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What's your morning routine?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by 888Warrior888, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. What do you do when you get up?
    Mine(weekends): Get up, get dressed, take Riley (my dog) for a walk, eat breakfast, take a break, go upstairs and play video games and computer for the rest of the day until further notice XD .
    School Days: Get up @ 7:10, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack up backpack, brush teeth/do hygiene, watch a little TV, go to school

    What about you? (If this is against the rules please lock)
  2. I have no routine on weekends, but on school days, here's what I do:

    Wake up at 6:20, get dressed, eat, brush my teeth and similar stuff, go to school at 7:00, come home at 3:00, goof around outside with my friends or go on computer or play video games or bang around on the drums (all depends on the weather), eat dinner, do homework, more goofing around, shower, sleep, repeat.
  3. Nothing on the weekends, but on weekdays:
    Wake up at 7:00 and shower. Get dressed, collect school supplies, and eat breakfast. Brush teeth, brush hair, wtach T.V until 8:35 and catch the bus. School from 9:15 to 3:45. Home by 4:00 and do homework and then play on computer or write or play video games. Running on Tuesdays and Thursdays, dinner, do whatever, bedtime at 10:00
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Like others mentioned above, my routine on weekends/days off work is basically to wake up whenever I feel like it, open up the laptop for a bit or play one of my handheld games while I wake up, and then start the day.

    On work days, my alarm goes off between 6:45 AM and 7:15 AM. Depends if I'm at the cottage, at the house, or planning to wash my hair that morning. After that I attack the bathroom, sort out my clothes (generally I already know what clothes I'll be wearing the night before, so it's just a matter of putting 'em on), and ... open up the laptop for a bit. XD
    Then I just wait for my drive to get ready.

    I'm a pretty low maintenence. :p
  5. Nuttin' much. On school days it's roll out of bed at 6:30, choke down some cereal, go to the bathroom, use it, brush teeth, hair, straighten my bangs if they need it, throw on some clothes (which might be two flights of stairs down...) run out the door for school. 7:45 - 2:55 is school. Go home and eat/TV, video games/compy after my snack, dinner, vid/compy, shower, bed at around 10:30ish.
  6. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Wake up, go to the bathroom, and feed. That is everyday. Depending on the day of the week, season, and if I have plans for the day will depend on if I need to catch the shuttle to go to class, go where ever my plans tke me, or if I find something around the house/apartment (depeding on the time of year) to do.
  7. On school days:

    7:10 Get out of bed.
    7:10-7:20 Dress, do my hair, 'n stuffs.
    7:20-7:30 Eat something breakfastlike.
    7:40 Go to school.

    I know, not a lot of time, but I live far away from my high school and have to cycle all the way.

    Free days:

    -Sleep out
    -Eat breakfast
    -Watch TV or go on The Internet.
  8. Well On School Days:

    Wake Up Alarm: 6:35am
    Sleep In 10 minutes till 6:45am (because i'm lazy :p)
    Shower for 20 mintes till 7:05am
    Get Dressed until 7:15am
    Dry and Straighten Hair until 7:45am
    Clean Room until 7:55am or 8:00am
    Brush Teeth and Put make-up on (to look good ;D) until its 8:15am
    And by that time im too late to even eat breakfast so I rush out the door and have a nice 20 minute walk to school :)
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  9. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Get up
    Make cup of coffee
    Drink a mouthful of coffee
    Finish Coffee
    Wash hair/shower (plus other daily routines like brush teeth, wash face, etc etc)
    do stuff from there
  10. During the school year, I was mostly too sick and in pain to get out of bed, let alone do anything on most school days, so I just ended up sleeping in for a while and then getting up to try doing some missing classwork before I got swamped and went "Fuck this shit!" and gave up. Now that I'm actually a lot healthier and not going to the ER constantly, my schedule for the rest of the year went like this.

    Get up at 6:30 and empty the hose and such, jump in the shower and wash up and be out at 6:50, sit around while getting dressed and watching Pokemon or whatever badass show was on Cartoon Network that morning then racing to catch the bus because my driver is a major assplug >>;;;

    Now because its summer, I'm pretty much crashing at like midnight and waking up at either 8 or 9 and working out until 10 before I start my day.

    Over all, I think my routine isn't going to change unless I get sick or something lol.
  11. 1. get up.
    2. eat.
    3. get a snack.
    4. get on computer.
  12. Weekends

    Sleep in
    Finish unfinished drawings

    School days
    4:30am-5:00am prepare mentaly for school
    5:30 hygine
    6:00-6:45 maybe finish some homework
    7:00-7:20 school day

    Notice I didn't put eat breakfast. And school lunch sucks, so I make do w/o food until 2:40pm.
  13. Depends on the day.

    Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I get up around noon, grab a shower and get dressed, bum around on the computer, and then drag myself out of the dorm to get to my 3pm Calc III class. I often don't eat before class, because I fail ><

    Tuesday and Thursday are the early days- I'm out of bed at 9:30, I shower the night before in this case, and then I just get dressed, grab a snack, and run to class. Sometimes, I forget the snack. I'm terrible at forming any sort of eating schedule.

    And on Saturdays, I'm out of bed around 9 or so, since I've got kung fu at 11. Sundays are my "sleep until it's the PM" days. There are no mornings then.
  14. Well, I'm a lazy guy on the weekends, but, like all my other compadres (here and real life), I have a weekday schedule.

    7:00a.m.: Wake up, get dressed, brush teeth.

    7:30a.m.: Head off to school, while dodging the idiots and morons on the roads.

    8:00a.m.: resume sleep sit in classes.

    2:15 p.m.: Head out to my Dad's place to study with my Aunt.

    4:30 p.m.: Head back to Mom's.

    5:00 pm: Enjoy our supper (yes, we call it supper).

    8:00 pm: Shower all the day's filth, my classmates perfume and toilettries, etc off me.

    11:00 pm: struggle to sleep.

    And that's my routine in a nutshell. my weekends are much simpler.

    Noon: Wake up, realize its the weekend, and sleep.

    1:30pm: be forced awake by my dad.

    1:32pm: eat lunch

    2-4 or so pm: excercise

    5:00pm: eat supper.


    11:00pm: watch FMA Brotherhood

    1:30 am: sleep.
  15. I really have no life in the mornings. D8
    School Days:
    5:30: Be woken up by the same song that has been playing for the past week on the radio.
    5:30-6:00: Get dressed.
    6:00-6:05: Grab bag and Laptop also eat breakfast.
    6:05: Drive to school for Zero hour.
    6:20-7:25: Zero hour.
    7:25: Walk to First hour.
    7:30: School starts.

    Sleep till about 12 pm then bum around the house the rest of the day.
  16. Well, my "routine" is pretty simple.

    I'm almost always up on my own my 7am, then I start my schoolwork and am usually finished by 9am (joys of homeschooling), eat breakfast, take care of the zoo, and then hop on the computer or read a book. If none of my friends are busy, I might go to their house.
  17. Depends on the day; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I get up around five, to quite I make myself a cup of Tea and some breakfast which may vary on the day. Around six - six thirty my peace is interrupted by the frantic panic of my mother who by all means is what I call a failed cleanoholic- she panics about getting the house clean but never gets anything accomplished to this I waive it off has morning business after all the constant slamming of cabinets and the metallic clangs of silverware with the occasional glass or ceramic dishes shattering has they break do my mothers panic that I have come oh so accustom to hearing though my ears still hate the sounds. However this noise wakes up my father with his bed hair making it seem has if Donald Trump is the envy of those obsessing with their hair, my father who just burps and scratches saying "[q]uite down, your too loud" while he returns to his rest has it nears seven. I head out for college at Florida Atlantic University though that frantic panicky women I call mom is with me since she works just a stone throw away from the campus. Has for the rest of the weak its pretty much the same but I don't leave for School and around 8 she leaves for work. (I have classes starting at 8 am so those three days we leave earlier). Occasionally my brother is up but he does nothing much mostly gets ready for Online school having been fed up with high school that he never attended anyway.

    This is pretty much every morning with a few exceptions after all come to live with people for many years you seem to pick up on some patterns of them.

    On days off I will do whatever lately it has been Job searching since I need some cheese in my pockets.
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  18. I've graduated and not currently in school/college, so my schedule for weekdays, is:

    8:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m. : Get up, use bathroom, shower, etc.
    9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. : Make breakfast, eat it, and watch Maury/Jerry/ Steve Wilkos. If I'm not stayin' home, I'll go chill at th' mall, look around for work, chill or go out wit' friends, or head for th' movies
    11:00 a.m.-Whenever : Surfing th' interwebz, YouTubin', etc 'till I'm done wit' the interwebz, then I'll nap.
    After Nap : Din-Din time
    After Din-Din : More Interwebz
    After more Interwebz : Dreamland

    Weekends, are a bit different

    Saturdays : Sleep in to about 12

    12:00-3:00 : Head out for breakfast wit' G-dad, foodshoppin'
    3:00-Whenever :Interwebz, or if I'm not stayin' home, same as above, come back.
    Whenever I come back : Din-Din, if I haven't already eaten, interwebz, nap
    After nap, if up around 11pm : FMA:Brotherhood, Bleach, then bed.

    Sundays : Up at 8:30 to make breakfast, for me 'n th' G-dad

    9:00-10:00 : Laze around th' house, might sleep in, or cook somethin', then interwebz
    After interwebz : More lazing around. Sunday is offcially Lazy Cat Day |-3. Might watch a little TV, Dinner, then sleep

    And that's how we do it, Jei-man style
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    In a nutshell, my family is always in a rush to get me out the door, short an to the point :D

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