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What was your biggest pokemon fail?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Weido, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. My biggest fail was just recent. I had started over my Yellow version over and was on my way to get my third gymbadge. I challenged Lt. Surge but he took out my whole team with just using Mega Kick D8. Sadly they were all 1 hit KO's :'( .

    One time I used the GTS in Platinum and traded my Darkrai for a Japanese Skitty. I thought it was the coolest thing ever till I realized that Skitty was worthless. I hope that kid in Japan is enjoying my Darkrai >:( .
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    my biggest fail was when i tried faceing fantina with only my level 20 luxio.....SHUT UP IT WAS NOT FUNNY!!! >:(
  3. My biggest fail was also in real life. I had been playing ruby forever, training up my shit, I had a lvl 75 Blaziken, and a lvl 58 Groudon. Everything else was crap. My evil cousin says, "I can train them even more for you!". Being 7, and very naive, I agreed. And he released them both. What an arse. >:(
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Real life fail: my ex boyfriend traded me pokemon ruby way back in primary school and in high school he said he wanted it back and he would trade me pokemon pearl with an ultimate save file so I said ok even though I really liked ruby when I got home I played pokemon pearl and there was no ultimate save file there was a stupid shinx and he had released the starter thats why I dumped him
  5. Nuzlocke fails are the worst.

    I went into the Galactic building in Eterna city during my first Nuzlocke run, devastated the hordes of henchmen and when I got to Jupiter i figured I could thrash her with my awesome Meditite.

    I forgot about the seconday dark typing on the skunk and found my psychic powers useless and worse my fighting attacks dealing only neutral damage.

    Needless to say I wiped out.

    And had to reset my save file as per rules of Nuzlocking.
  6. The biggest fail I ever had was the idea to use Spiritomb as a Curser - like Snorlax or Registeel...
    Another one was losing against an offensive Shuckle (!) in the Duel Tower (I had full HP, and I didn't use Shedinja...)
  7. I forgot how to get the Silph scope in leafgreen :-[
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  8. When I first played leafgreen I caught a Gyrados (don't know how to spell it correctly :/) in my master ball. Yeah, I was kinda clueless back than.
  9. On Platinum I transferred all my Pokemon from FireRed over via Pal Park, then went to the Battle Zone with my newly acquired lvl. 70 Charizard to do some of the ol' switch out the first Pokemon and throw in something that can kick butt so the low level guy gets experience training.

    So I put my level one Growlithe in front of the team (the team being him and the Charizard) and walked into a random building for no reason. There, I saw Fantina! I was like "Oh, haii...wait, battle, whaat??"

    Let's just say my team died very easily and I couldn't battle her again.

  10. On Silver, to show my friend I could also battle/catch Ho-oh I went to it, battled, ran away and saved because the battery was about to run out. As soon as it it was done saving I was like "NOOO!!......see what you made me do". Then I realized the battery was green and not red, stupid color blindness. :'(
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  11. Oh wait: Biggest FAIL ever was........ Looking for sablye in pokemon ruby
  12. my biggest pokemon fail? killing Latias, and not knowing it is Latias until after it says foe latias fainted..
  13. Even more fail where mine came from......
  14. My favorite Lanturn, level 40 Blizzard/Hydro Pump/Thunderbolt/Surf, was beaten by a level 5 Rattata...(yes I mean you Tun T_T)
  15. Mine has to be the time I first got Pearl. I was in the middle of trying to defeat gardenia for the umpteenth time when, in my excitement, i took out the game card. I put it back in only to realise i hadn't saved since i got turtwig!! I have not used turtwig ever since then.
    You let me down Turtwig, you let me down :'(
  16. My biggest fail? Oh jeez, it would be my Togetic in Gold using metronome, getting explosion and not effecting the enemy's Haunter.
  17. I once, right after my friend explained how to get the pokeflute in SS
    and I forgot right away. Lets just say I was talking to Mr.Fugi for
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'll catch a pokemon, and if I know I'm not going to need it, I release it (thus the pokedex data still remains) unless it's a one-in-the-game kind or it took ages to find and catch. The biggst fail is that the pokemon that I just caught and just kept coming back....was a Wurmple -_-;;
  19. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    I can top this~
    Togepi used Fling to rid itself of that terrible Soothe Bell, followed by the use of the attack Rage.... THEN it used Explosion to end its fury.
    That wild pidgey didn't know what hit him 8)

    [Some might consider this to be more of a win than a fail, but I lost my soothe bell and still didn't gain any EXP from the battle]
  20. Another fail from me!

    Instead of switching my Meganium out, I once Leech Seeded a Liquid Ooze Tentacruel in a competitive battle. That ended very badly because not only did Meganium end up losing HP, so did my other Pokemon because the effects of Leech Seed carry over. I had nothing to beat Tentacruel with so I ended up losing. Oh well XD You live and learn.
  21. I honestly have so many of these.

    First of all when I frist got Pearl, I got stuck in Oreburgh Mine, looking for Roark. I never even thought of talking to THE GUY WHO LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE GUY IN THE TRAINER CASE MUGSHOT and who LOOKS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TO EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE MINE.

    When I first got the Master ball, being at quite a mature age as well, 16, did not even stop to consider that a Master ball would work well on a legendary Pokemon... and not my upteenth Luxio from Fuego Ironworks!

    I also KO'd Palkia on my first go, not even stopping to consider being in possession of one.

