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Who are your top ten Pokemon and why?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Venomoth, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Here are mine:
    1. Venomoth. Unsurprisingly, Venomoth is my all-time favorite. It's cute, powerful, and it was one of the first Pokemon I raised to level 100. It certainly isn't the best Pokemon, but it is a great asset. Its Sleep Powder+Quiver Dance tactic can be quite irritating to face.
    2. Victini. A close second, and my favorite legendary. When it was revealed, I immediately fell in love. It was the only reason I decided to buy Black on launch. Its devastatingly powerful, extremely cute, and it is able to run multiple different sets. It is one of the few Mythical Pokemon I use on a regular basis.
    3. Meowstic. Specifically, the female one. She's adorable, useful, and fast. While her stats (Other than Speed), are below average, they can be easily patched up with Calm Mind or Competitive. She is a mandatory Pokemon on my Kalos playthroughs and Kalos-based OCs.
    4. Gastly. Gastly was one of the first Pokemon I fell in love with. While, I love Gengar and Haunter, those two just do not match up with the love I have for Gastly. In the games that Gastly is obtainable, I'll usually capture two of them. One of them will evolve into Gengar, the other will stay a Gastly. It is my most used Pokemon in the Stadiums. By far the cutest Ghost type.
    5. Mawile. My favorite Hoenn Pokemon. Its cute and very useful. Its mandatory on my R/S and OR/AS playthroughs. I've never created a roleplay character that does not have Mawile in the party.
    6. Tentacruel. With a great design and typing, Tentacruel is a fantastic Pokemon. I've used it in every game (Besides the Gen V games) possible. It is almost always on my teams in Pokemon Stadium 1&2.
    7. Volcarona. I have a thing for the moth-like Pokemon. Volcarona is an all-round amazing Pokemon. Great typing, design, and stats. It has always been on my team during my Unova playthroughs.
    8. Tyrantrum. I can't tell how long i have been waiting for a T-Rex Pokemon. Tyrantrum is one of the most awesomely designed Pokemon, it has a fantastic offensive typing, great abilities, and a great movepool. Tryrantrum is always on my Y playthroughs.
    9. Hydreigon. It is an amazing Pokemon. Easily one of my favorite Gen V Pokemon, great design, typing, and stats. While its weakness to Fairy is detrimental, it isn't enough to keep Hydreigon from being able to mash some heads in.
    10. Last, but not least Uxie. Uxie is adorable and an amazing Pokemon. Uxie was my favorite legendary Pokemon until Victini was released. With great defenses and a fantastic support movepool, it is very usable.
  2. Jeez, this is a tough one. There's too many Pokémon I love to put just in ten spots. Ah well, I'll try answering anyways.

    #10. Whimsicott- It's got a cute design and is actually useful. Not only does it have a great ability, but also fast.

    #9. Dewott- Okay, let me just say I don't like Oshawott nor Samurott. But Dewott I can get behind. Not really because of use in battle, but I love the design. I dare say it's one of my favorite middle evolutions ever.

    #8. Latios- Before Mewtwo was my favorite legendary, but now it's this thing. Mostly because of the Pokémon Heroes movie. It was always being protective of Latias. And do I need to talk about that death scene. Da feels man.

    #7. Cradily- My favorite fossil Pokémon and I don't see why not. This thing is a tank and has gotten better in later games admittedly. Not to mention the unique typing of Grass/Rock.

    #6. Swampert- If you chose this in your Hoenn journey, you pretty much wrecked everything. Great stats, moves, and even design. It's also the first Pokémon I got to lvl 100.

    #5. Gengar- I have always liked this thing. Everyone who knows Gengar knows how good it is. It's pretty much the same reasons I gave to Swampert. It's mega evolution is so awesome too.

    #4. Infernape- Honestly, I don't see a lot of people like it and it's sad. Sure it's the second Fire/Fighting type but come on. Anyone remember Ash's Infernape also? It was so beastly.

    #3. Lucario- I do love fighting type Pokémon, and Lucario is my favorite. Has a really cool design and concept. I know people think it's overrated, but that doesn't matter to me. And the movie that it was in was awesome.

    #2. Quilava- I had to change it from the whole evolution line to just the middle evolution. Because I'll admit while it's design is cool, it doesn't have a good movepool. Quilava is my favorite middle evolution ever mostly because I think it looks awesome. I loved it back then and still do, but I will say Typhlosion hasn't aged very well.

    #1. Jolteon- It's no question. For those who know me, it will always be my favorite. I love everything about this Pokémon. Design, moves, stats, usefulness in battle, and just everything. If I ever catch an Eevee, I will evolve it with a thunderstone majority of the time.

