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Ask to Join Whisper of The Wicked Tree

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by AnimeTail, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. BEEP, BEEP!

    "Ugh...." said Blake as he woke up. He slammed the alarm clock on the floor and stood up, completing the first step to preparing for a normal day at Oakenberg High.

    Or so he thought.

    He did all the normal, hygenic tasks before putting his clothes on, and walked out of his home after eating breakfast and saying goodbye to both his parents. He was walking to school when he heard rustling in the bushes in the forest. "Who's there?" said Blake, angrily. "If you're trying to mess with me, come out and fight me!" Blake looked around for anyone who could be hiding in the bushes. The bushes began to rustle more, and Blake began yelling. "But let me warn you, I don't play around! I'll mess your face up in only 2.5 seconds!" Blake held his hands up, like he was in the middle of a high-school fight.

    The rustling stopped.

    Blake's hand came down, and he turned back into the direction he was going. Blake arrived at school, and he heard the bell ring. He ran into the school, and rushed to his locker, looking down at the paper with the number every few seconds. He finally reached his locker before he was stopped by the principal. "You are late," he said. "and so I will have to punish you with dentention after school." You could tell in his eyes that he was very serious. Blake shook in fear. "Please, Principal Burbans," cried Blake, pleadingly. "I swear I have good reason for being late!" Principal Burbans was not going to have it. "Tell that to the teacher who will stay here afterschool. I think you will enjoy the time spent there." Principals Burbans cackled as he left to his office. Blake grabbed his stuff for the first class and walked away with his head down.
  2. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Wolfur over heard the conversation between the principal and the student "wow, you really got into trouble this time.. he did look sincere" He thought, as he walked back to class
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  3. As Marduk was sound asleep in his bed, his eyelids twitched before they slowly opened, the first thing he heard was someone call out to him. "Come on Marduk! You don't want to be late for school!" A male voice called to him alongside the sound of a sizzle from downstairs.

    "Yes I do..." He thought to himself, still to tired to call down and respond as he reluctantly got out of bed and began to put on a fresh set of clothes. Once dressed, he walked downstairs and into the kitchen to see a rather chubby man cook breakfast. "Just in time, son! I was in a good mood, so I made us some omelettes." The man said as he put two omelettes on two plates.

    "Okay... two things dad. One: What's the occasion? Two: Last I checked, we didn't have the stuff needed to even make one omelette." He said as he went to the kettle to pour himself some coffee. "Ah, I checked the internet and realized a better way to make more omelettes with less ingredients." Marduk's father said with a smile as he sat down and began to eat his breakfast, Marduk slowly did the same and his eyes widened. "Wow dad... why isn't mom eating with us? This is amazing!" Marduk said as he took another bite. "You know your mother, son: She's always so busy at the office." Marduk's father said before he took another bite followed by a sip of coffee.

    Marduk shrugged and ate the last of his omelette. "Well, I gotta reluctantly get to school, I'll see you later." Marduk said as he grabbed his bag with one hand and a skateboard with the other. "Have fun at school, son!" His father called out with a wave. "I won't!" He replied with a small smile before he put on his shoes, opened the door and got on his skateboard to... skateboard to school.

    Once at school, Marduk quickly got off and picked up his skateboard. "Oh great... just in time..." He said before he shrugged and put his skateboard in his bag. Once he entered the school building, he wasted no time with his walk down to his locker which appeared to be decorated with a few Logos or little posters of Heavy Metal bands.

    "Alright... what boring lessons will I have to wait through today...?" He asked himself as he got out his timetable and leaned against the door of his locker.
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  4. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Ashley sat frowning while waiting to talk to the principal. They're going to blame me again, I just know it! It's not my fault that guy was pissing me off. He was acting all innocent as if he wasn't saying anything, but I know I heard a voice. She had punched a guy who had been annoying her earlier this morning. With her record of breaking the dress code and being violent at times, she wasn't going to be suprised if she got a suspension or even a explusion. Not like I'll care anyway, this school sucks. I mean, what kind of name is Oakenburg? She lifted her head as Principal Burbans walked in, he didn't seem shocked to see her there.

    "Punching a student because he annoyed you, again?" He asked shaking his head. "This deserves at least a detention after school today," He said staring at her. She glared back at him, as if daring him to suspend her. "Whatever, I'm not going to lecture you. You've heard it too many times, and frankly I'm tired of saying the same things over and over again," he said closing his eyes. She took that as a dismisal and got up to head back to her locker. She got out her books and headed to her classroom smiling.

