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Where would you live in the Pokemon World?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Lycaeus, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Pretty simple question.

    Where would you live and why?

    I would probably live in either Sandgem Town, Sinnoh or in the Battle Zone of Sinnoh. Sandgem because it's a small town just like the one I really live in, or Battle Zone because you can live there and I'd be able to train my team daily(:

    Otherwise maybe Fortree City in Hoenn because I think living in a tree would be so awesome.
  2. Dia


    uuuuwa....such a hard question DX
    There are so many neat places to choose from...Hopefully I can just choose one from each region? :'D

    For Kanto I would most likely have to choose Fuchsia City or Lavender Town! I love Fuchsia because of the safari zone and Lavender town because of the super-creepy Pokemon Tower I would DEFINITELY loooove to explore :3

    For Johto it is suuch a hard choice since it's my favorite region. If anything I would just have to choose Mahogany because it's just a nice little ol' town with a badass lake, plus it's just an ice path's away from Blackthorn :D

    For Hoenn I don't really know :/ hmm...perhaps Pacifidlog, for the sea ♥, or Petalburg, for the forest/nature stuffs.

    Sinnoh...honestly, I didn't really like Sinnoh all that much I'm sad to say :/ I guess I'd pick Snowpoint. I love snow+cold weather+ice pokemon so I'd be pretty cool ;D
  3. I've always wanted somewhere tropical to live, but since they haven't incorporated an island with palm trees and all, I'd pick either Pacifidlog or the one of the Oceanic routes for a secret base.

    I don't know why, I've always hated too many buildings and not enough Tropic, and I hate too much country without any Tropic. So, why have a sea of trees and buildings when you can have a sea of water to wake up to every morning? Plus, if it was real, I could always use a flying or water type to go back to shore.
  4. Sootopolis City hands down. First off, how badass would it be to say you live in a deceased volcano? Plus, you have to Dive through an underwater cave to get there. I don't know, it's always been my favorite town in all of Pokemon.
  5. I would live in Fuscia city, because of the safari zone.
  6. Hm.... I would probobly either live in the Resort Area in Sinnoh because of the villas and the Ribbon Syndicate, or Mauville in Hoenn because I love the game corner and the bike shop, plus it has a underground version of itself. :p
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  7. I'd go for either the Resort Area, because of all the purrty houses or Mossteep City. It's set in a lovely location, well populated, got it's own bloody SPACE STATION, and has some cool pokemon surrounding it.

    P.S: Stop the spam. It clogs up the internet.
  8. I would live at any of the battle frontiers
    why? because the battle frontier is cool!!!
  9. I'd live on a Ranch with all my pokemon on the little spire of land you see on the map below route 123 (Or wherever) in Hoenn. I'd live there with all my pokemon and have my best friend stop by a few times. When I decide to go out adventuring I'd give my friend full control over the ranch. I'd love Hoenn cause it's nice and sunny and warm and I'd have special areas for all my pokemon. It'd be so fun, and I'd be able to leave for great amounts of time and then come back. It'd be near the beach, just cause it can. For describing purposes here: I'd have it around west-south-west (Or a little bit above south west) of route 123, on the land that juts out. It'd be by the beach, and I'd get great views from the cliff nearby, able to see Sootopolis in the distance. There'd be a tree on the cliff, and the setting sun would be beautiful. There is one big farmhouse where all the pokeballs for the non-out pokemon are stored, a smaller house next to it where I live, and where all my pokemon are free to roam. There's a fence for looks, and a night lamp for my night pokemon.
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  10. Ecruteak City, Sootopolis City, Fortree City and Snowpoint City are probably my favorites.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Fortree and/or Snowpoint City all the way. Those are definitely two of my favourite locations in the gaming series, too.