    EDIT: The one that just barely missed my top 10 and at #11 is Meganium. I used to not like it but I've grown to love it over the years. When used right, this thing can be dangerous. In your Johto playthroughs if you choose Chikorita, it can help against the strongest gym leaders ( I'm looking at you Whitney). Btw if I have the chance to use it, Alolan Ninetales will definitely be on this list.
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  3. I love these threads. Any opportunity to gush over my faves is one I'll enjoy.

    (Couldn't decide between Rhydon and Kangaskhan, so whoops)

    11.) Rhydon ---- Just look at this hulking tank of destruction! So much power... she would give the BEST hugs. I've always liked rhinos and Rhydon's classic design catches the eye in a pleasing way. I'd love to have one tromping around.

    10.) Kangaskhan ---- She's always been a big ol' cutie pie, plus I've loved kangaroos since I was a kid. She's fun to battle with as well.

    9.) Flareon ---- All that FUR. Ahhhhh, I just wanna cuddle her!

    8.) Goodra ---- Big ol' squishy dragon? Who wouldn't want one?

    7.) Spinda ---- This thing is just adorable and I can imagine just carrying one on my shoulder everywhere I went.

    6.) Ampharos ---- Also adorable. The long neck gives it a goofy look and it's just precious.

    5.) Scolipede ---- A bug horse that could carry me everywhere and give the best hugs? I'll take ten. (btw, I always name her 'Squish')

    4.) Sandslash ---- I have a soft spot for armadillos and hedgehogs, so my heart goes out to the spiky hybrid. He was one of the first few that I caught in Blue and he stayed with me until the end.

    3.) Wigglytuff ---- This is a good one. Wigglytuff was the VERY FIRST pokemon that I EVER got. I found her as a holographic card in the front of the very first booster pack that I bought when the TCG first came out in the US. ♥ ♥ Plus, I wanna cuddle her to death.

    2.) Nidoqueen ---- Strong, badass woman. Plus, awesome design and, you guessed it, I wanna cuddle her.

    1.) Miltank ---- Cows are my FAVORITE animal. Imagine my surprise when they came out with Gen 2. (Tauros is meh, tho) She's adorable, strong and of course, easy to cuddle!

    If it's not evident by the end of this list, my fave pokemon are based on how much I would cuddle them.
  4. Abomasnow, because its name is funny. :)

    I like Delcatty because it's a cat, and cats are super cute!!!

    I like Misdreavus, because I like its cry in the anime.

    I like Politoed, because it looks cheerful.

    I like Mismagius because it's cooler than its pre-evolution.

    I like Charizard, because Ash used it in the anime.

    I like Doublade, because of its typing and attack moves in the game.

    I like Zigzagoon, because it has a good movepool.

    I like Dunsparce, because it's weak, and pitiful and anything can beat it.

    I like Misty, because she's the best trainer. She should've been named Ash. And name Ash, Michael.

    I can't think of the other ones...

    I think these are all the Pokemon I like. If Pokemon had seven slots, I could use all the Pokemon I like. I feel like there's nothing to do in the games til I'm more than halfway beating them. It's not fair. I wish there was more to do in the games, like the Gold and Silver versions. Those were the best made games ever. I never play Legend of Zelda or anything else. It just seems too hard. That's all. I can't think of any good reasons as to why I like Pokemon, except for how they look. They're based on real animals. I prefer real animals over Pokemon anyway. I liked Ash's team when he was in the Kanto region. I'm just looking to copy him. That's all. I want to be like Ash Ketchum, and be like everybody else named Ashley. Everybody else I know likes Pokemon. Some Pokemon are really ugly and pointless. I don't get the hang of this game. I just like having a lot to do. I'm bad at remembering things. I never bother to remember height and weight of the Pokemon, and I don't bother to remember the Pokedex entry. My brothers never want to hear me talk about Pokemon.

    Oh and my last Pokemon is Chikorita. I'm getting sick of the new games. I prefer the font in the older games. I named my character after myself, and I got so sick of reading my name in the games. I wish the battles would end faster. I don't know why it sucked from going to White version to HeartGold and SoulSilver. I wish they didn't listen to my ideas when I gave them. Oh well. :)

    I like Chikorita because its name is interesting, and it's exotic. Or something. ahahha :)
  5. 10: Zekrom. First Legendary I ever saw in any Pokémon Game! (First Game was White) This towering black dragon cemented my love for Legendarys.

    9: Quagsire. Like a lot of these guys, I have no reason for liking Quagsire. Used him on my playthrough of X, fell in love.

    8: Latias. This list is pretty legendary, but I have always loved Latias. The red form of the eon twins has always stuck out and is the only reason I got AS over OR.

