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What was your strongest pokemon in the game, you ever had?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Glitchy Gold, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. Hi! I'm bored, so I create a new thread... My strongest pokemon I ever had was...urm...I guess my
    Empoleon in Pokémon Pearl. It was lvl. 78! And rlly strong! The moves:
    • Ice beam
    • Hydro cannon
    • Surf
    • Return

    Yeah, what was YOUR strongest pokemon? I'd like it to know! 8):up:;)
  2. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Well, my strongest Pokemon would have to be my lvl. 100 2018 legends Latios in UM, fully EV-trained in speed and sp. attack with a bit in attack too, it knows Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse(I forgot which), Ice Beam, Earthquake and Psychic; Naive natured and the IVs are around 28 HP, 29 Attack, 31 Defence, 31 Sp. Attack, 25 Sp. Defence and 31 Speed based on the Hidden Power type (dragon) and what the stat judge says.
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  3. KaiserRobinFan

    KaiserRobinFan Previously Kommi

    Excluding event Pokemon, (which don't count since you get most of them at level 100 anyways), my strongest fully trained Pokemon was a Samurott I had in Pokemon Black 2, I think it was around level 83-85 before I reset my save data.
  4. @Kommissar Chrom It's like me! I trained my Empoleon so much, but when I sleep, MY BROTHER RESET THE GAME! R.I.P. EMPOLEON, CROBAT, CAMERUPT, LEAFEON, RHYDON AND LUCARIO! (was my Mvp) ;-;
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  5. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    My strongest Pokemon was my level 83 Emboar in my Pokemon Black 2 game. I haven't played in a while, but I remember it was a powerhouse. I also had a level 80 Zebstrika and a level 76 Excadrill. Then I restarted the game for my little sister, so RIP my Emboar! Also my sister totally sucks at the game so yeah.
  6. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    I knowwww TnT
  7. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    My strongest was, actually still is my Swampert from Pokémon Ruby, he was around level 60.
    I dunno his moves
  8. My strongest Pokémon was Fishstick the Wishiwashi, and she was my first Pokémon to reach lvl 100 without cheats. She was slow in School Form, only reaching 100 speed at lvl 100, but the rest of her stats were above 300. Her moves were Earthquake, Aqua Ring, Waterfall and Ice Beam. One Z-Move of this fish and you would not get away unscathed, or in most cases survive.
  9. One of my strongest Pokemon was a Gothitelle in Pokemon black. I think it had Future sight, Charm, Psychic and Shadow Ball, (IDK about that) and it could kill basically anything, it was also my first Level 100.
  10. My stronkest poke is my Pokemon Sun Incineroar, that I managed to level up to level 100, It has adamant as the nature, gave it 100% IVs with the ultratraining or whatever it is called and has a pretty decent moveset.
    Funny thing, when I finished the game he was only level 65 more or less, I leveled up to 100 beating the same dugtrio over and over to level up other pokemon for the pokedex and stuff, got a shiny dugtrio too :V
  11. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    I had an Incinaroar, and it was the sweeper of my team. Well, if my Phermosa could get a hit in. He had Flare Blitz, Outrage, Fire Blast (that I never use) and Darkest Lariat.
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  12. I'm not sure what my strongest overall Pokemon has been, but a Pokemon that will go down forever in my memory as a powerhouse was my Level 48 Blastoise in my Yellow game that, in the final battle, took down my rival's Ninetails (Level 63) and Jolteon (Level 65). I was anticipating having to use my Level 75 Haunter with which I had swept most of the Elite 4, but Blastoise was somehow able to pull out a win (coughcoughGenIFreezeMechanicscoughcough).
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  13. Champion Knight

    Champion Knight Previously Rick27

    I have a dusk Lycanroce too(Lv.74)

    Brick Break
    Stone Edge
    Thunder Fang

    But my strongest was my Shiny Verision in White 2, nicknamed Kicker.(Sorry, I was 8 back then.)
    #16 Champion Knight, Apr 4, 2019
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  14. My strongest Pokemon was Empoleon being at Level 64 in my Pearl playthrough (when I was also very young, like 8 or 9). I was super scared of battling, as I didn't want to lose and didn't know what I was doing, and just kind of used my starter throughout the entire thing. Still couldn't sweep Cynthia with it, since I only had a mono-Water moveset and the second strongest Pokemon I had was a Palkia at Level 56 XD Yea, I restarted the game completely because of how dumb I was.

    As far as I remember, the strongest Pokemon I have right now is my Dunsparce in HeartGold. Despite my three starters (Meganium, Feraligatr, and Typhlosion) being pretty darn good themselves, Dunsparce was a powerhouse and swept Whitney's team with just him. XD It was amazing and I was glad I had the patience to catch it (despite the 1% chance in Dark Cave). Hell, my Dunsparce was 5 levels under my entire team and it still did better than some of them.
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  15. Champion Knight

    Champion Knight Previously Rick27

    I had an Empoleon in White 2 which I got as an egg from my brother. It was by far my strongest Pokémon there( Besides Emboar) and helped me defeat Iris with Blizzard.
  16. I had a lvl 100 scizor on pokemon diamond and pearl(diamond). I cant remember his moves though.

    In x and y all of my pokemon were lvl 100 cause the exploit where you can leave your pokemon at the nursery and ride your bike around the prism tower, leave one button pressed down so your constantly going in circles, and leave it playing on the charger while you sleep. That and they were all maxed out in super training and amie. They were pretty much god tier... compared to the NPCs atleast. 8)
  17. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Ehhhh.............................. Unfezant Female Lv 100 god bless my soul. (From Pokemon White)

    It knew Sky Attack, Fly, Razor Wind and Roost. I'm pretty sure it was my brother's in the beginning, though I traded it back, if you want my current one... That's also complicated. I lost Pokemon Emerald, though it's still in the save file. I believe it was:

    Rayquaza Lv 90, Pokemon Emerald

    And it knew something crappy because I didn't know how good Dragon Ascent was. All i remember is that it knew Fly, Dragon Claw, and two other worthless moves.

    My current one:

    Mimikyu Lv 92 (Ultra Moon)

    My friend traded it to me immediately after it hatched. He was farther in the game than me and was going to breed for a shiny Mimikyu. He sent one over for a Pikipek or something when I was near that Western town in Alola. I got it and it went to Level 10 right away. It is stronger than my starter, though not that cursed Unfezant.
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  18. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    My first ever Pokemon to get to level 100
    Gohan, the Infernape.
    From what I remember he knew:
    Flare blitz
    Mach punch
    Close combat

    More recently would be my Krookodile though, he was the MVP of my y and moon team (I traded him over) he took out all the Elite 4 and Kukui on his own
  19. Remember that Torchic that was gifted to people who bought Pokemon X and Y?
    Dang, that thing made the entire game a breeze.
    But that was probably my strongest Pokemon.

    If I had to say a Pokemon from Sword, I'd say my Haxorus got really useful near the end of the game.
    It basically solo'ed Marnie and Hop.
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  20. The strongest pokemon I had was a Blastoise in Red. I got him past level 70, but neglected the rest of my team, and got my butt handed to me by The Elite Four.

    My go to move was Water Gun.

    Haven't played much in the main games since. I did get a lot better in stadium 2, and am wanting to get into X&Y.
  21. RoseAiluros

    RoseAiluros Mother of Meltans

    In PKMN Crystal, it would have to be my Starmie. It was a shiny level 100 death machine!

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