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What's your favorite Pokemon movie?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by ShinyCharizard124, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. What is your favorite Pokemon Anime movie? I was watching Pokemon: The Movie 2000 for the first time on Good Friday 2004 (I am Catholic) on Cartoon Network and it kind of had a real warm feeling to it. My favorite part was the cartoon short before the movie (I forgot the name) where Pikachu & co. are in the huge tree and they have to save all the Pokemon (Espically the Eggsecute nests) from the storm. My favorite Pokemon in the short was the Elekid. What's your favorite movie? The new ones are kind of pointless and stupid, in my opinion, to say the least, though.
  2. I kind of enjoyed The Rise of Darkrai. Though I have to say Lucario and the Mystery of Mew was really good. Those two Pokemon have been locked in mortal combat since Darkrai came out... They both include cool pokemon. I guess Lucario wins because it has a better story line.
  3. In my opinion, Giratina And The Sky Warrior was just there to make another movie for the sake of making a movie. I'll watch Lucario, but it's not my favorite by far.
  4. Personally, at least in my opinion, I believe that the movies are there mostly to promote the anime or show or whatever it is. Other than this, I notice that they're also there-atleast in Japan, to give out some random giveaway which would give more people the incentive to go pay money to see the movie, if not to get a random card or pokemon like a legendary or something, and usually it'll have some sort of move to get people to want to get as it's normally not available to them. Like, Spacial Rend and Roar of Time on a Darkrai.

    As to my favorite movie, I really did love the first, as I had liked the cloned pokemon with different markings and the like. My close second in favorites would be the Deoxys movie, mostly because of the massive amount of cute blocks that remind me of Combee slightly.
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Erm... Why did you quote your own post and add nothing more with it?

    Anyways, my favourite Pokemon movie is the 8th by far. For me, it not only feels different from the rest of the Pokemon movies (like a true movie), it's a work of art. The Tree of Origin is one of the most beautiful constructs that series has ever seen, and possibly one of the most beautiful I've ever seen in ANY animated movie to date (and that's saying a lot).

    Next for me is a toss up between the 2nd and 3rd movies - both of which have similar feels to the 8th but for different reasons. The 2nd movie - like the climax/resolution of the 10th Pokemon movie - is very powerful and moving, and that's probably what sets it apart for so many fans. As for the 3rd movie, it put the focus on not just Ash and co. but Molly/Entei/Ash's mom as well (just as the 8th movie did with Lucario). Having characters other than Ash act as central figures in that film really made it stand out to me for YEARS, because as annoying as Molly could be... it was her movie. Ash was just involved because his mom had been dragged into it - another element I really loved. Delia is a fun character, and it was really cool seeing her take a larger role in one of the movies ^^

    After the 8th, 2nd, and 3rd, I'd rank my favourite to least favourite movies in this order: 5 (while short, it's awesome no matter how many times I watch it), 10 (starts slow, but ends amazingly), 1 (it's a classic), 11 (really loved some elements used in it), 6 (mostly for the music/end credits, Absol, and Flygon), 4 (it did have that uber pretty forest and Suicune...), 7 (Deoxys is awesome, even if its movie puts me to sleep ;-;), 9 (Pokemon Ranger, GETTO DAZE...). And yet even saying that, I've watched them all multiple times (and the majority in both Japanese and English). Even if they aren't always great, they're still Pokemon. It's just nice vegging out to 'em sometimes.
  7. I've said this before, but the new movies are just there to promote and to get a new army of 6 year olds to join the Pokemon craze. The new ones are mostly for young children to watch. Ash is so cheesy in Giratina & Sky Warrior that you can tell by now. :)
  8. Which is why I mostly ignore the human characters when I watch the Pokemon movies. It seems that now the critters have more personality than the humans, which is rather sad; having characters with more than two-dimentional makes for better watching and would probably draw in more (admitedly older) kids.

    (This does explain a fair amount of our ficition here though. Do we fill in what we feel is missing?)

    Back to the topic though, I have to say that Dialga/Palkia/Darkrai movie was my favourite (which one was that? 9? 10?), but mostly because I like Darkrai. I just wish tht they'd make characters with more depth in the future.

    Edit: Thank you PalkiBlake. I watched the movie a couple of months ago, and besides it was pirated so I can't remember if it had credits or not.
  9. You're talking about the Rise of Darkrai. Luckily I read titles.

