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Ask to Join When There’s Trouble... A Teen Titans RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by HydreigonBorn37, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. It was a warm crisp summer day in San Fransisico, at the Titan’s Tower. Nightwing casually walked around the tower. He entered the kitchen, opened the fridge, and grabbed a glass of milk. But little did he know, The milk was gone. One of the other Titans had taken the carton of milk and drank all , seconds before Nightwing had entered room.

    Nightwing threw the milk carton in the trash. Dick left the kitchen and sat on the couch. He tried to find peace but something was missing in his life, a glass of milk.
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  2. "Alright, time to show everyone what a real hero is made of."

    In Midway City, Michigan a green skinned young man was standing on a lone rooftop as he had been overlooking the city below. For the longest time the young man, Garfield Logan better known as Beast Boy, had been the youngest member of the Doom Patrol. Now however Beast Boy had broken away, wanting to prove he could make it on his own as a hero. Maybe even form his own team and prove that...

    His thoughts had been interrupted by the sounds of an alarm, a bank robbery the cause as Beast Boy grinned before he took the form of a bird.

    "Alright, hero time. And I've got to get myself some nice tofu after this."

    In a dark room, somewhere in a lone apartment within New York floated a young woman who seemed to be in deep meditation. Varied objects in said room, such as books, floated as well the girl named Raven was in the middle of an incantation.



    Matt sat on a rooftop has he overlooked the city of Gotham; specifically the bank just below him as he was already decked out in his "alternate outfit" with the sole exception of his hockey mask, which he held in hand. Matt had a look of regret on his face, unsure of what he was about to do, before he shook his head.

    "No, I have to remain strong. It's for them. Mom, Sarah & Susie. Remember that." Matt told himself before he put the mask on and would climb down the building stairs; ready to put his plan into high gear.
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  3. "But why do I have to stay behind, Father?!" Damian was saying, as Batman was about to jump out of the Bat-Plane to go and attack some thieves raiding the Gotham Museum.
    "Because I need a lookout in case they try anything, and I don't want you getting hurt." Batman said.
    "I defeated Deathstroke! I can handle myself!" Damian said, offended.
    "No, you wounded Deathstroke, and he escaped." Bruce corrected, looking at him sternly. "Just stay here and do what I need you to, okay? I'll need your eyes in the sky in case anything I don't expect happens. If I need you, I'll call you in." With that, Batman jumped out of the Bat-Plane, leaving Damian in the cockpit.

    A few minutes later, Damian was pouting when he saw something from the corner of his eye. It was a jet taking off, and it bore the insignia of the League of Assassins.
    "Mother...?" Damian said in shock. He then turned on the radio. "Father, it's Damian. I just spotted-"
    "Not now, Damian!" Batman said over the radio. Sounds of combat and blades could be heard over the calm.
    "The League must have him occupied..." Robin said, turning off the radio. Fine, then! I can do this myself! Damian put on his seat belt, and flew off with the Bat-Plane, after the ship. As he approached, the back of the plane opened up and a gatling gun fired at him. Damian tried his best to pilot out of the way, but the wing was hit. Damian set the plane to self-destruct before putting it on autopilot and running off of the top of the plane. He jumped onto the opened loading bay, barely grabbing on. He pulled himself up by yanking the gatling gun, sending the ninja stumbling back as Damian jumped up and punched him out.
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  4. Roy had gotten himself in pickle. The vigilante had tried to take on Star City’s biggest gang on by himself. Six mobsters cornered him in ally next to Queen enterprises. Roy, being his usual arrogant self, mocked the mobsters by saying,” You really think I can’t handle this?” The mobsters laughed and advanced towards Speedy.

    “Suit yourself,” Roy smirked. He drew trick Arrow and shot it into the ground. The arrow turned into a smoke bomb on contact. Smoke rose up and blinded the mobsters. Roy the picked each mobster off with regular arrows.
  5. Batgirl was swinging around the buildings of Gotham, not really doing anything. It had been a while since she had spoken to the big man himself, Batman. She had been just dealing with low-life thugs, and had been helping some random old people cross the street.

