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Which real-life place would you like a future Pokémon region to be based on?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Toastie, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. We've recently, in the pre-release of X and Y, had the fact that Kalos is based on France shoved in our faces on numerous occasions (like in that artwork in which someone is holding a baguette). However, with Unova being based on New York as well, it raises an interesting question: where next? Assuming Game Freak continues to base its regions on real-life places outside of Japan, where do you want them to choose?

    Personally, I'd love a UK-based region. Admittedly, I live in the UK, so I'm probably a bit biased, but I think it has such a rich history that it would be great for inspiration. Not only do you have the Celtic and Medieval cultures, which I think are amazing visually (although, to be fair, they aren't confined to the UK), but also some great architecture which could be shown off properly with the 3D environments we now have on the 3DS. I think a Pokémon Crystal Palace or Winchester Cathedral would be pretty spectacular.
  2. I think a place based on Hawaii or the Galapagos would be cool. Something like a tropical climate with pokemon to match. There would also be multiple volcanoes.
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  3. I think Scandinavia/Finland/Iceland might be nice they've got nice history and are nice looking.

    I actually think somewhere like Brazil or Argentina might be nice with all the treacherous mountains and the rainforest and then they've got interesting things like the Rio carnival and a decent culture.

    Or maybe Guatemala or Peru and have something revolve around Machu Picchu and Aztec temples and the like.
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    I rather like the idea of a region based on Hawaii or any other set of massively isolated islands full of unique insular evolution (I've actually worked that element into my own personal fan-region, complete with several species based on creatures found in such habitats!).

    But this brings to mind a rather obvious option - New Zealand! Small, insular, featuring many unique species and multiple climate zones that could serve as habitat for many a species of Pokemon that already exist (and since this is a fictional world they could be not-invasive-species-destroying-the-local-biodiversity like... a lot of species are in real life). Plus, considering how utterly fscking gorgeous NZ is, a region based on it would look amazing with the right sort of graphics!)

    Another option that comes to mind is Canada. There is too much gorgeous in Canada that could be region-ized. Actually, I think Katie had a vague fan-region that was based on it? Moose, Loon and Beaver starters or something for extra stereotype value? XD
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  5. I think this is an interesting topic to ponder over. I really like the idea of Scandinavia or New Zealand (it is f*cking beautiful), but maybe just Australia and the Oceania in general. It would give tons of great places for new Pokémon to live, plus think about it.... Antarctica! Wouldn't Antarctica be one of the coolest places to visit in Pokémon, along side the new 3D graphics it would look just amazing!

    By the way, Unova wasn't just based on New York but America in general. What with Braviary being a f*cking red, white and blue bald eagle and Bouffalant being a buffalo it seemed pretty obvious. Iccirus City was based on Alaska and Humilau City was based on Hawaii.
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Bulbapedia, right there. The Unova region IS based on a specific area of the US in terms of design, but does have some traits of other areas plus a healthy dose of fantasy geography.
  7. Also true, but some parts of Unova are very different from New York entirely. There are mountains in Unova but not in New York. Although, the Appellation Mountains are near New York (state) they are not in it. I appreciate that you corrected me though. I will remember that next time. :)
  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hence "plus a healthy dose of fantasy geography". NYC doesn't have a massive blasted desert in the middle of it, either. XP But this is getting quite off topic. Enough derailing. Back on topic, folks!
  9. I say Ireland could be an Interesting Place to go to, especially in a Pokemon Game. :)
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  10. I'm going with Australia which is awesome in and of itself, but I picked it for the Great Barrier Reef. Dive has been criminally underutilized over the years what with the barren landscape. BW2 -tried- with the Marine Tube, but I would love if they actually put in some beautiful dive routes with Corsola-built reefs and oceanic Pokemon swimming around. I'm hoping Kalos surprises me or that they do this with the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire.
  11. I'd like a region based on London, England. We have some pretty cool landmarks which I think would look awesome in the pokemon games. :3
  12. Oooh you guys listed some good ones: New Zealand, Australia (Great Barrier Reef PLEASE), Canada, Hawaii, it all sounds awesome~

    Personally, I kind of wouldn't mind seeing a new region based on either those places, or like an area in Africa (Nile River, African Plains, Pyramids?) or South America, or Mexico even, especially lower Mexico/Central America so we could get some Aztec mythology up in this piece. Quetzalcoatl legendary, anyone?

    One other place I would really like to see is a place like Italy, specifically Venice.
  13. Wait, the regions are based on real life places ?!!?!?!?! XD

    i would say one based off of someplace like hawaii. Hmmm i cant think of many other places, I think I would also say,like others have said before me london or italy or someplace like that.
  14. The first 4 regions are based of regions of Japan, Unova is based off of New York and Kalos is based off of France.
  15. I really like the idea for an island-heavy region-- I also have a lot of nostalgia for underwater routes and so on, so a region with lots of small islands and reefs to explore would be awesome. The only danger is the random encounters getting very tedious and too many water-type pokemon.
  16. I wanted a France-based Pokémon. They did it. \o/
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  17. I'd like it to be based off of upper Asia, Australia, or Africa. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh are based off parts of Japan. Unova is based off New York, and Kalos is based off France. A upper Asia, Australia, or Africa based region would add so much variety and scenery. :)
  18. One word- Chicago.
  19. Unless there's any country that's either of pokémon-related significance or hinted by Game Freak, I think the next pokémon game we'll take place in either Hawaii or Canada since those are where the last two World Tournaments took place.

