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Open Wild

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Treecko101, Nov 28, 2016.

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  1. Everyone knows who wild pokemon are, but what about their story?
    Every wild pokemon has a story, and this RP is to express that story!
    Whether its running from a trainer, or fighting another pokemon, this is all about the wild pokemon!
    Heres the information you need to enter:
    Nickname (optional):

    No Blood (no excuse)
    Romance is allowed, but not too much!
    Swearing is allowed, but again, not too much!
    You may be a trainer, but try to be a pokemon!
    Try more than anything else to not catch pokemon, This rp is about wild pokemon after all!
    #1 Treecko101, Nov 28, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
  2. Species: Treecko
    Backstory: Was hatched a egg but his parents were nowhere in sight so his parents are unknown
    Gender: Boy

    Treecko dashed off into the forest because he saw a trainer. He thought, "Cant... let... them... see... me...". Treecko was running out of breath, so he climbed up a tree and stopped. The trainer walked right by. He thought "phew. that was close.".
  3. "Wow,", Treecko thought, "No pokemon at all in this forest.". So Treecko decided to take a nap.
  4. Nickname: Solar
    Species: Jangmo-o
    Gender: Female
    Backstory: When she hatched from her egg, all that she saw was a Garchomp. It was a rogue Garchomp, however, he did take care of her for a while, before he believed she was strong enough to live out on her own.

