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Where do you live?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, May 8, 2013.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    It's been awhile since we had this topic and I've honestly lost track of where some of you call home (or simply have never known), so tell us where you live! :)

    I currently live in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and I've never known another person on this website who lives on the island. Not surprising, really. Our total provincial population is fairly tiny, which sadly lends some truth to the "everyone on PEI knows everyone else" stereotype. :p
  2. I currently live in the U.S., in Virginia. So, I'm close to the capital, D.C.

    However, in a few months, I'll be moving to Michigan, which I'm not very stoked about. In fact, the only thing I won't miss will be the crazy school schedule(because who likes waking up to go to school at 5:45 a.m.?). This'll be the first time I've lived anywhere but the East Coast since I was two.
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  3. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I live in the south east of the UK, in the middle of nowhere somewhere between Ashford and Canterbury (I can't really place myself as being in either city because we're kinda between the middle of both).

    We've lived here for almost 13 years, and although we aren't all that fond of Kent as a place, we're comfortable enough to stay considering we know where everything is and such. ^^
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Israel, somewhere in the city-infested clusterfuck that is the coastal plains. Well, at least my bioshell is stuck here for the time being. >>
  5. Around Oxford, UK. Same as its been for around 15 years now.
  6. Arkansas in the US. A quiet little state located directly above Louisiana, we are mostly known for having a population consisting of goats rather than people.
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  7. UK, Derbyshire. :D
    It's not too bad here, we still get the terrible weather occasionally, but not to worry :p
  8. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    The suburbs of the DFW area in Texas. A few miles north of Dallas, to be a bit more precise. XD

    I'll be "moving" to Austin at the end of summer, though, but it's still Texas. I haven't moved outside of this huge state for the last 14 years.
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  9. God I feel all alone now. I live way over on the west coast of the US, Washington to be precise.
    Sad thing is I've never actually left the west coast when traveling, so I don't think I would ever randomly run into anyone.
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  10. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I live in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. It's an hour to get to Vancouver by Skytrain from here.

    I've never left the province, but I have been more towards the interior, where it's usually much warmer. I hope to someday visit or be visited by someone. :3
  11. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I've spent my entire life where I am, by and large. My parent's house is in the South suburbs of Chicago (Illinois). This is my current location, however I attend a school that is actually in the city up on the North side. I absolutely adore living in the city, because even when you have nothing to do, I can just hop on the train and ride to wherever the hell I feel like. There are few things I love more than riding the train, listening to music and watching people/the city.

    I think if I moved it would be to the Pacific Northwest. I would need a drastic change of scenery, and I would not want to venture south from a combination of the heat and the people being...at odds with my own opinions on most things. >>;;
  12. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I live in Sheffield in the UK and I've lived here all my life :) It's the fifth biggest city in England and while I'm sure there's lots wrong with it, I love it here :)

    It's also fairly accessible to most other UK cities, so I've visited quite a few 'Charms members or had them visit me, so every now and then and others more often, which is great :)
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  13. Shall have to meet up with you should I ever come up haha.
  14. I live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia~

    The furthest I've ever been from home in San Antonio, Texas but I've visited places like Chicago, New York City, and Virginia Beach. Hopefully I'll get to see the Pacific Ocean one day.
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  15. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    I currently reside in Dublin, Ohio, and as I've said before, it very likely doesn't hold a candle to the real place in Ireland (not that I've actually had the privilege to go there myself...).

    Luckily, though, I'm only gonna be stuck here for another month or so. I'll be moving over to New Hampshire for college, and needless to say, I'm excited about it. I've always been a fan of the New England area, and basically the northeast in general, and most of my mom's side of the family resides around there, so it'll be nice to see them a little more often. Also, Canada will be somewhat within reach, so it'll be cool to head up there again.
  16. I believe I am the most northern of the English 'Charms regulars, living in sunny County Durham. The weather is always shite up here.
  17. Long have I been known to our veteran members be a resident of Egypt. Those days are gone however, as I now rotate between my parents home in Edinburgh, and a group-shared flat in Dundee where I study my trade.
  18. I lived in Alberta for most of my life but now I'm going to school in Toronto. Toronto is SUPER DIRTY though so when I'm done I may move back to Calgary and take care of my caaaaaaaats.
  19. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    I live in England :D I used to live in Suffolk, but I recently moved up to Leeds. I prefer it up here greatly.
  20. In my experiences, many things, especially fish and chips, are vastly superior in the North. The weather is, however, not one of these things.
  21. catolotl

    catolotl Likes Trains

    I live in Glasgow City, Scotland.

    The country with 4 seasons in one day, all year round.
    ...At least there's plenty of green to admire. ¬ u ¬ ;;
    #21 catolotl, May 12, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2015
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  22. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    I live in Kingston-upon-Thames, a leafy suburb of London, UK. Been here since 1995. It's a good place to live. Excellent shops, good schools, low crime rate, and lots of green bits!
  23. I live in Mississippi, US, where the food will give you a heart attack and the people are racist beyond reason. It's an okay place, but everyone is just so stuck in their old ways, "You're a man, you need to be out of the house working a real job in the heat so you can support your housewife (preferably your own race) and get your arm cut off without crying or showing any emotion. If you don't do these things or do do these things, you're a less than manly man! Now let's set fire to anything scientific and go mud ridin' in our ten feet tall earth-destroyin monster trucks! YEEEHAW YA'LL!" I would much rather live somewhere up north or by the sea or something, I'm surrounded by an ocean of rednecks and trees. Sure there are a few sane people here, but there are too many idiots to make it okay.
  24. Updating just to confirm that I am now living in Davison, Michigan, the U.S. What's interesting is how eerily similar it is to my home in Pennsylvania. There's so many differences between Virginia and the other two...

