Can vary depending on Pokémon, ghost Pokémon should be old (with exceptions))
    Appearance: (Optional)
    Backstory: (Optional)

    Example Character / My Character:

    Name: Jakob Vanders
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Starting Location: Quilka Town
    Appearance: Messy brown hair, blue-grey eyes, grey hoodie, blue jeans, white trainers
    Personality: Quiet, very intelligent but not modest about it, not a good leader, sarcastic, shy, pessimistic, creative
    Skills: Good at running, knows which common plants are poisonous or not
    Items: Backpack, bottle of water, pocket knife
    Backstory: Jakob's father collected silk from the Spewpa in the forest. He would go with him and help him collect it. His father also taught him which plants were safe to eat and they would eat them as snacks while collecting the silk.
    Extra Information: Wilderness Wanderers

    Nickname: Deadwood
    Species: Trevenant
    Age: 94
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A coniferous Trevenant (Think a Trevenant but a Pine tree)
    Personality: Gruff, stubborn, very quiet
    Backstory: Jakob found him as a Phantump when foraging with his dad. As it does not evolve naturally, it was very old when Jakob met it.

    Nickname: Anubis
    Species: Riolu
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Determined, clumsy, easily frustrated, courageous
    Appearance: Standard Riolu
    Backstory: N/A

    Nickname: Slice
    Species: Fraxure
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Strongly bonded with Jakob, protective, loyal, alert
    Appearance: Standard Fraxure
    Backstory: The son of his father's Haxorus, it was Jakob's first Pokémon and he recieved it as an Axew to help him forage.

    Other Information:

    The RP will start at 19:00 GMT on Monday 12th December if over 6 members are gathered. If not, it will start at 19:00 GMT on Tuesday 13th December.
    If somebody can make a map for the region, that would be awesome (I tried and failed).
    This took around 2 hours to type, so please consider joining the RP and thank you if you read this all, I appreciate it.
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  2. Name: Mike Rock
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Starting Location: Hubrak Town
    Appearance: Has blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a yellow jacket. He also wears gloves and yellow Boots to help with survival.
    Personality: Jolly, and sneaky. Not a team player with other humans
    Skills: He can hide quite well, and has a good experience with Pokemon battling.
    Items: A bottle of water, Backpack with two berries in it, and a smoke bomb.
    Backstory: Growing up in the Hubrak Town, Mike loved rocks and fossils. Growing up with Red, Indigo, blue, and Violet, and trained with them to hide and fight in case of emergency. He tends to stay around Hubrak Town.
    Extra Information: Wilderness Wanderers!

    Nickname: Red
    Species: Minior Red Core
    Age: 200
    Gender: N/A
    Appearance: Normal Red Core Minior
    Personality: Hot headed
    Backstory: Lived in the caves training, until he met Mike, they trained even more since then. It is the strongest Minior on the team.

    Nickname: Blue
    Species: Minior Blue Core
    Age: 100
    Gender: N/A
    Appearance: Normal Blue Core Minior
    Personality: A Young Minior, and is very shy
    Backstory: Found just when it hit earth, Mike grew up with it. The weakest Minior on the team.

    Nickname: Violet
    Species: Minior Violet Core
    Age: 150
    Gender: N/A
    Appearance: Normal Violet Core Minior
    Personality: Has a large ego, and is very passionate towards Mike
    Backstory: Mike found it trying to put on shiny rocks. Mike helped it, and they were friends ever since.

    Nickname: Indigo
    Species: Minior Indigo Core
    Age: 180
    Gender: N/A
    Appearance: Normal Indigo core Minior
    Personality: Calm
    Backstory: Whilst meditating, found Mike and decided to come with him to his house. The most recently caught Minior.

