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DPPt/HGSS Which should I use? Blastoise or Politoed?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by FullmetalSasuke9, May 26, 2007.

  1. I can't choose between using Blastoise or Politoed for my team. Which do you think I should use? ???
  2. Read the Rules no double posting. You should use Blastoise by the way
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    Y'know, acting like a mod isn't going to win you any favours, and you of all people really doesn't have the right :p

    Anyways, I moved this to where it's more appropriate and you're likely to get better help. First warning. Take note of forum descriptions when posting a new thread.

    And a question: is this a competitive or in-game team? If competitive, you'll need to post the rest of your Pokemon and maybe some movesets so people can know what to suggest. Both Blastoise and Politoed have their uses under certain circumstances.

    If it's just a question based on popularity, though... Eh. I like Blastoise more, but I've never properly trained a Politoed.
  4. Blastoise Base Stats:

    Politoed Base Stats:
    Movepool:politoed can potentially have a HUGE movepool,this one goes to politoed.
    HP:politoed again.90>79 and 384 max hp can give some decent subs.
    ATK:Blastoise.83 Base attack+skull bash added to that sweet defence is awsome.
    DEF:Blastoise.100 defence is d*mn good compared to 75.
    SP.ATK:politoed barely. why does it torture us so?
    SP.DEF:Blastoise barely.Politoed might no be so bad after all.
    Speed:Blastoise.another close call.
    Overall verdict:Blastoise takes the cake.Heres the suggested moveset:
    Blastoise @ Wacan Berry/Leftovers
    Suggested Nature:calm
    Mirror Coat/counter
    Flash Cannon
    Ice Beam
    I based this off of serebiis third generation potw style blastoise with a twist.I hope this works ;D

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