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Whats your favorite pokemon type(s)?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by AnniesDarkrai, May 9, 2013.

  1. Hi I'm new! I just want to know, whats your favorite pokemon type(s)? Mine is ghost, dark, fire, and flying! :)
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    Ah, the good old what's-your-favorite-type question. We haven't had a thread like this in a while. I'm just going to make one small note - if you're going to post types, explain why they are your favorite. "Just for the heck of it" is a valid reason in this case, but as long as it's a reason. Just listing types without much of a rationale behind it isn't really something that has a lot of discussion value - and we don't want this thread de-evolving into spam, do we?

    Didn't think so.

    In a any case. Personally, mine are (in no particular order):

    * Grass - Probably my top favorite. I'm quite fond of plants as a whole and I have quite a bit of a thing for symbiotic plant-creatures both in and out of the Pokémon context - and though they tend to have relatively many weaknesses compared to other types, they manage to remain incredibly viable in battle in spite of them (through a diverse arsenal of moves). Like all types, there are many hits and misses in the design department - ranging from ridiculously awesome and creative to just balls with leafy bits sticking out of them. But really, one would expect some species to be more animal than plant and some species to be more plant than animal, some species to be active mobile creatures while others preferring a more sessile life style, only mobilizing to defend themselves, capture prey or reproduce. Diversity is an awesome thing, and Grass-types have quite a bit of it.

    Also, Leaf Blade. Frigging Leaf Blade. Your argument is invalid.

    * Bug - Let's begin with one statement: Arthropods are more awesome than you. Nevermind the fact they're so damn alien compared to other "common" creatures, they're also the most successful, diverse phylum of animals on this planet by a very large margin. I could spend quite a while gushing about all the reasons they are awesome as hell, but that would be royally off topic. The point is there's a lot of idiots out there who don't give arthropods the respect they deserve and have either been so conditioned by society to dislike them or are insecure and afraid of things that are mostly harmless to them but are still more successful and diverse than they ever could be and thus have to defeat them to prove to their fragile human egoes that they're still OMG THE BEST AROUND - and to these idiots I say "Kindly go and get fire punched by a mantis shrimp". Actually there really should be a water/bug mantis shrimp that can learn fire punch. Trufax.

    ... Anyway. I like awesome arthropods and that obviously projects to Bug-types. Though initially a rather useless type (ironic, considering Pokémon as a whole started off as a tribute to the bug collection hobby that used to be all the rage in Japan when the series' creator was a youngster), Bug-types have seen a renaissance in the Fourth and Fifth Generation of the games - and now armed with moves like X-Scissor, Bug Buzz and Quiver Dance (along with the classic Gen 2 Megahorn) they can finally kick ass and take names as nature clearly intended. The addition of several amazing species such as Volcarona and Galvantula to the already impressive pool of Things That Will Kick Your Ass like Scyther, Scizor, Heracross and Armaldo only served to make the type more amazing. Because really, nothing says fuck you more than a ginormous moth that commands the power of the mother fucking sun.

    * Fighting - Okay, on first glance, 'Fighting' seems like a rather silly type idea as most Pokémon are fighting creatures. But "Fighting" here is a reference to martial artsy stuff - complete with 80s training montages, super secret techniques passed down by ancient Asian masters and species that have either been trained in human-like martial arts... or inspired them and passed them on to humans. I like the latter explanation more actually - especially with so many human martial art styles being based, vaguely, on the movements of animals. I like the idea of different species learning from each other. *shrugs*

    Like Bug-types, Fighting-types have been hampered by stereotypes formed by unfortunate early designs/portrayals thereof (witness the Machop line, nearly continuously portrayed as drooling steroid-breathed violent body builder types, poor things) and a lack of a viable move pool in early generations (particularly in Gen 1, where their most powerful natural enemy, Psychic-types, were already overpowered and overrated) - and like them, they've blossomed into something that can quite literally kick your ass into next Tuesday with ridiculous slow-motion Wuxia bullshit that probably means their voices are not synched with their lip movements (although I suspect newer species gave the whole lip synching thing a miss and communicate by waggling their fucknormous eyebrows instead. I am looking at YOU, hitmonmuppets!).