    Barbara then decided to land on top of a stoned-gargoyle, and stared on at the city of Gotham.
    Man, I wish something more interesting could happen. She then sighed. If only Batman was here.


    Paradise Island, the location filled with Amazonian Women. Strong-filled and independent woman that possess power strong enough to face the gods. One of those Amazonian woman was Donna Troy, and she was in training with her sword and shield in the Amazonian Battle-grounds.

    Donna Troy was then interrupted by Diana, or, widely known as, Wonder Woman. "Donna, how has your training been?" asked Diana.
    Donna would take of her helmet, and dropped her sword and shield. "It has been going well. My strength and aim have definitely improved," Donna responded.
    "That is nice to here," Diana said, "I'll be heading to Justice League Headquarters, so you take care now."
    "Yes, Diana," Donna said.

    Donna then headed back to doing her training.
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  6. Victor, or as the name he preferred, Cyborg wanted into the kitchen, and his stomach gave a rumble. He swung the fridge open and pulled out a package of ham. He set it on the table and grabbed some bread and plate. After a minute, he made himself a large sandwich. He took it on the plate and entered the living room. He took a seat beside Nightwing, and set the plate on his lab top grab the remote. He switched not he TV and leaned back, watching whatever program was on, and noisily eating his sandwich.

    “Woah!” The young teen cried as he soared through the sky. His name was Jamie Reyes, but now his alias was Blue Beetle. The scrab that had ingrained itself in his spine was how he did what he did. It was an advanced piece of alien technology and now he was using it to go for a quick flight over El Paso.
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  7. A boy ran through the streets of Central City. That boy was Wally West, or Kid Flash. This kid was fast, like really fast. You see, Wally can use an extra dimensional force called the Speed Force to run at inhuman speeds. Wally uses this power to fight crime, along with his mentor, The Flash. Or at least, he used to, now Wally was stopping criminals on his own. Wally dropped on curb and waited for something interesting to happen.
  8. Damian leaped up, kicking one of the ninja right into two others. He then used the flat of his sword to knock them out, before making his way to the cockpit. Once there, he saw the one he had been expecting.
    "Mother." Damian said with a snarl, seeing Talia al Ghul in the cockpit.
    "Damian." Talia responded, narrowing her eyes. "Welcome back. I'm not letting you leave again, you know."
    "I'm the son of the Bat, not the son of the Devil." Damian said. "If you want to keep me here, you'll have to force me to."
    "Fine, then." Talia pressed a button, and a cage fell down around Damian. Robin was then hit with a powerful electric shock, forcing him to drop his sword and fall to his knees. "Do you know why we attacked the museum, Damian? It was to draw out the bat... and you. Why else would we so blatantly advertise our presence in Gotham? It was all a trap."
    "This won't work, mother." Damian said, pained by the electricity coursing through his veins. He put his hand under his cloak, reaching for something in his belt.
    "And why not?"
    "Because I've already escaped." Robin smiled, throwing out a smoke bomb. By the time the smoke cleared, a circle had already been cut out of the plexiglass of the cage. Robin kicked the glass circle forwards, knocking Talia to the ground. He dropped a tracer in the plane as he ran towards the window. Bracing himself, he jumped through the window, onto the hood of the plane. Damian then jumped off of the edge, grabbing his cloak.
    But his glider didn't activate. It had been damaged. Robin flinched. Damn it. he thought, falling down.
    All of a sudden, Batman flew over, grabbing him mid-fall.
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  9. When the smoke cleared, the mobster were all lying on the ground. Each had 1-3 arrows protruding from there body. The only mother left that was conscious rolled around on the ally street. Roy pointed his bow at the criminal and started to interrogate him.
    “Where is your leader!” Roy yelled in the man’s face.
    The man quivered in fear and shouted,” I think he took a group of goons to go take out Oliver Queen, He’s got high bounty on his head!”
