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What's your status in Pokemon XD? (Possible Spoilers)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I wish the game had already been released in the UK (it'd generate more discussion that way) but since it can't be helped...

    What's everyones current status in XD?

    Last night around 2 AM I beat the final boss in XD and purified Shadow Lugia... FINALLY, after so freakin' long I finally have a legit Lugia in the Advanced generation! All that's left now is Mew, and Celebi... and Deoxys... *Bursts into tears*

    Ahem... Anyways, my current status in the game looks like this:
    Main Team
    Flareon (Pryo) - Lv 41
    Sharpedo (Scarr) - Lv 39
    Breloom (Lucky) - Lv 40
    Lunatone - Lv 41
    Ampharos (Alya) - Lv 41
    Donphan - Lv 39/Snorlax - Lv 43

    Shadow Pokemon Snagged: 81 (All but Miror B's Nosepass and Dragonite)
    Purified: 49 (Even working the Purification Chamber to its fullest extent the amount of Shadow Pokes I caught on Citadark Isle was overwhelming x.x)
    Playtime: 30:35

    As much as I hate to admit it, I couldn't have beaten the final few guys as easily as I had without Shadow Snorlax. Since it hadn't had the chance to regain any of its standard attacks all I could do was use it as a shield against other shadow attacks... But that was enough. Man, I don't even want to think about how that final battle would've gone without Snorlax around as a punching bag. I doubt I would've been able to catch all the Pokemon I did. That's the problem with catching Pokemon during a major battle... A lot of the time you have to use weak attacks in order to widdle their HP down so as not to KO 'em. While you're doing this, though, they're bashing you to hell. Gets very annoying after awhile. I was tempted to just start KOing the Shadow Pokemon and catch 'em later but I really didn't want to. The process of running Miror B down sounds annoying and I didn't want to deal with it anymore than I had to.

    Off to the Orre Colosseum for me! That and to get the final two Shadow pokes off Miror B ^^
    Where's everyone else at?
  2. I barrowed my friend brittanys game and purified her Rhydon and trained it!! The game is fun I should try to buy if I can!
    She only caught 65 pokemon, She have 10 purified (Including shadow lugia!! :p ) Trainers name is NEO, Party pokemon: Ursaring(J.J)(LV44), pigeot(LV.43), lugia(LV55), Rhydon(LV.48),Deoxys(LV.45), and Espeon(LV.40)

    I think Purifing all the pokemon the last guy is hard but what really sucks is that the pokemon I missed was Articuno!!! And thats my friends favorite bird pokemon (exept for lugia!) She already cuaght shadow lugia and Rhydon and some of the others so she is going to be mad. WOW your pretty far farther than my friend you should be proud I wish she could see this!!
  3. Haven't started it yet, but I registered in with My Nintendo and a free skin is coming in the mail. ^_^ And I thought I'd never get one after Nintendo of Canada didn't give them out with pre-orders.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    [quote name='"QuagsireQing"]Haven't started it yet' date=' but I registered in with My Nintendo and a free skin is coming in the mail. ^_^ And I thought I'd never get one after Nintendo of Canada didn't give them out with pre-orders.[/quote']

    What's this? I didn't know anything about that! O.O

    How long does the offer last? *Prays that she hasn't already missed it*
  5. What he/she is explaining is the pre-order thing to order it before it came out the pre-order was $5 but its defilently to late to pre-order it and to get a free pokemon skin for game cube(lol) And srry I don't know if you are a girl or boy QuagsireQing Srry agian
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    No, he's not talking about the pre-order thing at all. Sometimes you can register your games on Nintendo.ca/com and get bonus' in return. This is probably one of those cases. I'll just have to check it out myself...
  7. Oh sorry I missunderstood
  8. Before XD was released in North America, they had a little bonus going on in the States. If you pre-ordered the game, you'd get a skin for your GameCube with the Eeveelutions, legendary birds, main character, etc. They never did that in Canada (danged NoC), but now, if you register your GameCube and your copy of Pokémon XD with My Nintendo at www.nintendo.com, you qualify for that same skin to be mailed to you. That's what I did.
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  9. I'm very pointedly ignoring all other posts in this topic. Don't want spoilers...

