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When life gives you....

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Gold The Dragonite, May 17, 2019.

  1. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    ( @RenzFlintrock today, I actually made myself a moustache. Did it with Blue Marker.

    You dont use it.

    When life gives you a emoji that actually turns out to be a full-fledged RP with Fan-art, you..
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  2. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Read it.

    When life gives you the Pokehuman serum..
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  3. you become a legendary pokemon

    when life gives you a bunch of rocks
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  4. You chuck them at the people who beat you to the post.

    When life gives you spaghetti...
  5. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Crap on it.

    When life gives you an album...
  6. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    You eat it.

    When live gives you a.....thing, you...
  7. burn it with fire

    when life gives you a dragon
  8. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    You throw it a snowball.

    When you're still chill...
  9. You get angry at spaghetti haters.

    When life gives you 1K subs...
  10. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    You make more content.

    When you're a murderer, you...
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  11. post pics on twitter and facebook

    when life gives you spaghetti on the floor
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  12. You get angry at the one who put it there.

    When life gives you the boot...
  13. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    You KICK it to the curb. (haha, funny joke.)

    When live gives you a Glaceon, you..
  14. burn it with fire
    i have a problem...

    when life gives you television
  15. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    You watch it.

    When life gives you an option to leave, you... (gonna be gone)
  16. Stay or go, depending on the situation.

    When life kills your OC...
  17. use a revival seed
    that or nurse joy

    when life gives you cash
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  18. You save it.

    When money is burning a hole in your wallet...
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  19. finaly... someone who gets me
    ive burned so many holes in my wallet the money just falls out at this point

    when life gives you eggs
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  20. You fry them.

    When life fries you...
  21. you ask to be salted
    i taste pretty darn good... not that id know

    when life gives you a review
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  22. You read it and hope it’s a good one.

    When life tells you to watch a Disney movie...
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  23. aw heck ya! i hope its wreck it Ralph 2

    when life gives you a dirty dishes (life is lazy and doesn't wanna clean them. sorry)
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  24. You usually have to wash them.

    When life pulls out a frying pan and threatens you...
  25. chances are Id be the idiot that wouldn't even realize it was a threat, there is also a chance i may be completely oblivious to it all together so probably nothing

    when life gives you the look. you know. the look... that look of anger and frustration... yea! THAT ONE!
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  26. Hope life doesn’t give me a punch to the gut.

    When life gives you a punch to the gut...
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  27. you give life a good firm back of the head smack. also wear rings so they really know whats up .

    when life gives you a bill. life has given a lot of stuff. you think all that stuff is free? at least life was nice enough to give a 20% discount
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  28. You pay up, assuming the bill is meant for you...

    When life says it will give you free food, but you find out after the fact that only the first bite was free...
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  29. i ate one bite. sike! you thought you was gonna charge me life! you ain't no genius mastermind...

    when life gives you one million zeni
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  30. You ask what a Zeni is.

    When life gives you the chance to do a livestream with your favorite YouTuber...
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  31. its dragon ball z money

    as much as i like youtube i can't think of any i would want to stream with. i'd say a lot of stupid stuff and get confused. i do that on a regular basis so in comparison to my regular daily routine it might come off as astute or sophisticated

    when life gives you a mario hat
    (almost forgot to add the question)
  32. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Shove it up your butt and eat spaghetti.

    When life gives you a steel ball...
  33. you give it to your Pokemon to hold.

    when life gives you the option to pick a red pill or a blue pill
  34. Pick the yellow pill.

    When life makes you stay up all night...
  35. You think nothing of it because you were already planning on doing it anyways

    When life you a billy blanks tae bo cardio (2004) video...
  36. You decide to watch it but realize you have nothing to watch it on so you just open youtube to watch it and reflect on why life pushed you to buy it in the first place...

    When life gives you terracota soldiers...
  37. You place them in your burial tomb. If they can protect the emperor in death then they can do the same for you when your time comes.

    When life gives you sitrus berries...
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  38. Eat them all with a lot of ice cream.

    When life gives you free Chick-fil-a...
  39. you put NyQuil inside the sandwich then feed it to a snorlax in the middle of the road. (you should make sure there is nothing you need on the other side of the road first.)

    when life gives you the spotlight (i accidentally mistaken this thread with the person below you one)
    #119 ThAtGuY101, Aug 13, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
  40. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Sing a song for all the Popplio~

    When life gives you anti-meme spray...

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