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Why do you like Platinum?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by PalkiBlake, Apr 21, 2009.


Why do You Like Paltinum

  1. Wi-Fi Plaza

    7 vote(s)
  2. Extended Sinnoh Pokedex

    4 vote(s)
  3. New Gyms

    6 vote(s)
  4. Forums

    3 vote(s)
  5. New Story

    7 vote(s)
  6. Battle Frontier

    10 vote(s)
  1. I like platinum probably because there is more pokemon and wifi action but mainly, the forms ;D. Enough heard from me, let's hear yours...
  2. I hate the extended pokedex! I though 151 was hard enough, But 210?
    Anyway, I really wish I could use the wifi! That's one of my favorite things about platinum! When it becomes avalible to me I will arrange my pokemon to say hi. ;D
  3. Rather easy to fill the Pokedex on your first playthrough. Just battle every trainer in the game.
  4. Well I was looking for the battle frontier in there, but hey.

    Thats why I prefer not to have a poll on an open ended question.

    Anyway, that is my answer. It makes gathering BP much more enjoyable as you don't have to do the Battle Tower over and over and over... ::)
  5. I have updated the poll by adding Battle Frontier after reading LoN's reply, and restarted the poll.
  6. I would say that the things that I like the most in Platinum is the new battle frontier,extended sinnoh Dex,the new formes of Pokemon,and the Regi battle,not to metion Zapdos,Moltres,and Articuno.
  7. I really enjoy the new battle frontier. It's a lot better than that old battle tower. It was too long and drawn out. There wasn't much to it but battling for an hour. :(
  8. I am only in Solaceon Town, and I have a Leafeon and it is registered in my Pokedex! Wicked sweet! 8) BTW Pokemaster, how can you get the legendary birds? This game is getting better and better!
  9. After getting the National Pokedex simply talk to Oak in Etrena City. Once you do that, you can chase them around!
  10. I like platinum because of the Battle frontier and the Wifi plaza. The story only really changed a little bit. =\

    I'm neutral about the extended regional pokedex.
    I like it because you can add more diversity to your team.
    I don't like it because it means you need to find and locate more pokemon before you can get the national 'dex, and it takes longer to get to the Battle frontier.
  11. Expanded Pokedex alone put Platinum head and shoulders above Diamond and Pearl. You were no longer confined to Ponyta or completely screwed for a fire type of you didn't go with Chimchar. And it also made fighting trainers a lot less boring since they didn't have the same Pokemon all the time. I haven't found it any harder to locate the Pokemon for the Pokedex compared to Diamond and Pearl.

    Now, I have very low expectations for Sinnoh Battle Frontier. The Frontier Brains are awesome, but I doubt I'll ever see them. The Battle Frontier in Diamond and Pearl sucked imo, and I've been getting so badly hax'd in Platinum so far, that I doubt I'd make it far in the Battle Frontier.

    Aside from the expanded 'Dex, the storyline is also one of my favorite parts of Platinum as are the cosmetic upgrades. I haven't had a chance to check out the new wifi games but it looks like fun. ^^

    Edit: Yeah, Battle Tower in Diamond and Pearl, not Battle Frontier
  12. Well... Platinum is the game I want to fully beat. I want to beat all of the Battle Frontier, and complete my Pokedex. Hopefully it will be the first game I will ever actually do that on.

    The Battle Frontier is fun- but waaay to easy for me. Battle Hall was a pushover. As was the Battle Tower and Arcade. After you beat the brain for the first time is only when the real challenge begins. The only one I have had a problem with was the Factory. I haven't gone in the the Castle yet, but it's my next goal. So, considering I am usually a horrid battler, and I got 2 Prints in one day, proves that the Battle Frontier is terrible. If you want a challenge, go for the colored prints.

    But I voted for the Battle Frontier anyways... but I really like the Battle ground. It is a lot easier to level up by battling the gym leaders.

    I liked the addition to the Pokedex. I loved being able to use Electivire instead of Luxray in my main team. :D

    I absolutely love the new forms. I love the forms of Rotom, especially.
  13. I liked Platinum because of the Battle Frontier mostly. I think the extended Pokedex was pretty nice since there a lot more to choose from. The storyline pretty much stayed the same for the most part. I also enjoyed the new gym layouts and such.
  14. I like the rival. He's funnier this time.

    Rival: Hey guess what I-Is that a new computer? Cool!


    Rival: Wow! You got a mansion? You must be rich or something! I'm gonna tell all my friends you have a mansion!
  15. I think the extended pokedex is awesome because E4 Flint actually has more than 2 fire type pokemon on his team,

    Diamond/pearl team Platinum team
    Infernape -------> Infernape
    Rapidash --------> Rapidash
    Lopunny(it knows fire punch)Magmortar
    Steelix(it knows fire fang) Houndoom
    Drifblim(it knows will o whisp)Flareon
  16. I just can't do the factory. It's just full of hax. I always end up battling someone who can give me a status problem, then beat me to the ground. I never get past the first round. :p
  17. Well,it helps to look at the items,types,ability,and movesets to figure out how to build a team and think up a stratigy.It takes a while and it seems nerdy ;) but it helps you big time out to get Thorthan and get you lots of BP.
  18. For me it's getting to go into the Distortion World and catching Giratina and all that.
  19. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    Don't really want it.
  20. I like Platinum because there is so much more to do.

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