    Roy smirked,”Good Luck with that.” Roy than slammed the goons head into the street. Speedy ran looked up towards Queen Enterprises. He knew what he had to do. He was going to save his Mentor.
  10. "What were you thinking?!" Bruce said, now on a rooftop with Damian. "Yes, I was stuck fighting the League of Assassins in the museum. Do you think that's an excuse to blow up the Bat-Plane and go after the League's commander by yourself?!"
    "The Bat-Plane was damaged and was unable to sustain flight." Damian replied. "I activated the self-destruct in order to reduce collateral damage and avoid investigators discovering the plane's link to Wayne Enterprises. Also to alert you, in case I needed assistance."
    "Like you obviously did." Batman shot back, standing up over Damian. "What made you think it was a good idea to jump off of a moving airship and not activate your glider?"
    "It was damaged in the electrical shock. I couldn't use it."
    "Electrical- what happened on that plane?! What did I miss?! Are you alright, Damian?!"
    "I'm fine!" Robin said, turning his back to Batman. "...it was mother. This whole thing was a setup to lure me off on my own and bring me back to the League. She underestimated me, and I managed to escape. She attempted to knock me out with a high-voltage electric shock. It must have damaged the glider."
    "Well, don't pull something like that again." Batman said. "I don't want to lose another Robin, much less my son..."
    "I can handle myself."
    "You need a safety net for when you get in over your head." Batman replied. "And I won't always be able to be there for you. ...not always. If you want to handle big assignments in the future, then get yourself a team."
    Neither said anything for a few moments.
    "...Barbara, do you have anything to add?" Damian asked, spotting Batgirl nearby.
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  11. Nightwing noticed Cyborg had sat next to him. In an effort to make small talk, Dick asked,”So, how do ou like the Tower?” He was a little bothered by Victor eating his sandwich so loudly, but was even more mad about the milk.
    Speedy ran inside Queen Enterprises, The crook was right. The lobby had been had been taken over. Several hostages were kneeling on the floor as a larger man held a machine gun and shot the ceiling to strike fear into the hostages. The man looked to be genetically enhanced.
    That wasn’t problem for Roy.
    Speedy shot a smoke arrow into the building. The large man shouted through the smoke,” Come out, I know you’re in here!”
    “Okay,” Roy exclaimed as he revealed himself, only to punch the goon in the face. The goon spit out a tooth, and cursed.
    The goon stood up and drew a combat knife,”This gonna be challenge.”
    Roy smirked,”No it isn’t, at least, not for me.”
  12. Batgirl noticed Damian and Batman, and started twisting her fingers together. "Well...um...." Barbara muttered.
    In all honesty, Batgirl didn't know how to answer. On one hand, she agreed that Damian must've done something to beat the threat Talia Al Ghul brought to the museum and Gotham, but on the other hand...Batman.

    "I t-think you should be a little easy on him, Bruce," Barbara said, "Damian might be rowdy and arrogant, but he isn't exactly an idiot." Barbara would then regret what she said, and exclaimed, "Oh, I mean...sorry, sir! I didn't mean to go out of line!"
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  13. -----Midway City, Michigan-----

    "Get it off me! Get it off me!"

    A group of robbers with aspirations for a clean getaway found their hopes dashed when Beast Boy arrived. At the moment it would appear Beast Boy had shifted into a green monkey as one of the robbers tried to pry said monkey off of his face with little success. Beast Boy would act quickly as he jumped off one robber before he transformed, mid air, into a ram and knocked another in the chest which sent said robber flying into a nearby car; the impact had knocked him out in an instant. Beast Boy would revert to a mouse before the robbers managed to unload led on him.

    "Where did he go!?" One robber cried out before suddenly he was sent flying from a punch in Beast Boy's gorilla form. Beast Boy would revert to the robbers and faced them with a cocky grin.

    "Guess you could say I went bananas on that guy." Beast Boy said with a laugh, which seemed to confuse the robbers before they would aim their guns at Beast Boy who had already shifted to a hummingbird to avoid their bullets.