    Personally, as far as Fighting-types go, I am heavily biased towards the more creaturey looking ones such as Blaziken, Breloom, Toxicroak, Mienshao and yes, Lucario (even if the poor thing has been mostly ruined by Fanboys, Furries and other things beginning with -EFF!-). However, I can easily see even the more humanoid looking creatures as rather nifty in their own way. Besides - let's face it, guys, this is the type that has a sentient ambulatory potato with slinkies for limbs and angry eyes as one of its earliest representatives. I'm sorry, but in the This-Is-So-Ridiclous-It's-Awesome sweepstakes, Hitmonlee takes the cake and eats it. With its feet. Because it has no mouth. And it must scream WATTAH!

    * Dark - I'll admit it - these days, I find myself feeling slightly awkward for liking Dark Types, if only because they are the stock favorite type of every Fangirl and Mary Sue out there, because y'know, they're so "dark" and "mysterious" and "misunderstood" and "goffik" and go cry me a fucking river, Emo Kids. You've just gone and displaced ONE stereotype about Dark Types (They're EVIL spawns of PokéSatan and they thrive on bringing disasters, chaos, hatred, rage and carrot!) in favor of another (THEY'RE THE PERFECT REPRESENTATION OF THE TURMOIL IN MY SOUUUUUUUL IT'S HARD BEING A TEENAGE BRAT. IT'S HARD AND NOBODY UNDERSTANDS. IMMA GO NIGHT SLASH MYSELF.)

    Ahem. Now that I've gotten THAT rant out of the way.

    Well, the 'misunderstood' thing isn't entirely inaccurate. Most Dark-types (or as they are called in the Japanese version of the games, 'Evil' types) either use manipulative battle tactics such as taunting, intimidation, demoralization, striking from the shadows and what have you - or are based in terms of design on creatures (real or mythological) that inspire fear and loathing in the hearts of many humans. Yeah, really evil there. Until you remember two important factoids:

    1) The concept of a 'fair fight' is a fairly human one. Nature is seldom that fair. "Underhanded" battle tactics are fairly universal and some types do it even worse than Dark-types. Psychic-types, for example, manipulate the minds of their foes using illusions or even DIRECTLY without bothering with all the psychological warfare Dark-types do. Double standard, much?

    2) Most species that strike terror into the hearts of men are fucking awesome and only got a bad reputation because of cases of mistaken identity by a powerful animal - or more commonly, ignorant idiots who provoked, fed or were simply spooked by an animal that proceeded to either kick their ass or went off on its business as usual, oblivious to the strange hairless primate who then proceeded to run off to his tribe and tell them exaggerated tales of the demon beast he just ran into.

    So yeah. You've gotta appreciate intelligent, observant and generally powerful species who can turn the tide of battle by using their brains - and I don't mean by using their brains to mind-control their opponents into punching themselves. The psychic immunity (Perhaps due to being too smart to fall for Psychic Jedi Mind Tricks) and the strength of their tactics against creatures that rely on their mind powers too much by disrupting their discipline/concentration/what have you is also a plus. Until a bug punches them in the face. Because spiders are not in the business of psychoanalysis.

    * Dragon - Originally a rare magical "superspecialawesome" type with many resistances and armor-piercing diversity, dragons have since become much more common and generally easier to counter.

    Amusingly enough, I'm not fond of most Dragon types - many of them are incredibly generic and some are utterly derp (between The Winged Orange Barney, the Flat Rage Lizard and the Spiky 3-Year-Old-Drawing-Brought-To-life, there is quite a wealth of derp). No, the appeal of this type to me is more the concept of the type itself - I enjoy the idea of these creatures being linked to some sort of ancient, unique form of ancient ambient energy - an unrelenting force (Insert Fus Ro Dah joke here) that can only be defined by itself. Something about that resonates with me - there is a certain "stuff of legends" value to this force, seemingly tapped into at random by seemingly convergent lines (and some species not even of the type) which is both its appeal and its downfall - alas, their rarity and power, as well as their ZOMG DRAGONS!!11!(one) attribute, made them another goddamn Mary Sue favorite - But I've liked the type since very early on and I don't intend to stop liking it because a horde of idiots started liking it. That would be a complete Outrage.
  3. I like Bug types for similar reasons to Stel and I like Grass it seems fairly tranquil but it can fuck your shit up and I like a lot of grass types. Other types that don't really have reasoning to me liking them include Water, Poison and Dark.
  4. Favourite Types.. Hmm.
    I think I quite prefer Poison and Steel types. The variety of Pokemon you get is brilliant in some respects. Metagross and Muk definately are my fav's of the two types.
  5. Overall, I'm going to say my favorite types are:

    Steel: Most Steel types are very cool looking. I also particularly like the number of resistances it has because it means that even steel types with relatively low defense can potentially tank stuff.