    7: Venusaur. I happen to own a vintage copy of Pokémon Green. I also have an old Game boy. I popped it in one day, chose Bulbasaur, and he was one of the first Pokémon I got from level 5 to level 100.

    6: Tyranitar: Come on?! who could not love this thing. It is one of the coolest Pokémon I have ever seen. Plus, it looks a lot like Godzilla. It really pained me to make him lose in Tyranitar vs Aggron.

    5: Lapras. The polar opposite to Tyranitar, I fell in complete love with Lapras because of how cute it is. Plus, I have a mild addiction to Nessie.

    4: Rayquaza. Now we're getting good! Once I saw this guy in Destiny Deoxys, I was completely marveled at how EPIC he looked and acted.

    3: Regice. No idea why I like this thing, just do.

    2: Tepig. O.K, this goes on everyones list. But Tepig was my first Pokémon ever. My first starter in my first Pokémon game ever. That Pokémon is on everyone's list.

    Alright, let me talk about why I love Mewtwo so much. It actually started as a lie. I saw this one guys top 100 favorite Pokémon list, and Darkrai was number 1. He liked Darkrai so much because it risked his life to save a town where everyone hated him. I thought this was the best reason for liking something ever, so I thought of the only other legendary I knew of, Mewtwo and told all my friends who hadn't seen rise of Darkrai that Mewtwo had done this. After a while, this story faded and my love of Mewtwo grew. Then, I saw Genesect and The Legend Awakened. Yes, this Mewtwo was one of the best characters I'd ever seen in any movie ever! This Mewtwo was not like the others, she was kind, she protected the main heroes, she took the main villain into SPACE. And that, my friend. Is the story of why Mewtwo is my favorite Pokémon and my favorite video game character of all time.
  6. Oh god. I have too many favourites .~.

    10- Leafeon
    This was so hard to pick. I love all of the little eeveelutions, but I chose Leafeon. I almost put Sylveon here, but oh well. It's design is one of my all time favourite designs. Ever. I also love using it competitively. It's not in a super high tier at all, but it's great anyways. I use one with Chlorophyll with Swords dance, leaf blade, synthesis and X-scissor. I set up with another pokemon's sunny day (Preferably Espeon) and then sweep with Leafeon. It's just awesome

    9- Mightyena
    I always loved dog like animals as a smol child. My first game was Emerald, and when I encountered a Poochyena, I had catch it. The moment it evolved into the dark hyena looking monster, I was amazed. It's sooo cool. It was useful in Omega Ruby as well. I used it so much. It's design is cool, and so is it as a Pokemon.

    Shark dragons. May I say more? I love a good Pokemon design, hence the past two picks, and Garchomp is just that. In gen 4, I never used one, but in X, I used it a lot. Gible was always derpy, Gabite looks incomplete, and Garchomp looks like what a Pokemon should be. A monster. It's a monster in battle, and anywhere else. Cynthia had one, and Lord Arceus that made me love it more.

    7- Meowstic
    I liked gen6, unlike most people. My favourite part was the new Pokemon, like every new generation. Some were horrifying (Quilladin) but some were cool(Gourgeist). But then there's Meowstic. It's a cat, which I like. It's blue and white, which I like, and it's psychic, which I like. But the gender differances was my favourite part. Their designs and move pools change, and I like it. Male is setup-ish while female is offensive. I prefer the male's moves, but the female's design.

    6- Scizor
    I can't remember a moment where I didn't love Scizor. Scyther was cool enough, but then we got its evolution. Scizor is awesome. It's design is probably my favourite of any Pokemon, and technician makes it over powered. Technician bullet punch with a swords dance up, will kill. I enjoy using Scizor, and raising them too.

    5- Ninetales
    The first generation was cool, but some of their Pokemon were...weird (Voltorb, Electrode, Muk, ect...) but there was one that stood out the most. Ninetales. It's a magestic fox that can curse people. It's amazing.

    4- Lucario
    From its mega, to its typing, to its design and design origins, Lucario is amazing. It's too overpowered with its mega too. I love Lucario in every way, but it's just not that good to make the top 3...

    3- Banette
    Now we're getting into the top 3. I collected plushies when I was little, and I loved them. Banette is a cursed plushie who is looking for its owner that threw it away. That's just sad. You see, I treated my plushies like they were real, and I would treat any one of them with care. I'd take in all of the Banettes, and just hug them. I'd never throw one away.

    2- Gardevoir
    As I said before, I started off with Emerald. Hoenn is my favourite region, and is home to some of my favourite Pokemon. Gardevoir is one of them. It's design is cool, it's mega is cool, it's moves are cool, and even its shiny. It's mega is even in OU. I've always liked Gardevoir, but not because of the fanart, and fandom. If the fans didn't add extra...things to her, she might've been number one...