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  3. @montymike accepted, you can post when the rp starts, and so many minior xD
    Edit: Did you get the referances and puns I put in there?
  4. Name: john jefferson
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Starting Location: skele town
    Appearance: has crimson red hair, wears a black coat and tattered pants
    Personality: laid back and relaxed, intellegent and also a loner
    Skills: trained as a pokemon breeder, can restore data
    Items: Bottle of water, backpack and laptop
    Backstory: will be relieved during the rp
    Extra Information: Wilderness Wanderers

    Nickname: shell
    Species: kabuto
    Age: 10
    Gender: male
    Personality: aggresive, has a large appetite
    Backstory: restored and vaccinated upon restoration

    Nickname: little t
    Species: tyrunt
    Age: 12
    Gender: male
    Personality: laid back, over protective
    Backstory: same as shell

    Nickname: hope
    Species: archen
    Age: 8
    Gender: female
    Personality: optimistic, wishes to fly
    Backstory: same as above
  5. @tlord2/ accepted and a warning: dinosaurs may eat you
  6. what do you mean by that remark?
  7. Just because the danger is low, it doesn't mean you are safe. Freak events can happen such as a Tyrantum or whatever it is called (the evolved one) comes and you can't beat it or capture it.
    Edit: fixed some typos and I've decided to explain death:

    In this rp you can die. There are 4 ways it can happen: creature, neglect, accident and natural. I'll show 5 examples, one of each and another one to show how to make it more dramatic.

    The Zangoose slashed at Anton.
    Anton is dead

    Creatures is death by Pokémon or other RPer. If you are going to kill somebody, both parties must agree and say it in the discussion thread so I can see. If I give it the green light, somebody dies.

    Anton starved.
    Anton has died

    Neglect is starving, dying of thirst, dying because you never bandaged a wound, etc. You can't do this to other people (well, unless you tie them up and leave them, but I wouldn't allow that.)

    Anton slipped off the ledge and fell far.
    Anton has died

    Accident is, well, death by accident. You cannot do this to other people, but you can sort of set it up. Let's say Anton (poor Anton, sying so much) needs to get over a fence. He tells somebody on the other side to catch them. So, Anton starts climbing, but doesn't realise thst the other person went to fight an Ursaring. Anton climbs the fence, falls and goes splat. It is still an accident.

    Anton got frostbite and died.
    Anton has died

    Nature is anything related to the weather, temperature or a natural disaster, such as an earthquake not caused by a Pokémon. It also includes illnesses so "Anton got pneumonia and then got a virus and died." is classed as nature. Old age also counts as nature (except, let's face it, Anton won't make it than old.)

    Making it interesting:

    Let's look at the creature death: "The Zangoose slashed at Anton." That's a bit boring. This would be better:
    Anton's final Pokémon took a strong cut from the feral Zangoose. It keeled over and died
    Duranton the Durant has died (P.S. Pokémon can die to!)
    Anton said goobye to his last ally who he would soon be joining. The Zangoose leapt quickly towards his location. Anton closed his eyes. He took his last breath as the Zangoose slashed through him.
    Anton has died

    Edit: RIP Anton and you can buy your friends, but only on Hallow Island.
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  8. At least Hubrak Town is safe! Its in a town known for rock and ground types! Its filled with Onix, Aggron, and Golem and they will eat Mike whole. It is totally safe there! ;_;
  9. Hubrak Town, where you get to meet 'friendly' Steelixs and 'harmless' Aggrons. They will be so nice to you as long as you be their 'dentist'

    Terms & Conditions Apply
  10. Wow, I am currently in love with this concept. The time and effort you put into it really shows. I would love to join (if my roleplay experience makes me applicable.)

