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Who was the hardest gym leader for you to beat?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by 0_0.Sinnysaurus.rex, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. I mean out of all the pokemon versions who was the one gym leader that made you want to throw your gameboy/DS at the wall? Mine was sabrina back then in red version 'cause i picked pokemon on my team who had a weakness to psychic =/ like haunter, hitmonlee, nidoking.. Except charizard but he didnt do that well against alakazam. But that was back then when i was a rookie trainer. So what was your worst gym leader experience?
  2. Except for my current Soul Silver run, its always been Whitney. In my old Silver, Crystal and Soul Silver games, her Miltank has always given me grief. I never really saw why or how, it just did.

    Roxanne tore me apart during my Emerald Nuzlocke Challenge too :(
  3. Gardenia is the cruelest person in the whole world. No lie. I hate her Pokemon, and I want her to DIE. Back in the days of being a rookie, I got to her and I thought I had a good team. That was until I met her. I had a Prinplup, a Bidoof, a Starly, a Shinx, and a Pachirisu. And possibly a Ponyta. Fail. Her Turtwig was easy with a Bide, but her Cherrim was another thing. I rarely got to Roserade. She caused me to go bankrupt! I had to resort to an Action replay to kill her. But oh my god, Gardenia is such a freaking witch, I'm not even kidding.
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  4. Oh yeeeeaah! I had problems with whitney also in silver version. With that rollout attack and attract ugh i lost so many times
  5. Pokemon Yellow and Brock, how the hell you could win I have no clue, I ended up overtraining a spearow so i could beat him xD (i was 7/8 at the time so i was unaware about butterfree and psychic)
    I hated the challangers on Sabrina and the fire type one in R/S/E (forgotten her name) , that took me forever to get me to the gymleader,
    But the worst ones would be the ones where the type is equal or to my disadvantage
    Like Chikorita and Falkner and Bugzy, and the ghost type gymleader
    Prinplup and Gardenia (I personally think this was my worst battle it took me loads of revival herbs to beat her, it was horrible)
    Jhoto starters and the dragon type gymleader, as fire/water/grass type moves are uneffective to dragon types D:
    Oh and yes I hated G/S/C's Whitney and her Miltank that rollout kept killing my quilava and shiny pidgeotto and everytime its HP was low it use Milk drink :[[ it took like loads of attempts to beat her aswell,
  6. tate and liza, Swampert didnt no any good water attacks and ground doesnt affect them.
  7. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Whitney. Plain and simple (pun intended...get it? She uses Normal types...:'D). She drove me absolutely crazy in G/S with her damned Miltank, no matter how many times I would play through and how much I would train ahead of time, it would still reap my team. It may or may not have reduced me to angry tears as a young boy...probably not, but I probably hit stuff all manly-like. ;3 She was still a major pain in HG/SS, and now even her Clefairy was annoying and troublesome too. D: I just hate her so much.
  8. Yesyesyesyesyes. Oh my god. His pokemon would not die. I even remember throwing my GameBoy at my wall and crying on my second time facing him. x3 (Keep in mind I was no older than three and a half.) Whitney was a pain, too. I have no clue why. Even now, in my HeartGold she drove me crazy.
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  9. Oh you wana know another one? Morty in silver version with his gengar oh man everytime i restarted my silver version to play the story again i always trained my pokemon higher before i fought him
  10. That reminds me: Juan, from Pokemon Emerald. I hate him. His Water and Dragon and Ice moves equaled hell on ice. His Kingdra kept using Dragon Dance and I couldn't hit it, and it was SO FAST. My Azumarill's Dynamic Punch could land quite a blow when it could, but it was under-leveled and fainted quickly. Nevertheless, I kept trying, and I hated him so much.

    Although, his maze was cool, I hated him. I was waiting to catch Rayquaza after beating him, but I just said "Screw it, I'll go do it now." And I caught him. I beat Juan shortly after and that was the end of my troubles. After all, Rayquaza owns. ;)
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  11. Brawly.

    Well, Brawly isn't hard, so much as it's just difficult to walk out of that match unscathed. In all attempts against him, I've never been able to win the match without killing or critically injuring one of my Pokemon. Those Pokemon of his have a fixed (haxxed) accuracy, I swear.
  12. I remember Whitney being hard on my most recent playthrough of my Gold version, but I had no troubles with her on SoulSilver.

