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Who Just Asked "Why Can't We Be the Same?"

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JustAnotherOutcast, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Heyo! Message me if you want to join in! If you could just give a brief description of your character and what they do for a living, that would be great! You can be anything you want (Adventurer, civilian, carnivore, scavanger, etc.) so long as it makes sense with your character! I reserve the right to regect a character, but odds of that happening are very low. Just be smart, and you're good.

    Ok, before (if you ever saw) I was goning to use a turn based system for RPing, but I've decided that that'll only happen if more than 2 people are online at the same time. Other than that, just respond when you can.


    The land of Irrem was a peaceful place for pokémon. All types found their lives simple. It was near impossible not to what with the abundance of food and availability of resources. Danger was a thing of the past. Inside the towns, hostile pokémon were rarely encountered, as if there were no such thing anymore.

    Humans? Irrelevant. They existed, of course, but they weren't a concern. No one had seen one in years, so the fear of trainers was practically nonexistent. No one had to evolve to survive, and if they did, it was only for fun. Sport, perhaps. Reaching a final evolution was rare, even more so if a stone was required. This era of peace was a near utopia, and the pokémon were happy.

    But, like all places, Irrem had its shadows. Not all pokémon were friendly. Some places were marked on maps as "Off Road." A simple term, polite and not too intimidating. But the pokémon knew what it meant. It meant stay away. Because what lived Off Road? Carnivores.

    The only thing that a pokémon feared was a carnivore. A pokémon who had to eat meat—another pokémon—to survive. Those "pokémon" were rarely considered such. Because of this stigma, both scavengers and omnivores had to keep their records clean. One slip up, one rumor of eating pokémon, and work was impossible to find. A new life as a hermit was eminent.

    But however dangerous Off Road and its carnivores seemed, there were always the courageous ones. pokémon who travelled Off Road intentionally—some for fame, others for thrill, others out of curiousity—were called Adventurers. Or Mapcaps. Both were common names for these pokémon, though the latter was much more insulting. Most often the only pokémon to ever reach their final evolution, these Adventurers fought carnivores on a daily basis, always aware of the looming scavengers around them and the peril of their journeys.

    Due to the dangerous nature of their activities, Adventurers were often viewed as trouble. Not all held the same beliefs, but many pokémon refused to see how endangering themselves in the wilds of Irrem was an activity to be admired. It was foolish, not to mention a bad influence on the young ones.

    Yet another stigma caused problems, and pokémon who had reached a hard-to-achieve evolution were regarded as reckless. Many took it upon themselves to inform the pokémon that their lifestyle was wrong, and they had best change it before it was too late.

    Cem had often been questioned if he was an Adventurer, but he'd always denied it. The Thunderstone he without a doubt had used to evolve into the raichu he was? A gift from a friend. Long gone, they were. Just a stupid adventurer who got gobbled up while Off Road.

    Many pokémon believed the older raichu. After all, he wasn't exactly young. He wasn't an elder, but he most definitely wasn't in his prime like the hard-headed Adventurers who often strolled through town for supplies and rest. Not to mention his complaining was near unbearable. No one who complained that much when being forced to move faster than a walk could possibly be an Adventurer.

    Yet the conclusion on Cem's past was not unanimous. There were a few who believed the old pokémon had seen more than a few dangers in his life. Though many of these believers were simple children, some older pokémon held their suspicions. After all, a second of hesitation could hint at a lot.

    Cem had gotten used to it, however. He was a very friendly pokémon, and not much could ruffle his feathers, including the broken bamboo of his window that had been snapped when a few young ones had thrown their ball a bit too far. He hadn't yelled, but he by no means let the four off the hook. The kids were sent home with promises to return to repair the window that weekend.

    That was how Cem found himself in the marketplace of his town, Feltre, picking up a few bamboo shoots and snacks for the kids. His shopping wasn't uneventful, though. He did run into quite an interesting character...
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  2. An Umbreon lay beside the stand quietly sitting there.

    He opened one eye lazily as he watched the Raichu walk by.

    He groaned and yawned as he stretched.

    He winced as he rembered the bandages on his legs where he had almost became lunch for a Carnivore.
  3. Patience was the young Eevee's way as it carefully stepped through the forest on an empty stomach. There had to be berries somewhere...

    Kecleon waddled alongside the evolution pokémon, shooting it's long pink tongue out at whatever colorful object it would see in the trees, more often than not a Wormadam or Burmy.
  4. He stood up on his shaky legs and started walking to his Burrow, but he felt the bandages become warm, and he felt the stabbing pain of the stitches coming out, and the wounds opening up again.

    He growled, as he picked him self up again, but when he tried to take another step, Dusk just fell over with a sigh.

