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What's your opinion on Diamond/Pearl's music?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Ozzybeans, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. I've been paying attention to Diamond/Pearl's music lately and I've found some gems and some stinkers. What are your thoughts?

    I think the battle music has gotten tired. It didn't have the dramatic edge the remixed Fire Red/Leaf Green music had. The Gym Leader music was also just BORING, but then again, I don't think there will ever be a Pokebattle theme as awesome as the Kanto Gym Leader G/S music. In Gold and Silver, the battle music for the Kanto Gym Leaders was epic. I'm probably just biased 'cause G/S had amazing music.

    There are some beauties in this game, however.

    First off, the Hotel/Resort Area music. This music is classy with the piano, and it sounds like there are two different time signatures going on there, which is cool. Also - this is the best part and I should put it in Pokenotices - there's one section of that theme that sounds like the Foxwoods commercial, when they sing "for the wonder...of it all".

    The music for the theme above the Resort Area, with the sandstorm? Awesome. I love the trumpets and the snazzy opening beat. It's a toe-tapper, for sure. It doesn't seem like the kind of music that would FIT for an area with tall grass and a desert, but...it works. I like it.

    The Champion music is pretty cool, but nothing will ever be as epic as the Red/Blue Champion battle music. When I was like eight I would get into the fight and hold the Gameboy up to my ear and listen to it. This Champion music is pretty epic, but in a cheesy sorta "superhero vs. supervillain" comic book battle way.

    The Pokemon League background music isn't really COOL, per se, but it's chilling with the bass drums and sets the stage well. Again, I liked the Red/Blue and Gold/Silver music better.

    And finally, the Casino music. This could very well be some of the greatest music in any Pokemon game. I would place this music third on the list of the best, after the Red/Blue Champion music and the Gold/Silver Kanto Gym Leader music. It's crazy with all the synths and it doesn't sound eighties. I could actually imagine this in one of the Pinball games that you can play in the Casino stage of the first Sonic Adventure. And to top it all off, it samples the original Red/Blue casino music. The only thing I don't like is how it gets interrupted by the Clefairy bonus round music. That music is so annoying...I try to get out of Bonus Rounds just to listen to the awesome Casino music again.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. Yours?

    (This is in the right forum, right? If it's not, please move it.)

    EDIT: Oh, and the Bicycle music SUCKS.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Moved this because it does seem more game-focused, and I'll give you a better answer later, but for now I'll say this...

    The Mt. Coronet music - not inside, but around the peak - is probably one of the prettiest tracks I've ever heard in a Pokemon game. Stel had it right when he compared it to tunes from Chrono Trigger. As much as I disliked that portion of the game (I had no heal items left ;_;), that music makes it worth playing.
  3. I... really don't like the surf music. And you're right, the bike track's just... augh.

    Though to be honest, I don't know about most of the music. I played about 90% of that game with the volume muted.
  4. I rather fond of the music you hear at Lakes Verity, Valor, and Acuity. I also really like the music in Sunyshore City and Sandgem Town. The music in Eterna Forest is cool; it doesn't beat the music in Viridian Forest or Berry Forest but it still works. And the spooky music is...well...spooky. And yes, the music around the resort areas is classy. The tune around the Pokemon league is soothing.

    The only music I'm less than fond of is Celestic Town and Eterna City(I believe they're the same) music.

    I have to add this: The best music EVER is the music you hear in the Ice Path in Johto. I can't wait to hear that remixed.

    However out of all the games the Diamond and Pearl music is my favorite.
  5. Ah, yes, the Sunyshore theme is cool. Very melodramatic intro. XD

    Thanks for moving this, Linkachuuuu. >_
  6. Team Galactic may be stupid, but thier battle music ROCKS.

