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What's Your Favorite Pokémon Town or City?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Jon123, May 13, 2014.

  1. You can choose your favorite based on the games, manga, anime, or a mix of them

    I personally like Sunnyshore, because of its strange, modern feel, and because when I 1st reached it the town was more difficult to navigate than the gym inside because of its freakin awesome solar panel bridges. Also, it seemed massive compared to many of sinnoh's small towns, and has a BAMF gym leader
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  2. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Mmm, this is kinda hard. My favorite is probably Mossdeep in Hoenn, followed closely by Lilycove, but for vastly different reasons. Mossdeep's space station always intrigued me, and I really liked the overall layout and feel of the city. Lisa and Tate were the bane of my existence, though, but having Steven live there was a nice plus for me as well, since he's one of my favorite Champions (right behind Cynthia). As for Lilycove, the city was just kinda fun to explore; Team Aqua's base was nearby, and it had contests, a department store, and a nice berry growing patch really close by. I also made my secret base close to the city, so in a way, Lilycove became my Pokemon home.

    I have yet to play XY or any games set in Johto, so I don't know about the cities there, but I also really liked Nimbasa City because of how colorful it was and how so many things happened there. Pokemon Musicals, the Ferris Wheel (with N), meeting Curtis/Yancy, Battle Subway, Big Stadium and Small Court... I could go on, but the whole city was just so exciting that I loved it! Also, its proximity to Joint Avenue was really nice, too.
  3. Hmm.. There are some I rely like~

    Pallet Town - Why do I like Pallet Town? I dunno really. I got Yellow for my birthday, alongside Emerald and Crystal. And, every time I hear the Pallet Town music, I get tears. Ah, nostalgia.. But, it only happens when I play Yellow or Crystal, but the music is so calm there! And, Gary is one of my favorite rivals. ^^;

    New Bark Town - Again, the music. And the overall nostalgia. The music reminds me of my early childhood, and it is my favorite melody from any Pokemon game! Plus, Chikorita is one of my favorite starters! But just listen to that music.. :)

    Littleroot Town - Okay, I may be overreacting, but it was the first town I ever entered in any Pokemon game!!! And the trumpets... Ahhh.. Y'know, even though I like these towns, they may not be my first choice for living in them. But Littleroot is something special to me..

    Lilycove City - I really like this town, mainly for the mysterious-ness. And the Contest. I actually like them more then Gym Battles. "Where the land ends, and the sea begins" always sounded mysterious to me. Plus, Team Aqua's base was there, and that is my favorite villain team. What else.. I really like the music, but being the largest city in Hoenn kinda doesn't work for me that much. I prefer villages and Towns, but Lilycove is different. I'd totally live there. Oh, and the Cove Lily Motel! It's so cute! I always pretended I was staying there and spending the night in town!~
  4. Me, I like Verdanturf, cause it's so purty

    Heck, any beach town is my favourite
  5. My favorite Pokémon town & city are...

    Lacunosa Town- To me Lacunosa Town is an interesting town with a cool legend around it. I wish there more interesting towns like this in Pokémon. I find most towns being pointless and only there, so the Player can heal their Pokémon in the Pokémon Centre before they move on to the next route.

    Castelia City
    - In the world of Pokémon (games) places that have city in its name; looks more like a big town than a city, but Castelia City lives up to what a city should look like. I also like this city for the fact of many things you can do in it.
  6. My favorite pokemon town is Fortree city. its unique its lively, it introduces my favorite pokemon Kecleon and it is surrounded by the two best roads in my opinion.

    I cannot wait to see the 3d version of it.
    credit goes to Pokemon-Diamond from deviant art for the above.
  7. I concur with @Jeydis: Fortree City is the best city in all of the six regions. Not only is it a perfect example of Hoenn's beautiful nature theme(which will look lovely in 3D, no doubt), but it also has a unique design, and sits right in between two great Routes.

    The settlement itself is more nature than city: homes and bridges make from the surrounding natural resources, with grass on the ground and an abundance of trees. The bridges go over trees and the Gym, connecting each and every home. Inside, people live contented lives, peacefully coexisting closely with Pokemon and plants alike.

    Lastly, it possesses a musical theme that is both entirely fitting and pleasantly catchy, encouraging one to walk across the bridges, hearing a satisfying *clack, clack, clack* as they travel over the swaying wooden planks, and visit the homes for the purpose of both conversing with citizens and shopping for furniture, all while that lovely track plays.

    Yes, Fortree is a very special place, whose beauty and tranquility has never been matched or topped by any other city, especially not one outside of Hoenn.
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  8. It looks like everybody loves Fortree city, but my favourite one is Rune City. (or maybe Pacifidlog Town? nah, that one is too small for me). I mean, it's really cool, you live inside a crater in the middle of the sea.
  9. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    Ummmm...Viridian City. Definitely Viridian City.