    Dark: I started in Gen II and back then I thought Dark types were the coolest things. I still do actually lol. I can't think of a single Dark type that I hate. I disliked Scrafty at first, but then the sucker grew on me and now it's one of my favorite Gen V Pokemon.

    Fighting: At first, Fighting was that type you kinda forgot about because there were so few Pokemon of that type. As time went on, things changed and Game Freak introduced a lot of cool fighting types that just appealed to me such as Breloom, Lucario, Gallade, Hariyama, Scrafty, Infernape, Blaziken, etc. Fighting is also a really good offensive typing in the metagame as well.
  6. Grass - I like how much variety is in these types, both in the species and how they can be used in battle. You have the tanks, sweepers, statusers... the works! Super fun type. I nearly always pick the Grass-type starter.

    Rock - Geology rocks. I love nearly all the fossils, and they come under Rock! Conceptually, they're neat - High defence, resilient. There are little niche parts to Rock, as well. I run a Rain Dance mono-Rock team in competitive. If I don't face any Bullet Punches... well, you're gonna have a bad time.

    Water - This type is huge, and I love it for that. So much variety, like grass! Some of my all-time favourites are in Water, such as Omastar or Lanturn, Lapras too! I'll always have a soft spot for Water-types.

    I really wish the Fire-type had more to it, its still a bit meh... hopefully Gen VI brings them raging back! :D
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    Hmm. Lessee. At the moment I believe these are my favourite types:

    Fire: I think my love for Fire-types began with Charizard and Growlithe/Arcanine and continued to expand with each new generation. I'm a big fan of the Fire-type's strengths and weaknesses and many of the Pokemon species that fall under its umbrella. Fire-types always strike me as having more fiercer personalities, a concept I enjoy to play around with in my mind. I'm not sure if they're my top favourite type overall but they're up there.

    Bug: Buggies. All the buggies! I'm not a huge fan of too many Bug-type Pokemon but the ones that I do love, I love a lot (Heracross, Scyther, Butterfree, Armaldo, Galvantula, Volcarona, etc.). It wasn't likely until Gen 2, with the introduction of the lovely attack known as Megahorn, that I properly appreciated the type though. I find them incredibly fun to battle with due to the range of their strengths/resistances and I'd wear my Bug Catcher hat with pride.

    Fighting: I feel that it was Gen 3 that really brought these guys into their own. Up until that point I regarded the type very neutrally, mostly because I'd never found a heavy advantage to using them, but during Gen 3 I realized just how awesome the Fighting-type was. Even above Fire-types and Bug-types, Fighting-types win hands down as my favourite type coverage-wise. I adore using the Pokemon and Fighting-type attacks and will typically never run a team, whether it be in-game or competitive, that doesn't include at least one Fighting-type Pokemon. So many of them are great Pokemon too. Heracross, Riolu and Lucario, Combusken and Blaziken, Breloom, Hitmontop, Hariyama, Scraggy and Scrafty - the list goes on. I love these guys. There's a good chance that Fighting-types are my top of the top favourite Pokemon type now, I'm just not sure how long it'll remain that way.

    Flying: Possibly the only type that I don't particularly love for its type coverage but for the Type itself. I love birds and creatures with wings. While I passionately loathe flying in airplanes, the idea of flying with your own power has always captured my imagination. It's therefore safe to say that I love my Flying-types too. Whether it be Pidgeot, Charizard, Dragonite, Mantine, or any other Flying-type combination, I really like the concepts of these Pokemon - possibly moreso than the Pokemon themselves in some cases. Mind you, Flying-type attacks can definitely be handy in battle, but yeah, that's not the main reason I like them. :)

    Ground: This one is off and on for me. I adored them throughout Gen 1 and 2 then lost some of my love for the type throughout Gen 3 (possibly because of Fighting-types stealing the spot-light), but since seriously training and battling with Marowak, Steelix, and Garchomp I've regained much of my appreciation for the Ground-type. Earthquake and Earth Power are great attacks - I love their power and coverage - and I really do love many of the Pokemon who fall under the type itself. If anything, they're just fun to battle with.
  8. I like lots of types, but I guess I only have two favorites.