    I'd say Norman is usually the hardest for me. Even if I go in there with this big strategy about how I'll confuse his Pokemon and then beat it up with Fighting type moves, I always end up getting my ass kicked. It doesn't help that I didn't know what Facade did for the longest time and I kept trying to paralyze his Pokemon. :'C

    Right now on my Ruby version I'm stuck on Wattson. Fire, Ground and Fighting types never seem to make it onto my team when I really need them. And right now I reeeeaaaallly need them to take out his stupid Magnethings.
  13. Whitney and Norman. Darned Normal type Gym leaders.

    That Miltank....I have no nice words to say about it. None. Other than it made me train one, once xD

    Slaking.... Hate. So much hate. It's just not fair.

    I don't even know why....But I've never beaten the two of them the first try. Fantina tends to be hard, as well.
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  14. Chuck.

    That damn Poliwrath. Using Hypnosis then Focus Punch. It must die.
  15. Liza & Tate. Try beating a Claydol with a Blaziken. Double Type disadvantage FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

    Trying to train a Tentacruel for that gym doesn't help either~ Didn't know Psyhic > Poision back then...
  16. Took the words right out of my mouth xD. I recently started a rerun of Platinum, and I'd one-hit all of her Pokemon, then that Roserade. That fucking Roserade. I'd get it down in the red in one hit, then she'd use a Super Potion, then sweep my team. I don't think I've ever gotten that mad at a Pokemon game before.
  17. Whitney is pure hax. Miltank is bulky, stronger than your unevolved pokemon, can CC your pokemon using attract (if male), gets progressively stronger with rollout and heals endlessly with super potions and milk drink. So dirty!

    I also had considerable trouble with Norman as well in my first playthrough of Sapphire-- my pokemon were underleveled and I hadn't figured out how to cheap out Slaking with Protect or Dig/Fly.
  18. Whitney was hard when I was a lass in Crystal. Now that I'm older, I was able to beat her without much trouble on my second run through.

    Brawley is always hard with Bulk Up and your 'mons only know Flying moves... And you're too lazy to figure out that Wurmple evos get a Psychic move.

    Gardenia was hard as well. And Maylene was hard with Grotle for some reason.
  19. Um, without the action replay, Candice. Her ice would pawn my sister's Torterra and we had nothing else (at the time, we shared a game)

    EDIT: Also in my emerald game: Brawly. I had to get a Sableye to beat him! Watson. I had to restart the game with a Mudkip just to complete the game.
  20. xD I never had a problem with a gym leader but volkner was preety hard when i was useing empolion and luxray
  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    my typhlosion had trouble beating brock in soul silver it took us 45 tries and 2 days! I sorted that out by trading a porygon-Z from platinum it can 1 hit K.O ANYTHING!
  22. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    ... I hated Tate and Lisa or w/e their names were. Soooo much. I was always horrible at double battles, and I had to train my Pokemon to be 10 levels above theirs just to do it T_T I also hated Winona because of Dragon Dance, but I could easily outrace her with mah Manectric >:D
  23. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    For it had to be a tie between Liza and Tate in Emerald for the same reasons as Black Rock Shooter ,trying to win with a Blaziken ,and Candice in Platinum due to the exact same thing except with Torterra. Double type disatvantages!!!!!!!!
  24. Fantina.

    That's the one word that makes me wet the bed when I'm not even in it -_- Fantina is a freaking she-witch. I mean, she wasn't hard in my first run EVER with Diamond when I got it, because I overtrained my Pokemon by like ten levels, but when I was doing it with Pearl twice, and Platinum twice (the second with my current Nuzlocke) she was a HICK. I'm just glad the Nuzlocke doesn't count with Gym Leaders or Boss Battles...I would have been sweeped a long hour ago T_T
  25. I am not being mean or boastful, but I beat Whitney on my first try.
  26. hmmm i dont know they are all pretty easymaybe thats beacause i use all pokemon anyway i think the dragon gymleader from ss/hg [i cant remember her name okay]thats beacause the only dragon pokemon i have are either legendary or on my platinum version.
  27. never mind i take that back it would have to be lt. surge the puzzle is the most annoying thing ever i spent 2 days guessing which trash can the switch was in its so annoying >:(
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  28. Magpie

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    Double posting is against the rules. I suggest you go and read them, since they also specify that you should use grammar in your posts. Warned.
  29. When I was a kid play Blue version.....Misty and Erica. Didn';t know what I was doing and that Starmie uhhhhh....and Erica don't get me stsrted on her....didn't start with charmander, magmar was found later, couldn't find growlith or vulpix, and already evolved eevee into a joltion.
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  30. Whitney and Maylene. Whitney because at that stage of the game my Pokemon where not strong enough to really be able to take out that Miltank quick enough and she would just heal..... Maylene because when I first faced her my team was more or less based on speed, with only a Bronzor for defensive purposes. Maylene would beat me and I was too stubborn to train slowly has I rather be adopting to what she does so then I can finally beat her and I did. But needless to say she and Whitney,are the hardest and the only ones to have beat me in the games on my recent play troughs along with Jasmine and Norman.
  31. Two gym leaders immediately spring to mind when I saw this topic.

