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Why do you find pokemon fun

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by pop10, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. I already know that everybody likes the battling but tell me what you like rather than battling.
  2. Linkachu

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    Why do you find Pokemon fun? ;) It makes for a better discussion if the topic creator starts it off properly themselves and gives their own opinion. Shows the repliers that you put more energy into the thread, too. Just a thought.

    Anyways, I find Pokemon fun because it's a vast world filled with interesting creatures, and if you have the proper means the amount of different team combinations you can put together is seemingly endless. And that's just the Pokemon themselves, because a similar thing can be said about a players moveset choices. Not all Pokemon give you a huge movepool to work with, but the ones that do can make things interesting.

    I'd say overall it's an even 50-50 between the customization of Pokemon games and just interacting in a world with the Pokemon themselves. Even the spin-off games I tend to enjoy solely because of the fact that they involve Pokemon. Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes, all sorts of different species, and have their own unique qualities. They're just awesome in general ^^
  3. Magpie

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    Originally Pokemon won me over with its 'magic'. I think I was about nine or ten when the Anime aired on TV in the mornings before school, and it just blew me away. The idea of having creatures that you could travel with, battling and becoming friends really struck a cord and captured my imagination.

    With the games, I loved the challenge of completing the 'Dex, along with the enjoyment gained through raising a Pokemon from level 5 or lower to be a powerful battler. It's just a good feeling, and you really do become attached to the little buggers.

    Now, I really enjoy breeding Pokemon to make them as good as they can be. I'm very proud of my current WiFi team, and the ones I have planned for Platinum will hopefully be just as awesome. Finding the best movesets and trying to get the best IVs keeps me interested. It can be annoying at times, when it takes ages to breed the perfect Pokemon, but the feeling when you finally achieve it more than makes up for it.

    I also find that this forum makes Pokemon fun too. There's always lots to talk about and discuss, and new stuff to learn. Not to mention the random happenings in chat. It may not always be about Pokemon, but it's essentially Pokemon that unites everyone here. In a weird way, this place makes Pokemon seem more real - we meet new people, talk about our teams and sometimes battle, just as if we're all on our Pokemon journeys XD
  4. Maybe it's the concept of having that whole different universe that makes Pokemon fun for me. There are so many different Pokemon that it's so fun to find the one that suits you. The games are really fun for me because I like raising Pokemon and breeding them as well, not to mention the storylines are still cool after all these years. But I disagree that everyone would find battling fun because I'm sure there are some people that don't. For me battling is great because it's just fun to make your team and see how well it fares.

    Going back to the universe, I like writing Pokemon fanfiction because it makes that universe seem even more real--like it could actually exist. Taking what the games give you and then fleshing it out is part of what makes writing and Pokemon so enjoyable.

    I completely agree with this statement and couldn't have stated it better myself. ^^
  5. KoL

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    The thing that draws me to Pokemon is the depth of the game - Pokemon Pearl has so far lasted me almost 900 hours over the span of almost 2 years now, and still going just as strong as it was from the beginning. The only game I've earned a longer play time for is Super Smash Bros. Melee at 2,500 hours (and Melee is still going strong too now that I've quit Brawl,) but I digress.

    As for what is actually in the games that makes them so fun...well, everyone who knows me here knows I specialize in competitive battling, so it won't come as any surprise to anyone that the battling is what I find the most fun. The thing that makes the battles so fun is their depth - again with the depth, but it is true. You have EVs/IVs/Natures that add incredible strategic depth to training and breeding Pokemon, and then the battles themselves end up being like chess games, where you have to plan your moves and predict what your opponent's moves will be in order to win. No other game provides such a deep and unique multiplayer experience as Pokemon does, and that is what makes it special.

    Also, the sheer number of different things you can do within the game makes it special. You have contests, mini-games, you can focus on collecting Pokemon for your 'Dex, focus on collecting shiny Pokemon, could go on and on here, but I won't. There's a niche for pretty much everyone within the game.

    Finally, going back to what Silver Magpie said about the forum making the game fun, I agree 100% with that. Pokemon is great at bringing people together; I first met my best friend through Pokemon, and I've made a lot more friends through the game both in real life and here in 'Charms. Also, the numerous Pokemon events that are held are a fantastic way for fans to meet up, trade, battle etc. My first event was the Hanley Darkrai event which was held last August if I remember correctly, and it was an absolutely amazing day out for me.
    The game almost blurs the line between its world and the real world in that respect, something that very few, if any, other games can really claim to be capable of.

