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Private/Closed Where the Wind Takes Us - A Historical Fantasy RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. (This is a private RP exclusive to those asked to join. If you would like to join, please contact me to get set up and find a way into the story. Current characters [RPers]: Zack Universe [Blu Ace], Devon Blade [Eeveechu151], Araminta Atwood [~Principessa~Phantom~], Mao [Twilight Nova], Edward [SismicFlareCharmander], Thomas [Baeleefconfirmed], Quauhtli "Eagle" Zuma [Hisseki], Count Arciot [hackmaster])

    "This meeting will come to order. Councilman, a resume?"
    "The city of Colchester has been in the process of assembling a force to overthrow us. Our first show of power will be to use our new weapon to destroy them all."
    "Indeed. Councilman, do you have the plans?"
    "Yes, Chairman. I took them from their hiding place at the manor to bring them here."
    "Good. Show them to the table."

    "Good. Very good. They'll never know what's coming..."

    Devon Blade walked across the manor. Edward (half-drunk, like always) had informed the swordsman that Count Arciot had summoned him to the Count's personal study. The warrior walked up the stairs to the large oak door that was the entrance to the Count's personal chamber. Vladsky, the Russian body guard, stood at the door like always.
    "The Count has summoned you." the large man said with his foreign accent.
    "Edward told me." Devon said. The bodyguard hauled open the large oak doors, allowing the swordsman through. Devon saw the Count at his large oak desk, re-reading a letter. Mao was beside him, pouring him tea. However, the Count already had a half-full glass of water. The warrior knelt in front of the man he would give his life for with the courtesy he always gave.
    "You summoned me, Count Arciot?" he said.
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  2. [Alrighty!]
    "Yes, Devon. A riot is in the process of plans. We need your assistance to stop it" The count replied to the swordsman.
  3. (I'm here to say howdily doodily so I get notifications for this until it's time for Mao)
  4. (OOC: Have you guys read the rules? You can't post one-liners or just OOC on a thread.)

    Outside the estate, a woman rode around on her mocha horse, deemed the name Elegance. She patrolled the area, waiting for the command to ride off and retrieve the young boy that would soon call this place home. Around and around on the majestic animal she went, wavy red-brown hair rising and falling along with her. She wondered what the boy would be like. I do hope he's an easy learner, she thought, continuing her laps around the building with ease.
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  5. "You know I'm at your beck and call whenever." Devon said. "Serving the noble, preserving honor, upholding chivalry, and all that follows. So what do you need?" He glanced out the window for a second and saw Mint preparing a few things. He's sending me and Mint out of the city, isn't he?
  6. Mao took a step back after she had finished pouring the cup of tea. The maid realized, cursing herself mentally, that tha Count already had a glass of water. She used a free hand to adjust her glasses, slightly nervous in the presence of people higher on the social chain than her. She always was. The red head noticed how empty the teapot was and went to the kitchen to make more. She stopped by a mirror in the hallway, looking at herself. Mao set the teapot down for a moment, attempting to fix the messy bun. She felt uncomfortable under the gaze of her own green eyes in mirror and picked up the teapot, continuing on her way to the kitchen.
  7. "Thank you Devon." The Count said. "I'm going to need you to leave town. There is a town in London, (Soon to be determined by @Blu Ace) that you will travel to. I need you to find a boy by the name of Zack Universe." Arciot explained to the loyal swordsman. "The reasons for this, I cannot explain, but as you know, I can't even leave this room without at least one bodyguard let alone the town or further, so I ask that you complete this task for me." Arciot downed what was left of his water. "Bring him to me as unharmed as possible."
  8. "Very well." Devon said. "I assume you'll be sending Mint with me, correct? And could I have a letter detailing where I must go? Also, how will I get the boy to join me?"
  9. "Right. Mint will be accompanying you. Now... where is that letter..." Arciot mumbled as he dug through his pockets. "Aha!" He said as he found a letter, slightly beat up from being stuffed in his pocket. He then handed Devon 10 gilded coins. "Here is a letter telling where to find the child and you'll need the money because his uncle is a greedy piece of scum."
  10. "Ah. The usual, then." Devon said. "I'm glad I won't have to draw my blade. I just got it sharpened and shined. I don't want blood dirtying it yet!" The warrior smiled, taking the letter and the coins. He bowed once more to his lord before setting out. He walked out the door, saluting the Russian soldier. He walked down the great hall out of the other large oak door to the outside world. He saw Mint trotting on her prized horse. "I assume you've already been informed of the mission?" he asked his friend.
  11. Mao left the teapot in the kitchen, deciding not to make more tea. She walked back to the Count, making sure her back was straight as she walked. She stood at the Count's side in silence, awaiting for a command or anything.
  12. "Sigh...." Arciot leaned in his chair and slouched. "Man... sometimes I just despise being so formal..." He said to himself. The Count then noticed Mao was in the room. She's always working so hard... He thought to himself. Dunno what I'd do without her. "Yo. Could you make some tea and we could just, ya know talk?"
  13. "R-really..? You want to talk to me, sir..?" Mao asked quietly, shifting her feet. Her face became slightly red. Her mother told her good maids were never supposed to talk, only do as their master said.