    Old-school: Whitney was so, so hard for me to beat back in Silver and Crystal. Rollout + Milk Drink was such an evil combination. At least three Pokemon were KO'd whenever I battled her. I got my revenge in SoulSilver though. It was fairly easy to beat her with help from my Rock Smashing Flaaffy. New School: Candice, but only because I had some serious bad luck. Her Abomasnow triggered Hail which set the stage for my crushing defeat. She sent out her Froslass which has Snow Cloak and things went from bad to worse. I missed with my first attack, and then she used Double Team. I wasn't able land a hit for the rest of the match. I went back and leveled my Houndoom to learn Faint Attack for an easy defeat~
  32. Misty her starmie took like 18 tries to beat in pokemon fire red. But I felt happy when I KO'd her in heart gold :D
  33. i agree it took me 10 tries with my level40 swampert and level 26 machop
  34. Hoenn was the only region without a gym leader that gave me problems. The others had at least one gym leader that made me tear my hair out. My top worst actually agree with what some people here have said, so expect repitition.

    Kanto: In my yellow version Koga made me cry because compared to Erika before, his pokemon levels jumped nearly 20 levels and it wasn't even that long after Erika that I got to Fushsia, it took me a lot of training, which I was terrible at back then, to finally have a fighting chance.
    Johto: Whitney wasn't as bad of a level jump back in the original Gold/Silver version, but I was inexperienced. When my Croconaw fell whittling Miltank's health to the red zone and I was sure that Zubat could finish the job, the cow just sat back, had a drink, and watched me cry.
    Sinnoh: Gardenia wasn't hard in my Diamond playthough, since almost all of my pokemon had an advantage against grass. Subsequent playthroughs such as in Platinum was a pain. Especially since I thought a hardened Onix would do well with sand tomb against Roserade and I did not take grass knot into account.

    I wonder why...
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  35. Whitney.

    In D/P it was Roark because I always picked Chimchar.

    Aside from that I've always pwned them.
  36. I remember in Emerald Tate and Liza were pretty hard for me because my best Pokemon was Blaziken. But other than that I can't really remember ny hard gym leaders...
  37. Brawley is probably the worst. I remeber having a lot of trouble beating him. I ended up in leveling a Sableye just because he couldnt hit it ;)

    I also had a lot of trouble with Whitney (but then it seems almost everyone had). Her Miltank drove me crazy 'cause it's Rollout was super-effective on my Quilava (I was like 6/7 years old so I didn't get the type-system)

    This is kinda off topic but the elite 4 in LG drove me too insanity until my friend helped me.
  38. Uh-huh, I couldn't have put it better myself. =O
    For me, however, my #1 enemy has, and always WILL be the one, and only CLAIR!
    Liza & Tate come in #2 though~
  39. I can't really remember having trouble with any gym leaders in G1 - it's just too long ago to recall. xD

    G2, I had problems with Whitney at first, but I managed to overcome her at some point. Probably with a Machop. Clair was tough as well, but I brought over my Pokemon from Blue and basically beasted the rest of the game.

    G3, fricking NORMAN at first. Slaking and its Facade crap. My most recent playthrough of Sapphire saw me all the way to the Elite 4, and I remember Winona giving me the most trouble. That goddamn Altaria of hers, man.

    G4, too easy. In Pearl I got through every gym leader without trouble. And then came frickin' Julian with his frickin' level 60's. Bastard.

    SoulSilver saw me up to Jasmine, and it's not that she was tough, just I had to go and catch a Diglett to beat her. Then I was like SCREW IT LET'S IMPORT THE WHOLE TEAM FROM PEARL. And I beasted the rest of the game then. And now I'm powerleveling other Pokemon through rematches with the 16 gym leaders and Elite Four.

    Funnnn times.
  40. hmm.....I don't know maybe Clair in Soulsilver when you rematch her besides that the were all easy ;D ;D ;D 8)
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