    Alternatively, I've got a fond appreciation for Blackthorn City and Celestic Town. Both of them have lots of history and are situated quite high up in the mountains surrounded by trees, rivers, waterfalls, etc. I'd probably be quite happy living in either of 'em or one the two cities mentioned above. ^^
  12. There's two places for me, one would be Fuschia City because it's a very nice and peaceful town, I love poison types and if I were in the Pokemon world I would be training in the Fuschia Gym trying to become a Gym Leader.
    Ivysaur would be my top guy (hopefully, lol)
  13. i would like to change my anwser, i would live in the Isshu Region in Hunn City, its like the Providence,RI of Pokemon!
  14. I would live Olivine City in Johto region because it is so close to the Ocean and has an awesome gym
    If I lived in Kanto it would have to be Safforn city because it has an awesome Gym leader.
    If I lived in Hoen I would live in Fortree city beacuse it would be awesome to live in the trees.
    If I lived in Sinnoh it would have to be SunyShore city because it's the only city that has Solar panels.
  15. I would live in Cherrygrove Town. Why? Johto is my favourite region, and it is filled with pretty flowers. :))
  16. I would live in Goldenrod City.

    As a person, i would love to be surronded by all the city life and all the people.
    As a trainer, it would be great with the GTS close by.
  17. I would like too live in solaceon town or pallet town why cause sin solaceon ican see pokemon breeds in pallet town i want to live there cause its like my own town
  18. I would live in the Hoenn region Where? Sootopolis City or Fortree city. Why? Because sootopolis cave of origin is an awesome place to train while fortree has a awesome gym leader. Plus you get to live in trees!
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  19. hmmm. I'd live either in Mistralton City, Icirrus City, or one of the Sevii Islands. I like islands
  20. Nimbasa city where alot to do, or Fortree city so you can live in trees
  21. This is a really tough decision. I love Nimbasa due to all the fun stuff to do, but Veilstone has the exciting big city atmosphere. Hearthome has a big city feel tempered with small town caring. Sunyshore has the alternative energy. Blackthorn has a ton of history behind it.

    After debating the merits, I believe I would end up at Sunyshore due to its size, its proximity to a more wild environment (the ocean), its alternative energy use, and the awesomeness of its design.
  22. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I would most likely live somewhere is Hoenn because I like the warm climate and natural beauty of the region. While every city and town has its perks, I've narrowed my choice down to either Lilycove or Fallarbor Town. Lilycove is right on the water and I absolutely love the ocean! ♥ Fallarbor is a nice quiet town situated between Route 113 and Meteor Falls which are probably two of my favorite locations in the entire Pokemon world.
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  23. Verdanturf Town, Celestic Town, or the Village Bride in Unova.

    All 3 are really cool places and very secluded. I like the first two because they are small, rarely visited, beautiful towns by the mountains. The Village Bride is absolutely the coolest part of Unova.

    Plus, I also like Mauville City and the Daycare, so I would want to live there for multiple reasons. Also, easy access to Slateport City, the beach! I could have it all!
  24. For the longest time I would have said Viridian City. It seemed like my kind of town, not to big but not to small. Just a decently sized, easygoing community.

    With Gen. V, however, I finally have a new answer. Icirrus City. I love snow/winter, so I can't help but love this place. It's my Gen. V happy place.
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  25. In Kanto: Fuchsia City
    In Johto: Goldenrod
    In Hoenn: Sootopolis
    In Sinnoh: ....
    In Unova: Castelia City
  26. Hoenn is my favorite region so somewhere out there.. For me it'd either be Verdanturf town or Fortree city. Verdanturf because its one of my favorite towns out of all the regions, and Fortree because I love the location, and living in a tree would probably be cool. Narrowing it down, I say Fortree. I bet its one of the cooler places in Hoenn, and to me it seems like its in, if not right by the mountains.
  27. In Johto I would also like Ecruteak city...
  28. I would like to live where ever I trained in either Hoenn,Kanto, or Johto,Unova blows.Sinnoh blows too
  29. I made this thread on the old forums, and haven't replied to this one yet lol

    Let's see, I'll break this down by region.

    Kanto: Nowhere in particular on the mainland, but I'd like to live on Knot Island in the Sevii Islands because of the beach and the Mt. Ember spa. Actually I'm a big fan of all of the Sevii Islands.

