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Who do you main in Smash?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Burgundy, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

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    Why aren't there more Smash threads? :o
    Who do you main in Smash? Who do you put the most play time into, who do you use to beat up your friends? This applies to all Smash games, not just the recently released Smash 4. :)

    64 - No real set main, but I tended to play Kirby.
    Melee - Young Link and Pichu.
    Brawl - Ice Climbers.
    Project M - Sonic (A Brawl Mod, check it out!).
    Smash 4 - Kirby, Lucas, Dark Pit, Shulk, Ness
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  2. UndeadRaptor13

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    Royal Firefang
    I mained Mewtwo in Melee once I unlocked him. (Looking forward to him in Smash 4 too)

    in Brawl I mained Lucario and in Smash 4 I main Lucario and Charizard.
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  3. I Can't Remember Melee But I Think It Was Zelda/Sheik And Pikachu

    For Brawl It Was Lucas And Sonic

    For The Newest I Use Ness, Sonic, Samus And Zero Suit Samus
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  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

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    I've always mained Pikachu (or Pichu actually, back in the Melee days); I'm not used to everyone else lacking that Down B Thunder which always throws me off really badly. I've also commonly used Kirby, Pit, Lucario, Fox/Falco, and Zelda, but Pikachu was always my main.

    I've yet to play SSB4, but I really want to try out DHD, Greninja, Palutena, Wii Fit Trainer, and Robin~
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  5. Brendan Savem

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    Throughout all my Smash adventures, I have always had a soft spot for the Link incarnations. In Melee, it was Young Link. In Brawl, it was Toon Link, who remains my solid main into the new iteration of the series. My other main is Robin, in no small part thanks to my attachment over the character, which got me to learn him quickly, and then go on to excel with him. My other mains in the new iteration are R.O.B., Bowser, Pit, his 'alt', Lucina, and Greninja.
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  6. Jaidev

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    In Brawl it was Pit and in SSB4 it was Dark Pit
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  7. Jeydis

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    I have always favored Bowser in my few delves into Smash bros before the 3ds release. I have not mained R.O.B and use Bowser as my alt.

    I am in the process of learning Baby Bowser now which I always use in his Iggy skin.
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  8. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    Smash the first: I was too young to really have a main [or anyone human to play with at the time, my parents still hated any friends I made in my neighborhood]
    Melee: Marth was the character I used the most, and I have him to thank for my love of Fire Emblem games as well. I'm sure many people do, really.
    Brawl: Depended on the mod I was using - In vanilla I could never pin the one character I used the most. I'd cycle between Ike, Ganon, Captain Falcon and Snake. In Brawl minus I'd play Ivysaur and Donkey Kong, with some Ike and Captain Falcon thrown in as well.
    Smash the fourth: Robin is favorite hands down, but I seem to do better with Little Mac and end up using him more in the long run. Shulk and Lonk [a Sword Mii] get honorable mention here.
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  9. N64 Version- Link or Fox
    Melee- Marth, Roy, Fox, Falco, Link, Captain Falcon, and (oddly) Dr. Mario
    Brawl- Link, Fox, Falco, Lucario, and Toon Link
    SSB for 3DS and WiiU- Fox, Link, Marth, Ike, Captain Falcon, Lucario, Little Mac, Toon Link, and the Mii Brawler whenever I can use him.
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  10. Midnight Ace