    No one appreciates a good joke anymore.

    -----New York City-----


    Raven remained in deep meditation, still repeating the same mantra as she focused her energy before suddenly she would feel a jolt shoot through her body as she began to see visions.

    Raven, along with several people she neither recognized nor could make out, seemed to be standing together against some feminine figure she also failed to make out along with legions of what appeared to be her followers.

    Before Raven could try to piece anything together, the vision ended which caused her eyes to open as she dropped back to the ground and ended the meditation. Raven took a moment to collect her thoughts as she wondered what that vision was or what it was trying to tell her.

    "But what does it mean?" Raven would ask herself.

    -----Gotham City---

    It had been a typical evening at the Gotham City Bank, had being the operative word as a sudden explosion turned the wall to ashes and caught everyone's attention.

    Matt walked in, palms outstretched and a bag strapped around his back as he shot the people inside a glare while most of his face remained hidden behind his hockey mask.

    "Everyone get down on the ground and then do not move. No one has to get hurt, for I have no desire to, so avoid playing hero and doing something stupid that will force my hand." Matt called out, as the people in the bank were quick to comply. Matt quickly went to the back and used his explosive power to blow up the vault door, revealing the stash of cash inside that he had already began to stuff in his bag.
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  14. Damian and Bruce both just stared at Barbara.
    "We should get back to the Bat-Cave." Batman said. "We'll need our rest. It's been a while since you've been around, Barbara, so you can stay with us." Batman then pulled out a device that looked like a remote and pressed a button. "The Batmobile is on our way to our location."
    "..." Damian was acting quiet now, taking in everything the two had said.

    Soon enough, the trio was in the car, pulling into the secret entrance to the Bat-Cave. As Batman parked the car, Damian got out.
    "Masters Wayne. Glad to see you back." Alfred said with a smile. "And is that Mistress Gordon I see? It's been a while, milady."
    "Alfred." Batman and Robin said simultaneously.
    "Oh, uh, Master Bruce, I think there's something you should see." Alfred said, walking over and talking to Bruce. "A break-in at the Gotham City Bank..."
    "Right." Wayne said, jumping back into the car. "Damian. Barbara. Take care of the place while I'm gone. Alfred, watch the kids." Batman closed the hood of the car and drove back off again, leaving Damian behind.
    Damian began to sulk, before he realized just what this meant. "Wait a minute...! I suppose this does work for me." Robin then turned around and ran to the Bat-Computer, beginning to hack into it.
    "Master Damian...?" Alfred asked.
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  15. Matt had just finished loading as much money as his bags could fit when he heard the sounds of police sirens. Matt had no desire to fight the police, so he would dash quickly and blast a hole through the building's back wall as he found himself in an alleyway. Matt took a deep breathe before he would jump between the walls before landing on the rooftop of the building next door; his parkour skills having shown their worth before he began to run and jump along different rooftops to create distance between himself and the cops.

    That should be enough to lose the cops, I just gotta keep running now. I'm almost home free...
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  16. Batgirl would look at Alfred, and said, "Long time no see, Afred." Barbara would then salute to Batman, and then exclaimed, "You got it, sir!"

    Barbara would then stand right next to Robin, and asked, "Damian, what do you think you're doing? We're under strict orders from your father. You better not be planning anything reckless."
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  17. "Father said I needed a safety net. I'm building one." Damian said with a smile, opening Batman's file on meta-humans. "Garfield Logan - Beast Boy. Power to transform into any animal. Could work. Rachel Roth - Raven. Astral Projection, Empathy, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Illusion Casting... she'll be good for the team. Wally West - Kid Flash. Super-speed. Sure. Jaime Reyes - Blue Beetle. Flight, Network Creation, Superhuman strength and agility, Environmental Protection, Equipment Creation, Wing Shields, Energy Manipulation, Translation, Energy Bubble, Vibrational Frequency Manipulation... He's definitely on the list. I think that's a good team."
    "Master Damian... you're not thinking of making FRIENDS, are you?"
    "Of course I am." Robin responded. "Goliath! Here, boy!"
    All of a sudden, a giant winged creature of fur flew towards Damian, stopping right in front of the trio and giving a big, goofy smile.
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  18. Speedy fired an arrow at the crook. The arrow embedded itself in the mobster’s chest.
    , but the mobster was hardly effected by the arrow. Roy fired another arrow, which the mobster caught and threw to the side. Roy leapt at the guy with his bow. He swung his bow, like makeshift club, at the crook. The bow made contact with the mans head, and he dropped.