    Name: Kaitlynn (Kait or Kate) Förstner
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Starting Location: Near the outskirts of Pohlag Village
    Appearance: Growing up in the north, Kait possesses pale coloured eyes, fair skin, and oddly dark brown hair that is loosely tied into a messy braid. She often wears a rather large pair of brown boots (with detachable snowshoe-esque attachements for walking on the snowy terrain), pants built for the cold terrain that look somewhat like baggy jeans, and a thick brown coloured jacket with a fur-lined hood and an impractical amount of pockets on the inside in which she hordes rocks, objects of sentimental value, folded pieces of paper, and a seemingly limitless number of pens that may or may not actually belong to her. Underneath this she wears a (relatively normal) black, long-sleeved turtleneck with an emblazoned green symbol that has nearly no meaning whatsoever. Around her neck, she wears a grey scarf that is nearly the same shade of the 'clothes' put on the entirety of her Pokémon team. She possesses a pair of goggles to keep the harsh storms from obscuring her vision too severely, but they are normally worn on her head; which looks rather stupid when her hood is up as well. Needless to say, she overheats extremely easily.
    Personality: Kait is a kind-hearted, occasionally sarcastic northerner with a tendency to act on impulse, overlook obvious details, and make jokes or puns at the worst of times instead of doing something practical. (Kait's a huge dork) She probably shouldn't be put in charge anyone or anything, even if she believes she can. Kait values her Pokémon's safety very highly, treating them as fellow human beings, in a sense.
    Skills: Navigation (good sense of direction), sketching, corny jokes
    Items: Backpack, an illogical amount of pens, a pad of paper, a sentimental wood carving, a few small samples of relatively valueless minerals she found while searching (to be clear, none of these are evolution nor mega stones), crappy tasting granola bars, and a canteen of partially frozen water. (NOTE: I am very well aware that I went over three. I feel this number of possessions suits the fact that she is a packrat and hordes useless stuff. The three essential objects that weren't jokes have been underlined. She also definitely cannot run very fast. At all. Let me make that clear.)
    Backstory: Kait has lived in Pohlag Village for her entire life, growing accustomed to the cold climate and the Pokémon that roamed there. She lived with her mother and her father, during her childhood, who gave her Amulet as her starting Pokémon and taught her how to make a shelter out of snow (but not before knitting a sweater for her Meowth). She often spends her time outdoors with her Pokémon partners, trekking the relatively barren tundras in search of adventure.
    It is only recently that she has learned of the virus, having been attacked by an oddly managed and aggressive stray ratatta that somehow sauntered its way up to the north. Luckily, it was quickly taken out by Amu alone (seeing as it was just a ratatta), but not before ruffling his whiskers and frightening the heck out of the poor Meowth. Kait quickly resolved that she would have to do something about that, even if she only had a mere two Pokémon (Bear, who was a staraptor and Amulet). Shortly afterwards, she swung a net over a wild vulpix, the vaccination having finally reached the remote village. The shipment was small, but it was more than enough to vaccinate all of the "owned" Pokémon in the area before any severe damage was caused. That didn't stop Kait from thinking, however. Just because her home wasn't affected didn't mean that everyone else wasn't affected. Kait was far from heroic, but there had to be a way to stop it from spreading to her partners and friends.
    Extra Information: Wilderness Wanderers. Also, I love the puns.

    Nickname: Amulet (Amu, for short)
    Species: Meowth
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A standard Meowth, dressed in a grey sweater that probably wasn't initially meant for Pokémon.
    Personality: Bashful, with an initial skittishness that fades after getting to know the person. All-around friendly, and only slightly paranoid.
    Backstory: Kait's first Pokémon partner, who assists her with exploring despite his paranoia. He was named after the Amulet like charm on his head, which was thought to bring good luck. Due to his ability pickup, he is responsible for most of the miscellaneous knick-knacks that Kait carries around. He thus far has refused to evolve, for a reason that remains unknown to even himself. Amu is truthfully the only one who isn't into adventuring 100%, instead only doing it to make Kait and the rest of the team happy. In truth, he is too afraid of what looms ahead to catch sight of the silver lining.

