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Where in the Pokemon World would you want to live?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Carmen Lopez, May 3, 2008.

  1. Pretty straight forward question: If you could live anywhere in the Pokemon World where would it be? (I don't think it's been done before.)

    As far as regions go: Although Sinnoh is my favorite region, it's way to cold for me. I would rather live in Johto or Hoenn. If I lived in Johto, I'd want to live in Goldenrod or Ecruteak City. If Hoenn, I'd live in Lilycove or Sootopolis City. Goldenrod because I would probably never get bored there and Ecruteak because I like the history and the legends. If Lilycove were a real city, it would probably be be beautiful. I also like the proximity to the ocean. Sootopolis because it is based on a Greek City (Santorini to be exact).

    I guess I can throw in another question: What place in the Pokemon world would you NOT want to live? I can't think of any place off the top of my head, so I'll probably be posting that later.
  2. Personally I'd like to live somewhere in Hoenn, probably on Dewford just because an island like that would be brilliant for surfing....

    To be honest, my thoughts on which areas to live in basically were decided by the pest pok
  3. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I think I'd live in Hoenn. I liked the 'feel' of the whole map, especially Fortree City. I'd love a little tree house of my own. Plus I think I like the third Gen pokemon better than most gens, I could have a little 'pet' Manectric :p

    I'd not want to live on any of the islands. I'm not a beach or ocean person (yes I'm weird).
  4. I think I would probably live in Hoenn if given a choice. The areas were so immense and there was a lot to explore. A lot of my favorite pokemon came out in the 3rd gen too, so that just makes it even better. I would probably settle somewhere around Mauville City due to my love of games, and I can imagine the Game Corner having a huge arcade in addition to the casino type games we are usually seeing. The city is located near a lot of neat places if you wanted to take day trips out to explore too.
  5. I would live in Hoenn as well, its my favourite region for both geography and pokemon. As for the city id live in Fortree or Lilycove probably Fortree though, treehouses sound like alot of fun.
  6. So far Hoenn is leading--that totally surprises me. I expected everyone to say Kanto.

    I forgot to mention my other region for liking Sootopolis. One of the NPC's mentions the night sky when view through the crater is really pretty. I would really like to see something like that in real life. Not to mention Hoenn seems like the state of Florida--you're never too far from the ocean. And I have to agree that Fortree's tree houses are cool.
  7. Going with the Sevii Islands for myself. Warm and easy to access with the readily available Seagallops makes it easy, Varities of climates and terrain, perfect for everyone cause there's lots to do. Hiking, sightseeing, hot springs, fun at the beach. That and there's also the Ruins along with some great places to have fun (The Two-Island Game Corner anyone?)

    My vote goes to the Sevii Islands.
  8. This is a tough choice for me.... Probably the Johto region. My favorite legendary resides in Johto, as well as my favorite water starter. I'd probably live in Goldenrod City ( *cough* Whitney *cough*) Goldenrod City is, well, a city (Dee Dee Dee!!) Plus it has the bike shop, which (in the game) you only had to talk to the Bike Merchant. You didn't have to save a buneary or get a voucher. Plus, Every Saturday (or was it Sunday), I'd take my Feraligatr, Girafarig, Granbull, Noctowl, Aipom, or Butterfree to help me in the Bug Catching Contest in that forest...I'd also live in Johto for the PokeGears...The Poketch can die!. LOL

    My other choice would be Sinnoh. I'd live in either Hearthome City, Floaroma Town, or Oreburgh with my pet Bibarel, Pikachu, and/or Mothim.
  9. Shino in Solaceon town it just seems so cozy.
    The daycare and easy to get ponyta are a pluse
  10. Well my first choice would be Vermillion City in Kanto. The first gen Pokemon are my favorite, and of course, I would live with my Raichu
  11. I dunno... Johto maybe. My fav. starter is there, you can get to Kanto by train or the SS whatever... Or Honen, 'cuz Flygon is there.
  12. I'd live in Cherrygrove City, it's quiet, small, and most importantly, it's in the Johto region.
  13. Floaroma town cuz I love flowers. Or any where in Johto cuz I like
    Johto alot. hmmm maybe Goldenrod or Ecruteak. Or maybe the Dragon's den.
    Thats what it's called right? Or maybe Fortree in Hoenn. Ya know what i'll be a traveler
    so I can live everywhere!!!
  14. I'd love to live in Lilycove or Hearthome, because of the contest halls. I'd bring my Giratina or Blaziken out each week and enter them in a contest.
  15. We'v all seen Kanto so, it's not exciting anymore that's why no one wants to live there.

    If I lived in Johto it would be Blackthorn City, Dratini starter from the Den anyone?

    However, I prefer Hoenn, I would live in petalberg, nice little town, has a beach haha. Or Sootopolis, interesting place that's for sure.
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Now this is one question I've debated over in my mind, and for my sanity's sake I'll keep it to in-game locations only (the Anime just has too many frelling pretty places to live, especially when the movies are involved >>).