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    Each Smash game I've used all characters at one point throughout the game . Some were only used when I was fighting my friends, other were use just for fun. I also stop playing some characters because that cast got bigger and I started to overlook the past.
    The first Smash game which introduce me to a lot of Nintendo characters that I didn't know about, and also my first fighting game. The characters that I spend the most time fighting as were;
    Luigi- Up B for the win and his 1% taunt hit.:D
    Link- my most rounded character.:up:
    Fox - was my first character to beat Master Hand.:blush:
    Captain Falcon- honesty thought he was the coolest thing back then.:?
    Jigglypuff - I remember my childhood friends on my street dare me to make Jigglypuff my number one fighter...And I did that.<.>
    The game that made N64 look so outdated for me. This was also was the most played game at any party who had a Gamecube (long live Gamecube)
    Link- went from being my most rounded character, to my signature 8)
    Young Link- I was unstoppable and made my friends fear this child.:D
    Mr. Game & Watch- such an awesome character. :8B:
    Roy- I miss not knowing what her was saying.;_;
    Bowser-looked so evil in Melee and was first new character I tried in Melee.>:D
    Kirby- Don't know why but I went HAM with him.:nom:
    first time I played as him I self killed myself with his side B move>_<
    (I still him as a God):angel:
    The things that they added to the series in this game was crazy. This game was the most played game that I played on the Wii.
    Link- Still on top.8)
    Toon Link- Not Young Link but still enjoyable. :arr:
    Fox- Classic character.:halo:
    Sonic- His speed is so deadly and I like he goes Super Saiyan when he gets Smash Ball.:-O
    Wolf- Took the title of being the coolest character of the cast and he's a wolf, my favorite animal.:)
    R.O.B- Fun to play as.
    Ike- looked so cool with that gold sword.
    Despite it being a mini to the Wii U Smash. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Wish the cast was a little bit better. But overall its still a great 3DS game.
    Every character that still in Smash Bros that is listed above.:(
    Greninja- Favorite new added character for this gen of Smash.:love:
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  11. pokeman266

    pokeman266 2015 Singles Champion

    For Brawl: Ike, Mr Game and Watch, Sonic and Ganondorf

    I'm not so sure about who I'll main this time but for Smash 4 the characters I'm thinking about are:
    Little Mac, Sheik, Pacman, Sonic, Dark Pit, Pit and Mr Game and Watch
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  12. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

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    I was never really into Smash until Brawl came out.
    For Brawl I used Link all the time, and to me nobody else existed.
    For Super Smash Bros my mains are Sheik, Link, Robin and Greninja.
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  13. Sheik has been my go to character since Melee. As far as SSB4 goes though, the characters I pick mostly are Sheik, Lucario, and Toon Link.
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  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    Ooo. Fun thread. :)

    Super Smash Bros.: This one was the toughest to find my favourites because franchise-wise I adored the majority of the included characters, but after much time spent with the game Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, and Pikachu ended up being my mains.

    Melee: All of my original favourites carried over to Melee but I also adopted Bowser as a main as well.

    Brawl: Same situation as with Melee, where all of my Melee mains carried over to Brawl, but this time I added three new characters to my collection of mains - Pokemon Trainer, Diddy Kong, and Lucario.

    Smash Bros. 4: This time 'round is the first time where I've started losing interest in a couple of my previous mains, namely Mario and Diddy Kong. I wasn't overly happy with the change to Mario's Down B attack back in Brawl but it's only been since playing Smash 3DS that I've come to accept that I'm simply not enjoying playing him as much as I used to. As for Diddy, maybe I just haven't played him enough yet but I find myself picking other characters over him.

    On a more positive note, I'm a big fan of Charizard becoming a standalone character and definitely enjoy playing him along with my other mains. My full list of mains at present is Mario (which may change), Pikachu, Yoshi, Kirby, Bowser, Charizard, and Lucario, with Mega Man, Little Mac, and Diddy being characters that I favour playing but can't quite dub as mains.
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  15. melee: dr. mario
    he was the first character i unlocked and he was pretty fun to use
    brawl: ike and captain falcon
    i use ike more but i found captain falcon to be kind of good. as for ike i really liked his powerful attacks and when i use him i feel like i cant be defeated
    for 3ds: i have alot but here goes: dark pit, palutena, marth, robin, bowser, ganondorf, link and alot more
    i find them all powerful with great moves. thats it
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  16. Now, I haven't played Brawl in 3 years, so I can't remember, but...
    Smash 4: Little Mac, Duck Hunt Dog, Lucario
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  17. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