    Nickname: Khione
    Species: Alolan Ninetales (that evolved too early and therefore has a crappy moveset)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Standard Alolan Ninetales with a looped scarf similar in colour to Amulet's sweater (despite the fact that she definitely doesn't need it).
    Personality: A somewhat vain and diplomatic mother figure who seems weak and delicate but in reality could probably beat you up, steal your lunch money and then spend it all on candy.
    Backstory: The second caught Pokémon of Kait's, who put up quite a fight while being captured. She had been affected by the virus while she was still wild, and a considerable hole in her memory remains during such. Luckily, she quickly grew to be a tame ninetales with the personality she still carries today, named Khione after the Greek goddess of snow. Khione evolved with an ice stone found by Amulet, and has used her newfound abilities to benefit her trainer and team. When Kait leaves to explore, she acts almost like a mother to her and countless other wild Pokémon, not letting her vanity show during these brief moments. She, however, truthfully isn't fit to be a mother of any sort, too rambunctious with a tendency to let her mind drift. Like the rest of the team, however, she thirsts for adventure, and she finally gets to have it... though maybe not in the Hollywood-esque way she imagined it.

    Nickname: Bear
    Species: (very newly evolved) Staraptor
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A normal staraptor that is a slightly lighter shade of brown due to having been born in such a cold climate. Dons the signature knit grey scarf that the rest of the team wears.
    Personality: Tries desperately to carry himself as the strong silent type, but in reality is a just big baby. Voted most likely to cry over the fact that ekans don't have arms and are basically just scaly purple noodles with faces.
    Backstory: The first caught Pokémon of Kait before the virus struck, named Bear for his headstrong attitude. As a starly, he was relatively weak, and often had to be rushed to the village healer. Finally deciding that he didn't want to be such a 'burden' on the team (though he never truthfully was), he masked his emotions, only tearing up on the inside. Only recently has he reached full evolutionary potential, and is externally struggling with his new height difference. He wishes to travel the world as a leader, not a follower, but he needs to learn to accept himself first.

    EDIT(s): Fixed spelling mistakes and tinkered with the age of characters to make more sense. Also added onto backstory of characters to make it seem more complete. The backstories are kind of a trainwreck now, though.
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  11. @Riverrunner Wholey Diglett! (I would say Wholey moley but this is Pokémon so yeah) Accepted, that was amazing! Nice variety of good things and bad things and I love the ouns.
    BTW this goes for everybody, useless items can be had (Unless sentimental wood carvings are a type of ammunition for a crazy contraption).
    See you in the apocalypse!

    Edit: Favourite pun?
  12. Wait, team re-cap
    Me: A possessed pine tree, a bipedal dog named after the Egyptian god of death and the son of his dad's Haxorus that sometimes go ditto face (Jakob does nit understand why)
    Riverrunner: A money cat, a fox with a unhealthy amount of limbs for its climate and a bird called Bear
    Montymike: A red space rock, a blue soace rock, a vioet spsce rock and another frickin' space rock
    Tlord22: A shell with red, demonic eyes thst stare into your soul, one of those things from Jurassic Park and a ressurected bird.

    Shower thought: If all fossil Pokémon ressurect as their baby / first evolutionary stage, does thst mean that they all die as children. GAME FREAK, sheesh, that's depressing
  13. Yes, I shall take over the world with my Sentimental Wood Carving Catapult™. The whole world world shall be at its knees!
    No, how the heck are you supposed to launch a wood carving. It's probably not even aerodynamic.

    As for a favourite pun, I'm not really sure. Maybe Skele Town? (Skeleton, huehuehue.)
  14. There is quite a few references and puns in their actually. The camps are related to the weather trio, Skele Town is obvious, Iselgurd has towers (LotR reference), New Wottenwall is based off New York as it used to be called New Amsterdam, Dam was swapped for wall and Wotten just sounds Dutch, but the hardest is probably Hallow Island. It has ghosts or hallows. Halloween. Think of an island named which shares a name with a holiday (Hint: Easter Island) There are probably more, but this post is off topic, so it will probably be deleted
  15. Honestly, the roleplay doesn't seem bad at all, but don't you think a "max number of lines" for posts is a bit counter-intuitive?
  16. True, I'll remove that. I just didn't want people typing 10,000 words for one post. Thanks though.
    Edit: Fixed it
  17. I doubt they would if they didn't have a reason or couldn't handle it.