    “Now time to save Ollie,” Roy muttered. He advanced towards the elevator. Speedy entered and waited for the elevator to arrive at the top floor.

    When Roy arrived. About ten gang members were in the lobby. Speedy didn’t stop to make sarcastic remark, he only attacked. He took out the first three with a C4 tipped arrow. One gangster tried to punch Roy, but Roy kicked him in the chest and batted him on the head with bow. “Get him!” One of the gangsters shouted, presumably the leader. The remaining men readied their guns towards Speedy.
    “Fi-,” The leader shouted, but abruptly cut off by green arrow entering his back. Oliver Queen, otherwise known as Green Arrow entered the room.
    “I’m sorry, boys by looks like this party is over.” Ollie smirked. Green Arrow fired two arrows into one of three remaining gangsters.
  19. Batgirl just looked at the list of heroes, and asked, "Are you seriously taking your dad's advice? Well, that's a first. But, how are you even going to make them join your team?"

    Barbara wasn't to keen on Damian building his own team, but she already knows that can't stop him. The kid was just too head-strong. But Barbara was also curious on what Damian had planned.
  20. "Simple. Present them with a threat they can't ignore." Damian said with a smile. "On that note, Batgirl, I'd also like you to join my team. Do you think you might be able to help me out with this? Beast Boy and Raven are in Michigan and New York, respectively. I won't be able to reach both places before Father returns. Then there's also Blue Beetle and Flash to consider. Perhaps an electronic transmission would be received by the scarab, and something only noticeable with super-speed could lure Flash..."
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  21. Matt's thoughts of a clean getaway were put to a halt when a swift kick knocked him aside. Matt rolled along the ground and quickly got up to face whoever delivered the blow, only for his eyes to widen.

    Gotham's Dark Knight, the Batman, stared him down with that bone chilling glare of his.

    "You are at least 10 years too young to be pulling a stunt like this. Hand those bags over and this can go much easier for you." Batman said, matter of factly as Matt glanced at his bags of stolen money. His fear of Gotham's dark protector proved to be secondary as once more he thought over his family and knew that giving up was not an option. He returned Batman's glare with a defiant one of his own.

    "F-funny you say that. Word on the street is you tend to overlook age when it comes to your sidekicks. Not that it matters, you are gonna have to pry these from my cold dead hands." Matt replied, as he did his best to swallow his fears before he extended his palms and fired a blinding blast of light. This attack did no damage, nor was it designed to as Matt used the blinding cover to jump below to an alley before he began to run.

    Gotta get to a sewer, gotta get to a sewer...
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  22. Catboy stood on a nearby building as he watched the scene unfold. He spotted the guy as he jumped into an alley. Catboy seized the opportunity and went down into the alley in his own fashion, then gave chase. This guy seemed a bit young to be trying to pull a stunt like this. But a crime was a crime, no matter what this guy's age was.
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  23. Matt glanced behind him and took note of someone else who had began to give chase, and let out a growl.

    Damn it...damn it...DAMN IT!

    "Back off!" Matt yelled as he quickly turned around and would generate explosive power in his palms before he slammed them to the ground to generate a small explosion which split the ground apart and sent a shockwave aimed right for Catboy.
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  24. Catboy tried to dodge. Tried and failed. He landed on his face as a result. 'Good thing Maō and Pirata Informàtic didn't see that.' he thought. 'They'd never let me hear the end of it.' Catboy shook his head, then stood up. "Aren't you kind of young to be doing this sort of thing?" he asked. "Not that I'm one to talk." he murmured to himself.
  25. Matt kept his palms outstretched as they glowed with explosive power, though he did not make a move to attack again as he heard what Catboy said.