    Back to the topic. My favorites would be Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, the one mentioned above, the first movie, & Giratina and the sky warrior. I'm like a huge fan for the battle scenes (not so much on the humans).
  10. It seems that they are too busy making Gen V Pokemon that they can't focus on the movies anymore. By the way, PalkiBlake, I have a promotional Toys R Us Giratina And The Sky Warrior poster in my room. I picked it up when I went to the Regigigas D\P event.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm not really sure where you're getting that from. What makes the newer movies anymore like that than the older ones?

    You really can't base the content of the movies on the dub jobs either because it goes without saying that the dubbed versions are never as good as the Japanese versions... and that goes doubly for the newer dubbed movies. >>
  12. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    The entire comment is absurd to begin with.

    The movies aren't even remotely connected to the people developing the games. How on earth would development of the next Pokemon games be related to the quality of the movies?

    Especially since the DP movies, while not the best, have certainly been better than most of the AG movies.
  13. Got to agree with this. I sometimes forget what the plot to the Deoxys movie was and I actually forgot the Jirachi movie existed until someone asked me if I'd seen it. I had watched it before, but I REALLY don't remember much aside from May singing and a fake Groudon.

    It's hard to pick a favorite, so I'll pick my top three: The Power of One, Spell of the Unown, and Giratina and the Sky Warrior. The D/P movies amuse me because they made me hate one Pokemon--Darkrai, I was meh on it before, but I hate it now. And yet they made me adore Shaymin who I thought was the most pointless, stupid legendary ever.
  14. I agree with you on The Power Of One and The Spell Of The Unown. Ash does not, in my opinion, act retarded in the first 4 movies. The new ones are mostly comedic and less serious.
  15. Most of them are more funny, but we all have to laugh at that girl insane Brock! Thank god for Croagunk!
  16. I agree, Palki. haha :D Brock is always hittin' on the ladies. But I have to say the Croagunk addition is another sign that the anime is just there for laughs. :(
  17. Oh well! At least Croagunk makes it more funny than Misty!
  18. Yeah, Croagunk is funny, but Misty was a lot funnier, along with May & Max.
  19. You know what? All of them are evenly funny! ;)
  20. I'll go with that! Also, it seems that the overall plot of each episode is the same. Brock falls in love, Ash battles someone, The gang discovers a 'new' Pokemon, and a new move is learned by a Pokemon or one evolves. Sometimes it is pretty bland after a while, y'know? :-\
  21. I hear ya! But he does see some old ones again. Like Mew in the Lucario Moivie.
  22. Yeah, but the overall feel of the D/P ones is not the same as the old anime. :(
  23. Huh? What the hell is that supposed to mean? ???
  24. It means like 'same here' or 'I agree with you'. A slang lesson for you! ;)
  25. Thank you. :) I'll make sure to remember that in the future.
  26. Hope so, too. Heck, you might actually say it in public (which would be nice).
  27. I'd have to say the third.I loved the unknown(but now I think their boring XD)and Molly(that is her name right?)was so cute!I liked it when she kept changing ages and battled with Brock and Misty!
  28. Yeah, that was cool. Molly was her name and she thought Entei was her 'papa' and Ash's mother was her 'mama'. The battles with Misty and Brock were boring because she had control of the outcome. :)
  29. Thanks to that movie I always refer to my mum and dad 'mama and papa' at school. ;D
  30. That's nice. Just make sure they know what you're talking about or you'll be made fun of! ;)
  31. I only say it to my friends really, so they just think it's funny.
  32. Nice! There is a 'group' of 20 or so kids (I'm in it) at school that are obsessed with Pokemon and trade cards at recess every day. Other than each other, nobody at school likes us. But we're fine with that. :)
  33. I think I like The power of the one the best out of all the ones i have seen because I felt a lot of emotion while watching it, however the 12th movie look pretty freaking awesome from the trailers, so I'm very excited
  34. I wound up enjoying "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew". I had just went to the TV to see how to pronounce "Lucario" and wound up buying a DVD copy of it. I think that's the one Linkachu was talking about.
  35. I would have to say my favorite Pokemon movie is the first one because I just really like the Kanto region and because the clones were awesome. I remember when I was little and watched this movie, I cried at the part where Ash turned to stone, but of course the main character doesn't die.
  36. My favorite was the first pokemon movie because of the short that it showed.
  37. I stopped watching the movies cuz they always had similer endings. I like the 5th one the best, pry cuz my sister made me watch it 20 times in a row... Latias is awesome. :)
  38. My personal favorite was Pokemon 2000 (2nd movie). It just had that certain epic fantasy feel to it and starred the legendary birds as well as one of my favorite Pokemon, Lugia. Pokemon 4 Ever follows in a close second.

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