    ( changing his name to Dusk)
  5. Cem watched the umbreon as he flopped to the ground. From where he stood, he could tell that the pokémon wasn't in very good shape, judging by the bandages wrapped around the other. The raichu couldn't hold in his snicker. It was a small laugh, lacking mirth and holding a sort of condescending feel to it. Even he could tell that the umbreon shouldn't have been moving around much, not in his state.

    Walking over to the other, Cem loomed over him, blocking the sun's glare. With a smile (one that could be considered more of a smirk), he spoke in a playfully mocking tone. "Need any help there?"
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  6. "Kamo, stopped hurting those poor Wormadam!" The Eevee teased, still desperately searching for berries.

    "But I k-keep thinking that they are b-berries." Kamo spoke with hia usual consonantal stutter.
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  7. "I think I'm gonna be fine scrub...ughh..." He groaned as he tried stand up again, this time all of his stitches came out, and his bandages unraveled, revealing bruises... Every where.

    Now blood was pouring out of his legs and it didn't seem like it was gonna stop.

    "Actually... I think I might take up your... Offer" he moaned softly as he tried to move but coundnt .
  8. Knowing he was no match for the open skin that gushed out the very liquid it was meant to protect, Cem bounded across the market to the Chansey Care Center, muttering a quick, "hold on," before he left. Gaining the staff's attention was easy, and it didnt take long for them to speed over to the wounded umbreon.

    Effeciency was something vitally important in the medical field, and they delivered well. The wounds were wiped and bound on the sport, and the chansey's team insisted they try to move back to the Care Center for disinfectants and stitches. Cem had no complaints, though in his mind he had been hoping to finish his shopping instead.
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  9. He felt as they rewrapped his abraisons and bleeding legs with crisp white bandages, instead of his old, red blood stained ones.

    He looked back at Cem thankfully, and lay back in the stretcher.

    They got him inside, put his stitches in, and placed him in a nice warm bed.
  10. Cem had decided to leave the Care Center to work on the umbreon, instead finishing his shopping and dropping the goods off at home. Though he cast a longing look at his chair where he spent most afternoons lounging, but decided he'd better play the role of kind stranger and visit the umbreon. After all, it wasn't a bad idea to keep in touch, especially when the other was in his debt. He could need that help some day.

    The raichu walked the short trip back to th Care Center and looked around for the other pokémon.
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  11. "He-y!" He stammered.

    "Th-anks!" He said happily. But when he tried to sit up, he yelled and lay back down.
  12. "Better not move," Cem advised as he approached the other. "Don't forget the trouble that got ya in the last time." He smiled in greeting. "Name's Cem. How about yours?"
  13. "Yeah, guess your right, My name is Dusk." He said agreeing.

    He thumped his taupil as he closed his eyes and started to snore.
  14. Cem nodded, lazily wondering if he'd remember the name or not. He'd find out when he needed to refer to Dusk by name. He was slightly put off by the other's sudden sleep. A short visit. At least that gave him more time to himself.

    (( What should I have Cem do now that Dusk is asleep??? Should I skip to tomorrow or...?? ))
  15. (Yeah sure!)

    Dusk awoke to the morning sunshine.

    He stretched and yawned as he looked around tiredly.

    He looked at the tray of food that was next to him, and started to nibble on a small hunk of cheese.
  16. Cem, deciding he was feeling like a very old mon that morning, decided to sleep in. It wasn't until well after sunset that he emerged from his bed of leaves. Shaking any stray leaves from his fur, the raichu wandered down to the stream by his house at the edge of town in order to wash up.

    His shortened morning was very lazy, and the raichu had decided against going through the pains of collecting a breakfast. Of course, when lunch time rolled around, the pokemon was famished. Simple berries and nuts didn't really sound good enough, so he grabbed the small clothe bag he used for shopping and headed down to the market. As he walked, he idly wondered if the umbreon from the day before (Dusk, was it?) was up and moving yet.
  17. Dusk tried getting out of the bed, and nothing bad happened.

    He started walking around, no stitches or bandages coming undone.

    Grabbed the cheese, and ran out the door into the warm sunlight.

    It had been a full moon last night he thought as he saw Cem and padded over
  18. Speak of the Devil. Cem was rather shocked when the object of his thoughts appeared. Smiling, the raichu greeted the umbreon. "Feelin' better?" he asked, eying some ripe looking peaches that a stall nearby held.
  19. "Yeah pretty much!" Said the Umbreon happily.

    "Need any help with those?" he asked kindly, noticing the longing in his eyes.
  20. "I'm thinking of buying some..." Cem chewed his lip for a moment in consideration. "But they're always so expensive, and they go bad real fast, too."
  21. "Here I'll show you a neat trick..." Said the Umbreon as he grabbed one of the fruits, and pulled out the stem.

    "If you see yellow in the hole where the stem is, it will last for a few days, orange is a few hours, and red means it's over ripe." Said the Umbreon as he paid the shopkeeper and handed it to Cem.

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