    Anyway, I just got the game earlier this week. I just beat Snattle in Phenac City. I've snagged 30 and purified 26. My team is as follows:

    Flak (male Flareon, level 34): Ember, Bite, Sand Attack, Quick Attack
    O Canada (male Nuzleaf, level 24): Giga Drain, Bullet Seed, Secret Power, Refresh
    Lalutos (female Kirlia, level 24): Confusion, Sing, Shock Wave, Calm Mind
    4/3 Pi R3 (male Spheal, level 23): Water Gun, Aurora Beam, Body Slam, Charm
    Downe (male Swalot, level 26): Sludge, Shock Wave, Body Slam, Toxic
    Phar Away (female Flaaffy, level 24): Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Body Slam, Heal Bell

    So Flareon is basically carrying my whole team, which explains why Snattle was so difficult - Flareon was all but useless there. But man, that was a really sharp spike in levels... I'm beating up the thugs in Phenac with their level 20 Pokemon, then Snattle comes along with his level 27 crew and says "No soup for you! I faint all but two of your Pokemon! Come back in a year!" I only beat him because I had Swalot, who proved to be a very handy sponge for attacks while my other Pokemon tried to attack.
  10. ^Nice nicknames. Especially that Spheal. :p
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Would I sound slow to say that I don't get his Spheal's nickname? :p

    Haven't done much in XD since posting that message. Tracking down Miror B. is more annoying than I thought, and the Orre Colosseum was much, MUCH too powerful for my team. All of my Pokemon were down in one hit ^_^;

    I'm surprised by the style of the Colosseum, too. It feels like something out of Colosseum's Battle Mode more so than a standard in-game Colosseum. Guess that's only fair, though. Aside from the Realgam Tower games there's no non-EXP gaining battling in XD (unless Mt. Battle also works that way in this game. I have yet to attempt it and am not really enthusiastic about the idea either).

    As far as I'm concerned I've finished all the major stuff in XD and am ready to move onto another game - which I've done. I'll keep working away at it every so often but it's not my main focus anymore. Since I've got Lugia now, which was always my goal with XD, there's not much left that overly interests me. Maybe I'm missing stuff, though. If anyone knows of any special quests to do after you "beat the game", let's hear it!
  12. Four thirds times pi times the radius cubed is the formula for the volume of a sphere.
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... Would I sound slow to admit that I had NO IDEA the "sph" of Spheal's name stood for "sphere"? :p

    Witty name, TBA. Guess it was too witty for the likes of me ;_;
  14. Okay, now my status is:

    Hero: Jeff
    Snagged: 43 (42? Can't remember)
    Purified: 35
    Location: Pokemon HQ Lab (just defeated Gorigan, who rocks)

    Flak (male Flareon, level 45) - Flamethrower, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Bite
    Lalutos (male Gardevoir, level 35) (Note: I said it was female earlier, and I was wrong.) - Psychic, Calm Mind, Sing, Shock Wave
    O Canada (male Nuzleaf, level 31) - Faint Attack, Giga Drain, Secret Power, Refresh
    Downe (male Swalot, level 30) - Sludge, Toxic, Shock Wave, Body Slam
    Phar Away (female Ampharos, level 31) - Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Body Slam, Heal Bell
    4/3 Pi R3 (male Sealeo, level 31) - Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Body Slam, Charm
  15. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I got it today. :D

    Name: Alex
    Playtime: 2:43
    Snagged: 9
    Purified: 1

    I like this. ^^

    It definitely is a big improvement on Colosseum, the battling is in it as a means to an end for the story rather than the story being a means to an end for battling.

    Which is very, very good. ^^

    Surprisingly, not having someone following you does actually seem to make some difference to the gameplay - almost as if the game feels less cluttered over it.

    Overall the game looks good and feels like Genius Sonority simply put more effort into it.

    The only qualm I have is that while Quick Battle does give you a sort of rental thing to fight against a friend with, you only get 2 Pokemon. The main Battle mode should have had a full blown rental system in it and it is effectively useless to me without one.

    Seriously, how could they not think of adding that in after all the moaning over Colosseum?
  16. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


    Time: 12:13
    Snagged: 26
    Purified: 8

    I'm currently about to kick Snagem's arse. :)
  17. Okay, I'm now offically ready to enter Citadark.

    Name: Jeff
    Snagged: 45
    Purified: 41

    Flak (male Flareon, level 48) - Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Sand Attack
    Downe (male Swalot, level 37) - Shock Wave, Sludge, Body Slam, Toxic
    Phar Away (female Ampharos, level 38) - Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Body Slam, Heal Bell
    Lalutos (male Gardevoir, level 38) - Psychic, Thunderbolt, Sing, Calm Mind
    4/3 Pi R3 (male Walrein, level 44) - Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Body Slam, Charm
    O Canada (male Shiftry, level 50) - Giga Drain, Faint Attack, Refresh, Extrasensory

    Yeah. I did a lot of training.
  18. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm a-bumping 'cos I finally started the game on Sunday. Yes, I know I've taken my time - been too obsessed with Sims 2 to really play much else. (The Sims was my first serious video game obsession - but by the time it had 5 expansion packs my computer couldn't run it any more, so I needed a new obsession. And that's when I met Pokemon :D. And just when I ran out of steam with the Pokemon games, I got a computer capable of running Sims 2 ;). Then, the other day, I suddenly felt like playing Pokemon again :p).