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    I've only played on the demo and on my friend's 3ds, but . . .
    mains: Link, Shulk, Marth
    Notice a recurring pattern? Swords . . .
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  18. Pit,Toon Link(purple),Dark Pit,and Da Fire Elm charters. So...
  19. Dark pit, pit, Robin, Marth, Ike, Shulk and Mega Man.
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  20. SaltyZero06

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    Melee: Roy-He's our boy after all! :D
    Ganondorf-The styling and Disrespect is real
    Brawl: Ice Climbers-Chain Grabs All The Way :p
    Ganondorf-Still Styling!
    Snake: Grabs For Days!
    Smash 4:Roy-Still our boy!
    Kirby: He IS the star of the show here!
    Fox-Because spammers need to get lost
    In Smash 4,my Smash Squad is complete! Oh wait, no Snake or Ice Climbers. :( :(
  21. RafuRum

    RafuRum Formerly Raf-A-Rum

    My smash mains are Link and Fox... I like Link cause well... *Zelda* and he's improved in any way in smash 4, he has very balanced? hit boxes and solid kill moves..*even that dash attack can kill :p * and I mostly use fox because of the tech play and speed, its a bit tricky to land his killing blows but hey its soo satisfying playing the guy..:)
  22. Rovenz

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    If I played SSB and SSBM (because I don't have them), these are my mains:
    64: Pikachu
    Melee: Mewtwo, Pichu and Marth
    Brawl: Ike, Wolf, Ganondorf/Captain Falcon (GANONDORF IS A FRICKIN CLONE)
    4: GRENINJA, Lucario and Little Mac
  23. Rovenz

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    Btw Ganondorf is a clone of Captain Falcon. -_-
  24. Brendan Savem

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    Any Smash Vet can tell you that's far from the case. Their specials are visually identical, but their standard attacks are all very different. And even the specials are different in effect and usability. Like Ganondorf having super armour for his warlock punch, and toting the ultimate cheap kill move in the entire series. Ganondorf gets a side special on an opponent while off stage, and both are on the highway to hell, with the opponent in the front seat. Do this on the last stock, from any percent, and you guarantee your win. Hence, 'Disrespect'.

    On another note, since my last post was 9 months ago, my roster has substantially changed. Toon Link and Robin remain top dogs, with Kirby joining them. Bowser, Lucario, Roy, and my Mii Squad make up the rest of my usual suspects. R.O.B. is someone I just don't play frequently enough to consider a regular, I like him anyway. Lucina was dropped in favour of my friend who mains her, and Greninja I just can't use to his full potential. Pit fell to the sidelines, and Dark Pit is in the same place as ROB.
  25. I have found myself to use Bowser and Bowser only.
  26. SaltyZero06

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    My roster has changed.Roy, Kirby, and Ganondorf are still here, same with Fox.Pikachu joins the roster and Dark Pit rejoins(I mained Dark Pit before I dropped him for Roy :p ).And Ganondorf is not a clone.His Up-Tilt breaks shields, but it's too easy to avoid and punishable, so if you hit it, it's disrespect.His Down-B also breaks shields as well.His Side-B can chase opponents.Unlike Falcon, he relies on your hesitation, fear, and you being easy to punish.He and Captain Falcon have different combos.If you play Ganon well, you have to be good at punishing, and seize all opportunities you have to hit his attacks.
  27. N64: I've never played it that much, maybe like 50 hours. I mostly played Pikachu, although I fluctuated a lot.
    Melee: Falco and some Captain Falcon
    Brawl: Falco and Wario, although I played some more characters.
    SSB4: I liked Palutena, I wouldn't consider her my main though.
  28. Awoken

    Awoken Formerly Jason59707

    64: Kirby
    Melee: N/A
    Brawl: Meta Knight, Fox, Kirby
    Project M: N/A
    SSB4: Dr. Mario, Greninja, Sheik
  29. EtherealHaze

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    I've only played Brawl and have yet to play SSB4.

