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What's your Youtube for?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Satoren, Mar 28, 2009.


What do you usually watch on Youtube?

  1. Original productions (comedy skits, AMVs,animations etc.)

    15 vote(s)
  2. Leaked Media (Trailers, TV Show episodes, Movies, Music etc.)

    10 vote(s)
  3. Teh Lulz (Youtube Poop)

    9 vote(s)
  4. Others

    11 vote(s)
  1. Admittedly, the Poll is a bit vague so I feel we should rely on intelligible discussion for this.

    So Question: What do you watch on Youtube? Alternatively What is Youtube for, for you?

    Personally, Youtube is a great place to watch cartoons and other shows of yester year, the ones with the expired copyright and all that. Its nostalgic, and you would never have expected anyone to even watch that one show back in the day xD.

    Alternatively, I have used it to watch subbed anime episodes back in the day. I remember fondly watching an episode of Tsubasa Chronicles once every day and actually managed to finish the entire series on Youtube alone.

    Actually, there are a ton of things I watch on youtube, so the above poll is a tad undecided for me. Youtube is pretty much the second site I log in to everytime I'm online. If I want to know something about a movie, I popo over to said site and look up the trailer. The same can be said for games too.

    So that's my story; what of you?
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I voted for "original productions" as that's basically what I use youtube for the most. I have a thing about watching actual TV shows/Anime episodes on it - I like experiencing them in the best quality possible, and youtube is an extreme last resort for me - so instead I generally use it for stuff like AMVs, parodies, animations, etc.

    That said, friends link me to lot of random music videos, and it's great for random video game trailers, news report snippets, and comedy skits. Last notable mention would probably be Anime OP/EDs videos, as it's easy to track 'em down on youtube and I enjoy watching any from series' that interest me. Typically if a song stands out to me after watching it on youtube I'll track down the extended version and download it.

    The favourites on my account are pretty varied, but I'll generally fave anything that I really love, plan to rewatch multiple times, or want to share with friends at a later time.
  3. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I tend to use Youtube to watch Bleach-related things or things I need for school, or just to listen to music. Because I'm too lazy to download my own.

    Recently my main use on youtube was to watch the latest Bleach episodes that's come out, rewatch old ones, and listen to musics that I likes. Before I used it to see random Pokemon things and "youtube poop" and maybe some original productions. Nowadays, well, I kill it with Bleach and classical musics.

    I also used to watch anything my friends recomend me to watch, but I figured that many things they wanted me to watch was either inappropriate, stupid, boring, or I just didn't get. So I stopped doing that. XD
  4. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I voted Original productions.

    Generally speaking, pretty much what Linkachu said is the same with me. Friends send me links to funny/weird/stupid stuff all the time. It's also fun to find videos of stuff that's gone wrong in the media, and laugh heartily.

    I do watch a few AMVs from time to time, depending on what my current obsession is. Or clips from episodes, notably the funny ones. I have watched a few Anime episodes on YouTube, but only until I could find a better quality source. I try to find certain Pokemon clips on it sometimes, because not watching the anime fully means that I don't actually know what certain Pokemon sound like. I was quite horrified when I first heard Manectric on a clip, he didn't sound very good. It was only the Dub though... XD

    I've watched a few of the DBZ movies on it, since I can't find any good downloads of them. Plus, I'm only interested in certain movies, so downloading the common 'every DBZ movie in one file' is a waste of time.

    Same. It's great tracking down old favourites. I adored the Animals of Farthing Wood when I was little, but it was never released on DVD. So it's lovely to watch it from time to time.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I watch YouTube for many reasons, although admittedly the main reason I watch it is for YouTube Poop and other "lol" videos, for lack of a better term. Hearing Dr. Robotnik shout "PINGAS!" randomly in videos and hearing the King of Hyrule ask Link what's for dinner does have a certain charm to it.

    I usually also watch it for video game clips and cutscenes - I'm fairly random with my choices on there.
  6. I some times delve into the world of youtube poops. Yet I often use the site to watch music videos, random funny videos suggested by friends, and anything that seems to be interesting. But one of my favorite things to watch is The Angry Video Game Nerd.
  7. Well in all honesty, my Youtube account is for shiny hunting and I have friends that are shiny hunters. I like watching other people complete their hunts and encouraging them with their future goals. I do watch other things, like music videos for some of the music that I like, but that's just about it.
  8. I usually watch Original Productions. Lately (as far as AMVs go) I've been watching a lot of Kingdom Hearts and Naruto. But also I've been watching Pokemon Wi-fi battles, and if both me and said battler and I spot the same mistake, I give the best tips I can. Such as "If you get tired of Protect, have a Pokemon that knows Feint, or Protect and Imprison." I've also been watching Mario Kart Wii WI-fi races, comedy skits (APRASCOTCH, smpfilms, GagFilms, etc)

    I used to watch anime series-es on YT, but it got old watching them in parts. Thank God for the Naruto US site.
  9. Well, I voted for leaked stuffs, but I realized that I should've voted for other, cuz that's usually where I go to listen to music. Yeah, there's websites that are just for music, but I can rely on Youtube not to give me viruses. And there isn't video game music on them music sites either... that's what I usually listen to when I'm spriting.​
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I voted other because I fluctuate between leaked media (especially with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days coming out in 2months in Japan), music, AMVs, and if I happen to miss Bleach or Code Geass on Adult Swim I go to YT or other anime sites I know. Basically it was an 'All of the above and then some' vote.
  11. I voted Other, since I use it for various things.