    I didn't believe my friend when he said that Hydro Pump was an actual move.

    And I refused to go past Snowpoint City because I thought my Pokemon weren't strong enough. I waited for about a year, and played the game regulaurly, but just never tried to advance to Sunyshore. It was only when I realised an old friend has finsihed, and that he got all non Sinnoh Pokemon and the fight area and stuff.... that made me want to advance.

    This one's good! I traded my Manaphy for a Phione because I thought it was the evolution! Then, my friend who thought the same thing said he'd give me a shiny Hippopotas for one. I agreed. It wasn't a shiny Hippopotas. It had had Pokerus, and was female.

    I was SO stupid, haha!
  22. My old neighbor in FireRed used his Master Ball on a frickin' Weedle. He claimed that it was too hard to catch normally.
  23. Thats exactly what I did! Wow I thought I was completely stupid when I finally figured it out.

    Weedle IS hard to catch, but I wouldn't have used the Master Ball on it.
  24. When I thought Growlithe was a legendary pokemon while my first time playing FireRed ....I used a master ball on it ... XD
  25. Hmmm, my biggest POKeMON fail?Well I am the champion of johto and kanto but I did have my ups and downs.If there is anyone like me well you and me know everyone that is a expert now DID have some mistakes and mine was my POKeMON choise in the begining of the game I say I should've gotten cyndaquil intead of tototile cause now I have typhlosion as my faves now.

    So what was your biggest mistake?
  26. i got tons of these but ill say one

    when i was playing pearl i wanted a friend in my pal pad(i dont think my friends had a friend code)i typed in a random name and number,and it worked someone was in my pal pad but i didnt know what delete meant so i pressed delete(i was younger that time)
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  27. Okay, so I had a team of all level 100s. I was training to get all the pokemon native to Diamond so I could get the national-dex, and I got bored at my hundredth caught species. I decided to use action replay DS for a minute or two, and I went through the people. Then I saved the game (here's the good part) in a Mystery Zone inside of the Pokemon Center and turned off the game. Then all i could do was interact with the PC. I had to restart the game (I had beaten the Elite Four for the tenth time). :'(
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  28. I have two:

    Used a Master Ball on Abamasnow (sp? ? ?)

    One of my Pokemon were evolving, (forgot which PKMN), and everything was fine until my thumb accidentally mashed the B button

  29. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ok ,this isn't really my fault more or less a Nintendo fuck-up:
    Ok ,remember that Yellow Forest Poke'walker event?Well I got a flying Pikachu from it and I try to see if I can breed it so the Pichu might inheriet Fly and Volt Tackle ,Only to find out that daycare b**ch replaced Fly ,charge Beam with Tail whip and Slam!!! >:(
  30. I used a master ball on a Snover. D':
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  31. well,i have many fail "things" that i want to share with all of you people:
    1! Used my master ball on another trainer pokemon (ya,that's right)
    2! Always attack normal pokemon with ghost move(also ghost,flying,steel,... with the "not effect" moves)
    3! When professor birch asked me if i know May,I ALWAYS press "NO" (T_T)
    And much more...
  32. 1) Metronome = Explosion! WTF?! I'm just lucky they weren't a ghost or using some move that avoids the damage
    2) Shiny pokemon shows up when I'm out of balls
    3) Trying to catch a pokemon and it winds up being too tough for all the balls I got
    4) Trying to catch, beat, or run away and the wild pokemon KOs my entire party

  33. Probably trying to find a Ralts in Pokemon Emerald for 5 hours. I finally saw it, but then I fell asleep and my Game Boy drained completely of battery power. I woke up and then screamed for several minutes. And of course, I mustn't forget the classic "Done something important but forgot to save" mistakes I've made.
  34. When I was 6, and had got my first pokemon game, I used a master ball on a Tentacool. I only found out later that master balls were one of a kind ingame.

    [​IMG] such followed...
  35. My two biggest fails...

    1. I spent almost an entire Saturday, twelve hours, using the pokeradar in platinum to get a shiny. And once it finally happens, a beautiful shiny venomoth and I have it down to nearly no health, I open my bag and have no pokeballs! I had to k.o. It in disgust and my friends still haven't let me live it down. :'(

    2. Back when gold and silver first came out and I had learned of the cloning glitch I tried cloning my tyrannitar, red gyarados, and typhlosion. But I screwed it up and lost my gyarados and tyranitar. The problem, I had no flying or water pokemon, no pokeballs, and I was on cianwood effectively stranding me until one of my friends traded me a hoothoot to fly to a pokemart.
    (glitch fail F-T-W!!!!)
  36. I once forgot the Masterball in PKMN Crystal, and went to catch Suicune... I did manage to catch it thou...
  37. *smirks* This should be fun.
    My biggest fail was not taking Strength on Gold. I never talked to every person there and then I got stuck in Cianwood Gym, not knowing what to do. Then I surfed all the way back and WALKED to New Bark to start talking to every person! And when I found that it's in Olivine, I just screamed "DUDE! Not fair!" And I was around 8...
  38. Back in the day when I first started playing blue version it took me 5 hours to get through the Dark Cave. Then I caught Missingo
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  39. When I ran into a Shiny Pikachu, and I had no Pokeballs :(
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  40. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    When I first got pokemon Silver ,I spent 5 hours stuck in the trainer's house.
    For the record it was my first pokemon game ,I didn't know that red carpet = door :-|

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