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Wii pokemon games

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Lucario454, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. I think there should be more Pokemon games for wii. Wouldn't be fun to flick the controller to throw a pokeball, or maybe see everything in 3D. Contests could be more vivid, and battles could be more exciting. Who else thinks there should be more?
  2. There's something nice about having the portability of the DS and Gameboys (which I don't own, just the DS), but of course the Wii has the attraction of nicer graphics. I like it with PBR, however I think the Pokemon could have been designed better.

    Another fighter game would be reptitive, but I think have Timmy Jr taking over the lounge while he takes on the Elite Four might get a bit much for the others in the house (at least other games, like Residental Evil, you get to see heads explode... or something).

    I do think there should be more Pokemon based games, but I'd personally prefer somethng along the lines of an MMO, but that's been discussed to death. Going to the above point, the logistics of having an MMO-esque game on the Wii would be difficult because, once again, Timmy Jr takes over the living room while he and his party of trainers do a dungeon run.

    Perhaps there could be a certain amount of customisation available to the critters themselves, such as scars and the lark.
  3. Your right. The elite four might be a bit too long, but heck if he just saves before each challenge he could just shut it off when it was time. For the record I don't care if the elite four exist in the new game or not. They could have a pokemon ranger game where you actually swing the controller in circles like in the anime.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Nah, I think you're both assuming too much about the length of time people play console games. Ever played a typical RPG? Sometimes you'll be going through a single dungeon for over an hour (if not two) XD

    I don't think there'd be any problems with the Elite 4 being in a 3D game. Not at all. Most console RPGs/Action/Adventure games easily trump Pokemon for the length of the main story, and when a player runs out of time they just do what they'd usually do - save the game and shut it off for later. XP

    It goes without saying that I'd adore seeing a full, standard Pokemon RPG on the Wii. Problem is, I'm not sure if it will ever happen (but wouldn't it be sweet if any of the future remakes were announced for Wii?). Instead I turn to the spin-offs like the shadow Pokemon series and find my enjoyment in them. As I've said recently in another thread, I'd love to see a new Pokemon RPG made by that team - whether it be something entirely different or a new shadow Pokemon adventure. Something - anything with actual gameplay - that could hook up to D/P/Pt beyond Pokemon Battle Revolution would be nice. I keep going back to PBR to show off my teams because we still don't have anything else, and you can only battle through that thing so much...

    A PBR 2 could be cool if they added even more variety to the battling. Maybe some stuff like the Battle Frontier? Just anything to extend the length of play. I also think a sequel to Pokemon Snap could do alright. Call it Pokemon Safari or something. A 3D Ranger or Mystery Dungeon would be interesting to see, too.

    At this point... I just want something that's an actual game. Ranch doesn't count ;-;
  5. Ranch is plain stupid. It's fun to laugh at the way the Pokemon look when it's new, but after I don't know, ten minutes you get pretty bored. I think the idea was to make a " fun 3D Pokemon environment" in witch people could interact with their Pokemon. As most people know, they failed massively. I was upset. I really was hoping for an actual game.
    If Nintendo would actually make a real game I'd buy it. PBR just isn't my thing. I don't want to sit and battle all day. I want a story. It's just not fun to battle with Pokemon that aren't even mine.
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    You don't upload your own Pokemon to it? Because I consider all of the Pokemon on my D/P/Pt games "mine". It's also nice having the option of battling with them in 3D whenever I feel like it ^^

    I hear you, though. Battling on PBR can only entertain you for so long. After that... you just long for something more expansive to explore. Or maybe that's just me?
  7. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    You don't upload your own Pokemon to it? Because I consider all of the Pokemon on my D/P/Pt games "mine". It's also nice having the option of battling with them in 3D whenever I feel like it ^^

    Maybe she's referring to the main game mode - you can only use rentals in that for the first run through, which I was pretty bleh about too, actually.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    There's only two Colosseums out of the first round of battles that actually force you to use rental Pokemon, tho (minus the roulette which can be either). I agree that I dislike the rental card Colosseum, too, but it doesn't last that long.
  9. What I want to know is - if they can make a full game on a handheld system, then what's stopping them using more power for a console based game? While they're doing all the spin-offs on the consoles, most games use it the other way around.

    While I understand it'd take a lot of space on the disc to do this, it would certainly be a step forward. Being restricted to handhelds... well, it's a little archaic.
  10. Well I only play PBR at my cousins house so I only can get to the rental coliseums. But that's mostly because He deletes my save everytime I leave. It's intresting, but I'm not willing to buy something that has no story. I just don't like games where all you do is battle. I have seen him play other coliseums though. It seems a bit dull. :-\
  11. Pokemon XD and Colosseum were 100x better than PBR. PBR was nice, but it lacked the sense of exploration. The only downside to XD and Colosseum were that you couldn't catch wild pokemon frequently. You had to put pokesnacks at pokespots and pokewait.

    Anyway, I wish they would come out with another Adventure based pokemon game for Wii. They should make it more like the handhelds, but with it's own storyline. I mean that idea for playing GBA games on the Gamecube was nice, but still, it lacked it's own storyline. It's like playing R/S/E on a bigger handheld.
  12. Personally, I would like to see a 3D pokemon mystery dungeon game.
  13. I'd love for another colloseum game, just unlike XD actually with a cool protagonist, lets bring back the colloseum guy or make him even cooler, if theres another bratty kid on a scooter I will forever curse the pokémon company for tainting colloseum's amazing protagonist even more.

    Personally I like the main games being on handhelds, for me they're very much pick up and play games, I generally don't devote much time to console games due to my lifestyle, in fact i've still not completed XD, still have to get loads of shadow pokémon, i just got lugia for pokédex and left it... oh well... back on point...

    An extensive game not to the depth of the handhelds but something close would be really cool, i wouldn't want to see ranger, but something like colloseum where the end colloseum unlocks online play modes would be cool... Or a game with a real-time anime style battle system would be awesome... Alas we're probably looking at more shovel-ware based around cute pokémon...
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  14. Well I've been thinking and I really would enjoy a cordinator game. I guess that's just me being girly, but it would be interesting.
  15. I actually like how it's on handheld systems, more convenient and just more compatible for me, but I don't know how Pokemon Battle Revolution worked out because I never got it. It would be kind of nice and interesting if a game like that ever comes out.
  16. I would like to see some kind of Mystery Dungeon on Wii. Though I don't have a Wii, I still think it would be cool. I'd also like to see a new Colluseum for Wii.

  17. I don't think I'm able to say anything that hasn't been said before, a pokemon game on the wii that had the same kind of story as the handheld games would be pretty cool, but to be fair, they are startinng to get fairly repetitave, going through a new land, catching random animals, etc, etc,

    But again to be fair, battle revolution wasn't exactly what I expected, I expected it to have all the features, and more, of the old N64 classic "pokemon stadium". Although, it would be interesting to see what mystery dongoun would look like in 3D....

    Also it would be very interesting to have a kind of MMO style to the game such as on, "Final Fantasy" or "Tales of...". But I suppose that's all just wishfull thinking...
  18. I think a Pokemon mmorpg like World Of Warcraft would be awesome. Design your own trainer, pick which of the regions you would want to live in..and then go off and visit others. Basically a type of Pokemon game that is the same as what we have now, but with more interactions and be able to use your own character rather then just the same hero sprite like Red and Gold all the time. A Pokemon coordinator game for the wii could prove interesting too.

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