    But with that gone, there's more of an incentive to make an app. I'll definitely consider doing so; it may not be this evening.
  18. Okay. 10 lines was probably a bit to low even if there was a maximum word limit. Thinking about is, 20 would be a better limit, but who cares, people can put as many lines as they want now. That seems the best option. I don't know why i put a limit there to be honest.

    Edit: Welp, as I am British (That is the reason why the time was GMT) it is 10:00 PM and I feel like sleeping. Let's see if we get some more people over night (I didn't see a point in making a new post to say that)
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  19. I really want Mike to avoid death as much as possible. I really like his character, but I do understand he is a 16 year old and one Pikachu will kill his team. Unlike what you think, Hubrak Town is the most dangerous place to be. 1: Powerful Pokemon live in caves. Outside you see something like a little Salamance. Meet my little friend named Aggron, and Excadrill. 2: DANGER: FALLING ROCKS. Its in a tunnel, the tunnel with no one supporting it can fall down. And with mad Pokemon on the lose hitting support pillars, it will fall down and instantly kill anything. Never mind Lake of Calm is. Its artificial, like the tunnel so it can blow up or flood, and High Danger Level for Pokemon.
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  20. Human Form:

    Name: Alex Treadwell
    Age: 23
    Gender: M
    Starting Location: Yutbridge
    Appearance: Tall, blonde messy hair, green eyes, wears brown pants with a red hoodie and weirs a beige shirt underneath
    Personality: Before the virus he was apathetic and had no ambition. Though we was better than everyone else, somewhat of a loner Alex spent most of his time with his Pokemon Snivy,
    Skills: Athletic, Above average survival skills, experienced battler.
    Items: Backpack, Canteen, Compass
    Backstory: Alex Treadwell is the son of an esteemed Pokemon trainer named Gabriel. Gabriel had two sons Nathan and Alex, Alex being the younger. Nathan was the pride of the family, he and his partner Pokemon Emboar became strong battlers in their own right. Alex was a strong battler too, but lacked the ambition to go anywhere outside of Yutbridge town. In fact the only other Pokemon he caught was a Joltik that he found injured from some Spearow while going for a walk in the park. Alex was prideful claiming to be the best trainer in Yutbridge, besides his dad. When the Virus hit Gabriel went to battle the infected Pokemon while the townspeople evacuated. Alex selfishly made sure his Pokemon were the first to be vaccinated, unaware his father was battling the infected. Alex heard from another survivor his dad stayed behind, when Alex heard this he ran back to where his father last was reported seen and saw he was severely injured. Alex's dad told him he wasn't going to make it, but managed to save his most cherished Pokemon, Druddigon. After an emotional exchanging of words Gabriel gave Alex his Druddigon and to make sure it got vaccinated. Alex did as he was told and took Druddigon to be vaccinated. Now Alex is searching for someway to spread the vaccination to all the wild Pokemon so no one would have to suffer like he did.
    Extra Information: Wilderness Wanderers, Hasn't heard from his brother Nathan since the initial spread of the virus, Hates losing, Wants to prove his strength.
    Pokémon Form:

    Nickname: Vinnie
    Species: Snivy
    Age: 11
    Gender: M
    Appearance: Standard Snivy
    Personality: Prideful just like its owner.
    Backstory: Alex's first pokemon, they have won many battles with other young trainers in Yutbridge(Is close to evolving into Servine)

    Nickname: Khan
    Species: Druddigon
    Age: 47
    Gender: M
    Appearance: Battle scars cover its body a symbol of its many fought battles
    Personality: Honorable, Loves to fight, Always up for a Challenge.
    Backstory: Belonged to Gabriel, Alex's dad, was given to him by his father as his dying wish to make sure it was vaccinated

    Nickname: Keenu
    Species: Joltik
    Age: 5
    Gender: M
    Appearance: Standard joltik
    Personality: Playful, Likes to take naps, Sits on Alex's head
    Backstory: Alex found Keenu while on a walk through the park while it was being attacked by a group of Spearow, Alex and Vinnie fought off the Spearow saving its life, Keenu followed Alex around for awhile after it was healed before Alex finally let it onto his team.
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  21. I was thinking about how an Electric type Pokemon can come by and kill Mike's whole team. I thought they could hold a Focus Sash, until I realized only three items to hold. But can you find/restock items you have during your adventures. For example of your at a river you can get water, or at a store you can get items like Focus Sashes or Potions? Also what do you mean by you can buy your friends? Are the dead ones ghosts, or are they just new Pokemon?
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  22. Firstly; wouldn't a rock, water, steel, or ice move do the same amount of damage that an electric attack would?