    Also, one new but odd thing I'll have to get used to is that everyone here calls soda "pop." :p
  25. Carson City,NV
    but i will be moving to Reno unless my mom Makes some money and finds a good job to stick with.... my poor friends:(
  26. I've lived in the Philippines for more than 12 years. I moved to South Carolina, USA for some time but I'll be going back to the former soon. Blame my parents. ⌐_⌐
  27. I nearly read Canterbury wrong xDDD

    I myself live in the United Kingdom too. UK is alright.

    I mainly live down way south though, near London. Born in Southend-On-Sea, moved to Clacton-On-Sea, and now in a few weeks, gonna be moving to Romford.

    My accent is meant to sound very Essex like, but people keep telling me I sound too posh ;w; xD
  28. i live in the beautiful, sunny, warm scotland ♥

    i've lived here all of my life and i've only actually lived in one other house apart from the one i'm in (and it's like ten minutes away). i'm from Glasgow and i have a Glaswegian accent, naturally, but it's not quite as rough as like most of my friends'? you can definitely tell i'm Scottish though. also i drink irn bru and wear tartan and i know a bunch of Rabby Burns songs sooooo

    it's not that bad here, really! it can be kinda quiet and sometimes we're still a little backwards but in general it's pretty cool. we're also not that violent. and we use lots of silly words and slang and phrases and stuff. i mean it's really cold and windy and there are a lot of hills and sometimes we speak too fast but it's ok i think.

    In all seriousness, while I do not live in West Philly, I do indeed live in Philadelphia, USA. I was born in New York City, and eventually moved here due to family financial reasons. (Which is hilarious if not ironic, given the current state of the Philadelphia School District...) As a bit of a polar opposite to Tun, Philadelphia is pretty much known for its violence (but it's mostly prominent in certain neighborhoods.) However even despite the poverty and violence, it's not actually that bad; although, that's just from my perspective because I prefer urban cities <<;

    As for accents, I apparently do have a bit of a New Yorker accent at times, but other than that I just sound like a typical Northeast American xP (My accent is definitely distinct compared to the ol' South Philly/"Jersey Shore" accent around here, though.)
  30. I was born in Haut-De-Seine, France. And now I live at my father's home, Paris.

    When I spoke in english, I have a fucking absurd accent.

    Sometimes I regret all class I miss (intellectually) in english because I didn't want to learn it.
    English's class in France are not really good... We start to learn english at 10, now I'm 21 and I'm not really proud of my level.
    But I know all my irregular verbs, yepee. The only one thing we really learn at school. \o/
  31. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Don't worry, @Noctie - when I speak French, people look at me pityingly and switch to English. That's despite the fact I read and understand oral French very well. (I would have to do some serious revision in order to write French, but I can definitely read newspapers and listen to people speaking, and understand about 80% of what's said).

    All languages are taught terribly in the UK.
  32. Oh yeah, but i heard that french is very difficult to learn. English is easier...

    Likes you, I understand english pretty well (thanks Smosh and your creepy accent, it was very difficult to understand you, but like that I'm better now >_<).

    And English is the first language in the world. I like it because like that everyone can understand you. \o/
    I really need to travel to London *___* Maybe it would be easier to me to speak in english. :3
  33. I live in southern Texas with all the nasty humid weather! :@ San Antonio, Tx is like my second home, so if I were to move anywhere it would probably be there haha.
  34. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. You know, where all tourists come in to gamble and get high. >=O I hate things like that, so this city isn't good for a nice good girl, but I wouldn't leave because I've made great friends. If I would move, I'd go to New Orleans, Louisiana because it is home to my favorite NFL team and it is known as "The City of Jazz", and I'm a great Trombone player. ;)
  35. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    I myself live in England, sat up here in Liverpool. It's... full of character. Yeah, I'll go with that. The weather is as to be expected. Rain and gloom with sporadic sun, I suppose. Kinda shocked I haven't posted in here before! As for where I'd like to move to as seems to be popular second string, I have no idea. I still haven't found somewhere that just clicks yet.
  36. minä asun suomessa kauoungissa jota kutsutaan ouluksi,taskilassa.

    anyone understanded that? well that was finnish!!!

    i live in finland in a city called oulu,taskila
  37. I live in Singapore, which I don't think any of you live in. It's an extremely small country in Asia:p
    Any one here is from/has visited Singapore? :3
  38. I would definitely love to visit one day, but alas, I've never left the US before.

    Since I've changed locations, I can post again~ I recently moved to Louisiana to attend grad school. It's pretty awesome so far!
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  39. Im born and raised in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico a town in a small island located in latin America next to the Dominican Republic, the 90% of people in Puerto Rico only speak Spanish, I learned English a peculiar way by seeing English channel's in Dish XD. I wish I could travel to Somewhere (anywhere) in North America but I don't have the money to do so. But its a good island its always sunny or rainy (wish I could see snow just once). The customs here are not very different from north American traditions. How many of you have heard of this island?
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  40. I would hope most Americans would have heard of it, but years ago I remember having to tell some kids that Puerto Rico is a part of the United States and their Puerto Rican friend was indeed an American citizen <<
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