    She walked in to her class holding her late note. Not bothering to hide her voice, she explained to the teacher that she got yet another detention. As if repeating itself, nobody seemed to be surprised. This was more fun at the beginning of the school year. She sat down and flipped to the page everybody was on. I wonder what today's detention will be like? She looked at the page and speed-read it. I guess the only reason I'm not expelled or suspended is because my grades are actually good somehow. But someday, they'll have to let me take a break from school.
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  5. "I swear to god Cali, I'll kick this door down." a serious of knocks grew louder and louder before a sigh could be heard from the other side of the door. Calista, who had locked herself int he bathroom, mockingly mouthed the words that she knew belonged to her older sister. One of the girl's hands messily did her hair, while the other was busy on her phone- she docked one foot on the bathroom sink while the other seemed to hold all of her body weight. With unnecessary abruptness, the girl slammed the door open and walked haughtily into the kitchen. Calista came from a big family. Two older sisters, a younger sister, and three younger brothers all sat at a large table while Cali's mother busily cooked for the youngest of the children. "Are you sure you don't need a ride?" The woman asked Calista, though she didn't so much as look away from the crowded stove top. Cali rolled her eyes and looked around for her backpack, which she promptly spotted.
    "I'm not six, mom. And last I checked my legs worked fine." Cali huffed as she slipped a beat-up backpack over her shoulder from the stair railing. The girl leaned over one of her siblings and took a piece of bacon form their plate, leaving the scene before the child could complain about it. "Peace!" Calista yelled a goodbye as she swung the door closed and let out a loud sigh, sometimes that place was just too rowdy. Calista walked down the wide dirt path that lead to her home before sloping along the paved road, the school was hardly a five minute walk from her place. As the girl walked a whisper could be heard from the greenery on either side of the road. Cali narrowed her gaze before shrugging and filling her ears with a set of ear buds as she began blasting music. Calista nodded along with the tune and tucked her hands in her pockets. Upon arriving at school, Cali kept her music on, strolling towards her locker with the sort of causality of an entitled teenager.

    Alvaro couldn't get enough of whoever he was on the phone with. The boy could barely breathe between his own explosive laughter, and he would occasionally ignore the road for a moment as he was so engrossed by the story on the other side. Alvaro's car was slick and shiny, it matched the handsome grin that plastered his face. He held the phone against his ear using his shoulder, while both of his hands steered towards his school. "You kill me." the young male chuckled before taking a deep breath and putting the phone away. Alvaro's content smile stayed just where it was as he parked his car. Throwing his backpack on and running a hand through his hair, Al met up with a group of friends by the front of the building. A group of friends was sort of unspecific for Alvaro. After all, he was practically friends with everyone. Walking into the building, Al parted ways with the group of students and licked his lips. "Harsh-" Al chuckled as he watched the principal attack Blake before moving on to the next student. The other boy who was previously scolding sulked away, the poor kid probably wasn't much used to detention. Alvaro smiled in good humor before suddenly realizing something: if Blake was late, that meant Al was late too!
    Alvaro smiled slightly as the principal stomped towards him. This man preyed on children, he simply loved seeing them shudder. He was also the only adult in the entire school who Al hasn't been able to charm. Alvaro turned the corner with a hum as he carried on to his classroom.
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  6. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    After reading a book . Wolf decided to raise his hand and go to the toilet, when he did, two other people came in and harassed him, they punched Wolf while Wolf kicked them in the groink, immobilizing them, but to his misfortune. The principal was there, "i always thought you were better than this Wolfur... detention after school" he said, then left. Wolf came back and told the teacher he had detention, wich surprised her.. then he sat back to his seat

    ((I really just needed my character to get detention SOMEHOW))
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  7. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Jae walked into class late with a bruised cheek forming on his left cheek. His outfit was a little ruffled up, but other than those factors, Jae seems clean. Albeit, he was one of the few students to either arrive late or not in class at all. The teacher stared at him with a stern look. "Excuse me, Mr. Kim. I see you don't have a tardy pass, meaning your tardy is inexcusable." The female teacher snapped at the young male despite it being still kind of early in the morning. The other students peered at Jae, some looked frantic and worried while some were bemused at the situation displayed before them. "For rudely interrupting class and coming in late, I'm going have to give you detention for this behavior Mr. Kim."

    The look of Jaehyun's face read pure fear. "B-but m-miss," Jae stumbled over his words, still in shock that he got detention so early in the school day. And clearly the teacher was still unpacking her bags, meaning class wasn't "rudely" interrupted by him. And not to mention it's one of the few times he was late. "I-I was literally punched in the hallways m-miss." Jae's eyes started to well up, frustrated that he can't explain his situation. "I-I was in the restrooms t-to clean up before heading to your class." His hands frantically moved about, but especially to show the bruise on his left cheek.

    "I don't want to hear it Mr. Kim. Your tardy is inexcusable. And even if you were physically hit, I wouldn't use that as an excuse to be late to class mister." Her eyes shot daggers at Jae, not willing to back down from this confrontation. "You still have detention."

    At this point, Jae's tears were visible, but he wasn't full on sobbing. Frustrated at his teacher's care, or lack of care in this case, Jae walked to his desk with his head down. He audibly heard the stifled giggles from some of his classmates and he could feel the stares on him. Sitting down at his desk, smack dab in the middle of the classroom, Jae tried to concentrate, he really did. However, the bully he had confronted in the morning had his mind lingering on what the hell would a person he didn't know much about punch him out of a random chance.

