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What was your biggest pokemon fail?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Weido, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. This isn't an epic fail of mine, but one of my friends.

    My friend got soul silver, and I helped her trade her best pokes of to it from platinum because she was going to give platinum to her brother. She had told be a couple of days back that she'd just gotten the masterball, so I asked her if she still had it. She told me no. I asked her what she'd used it on, and she told me she'd used it to catch an onix. I asked why she'd wasted it on a stupid onix and she replied with,

    "I wanted one, but it was hard to catch."
  2. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Ugh..I have a lot of these. The first was when I stupidly erased my sister's save data on Pokemon Red after she had gotten pretty far on it. (She still doesn't let me live that mess down) But the more epic fail I've committed is my horrible record on Wi-fi matches. 4 wins, 32 losses...wow, that sucks the more I look at it...
  3. Have another big fail now. I just started playing Pokémon Platinum on emulator. Well, after completing four gyms and having a nice team + Togetic (god, was I proud(never evolved a Pokémon by happiness before) I was fixing some setups and of course the save disappeared :(
  4. Has to have been inplatinum was so obsessed played on it all day!!!! I had a great team,had 5 gym badges, had manage to find a shiny buneary and a shiny wurmple. but then my brother accidently turned it of...and i hadn't saved once...
  5. I traded my Manaphy for a Drapion. My weakest pokemon in my team in Pearl was a Staraptor that I was going to use to slowly weaken Heatran. It was, what, 20 levels lower that in? One hit KO.

    I'm sure i've done worse. (Incidentaly, one of my old friends caught a Regi with his last pokeball)
  6. I remember in Blue version I put my Pikachu in the Daycare and completely forgot about it. Then a long time later, I was about to put Pidgeotto in there, then come to find out Pikachu grew up 20 levels. Thank Arceus I had enough money for it.
  7. These aren't TOO horrific...
    1. I was doing the pokeathlon achievements in HeartGold and I accidently puched my game card in... I managed to keep it from popping out untill I saved though (Yay!)
    2. My sapphire reset 'cause of my battery run out/save timing. I had it beaten, with a few level 70s (this was when I was young)
  8. Back in my first ever playthrough of Blue Version (my first ever Pokemon game--so this was when I was a total noob to the franchise) right before battling Giovani, I went to the Pokemon Center and accidentally deposited my Blastoise, the only usable Pokemon I had on my game file. Well, when that happened, I kinda freaked out because I didn't know what "deposit" and "withdraw" meant. I sure knew what "release" meant though. I wanted to release my Blastoise from the PC. So I released it all right. I released it into the wild. I had to start my game over. >=O
  9. I think it's safe to say my biggest Pokemon fail was when it took at least 50 broken pokeballs to FINALLY catch a Furfrou that was one hit away from fainting. It was literally a small sliver of red in the HP bar. It definitely earned its nickname.
  10. Mine is when I found a shiny rydon in platinum victory road and I had no pokeballs on me...it still haunts me to this day:/
  11. 1. Somehow losing my 100% Gold and Sapphire Version.
    2. Trading away a shiny Vileplume via GTS on Diamond.
    3. Catching Primal Kyogre in a Masterball because I didn't bring enough supplies.
    4. Having a desire to restart my AS File because of #3.
    5. Redoing every Personality Quiz on Sky because the game insists I am a Riolu. I managed to get Phanpy, but my partner was Riolu.
    6. See #5, but instead of Sky it's SMD. I just went with it; Riolu and Pikachu from the start...
  12. It was my first Pokemon game (I was new at it) and it was Pokemon Black and I used a masterball on a deino and my pokemon were a mess and I had a emboar level 88 and I know matter what I would use the move flame charge not even carrying about the types
  13. My biggest fail? I was checking out the Whirlpool Islands on my first Soul Silver before I was supposed to encounter Lugia. Along the way, I encounter a Shiny Krabby. So I tried to whittle its health down with my Feraligter.