    If I could only pick one answer, it'd probably be Fortree City. I've fallen in love with the idea of that place because, in-game-wise, it's one of the locations that seems the most in-tune with nature. I don't see it as a very high-tech or metallic place (minus possibly the Gym) - mostly wood structures - and the tree-houses and rope bridges were just a great touch. I'm sure in reality it'd be a very peaceful and laid back place, too. Living in the middle of a forest like that surrounded by nature... definitely my kind of joint.

    As a close runner-up, though, Blackthorn City would be awesome to live in for the seclusion, the landscape and scenery (I'm sure it's a beautiful place being up in the mountains like that), and the history and myths the place holds. Ecruteak would be an interesting place for a similar reason, but I prefer the atmosphere, location, and dragony-ness of Blackthorn much more. Plus, Dragon's Den? It's just one of those locations that stand out to me in the series like the Cave of Origins.
  17. I'd say Jhoto because my favvie starter is there, and I probably pick Ecruteak City, for the same reason as Carmen.
  18. PokeRad

    PokeRad Guest

    I would LOVE to live ANYWHERE in the Hoenn region. Each city has its own qualities in that region and i simply would give away anything to make that place come into the "real world". ;D 8)
  19. I would live in Kanto, Viridian City. Having been introduced to Pokemon with Pokemon Red I have an affinity for the Kanto region, and Viridian seems like my type of place, not to big, not to small.
  20. Lavaridge Town. There would be awesome fire pokemon and if I got tired or stressed,I could hang out at the hot
  21. [size=8pt]For me it has to be Hoenn, and from there it doesn't really matter what the exact location is. That region has always been a favourite of mine, though I have become rather fond of Sinnoh. While Kanto always has a special place in my heart, and Johto was one of those 'good things come in small packages' sort of games (referring to the Johto-Kanto split in the game, the two recent regions would be best suited for little ol' me.[/size]
  22. I would want to reside in Sinnoh's Jubilife City, I think, because I have lived in a big city all of my life and I just adore all of its technological aspects. Not only that, but Floaroma is just around the corner, and Hearthome couldn't be more than a two-day trip (with the help of my Pokemon, of course). Also, I just love the idea of a school that is all about Pokemon, despite the fact that it is meant for the basics. I'm sure that that teacher knows more than "An Antidote cures the Poison status of your Pokemon". It also seems really cool to have an open-building television station in your city, though in real-life I'm quite positive they wouldn't let trainers just go up and about their building happily. However, I suppose that, no matter what I do, I would have to come right back home to my Condominium-Apartment. I just want to know, because I might keep them out of their Pokeballs, where my Drifblim and Drapion are going to go. How would I accomodate a four-foot ballon and a four-foot scorpion? I hope that I get one of those really high eight-to-ten foot ceiling apartments.

    ( I just realized that Drifloon and Drapion both have four "feet". -smiles stupidly- (: )
  23. I would live in either Viridian City or Petalburg City because I just like the way they are and they seem nice for me.
  24. As my favorite region I guess I should say something about it even if I don't want to live there.

    Even though Sinnoh is a little too cold for me, I can't help but to think Jubilife City and Floaroma Town would be awesome places to live. In my mind, Jubilife is a technological wonderland and I love technology. On the flip side, I also enjoy simplicity--and things that smell nice so Floaroma Town would be perfect. Come to think of it, ALL the big cities in Sinnoh were cool.

    Hmm...maybe I should change my mind on the whole "too cold" thing. But Goldenrod and Lilycove, and Johto and Hoenn as regions, are still my top choices.
  25. I'd like to visit Cinnabar, Olivine, Lavaridge, Snowpoint, and Sunnyshore.

    Cinnabar because I love fire pokemon, Olivine because that was the only town I actually enjoyed being in Johto, Lavaridge same reason as Cinnabar, Snowpoint because I just love rolling around in the snow, and Sunnyshore because I want to see how the upper walkway would look in real life also me and Volkner are really similar.

    The place I'd like to live though is that city from the deoxys movie I would love just being surrounded by all that technology.
  26. Pokepok

    Pokepok Guest

    i'd love to live in the hoenn region especially in fortree and sootopolis.

    The hoenn region was THE best region of all due to its looks and its "hospitable" feeling. ;D :D
  27. I would live in the Sevii islands. Why? Because I always loved the tropics. It looks cool. And who wouldn't want to live there, you get to ride a boat to school!And you get to see many rare types of pokemon there!
  28. I would absolutely love to live in Snowpoint, and if I had a nice Staraptor with me, I could fly around to find a swarm of Beldum or run around with my Sneasel/Weavile...though I wouldn't be satisfied if I didn't have a trusty Swampert as a starter, which brings me to my next ideal location:

    anybody remember Pacifidlog? I think it would be awesome to live on water, especially with a community to be around...plus I just love the water, and swimming around there would be awesome. did I mention how easy it would be to get to Slateport City?
  29. Either the Southern Islands (Eon) or Goldenrod City in Johto.
  30. Kanto
    Cinnabar Island, ftw! ;D I like islands, and the Pokemon Mansion I'd like to live in. ;D
    Celadon City. I liked the shopping center.
    I've never played a Johto game....*sigh* :'(
    Verdanturf Town, because of the clean air, and the Contest Hall. :)
    Lavaridge Town. FIRE-TYPES=YAYNESS!!!!! ;D
    Fortree City. YAYNESS for trees and tree-houses!!! ;D
    Sootopolis City. Hello, living inside a volcanoe? What's better than that?
    Nothing really "interested" me there. Sunyshore looked pretty cool, though, and maybe Canalave City, because of the library.
  31. Oooh, where would I like to live? Jhoto, definitely. Hands down. I'd live love to live in Ecruetek (anywhere to be near Suicune ;D), or in Blackthorn (where I'd train a lovely little Dragonair )

    Failing that, Hoenn. But only if I could live in Fortree City (so I'd be in close proximity to where the stupid Feebass spawn).​
  32. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I've never played any games involving Johto, so I wouldn't really know.

    I would really like to live in Hoenn, though. I really enjoyed playing my Sapphire and Emerald games, and the places there are really cool. I love Verdanturf Town and Fortree the most, though. Pretty calm and peaceful-ish.
  33. Well, for me...Hmmm...Let's see, ok I got it.
    (Warning: Non-realistic dreamer on the Way!)
    In the Hoenn region. Yeah, that's it the Hoenn region. Why? Because it's the region I spent the most time with. I would really want to live in the Battle Frontier. I could buy the whole place and improve it and add new stuff to it. I also kind of like the Sinnoh region. It has the Battle Park. Heck, I could buy that too! Yeah! I've heard about Pokemon Platinum coming out and this sounds very similar to it. You know, about the Battle Park being replaced by the Battle Frontier? I could do that! I should have told Gamefreak about this. They could base the game on me! It could start like..."A guy buys the Battle Frontier and moves it to Sinnoh! Replacing the old Battle Park!" Who am I kidding...Hey, it could happen. ;D
  34. Hmmm....Johto or Hoenn.

    In Johto, I'd pick Olivine, or Blackthorne. Olivine, because it is a large city, and located on a harbor/Bay thingy. Blackthorne, because it's in the mountains, got tons of dragons, and, who doesn't love gyms filled with lava?

    Hoenn, I'd live in either Sootopolis, Mossdeep, Lilycove, or Evergrande. Sootopolis would be just plain awesome with the view of the sky from the volcanoes lip. You're close to the cave of origin too. And, it's got all that water around and in it! Mossdeep, because aside from the space station, it gave me the quiet little town feel. If you havn't been to Seville, Spain, go, it's amazing. Mossdeep makes me think of that. On the water, friendly people (You get a Beldum and a rod there) and not too big. Lilycove, because it's got the huge beaches, the city itself would be awesome, and it's not too far away from catching Absol, Feebas, and Tropius. Evergrande because it's close to the Elite four, and in the anime, seems like a nice area.
  35. For me it's inbetween Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. In Hoenn I would live in my secret base on Route 115. I enjoy the seclution of that area. In Sinnoh I would live in the Survival Area and explore the volcano that is Stark Mountain.
  36. I always wanted to post in this topic but I never actually knew where I wanted to live, but now I know.

    Fallarbor, Hoenn. There's plenty of reasons why this would be my choice. For one, Spinda. They're one of my favorite Pokemon and being surrounded by them daily would never get old in my opinion. Eventually I'd find a cool one and it'd be mine. Also, it's right near Meteor falls, that would be awesome to explore and I could pick up a Solrock or Lunatone, which are pretty cool. It would be cool in my opinion to see the ash falling from the sky, so maybe I could put on some crappy clothes and make an ash angel with my Spinda. Oh, and there's that waterfall nearby, that would probably be a fun place to go and read or something, or to just swim in.

    Fortree seems like a neat town but I wouldn't want to live there. Treehouses seem fun but not if you have to actually live in there every day. Some NPC mentions bugs flying in and out all the time... Yeck. But Kecleon would be close by, so that's a plus.

    Sootopolis would be pretty awesome, but I'd feel kind of trapped. Also, I'm pretty freaked out by large bodies of water so I would probably not want to have to swim across the water to get to the other site of the place.

    So yeah, Fallarbor.
  37. I'd live in the Sinnoh, preferbly Snowpoint City. I just love snow, and becoming warm on a hot day. Snowpoint also has a ferry to take you to the Battle Zone, which is warm (I think...), so it's a win-win.
  38. Id have to say my home would be Hoenn, the city of Pacifidlog town. I thought the whole prospect of walking on logs and platforms supported by Corsola, or so some NPC's state, would be amazing. Also, being able to see Mirage Island now and again would be great. My second best choice would have to be Snowpoint City in Sinnoh, because its so secluded, and being by Lake Acuity is another prospect.
  39. If I could live enywere in pokemon it would be in Goldenrod City of the Johto region.
  40. I would have to live in the sinnoh, more specifally pastoria city. It would be cool to live near the safari zone.

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