    "Age doesn't matter, I have no choice. And one could say the same about you. So what are you anyway, one of the Bat's youth soldiers?" Matt asked Catboy, while he kept his eyes out for said bat as he figured he'd have gotten over the flash by now. Though he failed to spot him, perhaps he had managed to lose him?

    Though the truth was Batman had hidden himself from the view of both Matt and Catboy, wanting to see where this would go before he made any rash actions. Seemed they were in the mood to talk anyway, so he'd just listen in.
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  26. Catboy snorted. "You think I'm associated with Batman?" He laughed. "I am not. Though I'm not implying that I haven't worked with other heroes before." He thought about Maō and Pirata Informàtic. "And that was quite the experience."
  27. Batgirl just stared at Damian, and said, "Hmm....I don't know. This seems risky. I'm not saying I won't help, but just know that I'm a bit reluctant. I'll search down Beast Boy and Raven, you can go and look for Blue Beetle and Kid Flash. Oh, and if your father ever finds out about this, don't you dare drag me down with you."

    Barbara then ran towards, and jumped inside, one of the Batmobiles. "I'll meet you back here when I gather both of them up," Barbara said before speeding up, and jetting out of the Batcave.
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  28. "Well isn't that nice, good for you and I'm sure you serve the community well. However, I can't afford to allow anyone to stop me. There's too much on the line for me to allow a costumed vigilante to screw everything up. So either leave me alone or...or else." Matt threatened, and while he would rather avoid a fight all together he reminded himself what this money was for and how he couldn't allow this guy playing hero to stop him now.

    Matt had come too far, he had come so close. Matt was not gonna allow all this to go to waste.
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  29. Catboy smirked. "Name's Catboy by the way. And just because I don't have powers doesn't mean I'm one to be underestimated." He pulled out a black, green eyed, cat head shaped explosive device from his recently acquired dark gray utility belt with a cat head shaped belt buckle. "And two can play the explosion game."
  30. "Trust me, this isn't a game you want to play." Matt would snap back as he glanced at explosive Catboy held in his hand...before he would quickly bounce off one wall and begin to wall jump to try and get back to the roof and away from Catboy once more.
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  31. Catboy narrowed his eyes. He returned the explosive device to it's compartment, then took a grappling hook gun out of another compartment. "Not if I get there first." He whispered to himself. He fired the grappling hook gun at the edge of the building the guy was most likely going for. It hooked on. He then pressed the button that would activate the mechanism to pull him up.
  32. Matt cursed at he saw Catboy use a grappling hook and would no doubt beat him to the roof.

    Damn it, this guy is more than just some no name who saw Batman on the news one too many times. He's good, and I might not be able to avoid a fight with him.
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  33. Before Batgirl left, Damian tossed her a communicator. Right afterwards, he hopped on his MotoRoBike and began to drive down towards El Paso. On his way there, he began using the mini-computer of the bike to program a message that would be electronically transmitted to the scarab, telling it to go to a certain warehouse in Star City. Robin then turned on the communicator.
    "Batgirl, it's Robin." Robin said. "When you get to New York, find Raven's home using the Bat-Computer's remote link and give her a cryptic message telling her to come to the following coordinates." Robin then detailed the coordinates of the Star City warehouse. "For Beast Boy, just get a cloak and tell him to go there directly. But do not - I repeat DO NOT - disrupt Raven if she's meditating."
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  34. Catboy was pulled upwards and speedily reached the rooftop. He smiled for a moment. Then he thought of something. 'Where is Batman? Is he watching all this from some spot where we can't see him?' Catboy reached for his whip, then stopped. He put his hand down, then looked around.
  35. "Got it," Batgirl responded to Robin, "And don't worry about me. Good luck with your search."


