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What would you say when sending a Pokemon into battle?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by domidink, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. So, some trainers say something other than just go, insert Pokemon here when they send something out. Like, I think I recall Paul from the Sinnoh anime saying "Stand-by for battle" or something like that. So, my question to you is, would you say something special upon sending a Pokemon out?
  2. “Let’s light this candle.”

    I find I end up saying that far too often in day to day conversations :D
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  3. Okay! win this one and we can go and get cake!
    Well, I'm getting cake, you can watch I guess...
    Actually you'd better just stay outside, they probably wouldn't want you in the cake stor-oh wait the battles already over? I LOST?
    Screw this I'm getting cake anyway....
  4. I'd imagine (for me, at least) it would depend on the context.
    For a friendly battle with virtually nothing at stake, it may be just the standard "<Name>, go!" or nothing at all, for that matter. Wherein a losing battle against—let's say an evil organization—might lead to more silence or just "<Name>, kick his ass!" Unfortunately, Pokémon aren't real so there's no real way to find out.
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  5. "Do your thing, (Insert pokemon here)!"
  6. I normally wind up saying "Okay girl/boy, let's play." I still don't know why i do. lol.
  7. "You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" <.>

    Jk, I'd probably say something more like, "Ya wanna dance, Bucky Jones?! Let's dance! Go, (Pokemon)!"

    But then each Pokemon I would,send out, I would say a dancing style. Like, ""Slash them with your Salsa, Salazzale!" Or "Take 'em out with your Tango, Tangela!" Or "Gut them with your Gangdam Style, Girafarig!"
  8. Before battle:
    "Let's make this a battle worth remembering. Go, *insert Pokemon here*!"

    "Hmph, this battle was over before it even began! I choose you *insert Pokemon here*!"

    "Good luck, you're going to need it. *sends out Pokemon*"

    After battle (win):
    "Great battle, but it wasn't enough to beat me!"

    "I knew it. You truly are a novice."

    "Looks like luck wasn't enough for you to win."

    After battle (lost):
    "Amazing! You were able to defeat me! This'll definitely help me come up with a better strategy the next time we battle."

    "I-it....it looks like you've bested me. I'm sorry."

    "It looks like I was the one who needed luck for this battle."
  9. I would choose something intimidating like:
    *Pokémon Name*, give 'em hell!
    Omae wa mou shindeiru (you are already dead)
    Something funny should be good too:
    Fighting with you is like playing chess with a Pigeon (or Pidove :D). It will eventually knock off the pieces and poop on the board.
  10. I'd probably say something like:
  11. I have too many sayings, so I will start with a few at first. (Mainly because I have exclusive ones for my fan made Pokémon.)

    When a Pokémon has high HP:
    “[Pokémon Name] show them what you’re made of!”

    When a Pokémon has moderate HP:
    “Don’t let up! Give it your all [Pokémon Name]!”

    When a Pokémon has critical HP:
    “Be careful [Pokémon Name]! Stay calm and run around if you must!”

    If sending out Todoclor:
    “Never fear, the medic is here! Let’s go practice medicine Todoclor!”

    If sending out Toiroca:
    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Toiroca will most certainly break your’s!”

    If battling against Nucador (First Encounter):
    “Woah... the little one is already upset! Don’t get too close [Pokémon Name]!”

    If battling against Nucador (Second Encounter):
    “Alright, he’s back for round two! [Pokémon Name] avoid his attacks and attack his core!”
  12. It'd probably depend on the pokemons type like:
    "Lets win this with some awesome ice [pokemon name]!"If it was a ice type.
    "Leaf blade wins before a battle starts,you'll never beat me and [pokemon name]!"If it was a grass type.
    "Electricity will win!Go [pokemon name]!"For a electric type pokemon.
    and so on and so forth.
  13. iiSilvertank

    iiSilvertank Previously SilvertanK

    I would say "Get that motherfucker!"
  14. I would say "let's do this [insert pokemon's name]
    Then jump in the air this while throwing my pokeball.

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