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Open Wild Pokémon RP Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mr.Meme, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Mr.Meme

    Mr.Meme Previously DatBoiStuff

    The old one was taken down so I made a new one
  2. Not gunna post because I’m waiting for the guy to respond to eevee’s fat shaming
  3. Uh, sorry if I'm not responding much, I'm camping for the rest of this week... So, if I don't respond much, I'm sorry.
  4. Mr.Meme

    Mr.Meme Previously DatBoiStuff

    wont be responding much bc i have test this week
  5. i won't be doing the Abso abso | [insert text here] I don't have time for that lol
  6. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    i don’t think its the best thing to mention a legendary pokémon in your post, and hopefully you checked in with @DatBoiStuff to see if a tsunami was okay to happen?
  7. I knew that was a risky move, I deleted the reply. ^^
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  8. Mr.Meme

    Mr.Meme Previously DatBoiStuff

    please no over powered pokemon also no legendaries allowed
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  9. Oh hey, DatBoiStuff. I just wanted to explain why my character is in Kanto. Her mother's trainer originally grew up in Kanto but left for Hoenn to train, she recently came back and Delcatty had an egg. So technically Skitty was hatched in Kanto but her mother isn't from Kanto. I hope this clears things up, I don't want to ruin the continuity of the story
  10. Mr.Meme

    Mr.Meme Previously DatBoiStuff

    Don’t worry that explains everything
  11. In case you were wondering this is Cinna's moveset
    Perish Song
    Night Slash
    and Swords Dance
  12. Well, Pokemon aren't necessarily limited to four moves in RPs (since the style of battling is more based on the anime than the games). Also, just to make sure... at the end of the fourth turn, isn't Cinna going to get knocked out as well because of Perish song?
  13. Mmm, Cinna being as near-sighted as she is. Didn't think of that.
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  14. Lol, just wanted to make sure. Clint will probably be upset about that, since you can't catch an unconscious Pokemon XD Actually, he's a new enough trainer that he doesn't know what Perish Song is. So to his point of view, Cinna just spent her move singing a weird and creepy song that didn't have an immediate effect XD
  15. Cinna: *uses Perish Song*
    Clint: Wth?
  16. @Pugking Hey, just wanted to let you know! Right now, our characters are battling on the edge of Pewter City, not inside the Pewter City Gym. Also, please try to make your post longer than one line! Thanks!
  17. Yesterday was crazy, I didn't know stuff like that could happen!
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  18. Like what?
  19. Just an administrator coming in and deleting a bunch of posts. I'm pretty new to the online scene, even though I'm almost a goddamn adult. So all of this stuff is crazy for me.
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  20. Oh, the Administrator yeah.. My bad >x<
  21. It's all good, I bet that stuff happens a lot
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  22. Well, not too much. Only when people break the rules.
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  23. So was what just happened really bad and very serious?
  24. Mr.Meme

    Mr.Meme Previously DatBoiStuff

    Hello Im Unfortunatly Deleting Wild Pokemon RP From Existance
    The Reason im doing this is because our RP has broken many rules of pokecharms and because i dont have time to post anymore these days
    Im sorry if any of you loved the rp but it is going to be deleted for the good of pokecharms and my good
    see you guys on the flipside

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