    Look at my username, and guess what my favourite Pokemon is. It's Shaymin. Giratina and the sky warrior was my favourite Pokemon movie, mostly due to Shaymin. It's the gratitude Pokemon, but it didn't care. Shaymin is awesome. I prefer its sky form than its land, due to competitive play, and design. But I love Shaymin either way. I could go on and on about how much I love this Pokemon.
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  7. I didn't know about this thread, but I always enjoy talking about my faves, so here I go. I was pretty amused by the fact that @x0jackie0x had a good ammount of Pokemon that I thought I was the only one loving them, I know that I'm not the only one thinking abouth which Pokemon hugs better!

    10 Vaporeon: Without a doubt my fave eeveelution and the first one I got. I've always found it's design so magestic, not to mention that, just like the other eeveelutions, it's amazing in battle. I always get one in my games, after I have my Vaporeon, I start breeding eevees to get more of those babies. I remember watching the first seasons of the anime and wondering when would my precious Misty get one, I would've killed to see her with one of these gorgeous Pokemon.

    9 Spinda: It's so hard to explain why I love Spinda. I feel like it's the kind of Pokemon to make you smile with it's adorable clumsiness, not to mention it's design it's the cutest thing ever. I always have one in my Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire games, not even because of power or battles, I just adore the little panda/bunny.

    8 Jynx: This precious Pokemon needs love. I know she isn't cute, at least not in the outside but, have you read it's Pokedex entry? She's a Pokemon that's constantly dancing and giving kisses! She's a bunch of love that I seriously want in real life!

    7 Togekiss: I was so excited when I found Togepi's evolution in the Diamond and Pearl series. I wanted one really bad and my nine year old me always was always frustrates by the fact that she never got a DS to play those games. Then, I kept on wondering if Misty's Togepi would appear again after it evolved, but now as a Togekiss. Of course, this never happened, ha, ha, ha.

    6 Wigglytuf: I love singing, and therefore I've always thought that if I were a trainer I would seriously need a Jigglypuf to sing along with me. Wigglytuf is the chubbier form of the last one which makes it even more perfect. I can already picture myself singing along with a Wigglytuf on a sunday afternoon. Oh! I also love using it in double battles! It's a defensive Pokemon able to heal it's partner with moves like Healing Bell or Healing Pulse, which could give you a good resistance in one of these battles.

    5 Latias: The dragon shaped cinnamon roll. I adore Latias with ever inch of my heart. I used to watch Latias and Latios movie over and over agian just because I loved her so much. I'd love to talk about strategy but... what I love about this Pokemon is the sweet taste it left in my childhood memory, the tears I cried when she said goodbye to her brother. I love this Pokemon because of pure sentimentalism.

    4 Mawile: Powerful, gorgeous, badass... what else could I ask from a Pokemon? No more words needed.

    3 Jirachi: My favourite legendary. I adore stars and this is a star-like wish maker Pokemon. It's cute, it's powerful and it's movie is amazing. I was never able to get one in my Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire game, so it's one of my most used Pokemon in Pokemon Showdown (I don't have ORAS nor XY) and it's really, really good at competitive playing.

    2 Kirlia: I was reading that someone always caught two Gastly's, one to evolve to a Gengar, and one to stay in it's first stage. I do the same with Ralts; I evolve one to a Gardevoir and the other stays as a Kirlia. This Pokemon design is so artistic, and it's typing is absolutely fabulous. I just adore this Pokemon so much.

    1 Togepi: The first baby Pokemon and my forever favorite. This Pokemon lives to love and be loved and needs constant affection. Not to mention it was Misty's Pokemon. Forever favorite Pokemon, forever favorite trainer. This Pokemon was the reason I played Pokemon Silver (it wasn't available in Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire) and the one that made me smile everytime in appeared on the screen.
  8. Disclaimer: I'm one of those "genwunners", so you all are aware. :D

    1: First and foremost is Venusaur. I almost always take Bulbasaur when I run through my old Red version. Didn't like it at first when I started playing years ago, but after two gyms on my first-ever runthrough with Squirtle I decided to try Bulbasaur. I'm so happy I did. Great statistically and is a great do-all Pokemon- can tank, attack, afflict status, and recover. Plus the thing just looks boss.

    2: Arbok. Again, didn't like it at first, but as the gens progressed it got better and better. Great typing and movepool, and with a Coil boost it can hit hard. I like hard-hitters with good defenses/typing. And I always kinda liked Team Rocket. Jessie's Arbok is practically a comedy act.