    Jae was already late as it is, only five minutes until he has to be in his seat by the time the bell had rung. On the way, he had passed by a blonde girl with some red-orange hue highlights paired with some revealing clothing. He slowed down a bit to catch his breathe and put away some stuff into his locker. After accomplishing his packing, he was about to go to class with practically two minutes left. He looked at the female, who looked a bit younger than him, most likely an underclassman. 'Shouldn't she get to class?' Jae initially thought to himself. 'But with that attire? She'll get in trouble by staff.' Or Jae did think he said it in his mind, but next thing he knew, he was knocked to the ground with a swift punch to his face. Jaehyun quickly clutched his injured cheek, tears welling and threatening to fall, but not reacting much from the initial shock of what had happened. Grasping the situation at hand with the bell finished ringing for the first class of the day and a staff calling out the bully and him in the hallways, Jae quickly gathered his belongings, with tears streaming his face, and rushed to the restrooms.

    "Mr. Kim!" The teacher practically screeching at him. "You come to my class late and have the audacity to daydream while you're at it? You have gained yourself another detention." Jae internally groaned at himself before finally refocusing to the class lecture.
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  8. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    Richard was excited, he was gonna meet new friends, new teachers, new classmates, new everything, he thought while getting ready for school", but one thing was still missing "BREAKFAST!!!" Richard shouted, he went down to see his mom, "good morning mom", he said in a hurry, while eating his breakfast, "dear heavens, aren't you forgetting something, young brickenden" his mom said, "yeah yeah, i know "never be weird in school like you did last year" Richard imitated his mom while saying goodbye, "SPLENDID, of you go now, chop chop!" his mom said in a hurry, "bye, i love you!" Richard shouted, he ran to the school hoping to see people, but no, he didn't , "oh no, am i late?" he said nervously, he went to his locker which is neat and tidy, well... before, "what happened to my locker!?" he whispered to himself, but the lock was broken, well at least he's gonna learn some new stuff, .... right?
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  9. Tanner glanced over at the student sitting next to him. Well, it was good to see that a) The teacher was definitely super... Strict to everyone and b) that he wasn't going to be stuck in detention with only a bunch of delinquents that would beat him up. 'Mr. Kim', as the teacher gad called him, looked relatively normal. If not a little ruffled. Then again, Tanner wasn't one to talk. His clothes were a mess, and he was soaked with sweat. In an attempt to get stronger so he could face off against monsters, Tanner had started his mornings with going on runs. This morning, he hasn't been able to clean himself off before he made it to class, and the teacher was... Less than pleased. Gave him a detention for 'daring to show up for class in such an unsightly manner'. Well, Tanner couldn't blame her. He did look like a mess. Tanner gave Jae another glance before quickly turning his attention back to the teacher, his cat ears twitching nervously. He didn't need another detention. Oh, good lord... What was he going to say to his parents?
  10. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    just as Richard wahocked and he had lost his balance, Richard fell and landed on the teacher, he got up embarrassed, "i'm so sorry, i am so sorry", he pleaded, "running downs going to his class, he heard the bell ring, "oh no, i am late!" he shouted while running down the stairs, a teacher heard this and went to check what the problem is, Richard was s the stairs, and shouting!?, detention now!", Richard was confused, "b-but i just got here and-", before he could even know it, he's already in detention.
  11. Marduk looked up as he heard the school bell ring and groaned. "That better not be the late bell..." He muttered as he grabbed his bag and immediately race walked down the hallway to his class, he would have ran but he learned the hard way that there was no running in the halls. He didn't like the teachers at the school either; they were extremely strict and acted as if they were royalty to peasants, once he stepped into his classroom, he was met with a loud voice. "You're late! Detention after school!" The teacher shouted as he pointed his ruler at Marduk. "Seriously? It's only been two minutes and you're giving me that of all punishments?" Marduk asked.

    "What better punishment for the horribly tended man being pointed by the end of this ruler?" The teacher asked rhetorically whilst Marduk simply put his hands in his pockets. "Which end?" Marduk asked with a smirk which caused several of the students in class to snicker at his joke whilst the teacher growled. "Just sit down and get your book out, then enjoy your after school detention." The teacher said as he pointed his ruler at Marduk's desk, to which he sat down at. "Oh don't worry, I won't." Marduk said with sarcasm as he got out his book and reluctantly got started... but mainly waited for the school day to be over with so he could go home...
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  12. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Ashley looked down at her fist, checking to make sure it was okay. It didn't hurt, but pain was weird for her. There were minor injuries, nothing that wouldn't heal. She looked up as a guy walked back in muttering something about him getting detention. She eyed his injuries as he walked back to his seat. Strange, I never thought of him as to type to partake in fights.

    A little while later, another guy walked in with injuries. Oh, he's the guy I punched this morning. She continued to watch as a cat guy and another guy got detention. They all look so surprised? "Detention isn't even that bad," she muttered under her breath. But, I really do have to start remembering the names of my classmates. I wonder why most of them were late though?
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