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Who I used to be ((Help! two more pokemon needed)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by AishaNeko, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    this is a wip of my new desktop background. Its the new villainous Aisha vs the old happy-go-lucky kid Aisha. the thing is, i cant think of two more pokemon toinclude with new Aisha's gang D":

    so far i have Fang -- my level 100 charizard (I...I had no life over a short school break and trained and trained and trained...xD;;) Theres mah Bannette buddy, Flareon, and furret on her shoulder. I wanted to add Absol, her trade mark pokemon, but again i couldnt find room D:

    so i sorta need help picking two small - medium sized pkmnz thatd fit in with her team thar. ideas? :,D
  2. Ooh, how 'bout Roserade and maybe Froslass? There personalities (or at least how they're portrayed) seem to fit themselves with more serious trainers to me.
  3. I agree with Trop about the Froslass, but not really the Roserade. That might just be because I like Froslass more though. :p For some reason, I like the idea of Crobat somewhere in there, too... But that's just me.
  4. Okay. First of all.

  5. thanks everyone for the suggestions! I really like the froslass idea .w. the arm things are sort of hard for me to draw, but i think i could manage. and Virgil, i was actually contemplating putting castform and togetic in m team before posting this xD Aisha's really into fire, dark, and psychic pokemon (as cliche as it may seem), so that may work. i might have to reconsider .3.

    i think i'll hold out for a few more opinions before making my decision though .D.
  6. How bout a Houndour? The species is both Dark and Fire. Fits perfectly. You could also maybe add a Vulpix. I actually think Vulpix would fit more because of Flareon. Both are furry, medium sized Fire types.

    Also great drawing! xD
  7. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    how about froslass and seviper

    eherm~ Yes, quite adorable indeed. I especially love the silly expressions of Aisha's Pokemon. Lovely character design as well. Nice proportions and lovely shading.

    I would suggest a Cradily for you team. Grass/Rock is lovely typing and it has such a sinister look about it.
  9. I see a Breloom and a Foslass there. But, ya know, what ever works for you. *Shrugs*
  10. Absol and gallade would both fit well. though drawing the blade on absol's head pisses me off. but maybe you could manage.

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