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What was your biggest pokemon fail?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Weido, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. I found a shiny Dragonair in the Dragons Den in HG/SS. I threw an Ultra ball, it escaped, and ran. Wow. :(
  2. UGH. This one was so annoying... i was battling the Champion of ORAS, and my power drained out. i had to start over again, and that was the league i had the most trouble with ;_;
  3. On my pokemon heartgold version. I set off to get professor elm an egg and on the way I encountered a shiny pidgey but obviously I didn't have any pokeballs so sadly I had to run away
  4. I was trying to catch an Eevee on pokemon go and I had 30 poke balls and I used them all and now the poke stops are broken
  5. I know that's true, because I caught my Zapdos in X in a Heal Ball after 2 soft resets caused by running out of PokeBalls the first time and accidentally knocking it out with a crit the second time, I had whittled down its health and I sent out my Xerneas, who held leftovers, then had her(I know Xerneas is genderless, I consider mine female) use Geomancy three times and she was able to tank out Zapdos' attacks, then I decided to wing it with a Megahorn or two and got its health pretty low and then I started chucking Ultra Balls until I decided to try a Heal Ball. Got lucky and Zapdos stayed in the Ball, and I found out it had a Jolly nature(helpful for an Electric-type Pokemon, I suppose)
  6. ok, my biggest Pokemon fail was probably when I faced the Sinnoh League the first time. I went in there thinking I had bought enough healing items to last me throughout my challenge, but I ran out of revives battling Bertha. I managed to survive Lucian and get to Cynthia. I challenged her and what happened? My remaining team members got their butts whooped by her Spiritomb, that's what.
  7. This is not about the games, but I do sprite editing. So one time, I made a Jedi Oshawott (from Star-Wars), and I wanted to make a Sith version as its shiny, using its shiny form as a base. So when I was finished (took me like an hour), I realised I used the normal form as a base by accident, and had to start over again :( As for the games, it would probably be in Platinum,, when I battled a Shedinja in the Battle Frontier, and I didn't realise it had Wonder Guard. Yeah, I got rekted XD
  8. My biggest fail was in X and Y, the GTS seemed cool of an idea and I wanted to get a Charizard for the Pokedex (I most of the time choose Blastoise), and I ended up trading away my Xerneas for the level 50 something Charizard.
    Yeah, I was stupid back then.
    My second biggest fail was in my favourite Pokemon game, Pokemon Black, where I encountered a shiny Pidove and fainted it.
    R.I.P Shiny Pidove.
    Actually, I remember another fail in a different playthrough of Pokemon Black, after fighting N, for whatever corrupt reason, I released my Tepig.
  9. iiSilvertank

    iiSilvertank Previously SilvertanK

    Releasing my Cyndaquil in Pokemon Crystal. Biggest mistake ever.
  10. I guess if you consider it a fail...when I first played Pokémon (I was pretty young), I gave my Pokémon HORRIBLE movesets >_<.

    My Samurott from BW2 knew only water type moves and cut. How I managed to beat the game with that team I will never know...
  11. I made too many mistakes growing up.
    1. I never beat the original red and blue game I never made it to the elite four. I did beat all the gym leaders and to the cave past the victory road. As a kid it never occurred to me that there was an elite four at the end of the cave.
    2. I taught all my pokemon HMs. Why because you can use them as many times as you want. So I did. Charizard learned cut and fly. Enough said.
    3. His other two moves were fire blast and overheat. Even if I made it to the elite four there would be no chance of me winning. Charizard was my only lvl 70+ pokemon. (I mostly only used charizard as you can tell) I also used a nidoqueen occasionally.
    4. I caught a gravler with a master ball because I wanted to see if it would work. To make matters worse I never used it.
    5. Do any of you guys remember the name of the cave you use flash in (red and blue) I didn't use flash. I stumbled around in the dark and somehow I actually managed to make it to the other side. Eventually...
    I could list more but I think you get the point...
  12. I feel your pain, brother. You're not alone. I taught my Empoleon Surf and Cut in Platinum...
  13. My worst Pokemon fail was in Alpha Sapphire when I found a LV. 20 Gibite. All Pokemon on my team were level 50 except for a LV 40 Frostlass. Stupidly, I sent it in and used a ice type move, completely ignoring the super effective move. 1 hit KO.

    This is why I don´t use Ice Types anymore......
  14. My biggest and most recent fail was when I was replaying Let's go Eevee. I got to Cerulean City and I was leveling up my Pokemons so that I could've beaten Misty easier. In the middle of my level up training my game froze when I entered a battle. I thought that it was no big deal so I restarted the game and then it hit me.. I didn't save even ONCE when I was playing. First I thought that the new Let's Go games had to have some kind of a Auto-save system, but NOPE... So I had to start from the beginning completely..

    Remember to save your game every once in a while!
  15. I'll set the scene for you. It was Freshman Year in High school. My friends and I were huge nerds [Not much has changed lol] and I spent the entire Lunch period trying to catch Lugia in Pokemon Silver before fighting Red cuz I couldn't beat him without spamming Save states when the turn went my way. So I killed Lugia a few times and ran out of balls a few more. So my second to last attempt to catch Lugia I got it to about 5 Hp and accidently used an attack and Ko'd it instead of using an Ultra Ball. I reset the game to try again. My friend Mark leans over and says, "You know that was shiny right?" I dropped the game and began to ask him what he saw cuz I didn't even pay attention to Lugia's sprite. I looked up Lugia's gen two shiny sprite and he was right. I had KO'd a Shiny Lugia, which I encountered about 8 or 9 attempts in. I proceeded to pull out all my notebooks out of my backpack and draw my gravestone on all of the front pages, with my quote being "I killed a Shiny Lugia and didn'y know it was shiny..." Yeah my life became dark after that day.

    In case you're wondering I caught the next Lugia in a Master ball cuz I was pissed. True Story.
  16. I had just beaten Pokemon Sun. It was so relieving, all of my hard work to get there. Then the credits rolled and my big bad mom told me to turn it off or she would. I started spamming every button on the 3ds, trying to skip the credits. Then the screen went black, and I thought, "Yes! It worked!" It didn't. The game sent me back to my previous save file, and since I was so young and stupid, it was BEFORE I CHALLENGED THE POKEMON LEAGUE. I am still sore about it to this day.
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