    Basically before she did the thing her mom trained her to be a maid and was all strict and such and Mao remembered it all when she applied for the job)
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  14. "Sure why not? You've been my maid for a while, and yet I don't know you very well." Arciot then noticed her blush. "Everything ok? You're getting a little red."
  15. "I-I'm fine! Just a bit warm..... I'll go get the tea....." Mao stuttered before turning and walking swiftly out of the room. She adjusted her glasses once more, as they had been sliding down her nose. (NOSE AUTOCORRECTED TO NOSEBLEED???) The red headed maid picked up the teapot, walking back a bit slowly, as it was heavier and easier to spill now.
  16. "I guess it is a tad warm in here I suppose." Arciot said to Mao's excuse. "Well, that was fast." He said to Mao as she entered the room with the tea.
  17. Mao shrugged slightly, offering a shy smile. She remembered she had already poured Arciot a cup of tea, but she couldn't tell if it had gotten cold or not. Mao set the teapot down and picked up the cup, feeling the warmth of the surface immediately and setting it back down.
  18. The Count grabbed the cup and took a small sip. "So... What's cracka lackin'?" Arciot asked his maid.
  19. From atop her horse, Araminta Atwood looked down to the male that approached her, a light smile on her face. "But of course," she replied to his question, turning Elegance around to face the stables. "The horses are ready for the journey. When shall we go?" She spoke as she walked her brown pet toward the other horses slowly, looking over to the two other animals. One was a pure white horse, named Silence, while the other was light brown with black spots, named Ashes. "You may choose your horse, if you'd like," she told Devon, gesturing over to the majestic creatures before then with a hand.
  20. "O-oh..... not much, really. I don't do a whole lot besides clean and go to the town to buy a few things.... I'm not really that interesting, sir...." Mao stuttered.
  21. "Well, I'm sure that's not true." Arciot said taken aback by Mao's lonely-like comment. "You've probably done something fun. Don't ya have friends you like to hang out with or anything?"
  22. (Sorry I couldn't respond sooner! Had to do chores.)
    "You really do like your horses." Devon said with admiration. "I'll take Ashes. And if you're all ready to go, we should leave now. It should take us a few days to get to the city."
  23. (It's on Eevee)