    Johto: My first choice is Goldenrod City because I have a fascination with big cities and Goldenrod was my original favorite back in Silver. It seems like it would have a ton of stuff to do and it's only a short distance from a forest and the National Park. Ecruteak also gets a mention for the beautiful history and the architecture. Cianwood is another favorite of mine because it seems like such a beautiful and lonely place in the games--especially in HGSS.

    Hoenn: Shoot, where do I start? I'd be better off mentioning the places I wouldn't want to live...Verdanturf and Fallarbor Town. I'd gladly live in any Hoenn City because I'm attached to each of them in some way. Lilycove City and Slateport City are two favorites in particular.

    Sinnoh: Canalave City because it seems like such a sophisticated place and an intersection of cultures. Jubilife for being a very modernized city and being a short distance from Floroama Town--another favorite of mine. Veilstone City because I imagine to be cool and fun (what with the Department Store and the Game Corner). I'd also pick Sunyshore because it seems so upbeat and sunny. Besides, the solar panel walkways are really cool.

    Unova: I'd love to live in Nacrene City because it's so artsy and cool (although I heard it was ugly in the anime). I love how they converted the warehouses in the games. Castelia is cool because of it's big city atmosphere (see a running theme here?) I also wouldn't mine living in Nimbasa because of its focus on entertainment. Despite the fact that the city pretty much goes dead at nighttime, I also adore Lacunosa Town because it's very peaceful and looks really cool in the games. And though it technically isn't a town, I'd want to live on Village Bridge because really...living on a huge stone bridge is just cool lol.
  30. I've never thought about multiple regions, but it's about time I did XD

    Kanto and Johto are the hardest for me to think about- I never really got into them as much as Gens III-V. In Kanto, I suppose I'd hang around Cinnabar Island, but I'm really not all too sure. Johto, probably somewhere near the Ruins of Alph, because I remember the good ole' days of sitting in the ruins with my radio turned up listening to the ? ?? station.

    Hoenn's hard for an entirely different reason- there are many places that I'd be happy living in that region. Mossdeep and Fortree would probably be my first choices. What can I say, I like the idea of having a space center right outside my door. Living in trees is pretty nice too, though XD

    Sinnoh's most obvious answer is Oreburgh, which is what I answered last time. I also enjoy the library at Canalave (which I might think about if it weren't so full of holes), and Eterna is quite pretty.

    New times call for new gens, and Unova has some nice locations to its name. (White Ver.) Opelucid and Icirrus would be my favorites, although not so sure I could survive the winters in the latter XD
  31. I would have to say Fortree City, hands down. I just love the fact that it's built around and over the forest. More eco-friendly in my opinion.
  32. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Derp. Good question.

    I really wouldn't want to live in any of the established cities in Kanto. The region kind of bores me to tears, honestly. That said, I had a character who lived in a research facility southeast of Celadon, by Vermillion Bay, where there is a forest on the main map. Well, there was a lot of forest around the facility too, obviously, but eh. XD

    Johto-wise, it'd probably be Blackthorn. I tend to envision it kind of different than the for-reasons-unfathomable-to-me-sand-covered bluh that Gen IV made it to be. I picture a lot more trees and terraces and lakes. I kind of like the idea of a semi-isolated mountain location with few people, what can I say.

    Hoenn... I'm jumping on the bandwagon and saying Fortree here. Fortree evokes some very clear, powerful images in my head - the general atmosphere, the changes the city takes throughout the seasons... Yeah. definitely Fortree. No contest.

    Sinnoh. I'm thinking the outskirts of Eterna, closer to the forest than to the latest wave of new urban development. It's a lovely place, what can I say?

    Unova? White Version Opelucid and (once again, outskirts, closer to the forest than the city) Nacrene are prime choices, though Icirrus would also be frelling awesome.