    I accidentally defeated it with a critical hit. ._.
  14. I had gotten my first shiny, a starmie on my pokemon white in my first playthrough, about 10 minutes after my sister got her first shiny. I sent it to my Y version and traded it away. It may not seem like a big fail but I had traded my first ever shiny without any thought.
  15. I found a shiny in a hoard and accidentally killed the shiny ;_;
  16. I've never killed a shiny but I had gotten about 5 before I actually realized what they were. I felt like an idiot.
  17. My biggest shiny fail happened in Pokemon Black 2. I was looking for a cool pokemon in the giant chasm, when I found a shiny Metang. I got it to low health and started chucking balls at it. The fail happened when Metang hit my Aggron with meteor mash and took damege from Aggron's item Rocky Helmet. Metang fainted.
  18. Fainting a shiny just to make one of my shinies evolve - is the main one for me.
    I could have had a shiny Beartic if I wasn't so desperate to get a shiny Glaceon.
    Happened at Icy Rock in Frost Cavern (Pokemon X), wanted to a shiny Glaceon, so I just fainted whichever Pokemon showed up first with my Delphox, Beartic, didn't realized it was shiny until it made it's fainting animation. So far, haven't encountered another shiny Beartic yet.
  19. Back when I had first played Pokemon Sapphire, I used my Swampert as an HM Slave.

    A bit more recently, I made the mistake of letting one of my little sisters play my SoulSilver game. I still had my Master Ball and was saving it for Latios. When I took it back, she used my Master Ball on a Ratatta. Now that I look back, I should've had one of my Pokemon hold the Master Ball.
  20. I had a very underleveled team in Yellow (they were around level 23-27 when I beat Giovanni) except for my level 70 Nidoking.

    Then I took on the elite four with the same team, but Lorelei destroyed my Nidoking and proceeded to 1 hit ko my entire team...

    I had a lot of training to do.
  21. This is less of a fail and more of a "WTF" moment. I was having a Multi-battle with my friends and I was the first one taken out. The turn immediately after I was taken out, all 3 of my friends called back their pokemon.... and sent out Magikarp. What's worse is for the next ten turns, all they did was Splash lol.
  22. So my first serious game was FireRed. I first beat the elite four with a level 84 Venusaur, a level 61 Moltres (Caught in a master ball because I accidentally fainted all the other legends), and the rest of my team I think was under level 35 and from the safari zone XD. (Here's how I managed to do it. Revives. All the revives. When Venusaur fainted I subbed in another low level Pokemon, used a revive before the 1 hit KO, then used the revive on the same Pokemon after I brought Venusaur back in.) That is my biggest fail
  23. I'd say it was less of a fail and more like a minor mistake in the beginning and a major win in the end to pit underleveled Pokemon against the Elite Four since you did end up beating the Elite Four (and I'm assuming the Champion as well) with that team.
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  24. Yes, I did beat the champion, but god it took so long to win. So many restarts. I still have no clue how I managed to do it
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  25. When I was 5-6 years old, I waited in hearthome for fantina to come back(DP versions have you fight Maylene third instead). Then I powerlevelled all my pokemon to level 80. Yeah, I probably could beat the champion at that point. Eventually reset though.
  26. I have another mistake for this thread.

    Back when I had Pokemon LeafGreen, I had an Ivyaur that I absolutely refused to evolve just because I thought Ivysaur looked cooler than Venusaur. I was nine or ten years old at the time, and I was not very serious about Pokemon at the time.
  27. My biggest mistake in Pokemon was choosing Chespin. I had SOOOOO much trouble that I ended up having to restart.
  28. My first fail and worst happened in Leaf Green when I didn't know that you couldn't catch other peoples pokemon, so I threw the masterball at a Wartortle Lol.
  29. Mine is accudently realeasimg a Shiny Pokemon. I was cleaning out my Box for dupelicate pokemon like pidgey, but Shiny Pokemon dont have a Change in color to the other pokemon. So I was cleaning a box of poocheya, and I didnt realized that I realized the Shiny Poochyena, untill I saw a yellow dog, slowly shrink into nothing. I rage quit and powered my game off.
  30. 1.) Silver: I named my rival ??? Something possessed me to actually think that was supposed to be his name. Granted it was only my second game, my first having been Yellow and in GSC unlike in RBY it wasn't as straightforward as "Here is your rival...what's his name?"