    Or maybe Lacunosa Town...
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  10. I personally like Nimbasa city just for the sports, tech and competitions yeah. Maybe it's just me though.:?
  11. mhairigood

    mhairigood Likes Trains

    Oh Gods - Olivine City~ ♥

    The fact that it's the place with my favourite Gym Leader possessing my favourite typed PKMN is only one of the strong reasons why I happily label this as a favourite city of mine. I love the sea [despite not being able to swim and rather fear it] and the lighthouse was a nice touch. If it was a real place, it looks like a very relaxing spot to visit. My second would probably be Ecruteak City due to the fact that it's an interesting place to explore among obvious things like the legends behind it. And kimono girls. Heehee... Tis a very beautiful place, y'know?

    ...Hmm, favourite town? I'd have to say Lavender Town! As seen in the original games - I loved the tower, the music, the potential PKMN that could end up joining your team from near-by and in said tower... Then there is, of course, the name rater! It's just a really fun place for me to be. Rock Tunnel being close is also worthy of mention.
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  12. Hmm I don't know why but I've always liked Cherrygrove Town there is just something charming about it to me.

    And while I'm not a fan of Sinnoh as a region I've had a similar attraction to Solaceon Town
  13. Ecruteak has always been a favorite for me-- Johto is a heavily traditionally Japanese region, and Ecruteak exemplifies this with its pagodas, the eeveelution dancers, and its house design and aesthetic.

    Runner-up would have to be Sootopolis, it's a town inside a volcanic caldera that you have to dive into a secret tunnel to first access. So good. I can't wait to see it on the 3DS, and I hope they take the Grecian seaside-style house design further with some brighter colors and lights at night.
  14. heres a few i like

    opelucid city
    i love it in the future form. the music is cool, the roads are cool and even the houses are cool

    coumarine city
    it has an overall relaxing feel, though i didnt really like the gym
  15. I would say my favorite town is pallet town. the first steps into your journey for greatness. some of you may say differently but listen to its soothing and comforting tune.

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  16. Goldenrod City. Its one beautiful city, with shops around every corner, fun gambling times, and one hell of a gym leader to fight.
  17. Goldenrod, as well for me. I just like the whole big city feel. I also adore National Park, which lives across the road from it. The music for both in G/S/C is just so great (HG/SS too, but not really as cool for me as compared to original versions)! Plus, the routes connected to it (And the game corner and Bug Contest) contains a lot of pokemon I've trained and loved (Nidorans, Scyther, Vulpix, Dratini, etc)
  18. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    My favorite city has to be sootopolis city.
    It amazes me how to get into the city, and the city itself.
  19. Well yes.. Those are my favorite games..It is awesome experience to play them..
  20. i've always liked slateport and ecruteak for their music and scenery
  21. love kiloude. Peaceful and not that crowded
  22. Oh, wow, that´s a hard decission. I´ve always liked Lavender Town, not just because of the eerie atmosphere and the ghost Pokémon, no, it´s also because of the theme song and the storys of that little, mysterious town.
  23. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Mmmmmmm... Toughie.
    I think maybe the Village Bridge from B/W.
    Settlements on bridges FTW.
  24. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm not sure if I can choose a single favourite so I'll just be indecisive and list my top favourites instead. :3

    I've always had a strong liking for Blackthorn City, due to its dragon heritage and being so high up in the mountains; Fortree City, for the fact that it exists utterly harmoniously in the middle of a forest); and Sootopolis City, for being so isolated from the rest of the world and existing within the crater of a freakin' volcano (which is awesome XD).

    That being said, and while it's not quite a town or city, I've also very much fallen in love with the Village Bridge. There's just something about the peaceful way of life of the Village Bridge residents that's really captured my imagination, the same way that Fortree did when I first encountered it. It's very unique in the series and quite lovely to boot. I could easily see myself living in a location like that~
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  25. Lumiose city cuz its big and Lavander Town (Dont ask why:\=|:)
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  26. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    One more.
    Kiloude City is peaceful and cool and useful. Don't believe me?
    • Battle Maison
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    So yeah. Village Bridge is favorite town, Kiloude is favorite city.
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  27. 012


    Pallet Town! ♥ Always and forever since there it all begins. ♥
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  28. In Kanto its lavender town because it's creepy and I like it!!(no not really) in johto it's cherry grove why?? Because REASONS!! In Hoenn its mauville because it's peaceful you get bikes you get electric Pokemon and it's cool and an overall nice flow in sinnoh or as I like to call it SIN NOH!!(bad pun or joke heh) it's jubilive City because it's da best with poketchs or whatever and it's got trainers school where I went to with my shinx monferno bibarel and Starly and in unova it's nowhere and in kalos it's lumiose because again REASONS AND ITS BASED OR PARIS

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