    Normal: I don't really know why it's my favorite. According to Bulbapedia it's the second most common type so I suppose it's just that I like so many Normal type Pokemon that I started to like the type too. Togepi and Togetic were my favorite Pokemon back in the second generation, mostly because they could learn Metronome which was and still is one of my favorite moves. There are so many adorable Normal types, including Spinda which is my #1 favorite Pokemon. There are so many unique Normal types, like Castform or Kecleon or Smeargle or Ditto that it just makes the whole type seem really diverse.

    Psychic: Pretty cliche since I feel like most people love Psychic types but I consider them my second favorite type. I just like the whole idea of Psychic powers and telekinesis and things like that. Elgyem is my second favorite Pokemon overall so that helps things too.

    If I had to choose a third favorite type I think I'd go with Water. I just like picturing swimming around with a Squirtle or something.
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    I have a few, so I'll just name as many as I can~

    Ice: For probably obvious reasons, because it's me and my sort of signature element is ice anyways? XD I originally chose ice, though, because I thought it was both beautiful but fragile at the same time. I know it actually is really weak, in-game, since it has a bajillion weaknesses and is really only good for killing some dragon types, who usually know fire-type moves anyways to counter it, but I guess the designs for most of the ice-types and the animations for the moves just appeal to me or something.

    Fire: I think it's mostly because I enjoyed having a fire-type or three on my team, especially the starters, to mow down all those annoying bug-types and grass-types in the forests and grasses in the beginning of the games. A good chunk of my favorites are also fire-types or partially fire-types as well, which has contributed to my love for it. XD

    Electric: Similar to Fire, I came to like electric-types because it just proved to be a useful type in-game to get rid of water types out at sea, especially Wingulls/Pelippers in Sapphire and Emerald.

    Flying: I was such a contest person back in 3rd generation, so I always had a flying type on me, no doubt a Taillow or Swellow, to sweep through the Cool contests. I also really liked just having them around because they seemed so versatile; since no true flying type existed until Tornadus and Flying-Plate'd Arceus, it was always great to have a flying type with another secondary typing to be immune to ground-type attacks and also dishing out extra damage with its other type. Plus I just like birds.

    Others I like are Water, Grass, Ground, and Steel, but I'm running out of time so I'll just put those four down. |D
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  10. Rinoa Heartilly

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    In no particular order;

    I find grass-types to be really powerful allies.
    Most of my starter PKMN are grass-types, thus,
    I've gotten rather attached to them.

    My passion for these wonderful creatures is endless.
    I love catching, training and experiencing all sorts
    with my water-types. They're not the strongest but they
    can pack one hellova punch if you have the patience and knowledge.

    ...I just get insanely attached to my normal-types.
    Sometimes, I can't even let them battle because I don't
    want them to "get hurt". Example; Togepi. ;////; <333

    Do I really need to explain?

    [I love all the types tbh, but I use these ones the most.]
  11. I have some favorite types, too.

    Well, first, there's the Fire-Type.
    I like the way of how graceful most of the Fire-Pokémon look. :3

    Then there's Electric-Type.
    Many of my favorite Pokémon belong to this type and I love how cute many of them are.

    Who doesn't love these strong and wild-hearted Pokémon?

    Finally Water-Type.
    I've always loved to be near water and I always was fascinated by creatures living deep down in the water.

    These are my Top 4 Pokémon-Types, although I'm also kinda fascinated by Dark and Psychic-Type. xd
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    My favourite Pokemon of all is an electric type, but overall I'm not keen on many members of the Electric typing. My favourite type overall would have to be Flying. Anyone who knows me know that I adore birds and critters with wings, and many of the Pokemon I love are of the winged variety: Murkrow and Honchcrow, Archen and Archeops, Gliscor, Dragonite, Tornadus Therian Forme etc. Flying may have a few glaring weaknesses on the chart, but I do tend to love most of the Pokemon in the typing.

    Fire was once my favourite so it gets honourable mention. Charizard, Arcanine and Vulpix got the type off to such a good start but I felt that it eased off over the years and generations. It's totally back in what appears to be a blaze of glory however, so it may jump back up to be my favourite alongside Flying!
  13. Well, first off, I love the Electric type. I've always liked electricity, and one of the spells I enjoy most in fantasy is that which can summon a bolt of lightning. I loved the idea of living, breathing creatures that could actually generate electricity from their bodies! Plus, Electric-types are the ones that most often cause my favorite status condition, Paralysis. This is the best condition for catching any Pokemon, even Legendaries, and therefore is my favorite status affliction. Electric Types also only have one weakness thus far, Ground. I also like several Electric Type moves, such as Thunderbolt, ThunderPunch, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, Volt Tackle, Discharge, Volt Switch, Fudion Bolt, and Bolt Strike. Electric Types that I like include:

    Gen I

    Gen II

    Gen III

    Gen IV

    Gen V

    As for other favorite type, it is Dragon. I've always liked dragons, majestic winged(usually) lizards that breathe fire. They are absolutely amazing creatures. Dragon Type Pokemon are usually very powerful, and only have two weaknesses, one of which is themselves. The only other thing they have to fear is Ice. However, even though they are now receiving a new weakness from the upcoming Fairy Type, they are still excellent Pokemon to have on your team. Favorite moves are Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance, and Dragon Pulse. As for my favorite Dragon types, they are:

    Gen I

    Gen II

    Gen III

    Gen IV

    Gen V

    And of course, my favorite Pokemon combines these to types to make my favorite Pokemon of all time, Zekrom, Electric/Dragon Type. :D

    I also like Fire, Ghost, and Flying Types.

  14. In no particual order:

    Electric: I have to admit that Electric is a realy awesome type. It has many cute Pokemon ( in my opinion) and as for my favs:
    Gen I :
    Jolteon and Electabuzz!

    Gen II :
    Pichu and Elekid!
    Legendary: Raikou!

    Gen III :

    Minun and Plusle!

    Gen IV :

    Gen V :
    Joltik/Galvantula and Emolga!

    Gen VI :

    Dark : Dark has so many badass Pokemon! And somehow, one always gets to my team..
    My favs are:

    Gen I : none
    Gen II

    Umbreon and Tyranitar and Houndoom!
    Gen III :
    Poochyena/Mightyena and Sableye!
    Gen IV : none
    Gen V :

    Gen VI: none..

    Psychic. This is a realy great type, plus it's sooo powerfull! My favs are: Hypno, Espeon, Grumpig, Deuosion and Meowstick!
  15. My top 3 favorite types are Steel, Dragon & Fighting (in that order).

    I'll go on why I like them & a little list of Pokémon that are in that type (no legendary Pokémon will be in the list).

    Steel: Ever since Gen 2, I've always liked the Steel type Pokémon. The thing that makes this type my favorite; is all possibilities that the type can bring to a Pokémon design and what it can do, as the steel type; they can have a very strong defense or could go in a strong attack. The biggest thing that makes me love this type is the fact of it being (in my eyes) the best type to be in a dual type. There are so many awesome Pokémon that is a dual steel type, and are bosses in their own right...fun fact; My favorite legendary Pokémon is Dragon/Steel...which happens also to be my favorite/dream dual type.
    - Noted Steel types: Scizor, Skarmory, Aggron, Empoleon, Lucario, Magnezone, Bisharp, and Aegislash

    Dragon: This type is one of those types that everybody loves...and there are reasons for this... one of the reasons are because they're monsters, small or big. They'll tear you a new one. I always loved ever since Gen 1 that most three stage dragon Pokémon, have to start weak and in time; become fear itself. Also love the whole strongest sword & strongest shield idea about the type (as they are weak to each other).
    -Noted Dragon types: Dragonite, Kingdra, Salamence, Garchomp, Haxorus, Hydreigon, Tyrantrum, and Noivern

    Fighting: I'll say this type is one of the greatest type to make a Pokémon from a design point of view...reason for it; there are many different fighting styles in the human world, throughout history. It's also a nice type to become a dual type when it comes to fighting style(dirty fighter style: make it a Dark/Fighting type). Best thing about this type is they can battle each other and the damage they take is normal...Pokémon that are in the same type that battle and can do good damage to each other is awesome.
    *Best Gen that has a starter that is Fire/Fighting type is Gen 4, the other two starters that has this type sucks*
    -Noted Fighting types: Primeape, Hitmonchan, Machamp, Heracross, Breloom, Infernape, Toxicroak, Pangoro and Hawlucha
  16. My favourite types are in order:
    Dragon/Flying type. I cannot decide which one is my Favourite!
    Ground type. I like the way that Pokémon dodge attacks in the show: by digging.
    Water type. Since young, I have always like water and swimming. My love for water has turned into love for water type Pokémon ♥
  17. My main favorite types have been consistent since the very first time I picked up a Gameboy and plugged in Red version. I'm not sure what my reasoning for it was back then, or if I even had one, but I always had to have one of each on my team. Without them, I felt incomplete. It has become habitual. Without one of each, my team feels incomplete to this day. The first of which (and my ultimate favorite type) is:

    Fire types are gorgeous or pretty darn awesome looking. This type seems to contain many of the coolest, most beautiful, or most regal Pokemon. You can't really go wrong with a group that includes Pokemon such as Charmander, Arcanine, Flareon, Typhlosion, Torchic, and Victini. Fire moves are fun to watch, and when you pick a fire starter the beginning of the game seems so easy. So, it helps you get through the boring stuff and into the other stuff (in which it might not be so easy). You burn through those annoying bug trainers in a pinch.