    I can't say much else seeing as I've literally listened to every soundtrack in the game (downloads). Including the Arceus Battle music, which is horrible because it's too overdramatic and repetitive for my taste.
  7. My favorite music is Professor Rowan's theme.
  8. My favorite music in D/P is outside the E4 at night. Xylophones FTW!
    The Three Lakes music is cool, along with the Trio Caves and the trio battles.
    Also really like the music of the Route south of Hearthome. Forgot what the route was, but I really like it.
  9. I haven't really payed attention to the D/P BGM, but I listened enough to figure out that this version's Surfing and Cycling music sucks (again) and that the champion theme rocks.
  10. Couldn't quite bring myself to enjoy most of the battle music, except for the final battle (gym leader/E4 music was strangely addictive, though...) Other than that, I like Sunyshore and the first part of the Game Corner's theme.

    I still kinda prefer FireRed & LeafGreen's music, however...
  11. i think that the team rocket's theme was really good. i like veilstone city because it actually reminds you of being in a big city.
  12. I just got to Snowpoint City, and I must say I quite like the background music. I'm inclined to turn on my DS and just let it sit there so I can listen to it while I do other things.
  13. Still haven't gotten past Zui Town (dunno what it's called in English, since I'm still farther in Japanese - it's the breeding/unown town, though), but I must say, the music is pretty good. I'm usually pretty sensitive to background music (certain movies I hate because of the music), but the Pokemon series usually does pretty well.

    I really liked the Sandgem Town music, for some reason. I remember it well - it made me happy, cuz it (like the Violet City music) finally made it kick in that I had the new game. Yeah. :)
  14. Violet City's music was epic. In the totally overused, inaccurate definition of the word. Just plain awesome.

    Almost all of Diamond & Pearl's music is quite excellent, bringing me back to the days of Gold & Silver. (Doesn't everything about DP just do that to you?)

    Snowpoint's music is excellent, as is Canalave's, but how about that Route 225, eh? EH?! Most unexpected Route music EVER. Man, oh man. Love it. And you know? Most of the trainer introduction ditties are quite fun, too, if you let them play for a minute before battling.
  15. I like ths music that plays at the old chatue and turn back cave it gives me chills :D. I also like the song that plays when you are fighting the pokemon Garitina, rotom, and Darkrai, but the one I like the most is the one that plays when battling the champion Cynthia.
  16. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    I also really like the Game Corner's music - in fact, I specifically came into this topic to say so :).

    Don't have too much opinion on the others - none of it is particularly annoying, and I like that all the towns have their own music. Is it me, or have the Pokemon sounds improved greatly in this gen? I can actually hear the difference between the Pokemon's full health noise and its fainting noise! (unlike in Emerald).
  17. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    That's one of my favourites too. :D

    Since it's so awesome, I shall share its awesomeness with the world at your convenience: http://www.pokecharms.com/DPGameCorner.mp3
  18. That would actually make a nice ringtone... I can't imagine trying to gamble in real life with that music going on in the background though.
  19. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Heh, yes - I was thinking of a ringtone too. I may try it.

    The one piece of music in the game that I really don't like is the intro music when you switch on the DS with Diamond or Pearl in. It's very sinister, and in an unusual key - if it wasn't so long since I'd done music theory, I'd know why. (I think it might be in a melodic minor, or diminished, or something like that.) It's not so bad when you listen to the full version of it, where it merges into the "Pokemon theme" that we're all familiar with from other games; but the couple of notes that play if you hit START as soon as you possibly can creep me out. The interval is very "wrong", according to standard Western music.
  20. It sure is eerie-sounding music. Reminds me of XD, really, and surprised me to hear such a serious tone to the game as soon as I started it, instead of the usual light-hearted Pokémon stuff.
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  21. When I first saw Mesprit in the grass, (It was by accident, actually ;D) I thought I'd broken my game or something, because the music there really scares you for a moment. After that, I fought and caught it, the next time in the grass. Shame that music didn't carry on for Cresselia, because when you see that, it's ordinary wild grass music.

    Most other music in DP doesn't disappoint - some is just updated FR/LF/R/S/E music, but music like in the old chateau, caves, and in the game corner are completely new. ;D
  22. I love the music by the Windworks (forgot the route..) and I want to know who wrote the piano part for the legend music..

    also I noticed that the music continues from where it stopped before a battle, thats really cool since the song starting over and over gets annoying.

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