    I'm not the roleplay creator, obviously, but a lot of those things make sense to me. Restoring water at rivers and such is perfectly valid, assuming the water source isn't stagnant or salty. Stores, however, could easily be power played, seeing as you don't have infinite ₽ and stores, realistically, often don't have what you're looking for unless it's an essential (potions and Pokéballs are a constant, for example.) A focus sash, however, may be difficult to come by for this reason and your best bet would be to capture a Pokémon that can counter the types that can severely injure or kill your lovely team of rainbow space rocks.

    If you want to rely on chance of some sort, you could go by your own judgment of what would be logical, wait for the roleplay creator to say something about the store carrying focus sashes, or you could do what I'm doing and roll virtual dice (though I'm rolling my IRL eight-sided die I use for roleplay because I'm a huge nerd and actually own these things). Trusting your own judgement to not be too OP may be your best bet, however, as die rolling can often cause stress to those unfamiliar with it and/or those unhappy with the result and unwilling to preform said result.

    TL;DR: Don't be stupid. Trust your own judgement on how rare focus sashes are in this universe, build up your team, don't be OP with your items and choices, etc.
    As for this, I was just about to ask the exact same thing. A typo, possibly, or just greedy ghosts?

    I can't really accept nor deny your form, @Sehirin but it looks great to me on a personal level. :)
  23. You can get abondoned items from shops in cities and water from rivers and I meant bury, not buy xD
    Edit: The focus sashs will be available (but very rare) as they have a different effect in this: instead of your Pokémon being OHKO, it gets put in a critical state - you have to heal it or it joins Anton. So do you continue fighting or run with your Pokémon? Do you lead the opponent onto somebody else or do you use your own Pokémon as a distraction dun dun dun
    Edit 2: Sehirin accepted
    Edit 3: I mean 3 items at the start
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  24. Name: Zed
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Starting Location: Hubrak town
    Appearance: He wears a blue hoodie and has a white shirt on the inside with a pikachu on it and wears black slacks, and a satchel for his laptop is slung on his side. Otherwise, he has blue eyes,brown hair and pale skin.
    Personality: Hes quiet and intelligent, and is bad at traveling alone.
    Skills: Hes athletic and a great artist, the latter isnt going to be much use... Or will it?
    Items: His laptop.
    Extra Information: Wilderness Wanderers

    Nickname: Ave
    Species: Cincinno
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Theres a small blue paint stain on its scarf.
    Personality: Shes a bold little one, and being Zed's only pokemon, they've grown very attached.
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  25. @Meepy accepted, and now that means we start today at 7:00PM GMT
    Edit: Once you get Pokémon. Definetly did notice that you didn't have Pokémon. Totally. Not lying or anything...
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  26. BTW strange hing, but I was doing this exam and it talked about... ANTON!

    Anton is back people and he...
    Anton slipped over and hit his head of a rock
    Anton has died

    Will Anton ever get past 1 minute?
  27. 1 Hour to go until it starts :D
  28. God, I hate clothes shopping.

    Also, I may as well post this here as opposed to clogging up the thread. I know I will forget otherwise.
    This is moreso for me so I don't forget and give her an item she doesn't have or something, but if you wish to read, go ahead.