    Then.. the second is:

    They often have their faults in battle, sure, but they make up for it. Many electric moves seem to produce raw power. Electric Pokemon strike birds out of the sky, and were always great to bring along during long trips that involve surfing. Sure, you could bring a grass Pokemon, too. But what if you ran into a trainer with a Gyarados or a Tentacool/Tentacruel? Then I would be done with him much quicker than you, because I'd have an electric Pokemon to strike them down and Gyarados would be giving your grass Pokemon a hard time. An electric Pokemon is a staple in my team. I just love that most of them have a rough and tough appearance when fully evolved. (Raichu, Electabuzz, Luxray) And yet they're capable of being cute, too (Pikachu, Joltik, Mareep)

    And those are my two favorite types. The others, I could do with or without. Some staples of my team seem to be a Flying type, but that's only so I can have a Pokemon to fly me from town to town. I don't particularly like the type. For similar reasons, I almost always have a water type, because... surf. However, if there's another Pokemon that fits my team better who is not a water type but can use surf, I will always pick it. I used to love Psychic Pokemon, but I seem to have gotten over that phase. I rarely have any on my teams now. Although, I do still have my attachments to some of them. I have fond memories of Abra (ah, he was so hard to catch) and Espeon.
  18. I think my favorites would be
    1. Dark/Ghost, simply because their designs tend to be the most interesting, and I've always loved creepy looking things. Plus, normal moves don't work on them, which can be a big help in battles.
    2. Fire always seems to be more powerful, and with Pokémon like Blaziken, you can mix two often-powerful move types (fire and flying)
  19. Ground - I just liked Ground Pokemon ever since! Plus the designs of them are either cute or awesome! Thats just my oppinion.
    My second favourite type is Water - All of them have great designs, but regardless of that, the only aquatic starter I picked is Oshawott.
  20. I have three personal favorites.

    Ice: For so long, I've loved how majestic snow and ice looks, especially in places like Norway. Because of this, I've been able to admire how awe-inspiring some Ice-Types look, and how powerful Ice moves can be. I may not always have one on my team, but I always make sure to catch at least one.

    Dark: For being one of the least common Types in the wild, Dark Pokemon are truly gems. Sure there may be a few duds (looking at you, Purrloin and Liepard), but they can be tenacious and powerful, especially when they're dual-typed. Plus most of them look cool, so there's also that.

    Normal: Oh, my dear sweet honey-and-sugar-dipped Jebus rolled up in marshmallow fluff, you people cannot fathom how much I love Normal-Type Pokemon. What I love about Normal-Types is that they're so dang versatile. They have literally the widest move pools out of all the Types. Not only that, but they're always underestimated in terms of how tough they can be. Yeah, many of them look cute and cuddly, but they will wreck you if you're not careful (read: Whitney's Miltank). In my most recent runs (HG and Black), I raised a couple of Normal Pokemon: Tauros and Stoutland. While the Tauros didn't have a permanent spot on my team, I certainly came to appreciate just how powerful it is. As for Stoutland, I've used it before and loved it, so it regained a spot on my team in my new copy of Black (in my first copy, I raised my Stoutland into the forties, then boxed it). She even took down Opelucid Gym almost entirely on her own.
  21. My top 3 types are these
    1. Grass
    I love grass types. It's weird because I didn't like them until 4th gen. I used to not like them but then it grew on me. Also it doesn't feel like the same playthrough every time when picking starters thanks to their diverse movepool. Moves like Leech Seed, Giga Drain, and Leaf Storm are awesome too.

    2. Electric
    This used to be my favorite and Jolteon is my favorite Pokémon, but I still love them. They're mostly fast which I do like and have cool designs. Also thunderbolt is one of my favorite moves to use.

