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Who would you want to meet?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Doubled, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Basically, this title says all. In the Pokemon realm, there have been hundreds of characters, but everyone has thought about it at least once... Who in the Pokemon world would you want to meet? What would you ask him/her? What sick joke would you pull on them?

    To be honest, I would love to meet Red (not GRBY/FRLG Red, GCS/HGSS Red.). He just seems to be an idol in the Pokemon world. But I think I might either be rendered speechless or faint if I were to meet him, just 'cuz he's that ausome. Basically, he's the Chuck Norris of that realm, which we all know, which is what intrigues me. As for questions, I'd probably ask things like:

    "What happened to your old hat? Can I buy it off you?"

    "What happened to Green/Blue's Eevee?"

    "What happened to your Eevee?"

    "Do you ever come down from the mountain? And if so, when?"

    I have many more, but he'd probably just stay silent, which would still make him so cool :3

    Okay, your turn. Now, let's not try spending the entire thread answering each other's questions. These questions are meant for the fictional characters, not real people, afterall.
  2. Gary, hes always been my favorite in the games and anime. I always wished to play as him in the games.. I would ask him "do you want to battle and after i win you should join forces with me and well go take out ash and his annoying little pikachu" but if he didnt accept id just let my shiny charizard flamethrower his head and then leave.
  3. I'd wanna meet Ash....and Double-Slap the hell out of him while saying: You make me sad.
  4. I Would Like to meet Ash (Best Wishes)! he just seems really cool now!
  5. Ash, but I think we all would like to see him in reality. of course, then he would go insane considering theres no Pokemon here.
  6. I would like to meet Gold he is the BEST it's sad he only appeared in the anime once and it was a movie :'(
  7. 012


    I would love to meet Cynthia cause I love her, also I would like to meet Red too. :)
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Wow, missed this thread entirely way back when...

    Really fun question, too. I likely couldn't answer this based on a single canon so I'll just pick and choose various characters from the video games, Anime series, and manga.

    For starters, I'd love to meet some, if not all, of the top Pokemon Professors from each region. It would be amazing to pick their brains a bit regarding their area of expertise or to read through some of their research documents and such. I could see myself chatting comfortably with Proffesor Oak, Elm, Birch, and Juniper (either of them!), but Rowan would likely intimidate me a bit and I'd probably have some trouble taking Sycamore seriously. That hair... XD

    From there, I'd probably act like an excited child if I ever encountered the likes of Lance, Steven, or Cynthia. Chatting with them, battling with them, sharing a pizza with them or all of the above - would be wonderful. I'd likely ask them about what drew them to Pokemon battling, what they enjoy most about being the Champion, what choices went into deciding on their current teams, and who their personal mentors or idols are.

    As for Gym Leaders or other characters... It'd be great having the chance to meet Red from the original RPG games or his Pokemon Adventures incarnation, and I'd definitely have fun chatting with Ash Ketchum about anything and everything Pokemon. It would also be lovely meeting Yellow (Pokemon Adventures), Brock, Tracey, Cilan, Paul, or Dawn from the Anime canon. Regarding Gym Leaders, I have a quite a lengthy list of those that I'd love to meet: Sabrina, Blaine, Morty, Jasmine, Clair (♥), Brawly, Norman, Gardenia, Volkner, Lenora, Elesa, Drayden, Viola, Korrina, Clemont, or Wulfric. Finally, regarding Elite 4 members, I'd be very interested in sitting down for a chat with Karen, Aaron, Flint, Shauntal, Marshal, or Drasna.

    Trying to think of other characters from the Anime canon that have caught my attention over the years but it's likely best that I stop now as is. I could keep pondering over this question for ages. xp
  9. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I'd definitely love to meet Steven, if only for fangirling tendencies. Pretty sure he wouldn't mind anyways, but just... omg. The thought itself is making me squee~ I've always loved minerals and the like as well, so I'd likely end up talking to him about stones and have him show me some of his collection before battling him (and getting my ass whooped). He's honestly just so cool and seems really approachable; I can't help but see him as a really cool big brother figure.