    100% Canteen water fill
    8/8 Granola bars
    90% Backpack Fill
    Backpack 1x
    Useless Rocks 7x
    Pens (Pretty much uncountable but for the sake of simplicity) 53x
    Pads of Paper 1.5x
    Sentimental Wood Carving 1x
    Knitting Needles 2x

    Heat Level: Normal
    Toxicity/Status Conditions: 0%, No status
    Hunger: 100% (Good)
    Thirst: 100% (Good)
    Injury: 0%

    Heat Level: Hot
    Toxicity/Status Conditions: 0%, No status
    Hunger: 100%
    Thirst: 100%
    Injury: 0%
    Tame Level: 100%

    Heat Level: Normal (Pokéball)
    Toxicity/Status Conditions: 0%, Pokéball
    Hunger: 100%
    Thirst: 100%
    Injury: 0%
    Tame Level: 100%

    Heat Level: Normal (Pokéball)
    Toxicity/Status Conditions: 0%, No status
    Hunger: 100%
    Thirst: 100%
    Injury: 0%
    Tame Level: 100%
    This will be updated accordingly for me to keep track. Don't feel any obligation to read whatsoever.
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  29. I would do one of them (really good idea) but mobile means that spoilers are unusable
    Edit: Where is your character going on Bear? Because mine is gonna go to Hubrak town to look for supplies after a rattata migration eats all the crops and we ens up in famine.
  30. Oh and yeah: If you read the poll it will mention "Manhunter Packs." The are manhunter Pokémon: Garchomp (and pre-evolutions), Mamoswine, Braviary, Lucario, Kommo-o (and pre-evolution), Salamence (and pre-evolutions), Haxorus (and pre-evolutions), Talonflame, Ariados, Gyrados (but sadly not pre-evolutions), Pyroar, Luxray, Tyranitar, Ursaring, Drudigon, Aggron and Arbok. Others may be added later, but let me explain how manhunter packs work: Manhunter Pokémon will follow you until you die, attempting to kill you at any opportunity. So, you have to kill them all or capture them all. You can run, but them will find you. If you have an ideas for manhunter Pokémon, just reply to this. I'm quite excited for manhunter Braviary and Talonflame, as it will fly down and try to pick you up.
  31. A few more you can add are: Beartic, Primeape(Imagine an even angrier Primeape after being infected LOL), Nidoking, Glaile, Feraligatr Line, The Crobat line in the dark if you really want to be cruel(Will never go in a cave if you allow this), Sharpedo in water, Chandelure line(Seriously those Pokedex entries man), Hydreigon.

    Also everyone should attack Montymike's pokemon, just because of the Minor/Minior violence pun
  32. I like that oun, very funny. Still, you sadly can't go murderous on somebody for a pun (or any reason for that matter)

    Definetly, Nidoking and Nidoqueen , Reperior (and maybe the pre-evolutions), Scolipiede and Pinsir. Maybe Beartic, Charizard (Oh my word... Maybe not as it would be to scary), Krookodile (and pre-evolutions), Feraligatr, Primape, Noivern and Flygon.
  33. Name:Shadow
    Personality:Funny but shy,Sneaky and tough.
    Looks:Wears a hoodie and never takes it off,Blonde hair.
    Age: 17
    Skill:Has Tons of Agility and loves to hunt.
    Items: 2 Potions,nugget



    if i can join of course :p
  34. If you come and try to kill me, I will do more than MINIOR damage. I also have a question, if a character annoys you, can you kill them? Since this is the apocalypse, and there is barley any rules in an apocalypse.
  35. You can kill people and their Pokémon but only if they agree here and you dont go killing everything. We want people to have fun, so we don't want them to spend more time making forms than doing the rp.
    Also @ShadowMMOS2005 not accepted, a little more detail please and you missed something very important

    Edit: NPC characters (such as the blacksmith) can be killed without permission, but kust don't go on a pyschopathic rampage of the murder of characters who can't really protect themselves.
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  36. BTW @montymike I'm gonna try make us stay in Quilka town until Sehirin and Riverrunner get there. If anybody else wants to get there and travel with us, just say. But after we get there, blacksmith is gonna get angry
  37. Starting Location:Skele Town
    Extra Info:Wilderness Wanders
    If im still missing something please just tell me what it is and ill change it :)
  38. Alright, join at any time

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