    Solar looked around. It had only been a month since the Garchomp she used to call father had let her go. She ran about, unaware of her surroundings. "He-lo-o?!" she called, eager for excitement. Being that a large Pokémon took care of her, she believed every Pokémon would be friendly, and had no idea about humans. Spotting a few berry bushes, she picked a few berries and decided to rest. "Garchomp, I got you some berries." she whispered, looking up to the sky.
    "Please come back..."
  5. Species: Charmander
    nickname: Mal
    gender: Female
    Backstory: A trainer picked me as there partner pokemon and then told me to wait on a rock and never came back but i was determined that he would come back
  6. i sat on a rock waiting and waiting for my trainer to come back and i looked at a tree and saw a treeko but still stayed in the same place wondering what my trainer was doing and when would they come back
  7. The Jangmo-o looked around, picking up the few berries that were left. "If you come back, you can have then, Garchomp." she quickly put leaves around the berries and tried to claw out the words "FOR GARCHOMP" but failed miserably. She walked off and for a moment spotted a Charmander. "Huh?" she looked over, puzzled. Solar quickly ran up to the rock, and sat down. "Hi?" she prompted, but her greeting seemed more like a question.
  8. Treecko woke up. "hmm?". "So theres a Jangmo-o and a Charmander." he thought. He climbed down. "Hi" he said.
  9. Solar quickly felt the Treecko behind her. "A- oh!" She looked over at him. "I've never seen a Pokémon like you before!" She smiled and tilted her head, sitting down. "So, do you live alone?" she asked.
  10. The Treecko said "Yeah. I do. Its fun though. I search through the forest to find items to make better items, most of the time. Oh, and i'm Treecko. I suppose your from the new Alola region?".
  11. She nodded. "Though, I'm not sure why I'm not with other Pokémon of my species." she looked around for a moment, then continued to speak. "When I hatched, all I could see was a Garchomp. He took me in for a while..." she trailed off and stopped speaking. Solar paused, then spoke again. "How many Pokémon live in this forest? I haven't gotten to see it much." she said that as a few leaves began to fall down from a tree. "It might start raining soon," she concluded with the clouds covering some of the sky.
  12. Treecko told the Jangmo-o "you can come to my house. Charmander, You should come too." But he was met with no response from the Charmander. He began to drag the Charmander toward the tree house. Just after the three went into the house it began to pour. "Phew. that was close. Oh, by the way, i think, that currently, were the only ones. Hey, do you wanna help me make the beds? I have all the items we need.
    It's super fun."
  13. Nickname: Charlie
    Species: Charizard
    Backstory: Was a starter but got abandoned when trainer left
    Gender: Male
    A male Charizard flew over the tree house , he questioned himself about why there was a tree house in the woods with no wild pokemon around. Shrugging he knocked on the wood and called up in a deep but kind voice "Hello is anyone there?" , He waited for a response.
  14. "Sure!" Solar piped up. She looked around Treeko's house. "Hm, it's nice here." Even though it was raining heavily outside, a warm breeze swept into the tree house. The Jangmo-o sat down, "So, how do we make the beds?" she asked, then heard the Charizard. She flinched for a second, but then turned around. "Oh?" she looked over at him.
  15. "Yes! You can come in! That rain is bad for everyone, right now!" Right now there was so much rain, Treecko had to shout to be heard.
  16. "Thank you" The Charizard said loudly , but again kindly , replied and stepped inside. "Nice place" He commented. "No need for anyone to be scared , i know i may look quite scary but i really am quite harmless but the rain however to my type is not." He said rather frustratingly, "It's so painful to fire types that i have to keep a wing over my tail so the fire doesn't go out."
  17. "So, let me get the items. Trust me, that place has so many rooms your going to get lost." Treecko went outside and walked to a certain spot, then knocked on the ground as if it was a door". She dissapeared.
  18. "Ok, here i am." She went to the door that said, "BED MAKING TOOLS" and opened the door. She found the items and dragged them to the main part. then she knocked on the roof and she went back up.
  19. Solar looked over at the Charizard. "Oh.. that kind of stinks. Well, Treecko's letting us stay inside." she said.
    "I can go and help with the beds if you need me to," she watched as Treecko left.
    Sighing, she pawed at the ground and looked to the Charizard. "So, where do you come from?" she asked, curiosity itching at her. While waiting for a response, she listened to the sounds of the rain. It seemed comforting to her, yet, it must've been unpleasant to the Charizard. It amazed her how there were different kinds of Pokémon. She curled up and continued listening to the rain, waiting for Treecko.
  20. She walked into the house with the items. She had enough for each pokemon. She placed some wood on the table.
  21. "I'm back. So, I'll take this one, so watch closely." she took out the amazing glue that worked on anything and a mattress that was not inflated.
    She glued the mattress to the wood.
  22. The Charizard looked at her. "Where do i come from? me? I'm from Kanto but my trainer abandoned me in the rain so i was just left there covering the flame of my tail with my wing for weeks." He said "Name's Charlie by the way. Charlie the Charizard. I always liked that name". He said and there was clear sadness on his face "My trainer used to call me that before he..." He coughed. "Anyway what about you?"
  23. "I just go by Treecko".
  24. She took out her inflator and inflated the mattress. She then took a giant fluffy coat and took off the fluffy part. She glued the unfluffy together in the shape of a pillow. "Done." The treecko said.
  25. Getting up quickly, Solar the Jangmo-o heard Treecko return. She frowned hearing the Charizard's story. "I've never seen a... trainer before." she experimented with the new word. "Garchomp called me Solar." she looked off into the distance, as if waiting for the Garchomp to return. "I never found out his name, though." By now, she'd left a small dent in the wood, barely able to see. "Okay, let's start making these beds,"
  26. The Charizard quickly snapped out of his memories with his trainers , still looking quite sad but clasped his hands together and replied anyway. "Right yes , beds." He quickly said.
  27. "one down, two to go," since theres two left, i'll let you do it, but dont worry, i'll help."
  28. "Okay!" she responded quickly. As a Jangmo-o, she was naturally ready to go into action. Quickly, she began to run over and copy what Treecko did to prepare the first bed. "Like this?" she asked, still imitating the steps Treecko had done. The rain began to become more vicious, and now, she could hear it pouring. "Glad we're inside.." she murmured, still working on the bed.
  29. "Yes. Just like that." The three worked, and, eventually, they were done. "Gee, i sure am tired." She turned off the lights, and soon she was asleep.
  30. Jangmo-o stared off into the distance. Her large scale glowed a light shade of yellow in the dark, but the light soon faded. Tilting her head to Treecko, Solar began to think, gears turning in her mind. Where's Garchomp now, she thought, puzzled. Does he miss me?, thinking only extended the period of time she was awake. The rain poured heavily. At this rate, it seemed it would only stop once the day had closed. Sighing, Solar sat onto an empty bed- the one she made- and curled up. She began to drift off into sleep.
  31. The next morning
    Good mornin, everyone! How are you feeling?"
  32. Solar got up to her feet. "Good!" she looked outside. The rain had ceased, and there was only a light drizzle outside, revealing a bright and multicolored stream of light, otherwise known as a rainbow. "Ah.. it's so beautiful outside." For once, she wasn't thinking about the Pokémon that took care of her up until now. She just stared outside. "Is it usually like this after it rains?" she asked, curious. Once the drizzling had stopped, she stepped outside, her claws digging into the soil and grass. She looked around, excited.
  33. "It sure is. By the way, you were awake a bit longer then everyone, so what what up with that?"
  34. "Oh. I was just thinking about someone," she replied plainly. Looking outside, she watched some water carry itself across the roof, dripping from the roof onto the ground. She climbed back up onto the tree house, despite the grass behind so fresh and cool, with the morning dew scattered over the ground. "The morning is nice today." she added, changing the topic.
  35. Sarah agreed. She suddenly screamed. "TRAINER!!!!!!!!"
  36. Sarah dashed off with the sighting of a trainer.
  37. Solar suddenly turned around, spinning in confusion, "Trainer? L-like what Charizard had?" She of course meant the Charizard she had just met, Charlie. Then, she saw it. A human, holding a Pokéball. The Jangmo-o quickly hid in a bush, making some slight rustling noises before vanishing. Her heart scale on top of her head began to faintly glow again, slightly giving away her location. She still tried to run as far away from the trainer as she could, and soon was out of breath. Turning around, she couldn't see the trainer anywhere. "I- I did it..." she whispered, happy that she had escaped. Not knowing what would happen if the trainer did catch up to her, she settled in a cave and decided to eat one of the berries she had gathered.
  38. "Oh, Great. We've been separated" "JANGMO-O!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!??"
  39. the Treecko began to look for Jangmo-o.
  40. Solar could hear Treecko calling from afar. Being wary incase the trainer would return, she got up slowly, and picked up her berries. Looking around for Treecko, she spotted a broken bracelet of some sort, meant to hold an item. Next to it lay an Eviolite. She decided it would be fine to pick up, after all it did look fancy. She was able to stick the Eviolite in the hole and carried on her way, looking for Treecko. "I CAN HEAR YOU!" she shouted. Hoping the trainer didn't hear her, her glowing scale turned off. Right when I needed it too, she sighed, and continued looking for her new friend.
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