    I'd also love to meet Wally and get to know him better. Something about him is just so precious, especially how he goes from sickly child to badass in RSE (and if the promotional artworks are anything to go by, he does this too in the remakes~) ♥ I just want to talk to him and be friends with him, nothing much more than that. He's such a sweetie~

    And of course, N is another character I'd love to get to know. Though that's obviously my fangirl side talking. Seriously, though, he's so mysterious and with the ability to be able to talk to Pokemon, I'd love to just pester him about what my Pokemon are saying about me. Plus I just want him to have more friends, you know? Poor kid didn't get a break from Ghetsis for all those years :<

    Meeting some of the evil team members (or in the case of BW2, the non-evil Plasma members) would also be really cool! Archie and Maxie are definitely top on my list, along with Giovanni, Jessie/James/Meowth, and the Shadow Triad. Of course, I'd have to hope nobody tries to capture/kidnap me, but yeah 8D

    Others I'd love to talk to would be any of the professors (especially Oak and Rowan, though, for being badass grandpas), Bianca, Cheren, Watson, Misty, Ramos, Agatha, Phoebe, Malva, Green/Blue/Gary, Blaine, Jasmine, Flannery, Candice, Roark, Byron, Lenora, Clay, Clemont, and Olympia~
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  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    *Spazzes* D:
    I knew I forgot someone important! How did I forget about N? I love him and would love to meet him, too! There's so much that I could ask someone like him and he'd likely be an interesting person to chat with in general, may it be about Pokemon or even just simply his past. Definitely add N to my list, too. :)

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  11. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    There's too many, but I tried my best to sum it down. I've lost count of how many people I'd love to meet, and would probably fangirl if I even saw them.
    I'd love to see Morty and mess around with his gym, but I also want to meet Sycamore and his lab. Meeting AZ and Lorelei wouldn't be so bad as well.. I'd spam them with questions though it'd probably be about backstory.
    But then there's Steven and Wallace..Heck, I'd love to battle them!
  12. I would love to meet Red and battle him just for fun
  13. lol f**k it i'd love to meet everyone and go on the same adventure as ash and take his place except not do retarted things like how everyone knows, but i would like to capture my whole team, as for the #1 person i'd like to meet would not be just the Red i'd like to square off with all the champions at the PKMN world championship >.> along with all the frontier brains, rivals, and gym leaders
  14. Rio1ink

    Rio1ink Formerly Derpy Lucario

    I'd like to meet Ash, Red, and Gary, but not in real life, I'd like to meet them in a new Pokémon game for the 3DS, and be able to battle them
  15. For me this is a toss-up between Lt. Surge and Wattson. Both of these characters were in the not talked about much 'war' that is mentioned in the games and they both use electric type Pokemon (I am convinced the game versions are related).

    Though from a strictly anime standpoint I want to meet Professor Oak. Oak seems like a fun guy to learn from.
  16. I'd like to meet..hmm..well i guess Red because he has caught all 150 pokemon! Well, all the pokemon in that generation. If i could meet him, i would want some of his pokemon.
  17. Hmm... I'd have to say that I'd like to meet Sycamore! He's eccentric and I like that about him. I also may or may not have a huge crush on him but hey.
  18. I love how this thread was alive before B/W was a thing, and it's still (slowly) being added to today.

    As for who I'd meet? I could think of a few, but I think I'll have to say that Bill is on top. He's almost literally the Bill Gates of the Pokemon World. He's a talented computer programmer and inventor, having made the first version of the Pokemon Storage System, and isn't afraid to try things out on himself. Hence what happened when he turned himself into a pokemon. Also, he seems to be a very friendly and generous person to other programmers. Given how he made his greatest invention open-sourced and allowed basically everyone to take the original program and improve on it, and then market it as their own. All in all, he sounds like a very friendly person with a skill he'll be more than willing to teach.

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