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Which system(s) get most of your money?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Jan 25, 2007.

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    A lot of us own multiple consoles and handhelds, but we don't necessarily own the same amount of games for each or buy as actively for 'em. So, on average, which system(s) do you find yourself buying for the most? (Not counting the dead platforms obviously)

    I would have to say that, for the moment, DS is probably the system that gets most of my focus. A part of it is the cheaper prices - I feel less guilty buying a DS game full price than I do a Wii or PS2 game - but it's also because it simply houses more of the games that I want. This past fall, DS totally raped my bank account while I picked up only a few 'must have' titles for my consoles. Plus, it's handheld, and being someone who travels a lot, I enjoy having an extensive handheld collection (been no different since GB days).

    What about the rest of you? And before anyone asks, PC counts.
  2. Game Boy
    1 game (once every 7 years, 3 months)
    =app. 0.08 cents/day

    Nintendo 64
    1 game (once every 8 years, 8 months)
    =app. 0.5 cents/day

    1 game (once every 14 years, 1 month)
    =app. 0.1 cents/day

    PlayStation Portable
    2 games (once every 6 months)
    =app. 28 cents/day

    3 games (once every 13 months)
    =app. 5 cents/day

    Game Boy Color
    4 games (once every 5 months)
    =app. 3 cents/day

    4 games (once every 15 days)
    =app. $3.33/day

    PlayStation 2
    11 games (once every 6 months)
    =app. 28 cents/day

    32 games (once every 2 months)
    =app. 83 cents/day

    Nintendo DS
    38 games (once every month)
    =app. $1.09/day

    Game Boy Advance
    40 games (once every 50 days)
    =app. 79 cents/day
    All games
    137 games (once every 38 days)
    =app. 94 cents/day

    Am I organized or what? You can see that I've owned more games for Game Boy Advance than for any other system, but Wii games take the most of my money. It's mostly just the launch excitement, and I expect Wii to drop below DS rapidly, and for DS to get higher as it overtakes GBA.

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