    3. Fighting
    Every time I use a fighting type on my team, it never disappoints. Plus there is not a single fighting type Pokémon I dislike. I also like moves such as Brick Break and Close Combat. And LUCARIO IS SO AWESOME!!!
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  22. Here are some of my favorites!
    Ghost: I sometimes have nightmares while I sleep, and Ghost types signify it really well. My favorite Ghost type is definitely Gengar, but I also like Spiritomb, Rotom, Golett, Gastly, and Sableye.

    Dragon: Dragon is my absolute favorite type out of all 18. Dragon types are ruthlessly powerful, at the cost of being hard to catch, train, evolve, and vice versa. My favorite Dragon type is definitely Rayquaza, but I also like Latias, Garchomp, Mega Charizard X, Zweilous, Giratina, and Axew. But one problem. While most Dragon types evolve into their final forms around the mid 50s, why does Deino evolve at Lv50 and again at Lv64?????????????

    Fire: Don't play with fire unless you like the Fire type baby! Fire types are mostly known for scorching their opponents and burning them with moves such as Will-o-Wisp. My favorite Fire type is definitely Ho-oh, but don't worry. I also like Charizard, along with Talonflame, Fennekin, Houndoom, Moltres, and Slugma.

    Water: I like going to the pool and cannonballing into the water, and I love the Water type as well! Water types are usually special sweepers, but some are physical brawlers as well. I love all kinds of Water types, from Kingdra to Azumarill to Blastoise to Lapras, but my favorite is definitely Lombre. Yes, I said Lombre instead of Ludicolo.That's because in ORAS, I couldn't find a Water Stone before I faced the Elite Four, so I just sticked with Lombre. Currently, it is on Lv60 with the moves Surf, Dive, Waterfall, and Secret Power.

    Grass: Sadly for me, there isn't much I can say about these Pokemon, but I still love them all! One awesome thing is that they're extremely useful for Ubers battles, letting you make big or small strategies with moves like Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, and heck, some can even learn Light Screen or Reflect. I like many Grass types, such as Ferrothorn, Leafeon, and Shiftry, but my favorite Grass type is definitely Venusaur.
  23. My favourite type? Well...I have a lot...

    I join the dark side since it was introduced in the Johto region. Dark-Type Pokemon have some sneaky attacks and some very cool Pokemon such as: Houndour and Houndoom, Poochyena and Mightyena, Absol, Sandile, Zorua and others which I wouldn't hesitate on adding to any team. That as well as having moves such as Crunch, Dark Pulse, Snarl. The designs of the Pokemon which belong to the dark-type group all look perfect for the type. Some of my favourite Pokemon belong to the dark-type.

    I LOVE dragons. Dragon-type Pokemon are no different. Even if they do look cute and harmless *cough* Dratini *cough* they can still cause issues for another team. Dragon Rage near the beginning of the game when your max HP was in the 50's or the 60's and you're hit by a Dragon Rage. Each dragon-type is unique and show off different sides of the dragon world by their stats. Dragon Pokemon such as: Dratini, Bagon, Axew and Deino make the training worth it. They evolve at high levels but their move-pools make up for that (in my opinion). Dragon may only be super effective against dragon but look at the dragons, they all look SUPER COOL!

    Fire has got to be my favourite type. My very first game was Pokemon Ruby, where I picked Torchic and that started the trend of always starting with the fire-type starter of any game. Fire being a destructive power waiting to be tamed was something I enjoyed thinking about. Each fire-type starts off cute and only an ember, the more you train them, the more dangerous they become when the learn Fire Blast, Flamethrower or any other fire-type move. Pokemon such as Charmander, Slugma, Numel and other fire-type Pokemon have a home in my heart.

    Who doesn't love the supernatural? I know I like the supernatural. Ghosts exist in the Pokemon world and each of them will have a creepy pokedex entry sooner or later, or they already have one. Each ghost-type pokemon has a cool design which compliments their entry. I do like that 5 ghost-type attacks have the name 'Shadow' in front. Still, ghost-type Pokemon are very cool. Especially Phantump and Pumpkaboo.

    I really don't know why I love ground-type Pokemon, I just do. I think I started to love ground-type due to Sandshrew, Cubone and Groudon. With the power of Earthquake and just to have the ability to harness the power of the Earth...that's a very cool concept.