    Herp derp. XD

    Also it occurs to me that this belongs in Pokémon Chat rather than in Pokémon Games Discussion - it's more of a world thread than a game thread. Very belatedly moved. XD
  33. I would live in snowpoint city. Winter is my favorite season ,right after summer, and it's always winter there. Although Snowpoint is a quiet town, I would still love to live there.
  34. in kanto viridian city because it has a awsome gym and i could train at indigo plato.
    in johto black thorn city because of dragon pokemon.
    in hoenn little root town so i could get a pokemon from the prof.
    in sinnoh heart home city so i could be in contests and train at the awesome gym.
  35. Kanto: Probably Vermillion because I like harbours for some reason and its the only one with an established harbour

    Johto: Ecrutreak I like the old Japanese style buildings,the kimono girls, bellchime trail, the lanturns at night and it kinda close to ruins of alph, national park and pokeathelon

    Hoenn: Lilycove has a nice name and plenty to do and plus the safari zone is near and the hoenn safari zone is my favourite and also mt pyre is kinda cool and mysterious and it has a harbour ^.^

    Sinnoh: Erm... Eterna got a whole range of environments around it and yeah I like the old chateau

    Unova: Castelia pretty much the only busy one. I like it because of its harbours, it looks like new york and it has a bug type gym (my favourite pokemon type)

    P.S the department store should be in Castelia
  36. Kanto: Celadon: Gym, Dept. store, Fuchsia city is a bikeride away, and saffron city is just a short walk away.
    Jhoto: Ecruteak: Gym, Burnt tower, Tin tower, Dance theater, short walks to Goldenrod, Violet, and Olivine.
    Hoenn: Verdanturf: I Like small towns
    Sinnoh: Hearthome: Gym, Contest hall, and Amity Square
    Unova: Icirrus: Gym, rainy days (i liek rain), snowy days (i like snow), and then there's dragon spiral tower not to far away.
    Orre: Agate: Very Peacefull village, Celebi shrine.
    Fiore: Wintown: Ranger base, and its more out in the mountains.
  37. T's hard for the simple fact that anywhere in the Pokemon world is a good place.

    Kanto: Probably Pallet Town for the simple fact that most good trainers are born there(as the manga states).

    Johto: Probably Goldenrod City. It's fairly large, quite a nice place to be, and I love going into the Radio Tower. It's probably my favorite place besides Blackthorn City.

    Hoenn: Oh god!! Petalburg, Petalburg! Love that darn place with a burning passion. Nuff said!

    Sinnoh: Hmmmm.....I'd have to go with Sunyshore City as I love how they use solar power for electricity. Also, I love Volkner as the gym leader.

    Unova: Now this one is the hard one. It wouldn't be a place...but a location. Dragonspiral Tower is where I'd spend my life probably. Dragon types are my favorite after all.
  38. For real locations in the world, either Mossdeep in Hoenn or Black City in Unova.

    Though, there are many fanmade locales I would also live in, like Doubled32's Trainer Turf or my fanmade region of Marenar.

    Then again, there is ALWAYS the Orange Isles...

  39. Kanto - Pallet Town because I want a Starter!
    Sevii Islands - (I can't believe no one thought of this) Three Places....Sevii Island 7 (because I like it there),Sevii Islands 8 and 9 because it is peaceful (for not having people)
    Johto - Goldenrod City because there are so many things to do there.
    Hoenn - New Mauville so that I can make it a city and I am the owner or I could be in Lavaridge Town so I could go to the Hot Springs and learn how to breed when I am alone :D)
    Sinnoh - Resort Island so I can relax and hatch Pokémon in a peacefull way (I could breed them there too :D )
    Unova - White Forest because so many Pokémon (not in Pokémon Black) to see and more peaceful than Black City!!!
  40. Kanto: Lavender Town / My favorite type is ghost so yeah.
    Jhoto: Ecruteak City / Cool Japanese style city with towers.
    Hoenn: Fortree City / It's a city in the trees!
    Sinnoh: Snowpoint City / I love the snow and cold weather. That and the location of a port, woods, and lake are right next to it.
    Unova: Icirrus City / The citry reminds me of Ireland for some reasons. I guess because the marsh or bog or whatever it is is next to it.
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