    2.) Ruby: I encountered an Electrike on the route between Slateport and Mauville that was a teal color instead of light green. I was new to the third gen so although I was suspicious that this was abnormal, I'm almost positive there had been no sparkle animation which identifies a shiny at the beginning of an encounter. Having been used to that, I decided that it wasn't shiny and I didn't want an Electrike, so I ran. >_<

    3.) Soul Silver: I was leveling up an Umbreon, I believe his name was Boogieman, in Goldenrod City and at a particular point was battling a Drowzee. The majority of my focus was on an episode of 'Without a Trace', so I absentmindedly had Boogieman use 'Pursuit'. Obviously, it was a one-hit-KO and a millisecond before it dropped off the screen is when I glanced down and just barely glimpsed that it was shiny. >_<

    4.) Soul Silver, not long after the previous incident: I encountered a shiny Hoppip on route 48. This time, I noticed right away and intended to capture it. The problem was the Pokemon in the first slot of my party out leveled it. I'd tried to use the weakest move it had, which I believe was something very rookie like Quick Attack. Still, I one-hit KOed it. :p
  31. Oh god I fail too much.

    1. Killing a shiny Tentacool in Emerald. I didn't know what a shiny was at the time.

    2. Facing Lance in HG with a team of Pokemon around level 35, besides Ho-Oh, which was swept. Later on I swept his team with my Gyarados only at level 45. (Dragon dance+ice fang8))

    3. So when I first got X, I encountered a shiny Flabébé. I killed it because my Frogadier landed a crit. With quick attack.

    4. Using Oshawott. I got nowhere in the game with it, but with Serperior, I had an easier time.

    5. I encountered a shiny Graveler in X, and it was in the red hp zone. It decided to kill itself. like, HOLY SHINX. 2 SHINIES KILLED IN ONE PLAYTHROUGH. And I never encounter shiny Pokemon in playthroughs.

    6. Forgetting a repel while surfing in Omega Ruby. Tentacools for dayyyys

    I fail too much. I know there's more failures I've done in Pokemon, but I prefer not to remember them. I most likely forgot though :p
  32. I don't consider that a fail. I used to keep Ivysaur unevolved as well for the same reason, finding it Venusaur less attractive.
  33. when i was playing omega ruby, i didn't know you found a master ball in team magmas hideout. fast forward to when i face groudon and i am completely unable to catch him. :'|
  34. My biggest EPIC FAIL would definitely be the time I encountered a Shiny Abra in the wild. I was using an emulator to play Emerald, and I was just going about my way after I beat the first gym. That's when I encountered the Abra, and of course it decided to teleport away.

    I now hate all Abras, just because that one li'l incident happened. And everyone I told this to doesn't believe me, but I don't care. I'm still just so angry about it, ugh. >=O

    But hey, at least now I know how to catch an Abra. Never use one though *mumbles*.
  35. Mine probably happened during my first playthrough on Yellow. I used a master ball on a Pokemon that wasn't Mewtwo. I didn't realize what happened until my friends told me about it.
  36. When I was a kid, I restarted the game because I thought that my Treecko (a shiny Treecko) was a "game error"
    I really hate myself
  37. 1. When I was younger I went on my brother's emerald game, caught a pelipper in a master ball and saved the game and he already had a level 100 pelipper.

    2. Not really a fail, but naming my stater NOHEADDDDDD in pearl and also endlessly breeding bidoof and collecting loads of their eggs, for no particular reason.

    3. In pearl I didn't know how to get through the first city without that dude stopping me. So I ended up spending hours there, leveling up NOHEADDDDDD until he got to around level 20.

    4. Getting a pre-owned soul silver cartridge with loads of shinies on it and I restarted the game without trading any of them over to my pearl.

    Fun times :')
  38. First Pokemon Game ever, Pokemon White

    I chose Tepig and only used Tepig the entire game, got the the point where i could just use Fighting moves against Rock, Ground and Water types and so i never used any of my other Pokemon, highest was level 40 something. I swept N with Emboar and Zekrom... then came Ghetsis.

    I lost, badly, again and again. and again. and again.
  39. Not having a single Pokéball when I found a shiny Oddish... :(
  40. Running from a shiny Wingull in Pokémon Emerald. I didn't have a clue what shinies were back then. I also ran from a shiny Lombre in Pokémon Emerald, too. :(

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