    (Personally, out of these two, I'd rather they'd make Canada the next region since I'd love for them to make Stratford one of the cities that's home to a gym, I've been to Stratford several times to attend the Shakespeare festival, so this'd be a bit of sentimental nostalgia for me. Plus, it'd be even more awesome if they made either the Avon Theatre or the Festival Theatre the gym)

    Also, if the rumors of a new region in the third Gen VI game are true, I'd say it'd either be another area of France or some European country close to France like Germany, Spain, Italy, or the United Kingdom
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  20. I would like a region bassed off some island too, or a state with island like Italy or Greece..
    Well, Greece more, just because I fell in love with that country the moment that I came to it! It has allot of islands, and the biggest one is so beautifull!!
    Maybe they could make a region like that, with the League on the biggest island or something like that..
  21. Wish it would be in philepense (srry dont no how to spell) the pokemon would help out in the typhoon ... i also want a uk based 1 it would be cool travelling the whole of gb!
  22. I agree.
    A UK version would be great,sure it may look odd but with history background it makes sense to me.
    There's a lot of cool landmarks and I can see a lot of ideas for both landmarks and pokemon names.
    For example The Big Ben Clock tower could be named...i don't know,Huge Hugh?
    And for Ireland There could be a pokemon based on a Clover.
    And for a team?
    Well with many people in the past trying to conquer England and with them traveling to other countries for trade,don't know if it's good or not but I'm thinking of the team being called Team Plague.
    But that's just me imagining,I'm sure Game Freak have better ideas if they ever do a UK based region.
  23. Was reading up on some stuff and I came across Socotra and it's pretty interesting plant life and thought it may be interesting plus I hear they have coral reefs. It's fairly uninhabited as far as I'm aware so cities maybe a bit limited
  24. I'd say a South American area, like Rio De Janerio and the Amazon.
  25. Cotonee, if it was in Brasil, then rival team would be a gang of traffickers that use oddishs, the base would be in a slum. But a amazon legendary is a good idea.

    PS:I'm Brazilian.
  26. Think of the Amazon river as well.
  27. Like some other users, I like the idea of a region based on isolated islands. Hawaii, The Galapagos, Madagascar, New Zealand (I just hope it doesn't get paired with Australia as a region…). There's a lot of unique diversity in the animals and the geography, so they'd be pretty cool to explore.

    A lot of the other countries metioned also sound pretty cool too, but some would have to be broken down to to a smaller area (e.g. Canada, US, Australia) for being too large to fit entirely into a region. Queensland, California or British Columbia are places I'd like to see made into a region.
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  28. Hmmm... Hawaii or a made up region that has 2 bunch of islands. You couldn't surf to the next islands ,you'd have to take a ferry. Maybe throughout the game you acquire like 3 different ferry passes. If you don't beat a certain gym on a certain island, you can't move on to the next because the gym leader would've given you the next ferry pass as well as a badge.
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  29. For some reason, I'd like somewhere in Central or South America, because RAINFORESTS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL and there would be lots of rainforest-like pokemon (poison dart frogs, macaws, etc.)
  30. I would say some were in the Americas would be awesome something new and awesome would be South America from the rain forest in Brazil the Andes mountains that run thru the continent or the Galápagos Islands would make a great rare pokemon the origin of evolution would be great but what ever they choose it would be a great new adventure that pokemon give us with the introduction of a brand new region and the different pokemon each region have
  31. i sort of want a northern country just cause i like snow and stuff but central or south america would also be really cool
  32. I would like a region based off the UK but that's probably because I'm from the UK.
    I think a region made up of islands would be cool. Like the Orange Archipelago but in the games.
  33. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

    I'd like a region based off of Alaska-or just somewhere snowy. Poke-snow would be really cool.
  34. A region based on Australia would be amazing! The beautiful country side, with the right graphics, would look epic. The main city (Like Lumiose, Jubilife and others) could be based on Sydney. If they had a place based on Uluru that would be awesome.

    Anyways, think about the new Pokemon species would look utterly fantastic. Pokemon based on kangaroos, wombats, koalas and emus would be awesome. Legendaries would be awesome, too.

    Hope Australia gets noticed this time around!
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  35. Either Britain or Greece. I think they can pull some great mythological pokemon from Greece, such as Chimera, Pegasus, etc. Britain/UK, I don't have a clear answer, but I don't know, it looks cool with its landmarks, and... Things. (Pardon me, not from the UK<.>) But I think overall, anywhere would be amazing! ;)
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  36. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

    ooh what about India? I'd like a pokemon region based on india . . . the tropics . . . and such
  37. How about Iceland? All those volcanos and stuff would be awesome
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  38. truthfully? Rhode Island, I think a pokemon game based off Rhode Island would be perfect, we have diverse areas , a couple islands and its small enough to be a whole region, if there has to be added stuff, throw in a little of Boston in it
  39. Personally, I'd like to see a region based on the area around the Mediterranean Sea, and not only for its temperate climate with numerous scattered islands of different cultures and lifestyles, like most people above have been tickling for. The sea is surrounded by unique lands on all sides, with European lands famous for beach hotels and cold-cut dining, Middle Eastern cities acting as centres of trade and cultural melting pots, and vast deserts with people hugging to the shore or making nomadic trips across the unexplored sands. I feel like this kind of region would be very feasible for a pokémon game.
  40. The Sonoran Desert area of the USA. You could have a lot of history there.

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