    3: Butterfree. I always liked this one. Having status and Psychic attacks early in the game is always handy. Plus it's cute. Great design.

    4: Aggron. Again, I like bulky attackers. This guy hits like a truck and rocks on my Trick Room team. Excellent design.

    5: Typhlosion. I never liked water starters and Chikorita can be difficult to get through Gen 2 with, so after a Chikorita run I picked Cyndaquil and I have ever since. Great for sun teams and even for physical attacking. I loved it in Gen 2 for it's use of Thunderpunch. And it just looks cool. All angry-looking and stuff.

    6: Marowak. Another one I didn't like right away. I warmed up to it in Gen 6 when I bred one for funsies and threw it on my Trick Room team. THE POWER. Oh, and boomerangs. No other Poke can pull off boomerangs like this one.

    7: Muk. Big pile of sludge that can learn a bunch of different things and can take a bunch of hits. Helped me get through my Red version on my first complete runthrough. I love this guy.

    8: Crawdaunt. I really do not like water types, but this guy is an exception. Great design- it just looks so menacing. Liked it back in Gen 3 and it's just gotten better since.

    9: Tentacruel. Again, I don't like water types, but Tentacruel has been a staple in my HGSS runs. I find it can take a surprising number of hits. Plus the poison/water/ice type attacks help it cover a ton of stuff.

    10: Farfetch'd. I actually don't care much for this Poke, but since I could put a ton of different Pokes in this spot I'll give it to my greatest HM/Thief/False Swipe slave ever. Not very strong, but it is damn useful. Fly, Cut, Thief, and False Swipe all on one Poke goes a long way. I wouldn't even put it on my top ten if it weren't for it's usefulness. It's been my top pick over the majority of Gens so far for the things this guy can do for me.

    EDIT: Adding #11: Articuno. The first legendary Poke I ever caught. Helped me get through my first complete run of Red back in the day. It's sad that the bird trio aren't really considered "legendary" anymore, at least on the many favorite legendary polls I've seen. Sure, they're victims of power creep and type/attack changes over the gens, but dammit they are still legendary! Favorite legendary Pokemon and will likely always be.
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  9. MEEP, I HAVE TOO MANY FAVES. Anyways, here goes.
    1. CRESSELIAAAAA. Because it looks pretty, and I love psychic types... Also, calm mind is Bae. And in my opinion, it has a pretty good movepool...
    2. MANAPHYYYYYYYYYY. Who doesn't like that cute blue blob of blue? I mean, it's design is pretty cool in my opinion... It's moves are ok~! Anddddd... yeah. It's my second favourite type. WATER.
    4. Gardevoir..? Don't search it on the internet, though... I just avoid looking at I think in that way. It has a pretty cool design when you don't turn it into other stuff, it's mega is also pretty cool. And the 'psychic-fairy' typing is also pretty cool, since I kinda like fairy types.
    5. ABSOLoutely (sorryNOTsorry) absol. Absol has a nice design (to me), and an even nicer looking mega. It's pretty strong (in my opinion), too.
    6. G L A C E O N . It's design (OML, WHY AM I BASING ALMOST EVERYTHING ON THE STUPID DESIGNS?!) is cool, it's an ice type, and I love ice types... What else could I ask from a Pokemon like that?
    7. Stunfisk. Who doesn't like that beautiful steak-fish?
    8. Er... Out of Pokemon... THINK... Um... er... Uh... UUUUUHHHHMMMMM.... SOS... Diancie. I just like it. Don't ask. Don't even try asking me why. I just like it.
    9. Deoxys. It has 4 forms. It looks cool. It has pretty good stats depending on its form.
    10. G r E n I n J a . It looks ok. It's stats are noice. It's shiny looks kewl. And it's a water-dark type.
  10. 10. Lucario - great pokemon being a mixed attacker and a great Mega
    9. Alolan Muk - ITS SO TRIPPY
    8. Metagross - The best Pseudo legendary in my opinion
    7. Jolteon - I explained it in "favourite Eeveelution" post
    6. Weavile - cool design, great move set and when I played Pokemon Platinum she deafeted Cynthia's Garchomp WITH ONE HIT
    5. Rayquaza - no explaination needed
    4. Blaziken - great pokemon with good typing and op Hidden Ability
    3. Zygarde 100% - its freakin megazord
    2. Furret - ITS SO FLUFFY
    1. Gallade - Awesome pokemon, Awesome design, Awesome mega (well it doesn't have a super great Ability on mega but its still great) and great moves
  11. This was extremely hard to answer as there are so many Pokemon I like, and my favourites seem to change quite a bit as well. So I decided to add an 'Honourable Mentions' list as well.
    Anyway, on to my top 10s:

