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Who are your top 5 favorite YouTubers?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by oceanvenom, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Mine are:
    5. I Hate Everything
    4. MandJTV Pokevids
    3. Nostalgia Critic/Channel Awesome
    2. MattShea
    1. CaptainSauce

    I bet nobody has even heard of #1, but he has around 300,000 subs and is probably the funniest person I've ever seen
  2. I like all your picks!

    5. Dude Perfect
    4. MattShea
    3. Game Grumps
    2. Markiplier
    1. Jackspedicey

    This was actually a lot harder then I thought it would be XD Question: How many people had to go to YouTube and check there subscriptions to help make the list?? >_<

    (Also, I see that tag "Demonetization" XD)
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  3. I'm glad you noticed that!
    1. Ashens - My absolute favourite YouTuber. He reviews many bizzare things, including: bootleg toys/electronics/ect, cheap tat, crappy and/or horribly out-of-date food, crappy lootcrate boxes, and random old gadgets.
    2. Cr1tikal/penguinz0 - I was introduced to this guy through a thread on Reddit. Been a fan ever since. His videos are hilarious.
    3. VideoGameDunkey - Once I started choking while watching one of his videos. That's how much he makes me laugh. Wish his videos were a bit longer though.
    4. Top5s - Really interesting videos, and although some of the ghost videos he reviews are obviously fake, he still makes it entertaining nonetheless.
    5. Pyrocynical - Produces really high quality content and is pretty funny.
    Also really been enjoying Jameskii lately, mostly due to his VRchat and Roblox videos. They're pretty damn funny.

    Honerable mentions: The Boo Review, JonTron, FilthyFrank (RIP), idubbbzTV.
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  4. i don't think i have 5 favourite youtubers, even though i used to watch it often. the ones that stuck with me are jacksfilms and jenny nicholson. pretty sure you've heard about jack, but if you like star wars pleeease check jenny out. she has great videos on it. also if you happen to like my little pony. like, i don't, but the way she talks about her interests is so amusing, and interesting to listen to, and i sat through a twenty minute video of her idea of the next season of mlp, and i don't know anyyything about it. i don't even care about it. she's also pretty funny, in a seemingly effortless way, and her voice is so calming too aghh she also makes videos on other movies, books, sometimes even reads bad books/fanfics. i could watch her all day i love her. yeah, not a top 5, but i guess a top to, where jenny would be #1 and jack would be #2. i sometimes check what youtubers that i used to love posted, so to fill in the rest with random ones uhhh pewdiepie, game theory, and that channel where taylor swift would vlog on (2012 was a good time shush).
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