    So far, I'm very impressed. It probably helps that my initial expectations were low, based on the mess that was Colosseum. (I can't even remember whether I "finished" it & got Ho-Oh - I ran out of desire to play it long before I got to the end of Mt Battle). Yeah, that's a good way to impress someone - make sure they start with low expectations :p. But yeah. Things I like:
    • the fact there's a story that actually makes sense. Games don't have to have a story, but if there is one, I expect it to be meaningful. I hated with Colosseum that you never found out why the main character had left Team Snagem, or what his motivations were.
    • the characters from the first game have returned a bit older
    • the number of Shadow Pokemon! Pretty much everyone you fight has one!
    • the new way of Purifying makes intuitively more sense to me.
    • I prefer Reverse Mode to whatever the red mode in Colosseum was called. It made no sense why you'd ever want to Call the Pokemon to get it out of that mode, considering their attacks became more powerful. (OK, sometimes they'd ignore you - but they do that sometimes anyway!)
    • they haven't messed with the layout of the areas they kept from Colosseum - so your mental map is the same (I was particularly tickled that the "secret" item locations in Agate Village were the same)
    • you don't have the annoying "follower" all the time, and you get different followers as the story goes on. (I've had the irritating sister, the Professor, and a random other small child so far.)
    • wild Pokemon! I suspect it's a gimmick, but at least it's possible to catch them.

    Things I really like are:
    • the movesets of the Shadow Pokemon! Pretty much all of them contain a move that that Pokemon can't normally learn, or an egg move that's difficult to achieve. Like Poison Fang on Poochyena - you can breed it on, but it takes a bit of doing.
    • as the movesets are different from the standard movesets of those Pokemon, it's actually worth catching them! There's a reason for bothering to get Yet Another Poochyena. I approve.

    So, how long does it take to complete the game sufficiently to get the Shadow Lugia? I'm not in any hurry if it continues to be this fun, I just want to know.
  19. I played for about 30 hours before I got to the end and Shadow Lugia. And there's lots of stuff to do after you defeat the final boss, like snag the last Shadow Pokemon (which is, counterintuitively, not Lugia), beat the Orre Colosseum (difficult), and other stuff (that you can only do once beating Orre Colosseum, hence why I haven't done them).

    Speaking of, yesterday, I Snagged the last Shadow Pokemon! It's too bad I can't battle Miror B. again... His always were the most fun battles.
  20. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Miror B., fun? :o Please tell me he does something other than the 4 Ludicolos... I've battled him once, and that time he had 3 Lombres and whatever the Shadow thing was.

    I guess with 4 Ludicolos, at least you know what to expect ;).

    How could I have forgotten the Purification Chamber? Oh man, that thing rocks! I've already worked out two "perfect" Sets for maximum Tempo, just based on the first few Shadow Pokemon that you catch... It's really nice that you don't have to keep trekking over to Agate Village, too.
  21. He does get a lot more than the Lombres/Ludicolos. He also plays a more important role in XD. Plus, his new music rocks.
  22. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I liked Miror B.'s music in Colosseum more than his XD tune actually ^^

    Truth to told, I never did get around to acomplishing my goal in XD (aka. catching/purifying all the Pokemon). I've caught all of them except for the very last one you get from Miror B., and at least 20 or so are left to be purified (can't remember exactly, haven't played in months). The last time I played I was working my way up through Mt. Battle in hopes of gaining some levels. That way I wouldn't get my ass kicked as bad in the Orre Colosseum >.> I could've just traded one of my GBA game teams over, but meh. If I was going to battle in that place at all I wanted it to be with my XD raised Pokemon.

    Yeah... haven't beaten the Orre Colosseum or Mt. Battle yet and I'm not sure if I ever will. After seeing that others are still playing it I'm a bit tempted to return to it myself, tho.

    baratron always seems to bring life back to dead discussions XD
  23. Well, Colosseum's music was good, I'll give you that, but XD's music is more befitting of Miror B. Plus, it's better. Although it's cool that Miror B.'s out-of-battle music is a remix of the Colosseum music...

    I think I only have like 6 or 7 Pokemon left to purify... I ought to do that soon.
  24. Purified all pokemon....and finished the game I like the game better than pokemon colloseum... :p

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