    That's all for now...I'll explore more types later but those are the types I can remember off the top of my head. Feels like an essay. :'|
  24. Hello! Thank you for being so curious as to what my favorite Type is. Anyways, here, let me tell you;
    GRASS :
    I absolutely love Grass Types. They're very casual, gentle, and carefree. I always saw myself as a Grass Type, since they're very plain and simple. They are one of the least dangerous and most friendly of the Pokemon Types, and their designs are absolutely adorable! What's not to love?
    Electric Types are so cute and energetic! They're always so lively and hopping all over the place. Though, I'm somewhat biased on this one, since one of my favorite Pokemon are part Electric! If you have some patience and are willing to put up with an Electric Type's lively nature and naivete, you'll have a fun time.
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  25. Electric: I like most of them and there all so cute! (Mostly...) There like me and always happy and hoppy!

    Fairy: These Pokemon are always cute and since my favorite Pokemon is Fairy, why not love it?

    Dragon: Dragon Pokemon are cool, edgy, tough and mysterious. Everyone loves dragon type Pokemon.
  26. It's Awesome to see a question like this! Anyway here are my top 3 favorite types, starting with my third favorite....

    3. FIRE: I have always liked the Fire type, I can't think of a fire type i'm not fond of. Fire Types are always either completely badass or cute asf! I just love their concept as well as the moves of the Fire Type!
    Favorite Fire Types: Arcanine, Victini, Volcarona, Houndoom, Torchic
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    2. FAIRY: I have loved the fairy type ever since it was revealed! It was cool seeing some of my favorite Pokemon like Ralts and Clefairy becoming part of an interesting new type. Pretty much every Fairy type is cute in some way, but they are bound to be powerful! And it was cool to see a new type that could keep Dragons in check and completely change the metagame.
    Favorite Fairy Types: Sylveon, Ralts, Dedenne, Whimsicott, Clefairy

    1. DARK: Ok, the Dark type. This type.... is just so amazing, in my eyes, anyway. This type is misunderstood, they are claimed to be evil but Pokemon like Absol aren't. The type as a whole is just so beautiful and so powerful, pretty much all of them having above average- to excellent designs and concepts. Also, my favorite Pokemon, Bisharp, is of the Dark type, which is why I love it even more!
    Favorite Dark Types: All of them lol
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  27. My favorite type bar none is normal. I love the versatility of normal types. There's such a wide range of them that's good for any position on one's team. There's healers, tanks, speedhitters, and some that can learn nearly every TM. I think normal types are a wonderful addition to the team, especially because only fighting is super-effective against it, and I don't know many people that keep a fighting-type in their main team. They may feel plain, but I think the normal types have great advantages that shouldn't be overlooked.
  28. My favorite type is water because I always chose the water starter
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  29. My favorite types are Dark and Ghost because I just love badass, quirky and creepy designs. I love dark colors, I love Halloween, I've always loved ghosts and witches and monsters, so those two types just fit perfectly with everything that I love.
    I also really like Dragon just because dragons are my favorite mythical creatures.
  30. I've always liked grass types since I took Bulbasaur in gen 1. A lot of them are dual-type, which is a big deal for me. I also find them very useful for doubles (my favorite battle type), as they work well as/with Sunny Day users and with fire types. I always ran Chlorophyll Victreebel alongside Solarbeam Typhlosion in SS for Battle Tower runs.

    Which leads me to my other favorite- poison. A lot of grass types are also poison types, so I gravitate toward those Pokes (Venusaur & Victreebel in particular). I also fell in love with Arbok in gen 6. I always thought it was an interesting Poke, but in gen 6 I bred a couple different ones and I find it to be a very handy Pokemon. Straight poison typing is also nice defensively.
    I'm also a fan of Weezing. Having only one weakness is pretty nice.
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  31. I personally love fairy and dragon. With a side dish of dark and poison.
  32. Dragon water fairy and rock...primarily dragon because i study asian culture and mythology...but those types have never let me down in battle :)
  33. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Normal and Fighting types.
  34. My favorite type for a while now has been Fire, many of my top favorite Pokemon are Fire types (Flareon, Ninetales, Vulpix, Fennekin, Braixen, Delphox <-- probably tell, FireFoxes are my top favorites - and also Pyroar) - many of them look cute

    Fairy - ever since I used fairies, I have really loved them and have so much success with them - my favorite ability is fairy type too - Pixilate. Sylveon being my most favorite fairy, also learned to love Gardevoir, Slurpuff, Aromatisse, Klefki.

    Dark - are my third favorite type - many Pokemon I love are dark types, one of my favorite moves is Dark Type, Knock Off which helps me out a lot in double-battles. Liepard is my favorite Dark type.
  35. Fire, water and dragon are my favorites.

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