    So...there you have it.
  6. Ok so my answer may not be the most expected but whatever...

    I'm really OCD. Pokémon is a brilliant outlet for my OCD as its completely harmless, I count practically everything I do, so counting EVs and things like that really helps me know I've got some control. I like to have things completed, so the Pokédex and battle tower give me hours of completion value that I don't get in many games I play.

    The other thing I really like is the variety within the games, not being a fan of working with the most powerful pokémon around (not just legendaries, the majority of the top tier) I really like using obscure pokémon or just ones that I think are cool. In fact, I so rarely use pokémon I don't like the look of purely cause I'm a very visual person (study fashion at art school). Its such a great world to lose yourself in sometimes.
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  7. D


    I found Pokemon fun by force. When I was little, by older brother dragged me to TV every Saturday morning, strapped me to a chair and made me watch the Pokemon shows. When I was eight, he bought me Pokemon Crystal after making me watch him play his Crystal.

    But after all of that abuse, I loved the game because of the battling. I lost hours of sleep every night playing. Being able to chose the Pokemon you want to raise is pretty cool. Leveling up Pokemon and watching them grow made me feel like a mom, though XD

    Another thing I liked about Pokemon was bragging about how strong my Pokemon were to all of my friends, even though they didn't play Pokemon. They had no idea what I was talking about, but that's okay! It just shows how Pokemon is a part of my life :)
  8. i like pokemon because i thought it was fun and it was the first game i got when i got my gameboy
    the game has a long story (exept Shadows of Almia... i played it in 24h and it was easy as hell)
    when i got my first game i also started to watch the series and i liked it
    since that moment i was a big fan and now i'm always ready to learn something new about pokemon
    i'm also the biggest fan of my family and my class
  9. I think I love Pokemon because there never is an end. You can never really beat the game. There is always something else you can do. Wether it's breeding, hunting shinies, the Battle Frontier/ Tower, completing the whole pokedex, or just leveling up all of your pokemon, there never is an end.

    Also, the spin-off games are fun as well. Because it is Pokemon with an ending.
  10. I like the world in which the Pokemon franchise is set (and what it has created); it's full of possibilites which have not been explored or touched upon in cannon, mostly because of the audience aim I feel. Exploring what the Pokemon world can have is certainly interesting, Sem quite aptly demonstrates what could happen with the psychic powers breifly mentioned in parts of the game.

    Also I like raising critters. Trying to create a set of attacks and non which work together and ultimatly in a team. I mostly pick Pokemon which I like the look of, so there's an aesthetic attraction as well I suppose.
  11. 'tis like FF and challenges are just so...fun!!....like the battle frontier, you win some you lose many....lol, kiddin'
  12. I think I like Pokemon because there is so much you can do. Also the challenge of catching all Pokemon and especially the Battle Frontier. The battling with all the Evs, IVs and Natures adds a nice element to it, making it exciting.
  13. To me it just gives me somthing to do and its fun if im bored in the middle of the day and i've got nothing to do I play Pokemon it's also fun trying to collect all of the Pokemon. ;D
  14. What makes pokemon fun for me is the breeding and not knowing what type of nature it is. It keeps me breeding until I get what I want(adamant) then training them to be ultimate.
  15. pokemon is fun for me because of the creatures.

    some pokemon are cute while others are not
    and also i'm amazed by their evolutions. how they sometimes completely change their shape. :D
  16. i like taking care of the pokemon and i like games
  17. I totally agree with RLRL, as I also have OCD. I also like it because I like beating my friends in everything, and pokemon is another way for me to dominate them.
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  18. I like pokemon because of the infinite possibilities that can happen. I really like open-ended games like this. I also like raising a pokemon from nothing... into a full fledged fighter.
  19. I like it because of all the interesting creatures... 151 was plenty, but 493 is WONDERFUL. And the contests, contests caught my heart...
  20. I love all of it, my pokemon are my homies, I love battling, contests, travveling gym leaders, SHINIES, and beating the bad guys
  21. i with him also thats part why
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