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Open Wild Woods

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by CoolWaffle, Jun 11, 2019.

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    Aubrey smiled as she looked around at the little berry farm the pokemon of the forest have grown.She grabbed an Oran berry and plucked it off carefully not trying to break the berry and make a mess over the bush.Aubrey grabbed the berry and ran off to the shore not to far and looked at the sun rising as the day started to begin.
  2. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    As the day began, Pias woke up in his usual den, in a cave, it was surprisingly comfy and nice. He got up and decided to eat a Sitrus berry for breakfast, after that, he took a walk
  3. Aubrey noticed some figure near the berry bushes but didn't think much of it at all.Aubrey finished off here Oran berry and smiled as she ran in the ocean playing near the cold water.Usually she would play with Vaporeon but he was off on some adventure which was none of Aubrey's business.
  4. Lightning and sparklight

    Lightning and sparklight Previously Lightning-the-emolga

    Sparkle woke up on the top of the big tree where he lives, he rubbed his eyes as he looks at the sun raising up.
    "Hehe" the emolga giggled as he is standing up on his tiny feet, he opened his cape like wings and jumped from the tree, he start flying around the place cheerfully like every sunny morning.
    He glided all over the forest and the shore while keeping a distance from the city, that was his way to say 'good morning' to everyone since he learnt how to glide.

    Twinkle was still sleeping deeply, she was curled up with her tail inside a pecha berry bush near the tree where Sparkle lives.
  5. After playing in the water Aubrey ran to the shore and shook her self vigorously to shake off any water left on here body,but ended up expanding her fur up."Well uh that happened"She said between her laugher.Aubrey went to the berry bushes again and grabbed another oran berry along with a pecha berry for later.
  6. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Pias left the berry bush when he had finished his little breakfast, he went for a small walk, saying hi to a couple pokemon on the way, he was pretty happy
  7. Rileo woke up on his branch, with his friend Chim the Chimchar above him and Mike the Mankey on his left side. Rileo felt the warmth of Chim's tail hanging above him. Mike woke up on his side and said "Good morning".
    "Good morning" Rileo heard from above him.
    "Good morning Mike, Chim." Rileo said, and Mike and Chim laughed.
    "What's so funny?" Rileo asked, confused.
    "Nothing" they both said, still laughing.
    "You two" Rileo said, shaking his head, but laughing a bit. He watched the sun go up and the beginning of a new day.


    Jennifer woke up in her cave, about 2 metres under the water. She saw a lot of Pokemon swimming, sleeping and talking in the clear water. Jennifer started swimming forwards against a group of Alomomolas. She heard that they stopped talking, and then one of them said
    "Look, here comes the ugly loser".
    Jennifer understood that she was talking about her, and she got sad and swam back into her cave, crying.
  8. Aubrey walked into her little tree house she had made to keep out the pesky bug types that kept bothering her.She looked out at a small part of the forest she saw from her tree house then pulled on a piece of rope,pulling the ladder up.
  9. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Pias walked down a path , when he noticed a pokemon behind a bush "hello!AreyouokayAreyouplayinghideandseek?Caniplay? " He asked all those questions as if they were the same sentence
  10. Nick woke up to his alarm going "Beep, Beep, Beep!" And his mother screaming "Wake Up!" In her pajamas. It was almost mid-day! He got supplies and ran towards the nearest tree. Today he would try to build a Pokemon catching trap!
  11. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Pias left when he had no response, he ran around , not noticing a human at a tree on his left, he continued to walk down the path with a smile
  12. "Yes!" Nick exclaimed when he finished, "I will catch a Pokemon!" He walk over 2 trees and watched the trap from afar.
  13. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Pias continued to walk, not knowing of the trap coming, and before he knows it, is trapped, he uses thunder to get out, and was pissed off by now , electricity coming out of his cheeks
  14. Nick limps after the Pikachu he almost caught, his fingers still tingling from the lightning. He reached over and grabbed the Pikachu. "Ouch!"
  15. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    ((Fix your one liner))

    Pias shrouded himself in electricity, to stop Nick from getting him, then jumped back "alright.. don't mess this up.. i'm supposed to say Pika pika right??" Pias thought, "Pik ... a!"
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  16. Nick used his net to grab the Pikachu and covered the top with a strong cloth and taped it.
  17. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Before nick knew it Pias had used quick attack to dodge he net "what is wrong with this guy?!" He thought as he began leaving

    ((Fix your one liner again ))
  18. Nick went to the house he built and set food at the front door. He went and set a security camera. He went inside to his bed and laid down.
  19. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Pias smelled some food nearby, to the extent he cake back and ate it, but destroyed the camera hen he noticed it, and also because it was the same human, but he left as quickly as he came
  20. Nick woke up from a nap and looked out the window. He saw there was no more food so he added double the amount of last time, he also added a sign that said " For talking Pokemon only!"
  21. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    "AGAIN?! WELP, IMA TAKE THE PLATE WITH ME" Pias said when he smelled the food again, he ate it, then read the sign "eh, i talk, should be okay" he thought, as he left with the plate
  22. Nick saw the Pikachu eating so he went outside and set more food but stood watch at the front door
  23. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Pias tho, this time, saw the Nick, and resisted his temptation to go back and eat "i'll hust eat some citrus berries." He said, going to a bush with citrus berries and started eating

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