    Various things include game cutscenes and music, since iTunes is being stupid at times. Random AMV clips and anime is also a nice bonus as well.
  12. i used it to watch my subbed bleach episodes, as well as watching origanal videos and game cutsence and trailers
  13. Generally the only things I've used Youtube for in the past few months has been watching music videos or showing other people bands I like. The only other thing I ever do on there is occasionally watch game trailers, but I've only really watched Madworld mostly to show other people how insane that game is, I now own it so I just put it on instead of putting on a youtube clip ^_^
  14. I usally use it to check out pokemon related glitches such as the Darkrai glitch that's in the Japanese games. I usually only use it for my blog as a kind of proof,but I usually watch it before I put it on. :)
  15. I usually head right for 'leaked media', as you put it. This is mostly because I've had issues with official site trailers in the past and I know Youtube isn't going to have any annoying pop-ups (yes, some still manage to get around my FF). Also, I'm lazy as hell. If I want to watch or show a music video to someone, or just want to listen to a piece, I'll hope the 'tube. I do this mostly for classical pieces. I just wish there were some way to turn comment viewing off, but I suppose you'd have to make an account for that.
  16. I usually watch game footage for un-released games or at least not released in North America and original comedy, for example Jon La Joie or Mr.Safety those are two of my favorite youtube comedians, and off topic, but I absolutely despise Fred.
  17. i mostly use it for music!
  18. I voted for 'Leaked Media', because I'd rather listen to that leaked music on YT, than illegally download it.

    I also like comedians, a lot of them on YT are funny, but no one really comes to mind right now. Except {please don't eat me alive} Fred. But his mother reminds me so much of my own it's scary. He also reminds me of my little brother, so I guess I just watch him to laugh at my family- just not in thier faces. :p
  19. I usually use it to watch performances, variety shows, and for music, all Korean. I also watch the comedian's videos, but I don't like Fred too much either.
  20. I voted Original Productons, for a good month straight I was on YouTube watching the old Transformers shows, I completed the G1 series on YouTube alone. Then sometimes I delve into some music videos and certain clips of stuff that I like, and other times I just go for funny vidoes. But I'm stll watchi ng random episodes because I'm bored.
  21. Recently I've been using youtube to actually put some videos online.

    About a month ago I shaved off my hair from being past shoulder length, to a crewcut number 3. That video went onto youtube and ended up getting over 2000 views in a couple of weeks, the only reason I put it online was because I knew enough people didn't believe I was going to cut my hair off, its been long for 5 years.

    I then used the footage for its original intended purpose and made my final music video for university, the link for which is in my signature. I put that up there about 3 days after finishing the video and handing it in to my tutor at university, I basically put it up there so everyone could see my final piece as i'm really happy with how it came out.
  22. I say original stuff. Although I do have a video of the squidward fad and a video of the volkswagen ad with captain falcon sound effects which shouldn't really be classed as original...
  23. Mine used to be for Stop-Motion LEGO-mations, but I've taken hiatus.

    Recently, I've used it for messaging and for DK64 Walkthroughs.

  24. I used to watch a lot of AMVs through my times of boredom. These days I don't spend too much time on uTube unless someone links me to something specific.

    That said, I voted Originals. I like watching videos of peoples' pets doing amusing things, and of a few particular talents I've subscribed to:

    Philinthecircle who is a phenomenal artist and highly suggested by me. You'll be quite amazed. They're often large-scale art projects that I can't figure out how anyone could plan on that scale.

    Armcannon the band that does geekdom songs. Very amusing. ^__^
  25. http://www.youtube.com/ChronomonHM

    For Spore videos.
  26. I am now using my Youtube to broadcast my Wi-Fi battles!

  27. Good first match you did there, I watched it.

    My Youtube? General browsing and stuff. Not much else, don't use it so frequently.
  28. I watch the Original productions, Leaked Media, and Teh Lulz.
    And as LoN said above the General Browsing (for anything that might peak my interest).
  29. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

  30. I couldn't choose one.

    I love watching anime episodes on you tube, I actually finished three different shows. I also watch movies on youtube, the ones cut up into 5 minute videos, It takes a while to finish but It's still worth it.

    I also watch game previews so i know what I'm downloading or buying. I used to watch wifi battles and DotA plays a lot, i just don't have that much time now.

    I now recently use you tube to watch the proper performance of medical/nursing procedures. It's very inforamtive ;D
  31. I use it for Dust videos, but I have eight times more favorites than I do videos :p.
  32. I use it to leave requests for made-up pokemon.
  33. I normally watch homemade-videos, like the ones that Smosh make, (Go onto YouTube and type in Smosh) but I quite like watching MissingNo. movies and Pokemon game hacks. xD

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