    Lucario and King Dedede are my mains. I just fell comfortable playing as Lucario, and King Dedede, although slow, is fun to play as.
    When I do get my hands on SSB4 Lucario and King Dedede will probably be my mains again, but I really want to try out Greninja as well since he looks cool to play as and I have the Greninja Amiibo.
  30. kirikizanite

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    Brawl: Link, Pikachu, Kirby
    SSB3DS: Iggy, Marth, Sonic
    SSBWiiU: Roy, Iggy, Charizard
  31. Melee: Pikachu and Mewtwo.
    Brawl: I didn't really have a main because I was in a difficult school and I had less time than for Melee or the one on WiiU. Besides, me and my brothers mostly play at random (even now, but now I have friends who play too and I have to be at my best to beat them!).
    WiiU: Lucario (I'm not really good so I like the fact that he gets stronger when hit), Mewtwo, Pikachu (but less, since I feel less comfortable playing it than on Melee).
    Project M: Pikachu, Lucario. (my boyfriend, who mains Ganondorf and Link, has Project M on his PC, and it's great!)
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  32. Apocolythe

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    0275 - 7860 - 9560
    For the Wii: I'm that friend who always goes for Meta Knight. If not him, though, probably Pikachu.
    WiiU: Robin. ROOOOBIN

    Tipping scales since 1973.
  33. ShinyZekrom009

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    DanCahill (PS3), Schdrummer16 (PS4)
    Original: I never really had a "main" for this game; I just enjoyed using anyone and everyone I could, really.

    Melee: (Link, Samus, Kirby, Pikachu, Mewtwo) I generally enjoyed using Pikachu because of Down+B. For Link, it was Up+B, and that chain grab. Samus and Mewtwo just seemed cool, and I was adept at using them. Kirby was my absolute favorite, with his high recoverability, ability to copy any B special with a neat hat to go along with it, and a great, versatile move set overall.

    Brawl: (Ike, Kirby, Lucario, Ness, Samus, Meta Knight, Pit) Kirby and Samus stayed for much of the same reasons. Lucario was a replacement to mew two with a better move set, plus he was one of my favorite Pokemon. Meta Knight and Pit were both irritating fliers with blades, whom I enjoyed. Ness was a neat addition once I learned how to use him. And finally, Ike was my one powerhouse that I enjoyed using, because of Counter and Quick Draw. Aether was pretty useful as well, although it got me instantly killed on more than one occasion.

    SSB4: (Kirby, Lucario, Ness, Samus, Ike, Shulk, Dark Pit, Greninja) Not much changed here, except Pit was replaced with Dark Pit, and new additions Shulk and Greninja were added. Greninja for his speed and Snadow Sneak, Shulk for his awesome blade and move set.
  34. OnePiecefan11

    In Brawl, My mains are Lucas and Olimar. I'm not to sure about the new one but I guess Ness, Little Mac, and Pac Man.
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  35. In Brawl It was Pokémon Tranier, Kirby, and Donkey Kong
    In SSB4 It is Charizard, Mewtwo, Ryu, and Lucas
  36. Mario yoshi and ness are my main three in all 4 games
  37. Palusokudo

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    N64: I didn't really had a main. But I did have my boy ness and his yo yo. Fox was good too.
    Melee: Marth and that f**king tipper and fox *cough* best character *cough*.
    Brawl: I had a lot of mains in this game Ike is one of them. I fight for my friends, and sonic.
    Ssb4: I don't have this game but I have some good mains in this game. I got my boy ness back after being a complete **** the last two games. Lucina to back up my Marth, and pikachu and palutena.
  38. ssb4 its got to be Meaga Man Ness Mario or Sonic
  39. Brawl: Sonic and Snake8)
    Project M (Brawl Hack): Luigi and Ivysaur:arr:
    Wii U: Mega Man Sonic Mario Ness:8B:
    3DS: Luigi and Kirby:love:

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