    1# Virizion - People who know me on here probably saw this coming from a mile away, but yes, Virizion is my favourite Pokemon of all-time. I can't exactly say why I started liking Virizion in the first place, but I guess I just felt this connection with it or something. It was mostly it's design that drew me in, and even now I still think it is a very well designed Pokemon. The colours fit together well, nothing in its design feels out of place, and overall it just looks very pretty to look at. I even think the shiny is nice, despite my dislike for pink.
    I also like its Grass/Fighting typing, which is a typing it shares with Breloom and Chesnaught, two other favourites of mine.
    Virizion may not be the most powerful Legendary Pokemon out there, but I really liked using it in White and Black2, and even in Y and ORAS. I thought it had a decent move selection, and stats.
    Another thing I like about Virizion is how in legends it protected Pokemon, and I thought that was pretty cool and it just makes it even more badass in my eyes.
    There are many more reasons as to why I love this Pokemon so much, but I think that'll do for now. I've still got 9 more Pokemon to go!

    2# Blaziken - Another insanely badass Pokemon. Blaziken has been a firm favourite of mine ever since I played Pokemon Sapphire, my first Pokemon game. Since it was my first starter Pokemon, obviously there are some nostalgic reasons as to why Iove Blaziken so much.
    I'm also a massive fan of Blaziken's design. It's awesome, sleek, and not over-the-top with details. I especially love the way GF designed its legs and face, and also its head-feathers. Mega Blaziken is nice looking as well and I really dig the fire ribbons on its arms, and the black fire-like details.
    Another thing I really love about Blaziken is how strong it is, especially with its OP Hidden Ability Speed Boost. Seriously, Blaziken is without a doubt one of the strongest, most useful starter Pokemon I've used. The only other starters I've used that come close to it is Empoleon, and possibly Samurott. Not to mention its Mega Evolution is also super powerful.
    So yeah, Blaziken is awesome, nuff said.

    3# Snivy - My favourite unevolved starter by a longshot. Snivy is cute, whilst also being super cool at the same time. Not to mention it is smug AF.
    First of all, I love its design. It has a nice colour palette, an appealing design that doesn't try to be 'sickeningly cute' like some other starters, and it always has that snobbish look on its face. It just knows it's as cool as heck. Shiny Snivy is also very nice looking.
    Secondly, Snivy was the Pokemon that drew me back into the franchise. After playing all the Gen III main-series games I kind of moved on from Pokemon a bit. Well, that was until I saw Snivy. As soon as I saw it I instantly loved it, so much in fact that I got Pokemon White just so I could pick it as my starter. Obviously I remembered how awesome the Pokemon games were and, well, the rest is history.
    Snivy may not be the strongest starter out there, and I may be pretty neutral towards its evolutions (I don't love them nor hate them), but I will always love the smug 'lil dude.

    4# Samurott - Oh look, another Unova Pokemon. It's probably kind of obvious now that I love Gen V Pokemon, unlike a lot of people.
    Anyway, Samurott is a freaking beast and I love it.
    Once again, I mostly like Samurott due to design reasons, but I also like it because it is very decent to battle with. I don't think it is amazing competitively from what I've heard, but oh well, I'm more of a casual battler anyway.
    So back on to its design and whatnot. I think Samurott has an awesome design, and I prefer it a huge load over Oshawott and Dewott. I love the colour palette GF chose for it, its badass shell armor, and its manly beard whiskers. I also appreciate how it is a quadrupled, but can also become bipedal when fighting with its, um, shell swords?
    Oh, also really, really like shiny Samurott. It doesn't change drastically from the original but still manages to be nice looking.

    5# Spritzee - My favourite little Puffy Plague Doctor Birb.
    Spritzee is like Snivy in a way, as in I loved both of them as soon as I first layed eyes on them. I remember letting out a little 'squee' when Spritzee was first revealed in CoroCoro, and ever since then it has been creeping its way up and up my favourites list. Eventually it even managed to overtake Pyroar and become my favourite Kalos Pokemon.
    My love for Spritzee comes completely from it's design, as I have never actually used one in-game before. The thing Iove about Spritzee the most is its puffiness and its adorable little, well, everything really. Though its face and little feet are especially cute.
    The fact that Spritzee is based on Plague Doctors makes me like it even more, because y'know, they're badass and all. I love how GF managed to make something so cute, round, and fluffy, and base it off something thats well known for being creepy (and awesome).
    I just hope that one day Spritzee gets the creepy Plague Doctor-themed evolution it deserves. Not that I hate Aromatisse or anything.