    Mao shook her head slightly. "Not counting the others who work here, no." (THERE IS MORE STAFF RIGHT) she sighed. "I don't really have time to do much. B-but I'm fine with it! I like keeping myself busy with work."
  24. "Huh... Man I am a terrible person to serve for aren't I?" Arciot said in realization. "Look, I think you need to get some friends to hang out with. I can't keep you from having a social life just for work. You need a day off sometime." The count insisted caringly to Mao.
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  25. Mao shook her head. "No, sir! You're a g-great person! I don't need a day or two off. I've just..... I've never really had...... real friends..... I'm pretty socially inept...." it was true. Mao never really had friends, but she enjoyed the solitude. It hadn't really crossed her mind that she could go out and make some.
  26. "Well, at least we should go out sometime. That'd be fun." Arciot offered.
  27. Mao let out a gentle, nervous laugh.
  28. "I'm serious though. We could have a great day out in town. There are some pretty good food places out there." Arciot insisted.
  29. Mao cocked her head slightly. "Are you sure, sir?" She picked up the teapot, looking at the ground.
  30. "Yeah." Arciot replied. "You have served me for sooo long I owe you."
  31. Mao looked at her feet. "I don't mind it sir.... I'm pretty used to it." She gave a shrug, giving up on saying no. She adjusted her glasses once more. They were always too big, always sliding down her nose.
  32. "Well then." The count stood up and stretched. "Thanks for the tea Mao. We'll go out in a few days. Next time I got free time for more than 20 minutes." Arciot fixed his boots then said, "And when we go out, please don't call me sir. Arciot is fine."
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  33. "Very well," Mint replied to Devon, nodding her head. Dismounting Elegance, who stood in place like the well-trained horse she was, she walked over to the stable doors, opening them and walking in. "Hello," she greeted the horses, a smile on her face. "Are you two ready to go?" Of course, she got no answer, so she simply grabbed the two by their harnesses and beought them outside. Handing Devon Ashes's harness, Mint re-mounted Elegance, dropping Silence's harness because she knew of the horse's need to run with a group- she knew he would not head off anywhere else without them. "Once you are ready, Devon, we can head off, alright?" Mint said, turning her mocha pet around and awaiting her friend's follow.
  34. Mao only knew to call Aricot 'sir.' She nodded in response to him, looking at the teapot. She tried to remember the last time she had left the manor for something that was not buying supplies, but couldn't.
  35. "Right." Devon said, mounting Ashes. "Let's go."

    The two rode on across the land for two days. Eventually, they came to an inn with a stable, and the innkeeper had been expecting them. Mint stayed behind, and Devon continued on alone with Ashes. He was getting used to the horse. After another day of travel, he came to the city of London. He found the building in less than an hour, dismounted his horse, and knocked on the door.
  36. Zack frowned. He was stuck doing homework for the next hour, he was seriously sweating heat surrounding him. He heard the Door Bell ring. He expected his Uncle to check the door, but he was too busy sleeping on the couch. There were bottles of Corona lying around the floor, some of it staining the carpet. Zack sighed, knowing he would have to clean it later. He ran to the door hoping the person on the other side was his parents.

    He opened the door frowning. It was a man in a suit. He quickly smiled, forgetting he had a guest. "Hello, what can I do for you?" He asked.
  37. "I'm here to see Mr. Universe." Zack said, his large white robe making him indistinguishable as well as hiding his weapons and face. The letter he was given had stated quite clearly that he was not to be recognized. "It concerns a boy by the name of Zack Universe."
  38. "Ohh, Mr. Universe, or my uncle is too busy sleeping." He sighed. He slowly closed the door then stopped when he heard the man say 'Zack Universe'. Zack perked up. "Wait, I'm Zack Universe. Is their anything you need from me?" He asked.
  39. "I must speak with your uncle. Please excuse me." Devon said, stepping inside. "MR. UNIVERSE! I HAVE BEEN SENT TO SPEAK WITH YOU!" he shouted, waking the uncle.
  40. Zack frowned. "Wait, you can't just come in like that!" Zack frowned.

    Joey woke up, looking around. He saw a man in a robe. "Ugh, what are you doing in my home! Are you one of Zack's weird friends!?" He asked, quite annoyed to be awakened.

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