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What's your Favorite Starter?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by blaze25, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. i think this topic's been posted already. but oh well.
    umm. in this topic. you're free to choose your favorite starter pokemon from Red to Diamond.

    i'll start
    for me, i chose Charmander. because it's so adorable and when it evolves to a Charizard, it becomes more powerful. :D
  2. It's kind of hard to pick only one. They all have their merits and I've trained almost all of them at one time. I'd pick charmander because its line is my favourite. But in delving a bit deeper I'd say I tend to go towards fire types as starters. An exception would be that I'm not that into torchic, but really like mudkip.
  3. me too. i like choosing fire-types as starters.

    except in the gold/silver/crystal version. i always chose totodile there. :D
  4. For R/B/G/Y, it's gotta be Charmander because I love his final evolution. Of coure it's also it can learn Dragon moves (the first Fire type to do that!)

    For G/S/C, big fan of Totodile. it knocks the other two off my flippin' Johto starters of the charts. i like him for his excelent croc-like appearance and his evolutions.

    For R/S/E, Treecko! He's like of the coolest looking starters out there. Not only do I like him for that, but for his other evolutions (but Sceptile is the best out of the two). I like Blaziken, not Torchic.

    For D/P/Pt, It's a tie between Turtwig and Chimchar. Turtwig because of the turtle apprearance and Torterra (I was hoping for a Grass/Ground type); and Chimchar for the same reason as Charmander's, Infernape.
  5. in the D/P/Pt version, i always choose piplup. it's kinda hard to believe that piplup turns out to be a strong pokemon on its final evolution. empoleon. :D
  6. For each region, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Turtwig.
  7. you always choose fire-type as starters. :D
  8. This topic isn't too necessary. You can very well just post your favorite Starters up in the Favortie Pokemon thread. The thread is not necessarily a general topic, so you don't have to pick one favorite and are allowed to organize them in every and any category and subcategory you'd like.

    Closing this Topic.
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