    6# Incineroar - I'll admit when the final evolutions for the Alola starters were leaked back in May, I wasn't overly impressed with Incineroar. But over time the heel wrestling tiger grew on me a lot (along with Primarina), to the point I wanted the leaked starters to be the real deal. To my luck, and complete joy, they were. I ended up choosing both Litten and Popplio in Sun, but guess who ended up growing on me the most? You guessed it, Incineroar. Don't get me wrong, I absolutley love Popplio and Primarina (who's even in my honourable mentions list), but Incineroar just has so much personality and character that I can't help but adore it. Heck, it even made me fall in love with Litten, who I wasn't a fan of at first when it was revealed. Now it's my second favourite Fire-Starter. I'm neutral on Torracat though, but then again I usually feel that way towards the middle-stage starters.
    Anyway, back onto the subject of Incineroar.
    So a lot of people will probably disagree with what I'm about to say here, but I freaking love Incineroars design. It's glorious. One thing I absolutely love is how they added fur on its shoulders to make it look as if it is wearing a shirt with the sleeves torn off. I also love the look on its face,
    Now onto Incineroar battle-wise. While I'll admit my Incineroar, Blitz, wasn't quite as strong as my Primarina or Salazzle, she still helped a ton during my playthrough and got me through some challenging battles. I also thought she had a decent move selection, and I loved the move Darkest Lariat.
    One last thing. I really like Incineroars Fire/Dark typing, and I'm glad GF didn't go with Fire/Fighting again.

    7# Raikou - Tigers are cool, and Thunder and Lightning is cool, so mix them both together and you get this beast of a Pokemon.
    To be honest, when I first got into Pokemon Raikou was my least favourite out of the Johto Beasts. I was always more of a Suicune fan. After seeing it in Zoroark: Master of Illusions, I realised how badass Raikou really was, and after that it didn't take too long for Raikou to become not only my favourite Johto Pokemon, but also one of my favourites overall.
    I love Raikous design, especially its saber teeth and storm cloud-like mane. I also love its shiny form.
    I've never used Raikou in-game before, but hopefully I'll be able to soon in Pokemon Sun.

    8# Lopunny - A really awesome Pokemon with an even cooler Mega Evolution. I've always been quite fond of Lopunny, but it wasn't until recently, when it got a mega, that I really started liking it. Like, a lot.
    I love the designs for both regular Lopunny and Mega Lopunny, especially the latter. I particularly love how Mega Lopunny looks like some type of female fighter. As for regular Lopunny, I just love the fluffiness of it.
    Another thing I like about Mega Lopunny in particular is its typing of Normal/Fighting. It's such a cool type combo in my opinion, and I'm glad GF chose it. I think I like it so much because I like both Normal and Fighting types.
    I haven't used Lopunny to much in-game, but from what I've experienced it seems to be a decent Pokemon, especially its mega evolution. If we do get DP remakes I'll definitely be having a Lopunny on my team, thats for sure.

    9# Salazzle - Such a badass Pokemon, with a wickedly cool design as well. Salandit always had a firm spot on my planned team, but after seeing Salazzle in the datamine, Salandits spot was now cemented.
    Ok, so firstly onto the design. I love it, love it, love it! I love how sleek she looks, the pink and purple markings on her hands, feet, and body, and the ribbons that come off of her back. She kinda reminds me of an assassin actually, hence why I named my Salazzle 'O-Ren Ishii' after the character from Kill Bill. Also I'm usually not a fan of white-coloured shinies, but Salazzle is definitely an exception, as it actually looks quite pretty.
    Salazzle, in my opinion, is beast to battle with. Sure, she may not have the best defense out there, but she can deal some pretty serious damage as I found out. I always had my Salazzle at the front of my team for this reason, and the fact that I just felt so cool using her. I thought Salazzle had a nice range of moves, and her Fire/Poison typing is not only unique, but flat-out awesome. I always wanted a Pokemon with that typing, and I'm so glad that she and Salandit were the ones to get it.
    So yeah, Salazzle is awesome AF.

    10# Breloom
    - Mushroom, Kangaroo, Dinosaur hybrid that can beat the crap out of you. Whats not to love.
    I love Brelooms design. It's just so interesting to look at, and its not just a generic looking dinosaur like some other Pokemon are. I love its little mushroom hat, and expandable arms in particular. I also love the colour palette in both its shiny and non-shiny forms.
    Breloom is also great to battle with in-game, from my experience anyway. I've also heard that it goes quite well in competitive as well. Max Jr, my Breloom in Alpha Sapphire was a beast, and I used her almost as much as I used my Blaziken. I found her to be very useful, and her movepool was pretty damn good.
    Another thing I love about Breloom is it's Grass/Fighting typing, as I stated before in my Virizion comments. It's gotta be one of the coolest typings, since I love every single one of the Pokemon that has it.
    I really hope that someday Breloom gets a Mega Evolution as well, if they even make more, that is...