    After a few hours, Batgirl finally arrived at Midway City Way, Michigan. She decided to search for Beast Boy first, as he would be the easier target to search for. Batgirl then heard screaming and gun shots coming from around the target. Just on target.

    One of the robbers would then still be shooting their gun at Beast Boy, and exclaimed, "Why can't I just kill yo...." The robber would then be kicked in the face by an upcoming force. This force. you may ask (but not really because this is the character I'm RPing as, like seriously)? Why, none other than Batgirl!

    Batgirl would then look at Beast Boy, and asked, "Need any help?"
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  36. -----Gotham City-----

    Matt frowned as he made it to the rooftop with Catboy, who seemed to be scanning the area for somebody. Batman? Matt also scanned the area for the dark knight but it appeared he was nowhere to be seen.

    Well, nowhere those two could see.

    None the less, Matt decided not to worry about it for now as he would focus on dealing with Catboy; since it was obvious Matt would not be able to elude this guy even if he wanted to. Matt's palms began to glow.

    "For the record, you brought this on yourself." Matt said before he would fire a pair of small explosions behind him which propelled his body forward like a rocket as he aimed to deliver a kick to Catboy's gut with a sudden high speed attack.

    -----Midway City, Michigan-----

    Beast Boy had been easily enough avoiding the robber's gunfire before a sudden masked figure appeared out of nowhere and delivered a kick which sent him flying. Beast Boy looked on in aww.

    "So cool!" Beast Boy said as the remaining robbers had their eyes widened at this.

    "Isn't that one of the Bats?"

    "The hell is she doing here?"

    "Who cares, waste them!"

    Beast Boy would grin at this as he moved back to back with Batgirl.

    "Sure, I don't mind sharing these guys. Just don't cause me to slip up when I do a cool move." Beast Boy said before he would shift and change his body into that of a lion as he charged and tackled one of the robbers. Just as quickly Beast Boy shifted into an octopus as he grabbed a pair of robbers by their legs and slammed them into each other before he would toss them aside as he shifted to his normal form before he would go to fight one of the other robbers; as he left half of them for Batgirl.
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  37. Catboy's attention quickly returned to Matt. He cursed under his breath. His hand went to his whip, this time pulling it out and aimed it at Matt. He had no idea what the result of this would be. Though on the bright side, this wasn't his only whip ( Or weapon, for that matter).
  38. Suzy snickered, and then said, "That's my line."

    As soon as the robbers were thrown towards Batgirl, she would then jump and uppercut both of the robbers in the face at the same time. She would then get underneath them, and kicked and elbowed one of the robbers. Batgirl would then grab each robber by their hair, and slammed their heads upon each other repeatedly. She would then toss them aside, and throw a Batarang at them. The Batarang would then open up, and release a rope, which would then tie up both robbers.
    That's two of them down.
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  39. -----Gotham City-----

    Matt cursed at the whip nailed him in the forehead which caused Matt to fall on his back. Having let out a groan Matt quickly got to his feet and, after taking a moment to rub his stinging forehead, pointed his fingers out like he a kid who was pretending to have handguns. Soon enough, his finger tips began to glow as he would fire a series of rapid fire, small scale blast bullets aimed right for Catboy.

    -----Midway City, Michigan-----

    A couple more robbers aimed their guns at Beast Boy and Batgirl as Beast Boy would quickly shift into a skunk and fire a couple sprays of nauseous fumes right at the robbers noses.

    "Oh god, the smell!"

    Beast Boy would then shift into a rhino and he charged and would send one of the robbers flying with a charged; the impact against a nearby car knocked him right out. Beast Boy would shift into his regular form.

    "Well, somebody has to do the dirty work." Beast Boy said to the unconscious robber.
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  40. Batgirl then threw her Batarang at the rest of the robbers, and tied them all up.

    Batgirl then said, "*phew* It looks like that's all of them." She then jumped in front of Beast Boy, and asked, "So, how have you been, Garfield?"
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