    11# Jolteon - I know the title says only 10 Pokemon, but I couldn't help but add one more. Originally this place belonged to Golisopod, but since then I've realised there is another Pokemon that I like slightly more than it, and that is Jolteon, who was originally on my honourable mentions list.
    Eeveelutions are usually a bit of a hit or miss with me. If I like one, I really like it. If I don't like one however, then I really don't like it *cough, cough*Umbreon*cough, cough*.
    Jolteon is one of the ones that I really, really, really like (along with Glaceon, Espeon, Vaporeon, and of course, Eevee). Obviously, if I hated it it wouldn't be in my top 11.
    Design-wise, I think Jolteon has one of the best of the Eeveelutions. It's simple, but effective at the same time. I love how it is less 'cutesy' than it's other Eevee-evolved brethren, but at the same time still manages to have that 'charm' that people find in the rest of the eeveelutions.
    In game, Jolteon is speedy as feck. It also has pretty good range of moves, and it's attack stat is decent as well. Definitely one of the better eeveelutions out there.
    Also, Jolteon is an Electric-Type, and Electric-Types are cool.

    Pyroar, Black Kyurem, Magby, Aggron, Wailord, Empoleon, Giratina, Golisopod, Chesnaught, Primarina, Lycanroc (Midnight), Shaymin, Ho-oh, Venusaur, and Dragonair.
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  12. Honorable Mentions-
    Ampharos, Salazzle, Umbreon, Blastoise, Chandelure, Agieslash, and Gardevoir

    My top ten favorite Pokemon are
    10) Absol- That first time I caught an Absol in Pokemon Emerald was amazing for me. Absol just has this mysterious design and it's a doggo (I think), and who doesn't love doggo's. Absol was also the first time I considered breeding to obtain a shiny Pokemon, I still have the Shiny Absol to this day.
    9) Dragonite- The reason is simple, I love Derp Dragon (What I name all my Dragonites).
    8 ) Jolteon- Each time I play Pokemon, I explore every inch of an area, just because there are items and other cool stuff. When I played FireRed and I arrived at Celadon City go to the back of the Celadon Mall place (I forgot its name) I was so excited to find an Eevee and then I would buy a Thunderstone only to evolve and use it because it was a beast. He was the one who defeated Team Rocket all on his own.
    7) Espeon- I know that most people prefer Umbreon than Espeon, but I always chose Espeon instead. I never really played Pokemon at night when I was younger because I would've passed out, and I never knew Eevee could evolve into two different Pokemon. I just like Espeon more because I spent more time with it. Heh, nostalgia I guess?
    6) Hydreigon- I am part of the group of people who actually enjoyed Unova. Sure there were terrible Pokemon, but literally ever game has at least one terrible Pokemon. But every Pokemon game also has amazing... and that is no exception with Hydreigon in Unova. Its design is beast and it's the first ever Psuedo Legendary I ever caught.
    5) Decidueye- I have been waiting for another owl after Johto. The thing is that I Hoothoot and Noctowl, I'm not really into them. But as soon as the starters of Sun and Moon were released, looking at Rowlet, I instantly fall in love with it. IT WAS TOO ADORABLE NOT TO LOVE! Decidueye doesn't have the best speed, but I love it more for design wise.
    4) Greninja- I'm actually very fond of every water starters, even the ones I don't choose, but Greninja is the one that seemed the coolest to me. It's Speed and Sp. Attack are very good, and I love its shiny more than anything in the world( if this was a top ten shiny's list, Greninja would've been #1).
    3) Sceptile- Sceptile was one of the first Pokemon I actually raised up to Lv. 100. Prior to Sun and Moon, Sceptile was the only time I picked something other than a Water starter in Pokemon.
    2) Mimikyu- To tell you the truth, I actually didn't like Mimikyu at first. I was all edgy, and like, "Oh my God, not another Pikachu clone!" But then I learned to respect Mimikyu because of its backstory. It's so sad! I just wanna hug it! (and its ability is really great too).
    1) Gengar- This reason is longer than the rest, so prepare yourself. So the first Pokemon game I ever played was Silver. As I was training my starter Pokemon, Totodile. I found a Gastly, and immediately loved it for design choice. I caught it and leveled it up. As soon as it evolved into Haunter, I was stoked. But my friend told me that Haunter could evolve into something else. I was so excited when he told me he would help to evolve it. He said I had to trade in order to get it, so we used his Link Cable and we traded and traded back. That Gengar had the best Sp. Attack on my team and is still with till this day. It's name is Lavender and I absolutely love it.

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