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what was the best region in all the pokemon games?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by flame the cyndaquil, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. hello i want to know what the best region was in all the games[​IMG]
    like so
    i think the best region was kanto because it was the region that started it all
  2. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Hmaky, problem with this is you put absolutely no effort into your post what so ever. The topic itself has plenty of discussion value, so why not tell us what YOU think? Which Region do you feel was the best and why? I'm going to leave this open, as I feel there is plenty to talk about, however please be aware that any future topics you make in a similar manner will earn you a locked topic and a warning. If you're going to start a topic, then please do so properly~

    I don't understand why you included that spinning Pokeball either... but I can't stop watching it :V
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  3. i think sinnoh beacause it brought lots of new and strong pokemon
  4. This required more thought than I expected. In the anime, I'd have to say Kanto. I was entertained during every episode. I don't think I can really choose between the game regions, though. I guess most of my faves are from the Kanto area, but I really can't say what region I like best in general. The map of Isshu is way sexy! Johto was were I won my first Pokemon League. Sinnoh is where I filled my local pokedex for the first time. I guess when it comes to the games, I can only say that my least favorite is Heonn. I like the region's pokemon ok, but I never even played that region. I have no connection to it.
  5. My favourite region is Jhoto because of the fact there is less caves,
    I actually hate playing a game and having to go through cave after cave to travel the region
    and also with Jhoto you dont actually have to travel through the caves to get to where you wanna go to (without flying of course)
    With this in discussion I hate Sinnoh because of Mt Cournett. its one big cave that just flomps right in the middle of the region and you have to live with carrying your HM slave to travel the region,
    I like Hohen because it has a very simple map thats easy to understand,
    For some unknown and bizzare reason I dont like the Kanto region and I have no idea why, probably the Snorlaxs that get in the way and having to do the daunting tasks to wake them up probably
    But I do like Sinnoh because I completed the local pokedex there so yeah :]
  6. Huh, well:
    Kanto was very nice; easy to travel, you could remember where everything is (Kind of.). I especially liked Celadon City, partly because you can get a free Eevee.
    Johto was wonderful; also easy to travel, and with an ice area. I liked Olivine and Goldenrod Cities, for the department store and
    Hoenn wasn't so easy to travel, and a bit confusing at times, but they brought in a lot of new Pokemon. I liked Lilycove and Sootopolis.
    Sinnoh was the best, except for having to keep you HM slave with you for Mt. Coronet. But, they added some nice, new Pokemon, even if most were evos and pre-evos. I liked Hearthome, and Canalave.
    ISSHU IS SO BADASS. I LOVE IT. Especially the seasons, gotta love the seasons. And all the new Pokemon. I want it noaw. (Yes, I know I spelled it wrong.)
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  7. My favorite is probably Johto. I really enjoyed the mystical, old-timey japanese feel of that region. I really liked Sinnoh for having the icy area, but other than that it didn't really grab me as much emotionally. I really liked the underwater portions of Hoenn and I keep hoping they'll bring them back, although those water routes were a huge pain to navigate at times.
  8. Hoenn was love at first play for me.

    The variation was stunning - The normal routes, the foresty ones, the long grass, the rain, the desert, the volcano, the variation in the caves... And then of course, the big ocean and the Dive routes. Truly a masterpiece.
  9. As I've said in the past, I don't have a favorite region because I love Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh all equally.

    Johto is my first love because Silver and Crystal were the first two Pokemon games that I finished. I love the rural, Japanese feel that Johto has and for some reason, I get waves of nostalgia when I first played SoulSilver. Johto was the first region that seemed to have history and mythology that was explored in the game. My favorite cities are Ecruteak, Goldenrod, Olivine and Cianwood.

    Hoenn is just beautiful and it seems closer to nature than the other regions do. Some people disliked all of Hoenn's water routes, but that's part of what made the region so cool. I drool just thinking about the future Ruby and Sapphire remakes. Can you imagine Fortree, Sootopolis, and the dive routes on the 3DS's graphics? Yeah, now you're drooling too (jk XD) It was so much fun when I experienced a thunderstorm for the first time on Route 119--which is probably my favorite route in any game thus far. I can easily picture myself living in either Johto or Hoenn, but Hoenn is already more appealing for the warmer climate.

    A lot of people complained about Sinnoh's landscape and snowy routes, but that just made it more real to me and I loved it for that reason. Mt. Coronet sitting smack in the middle gave the Sinnoh region character and made it more distinct. I can so see myself vacationing at either Lake Verity, Valor, or Acuity. The mythology in the region only added to Sinnoh's personality. Sinnoh is probably only matched by Johto in its mysticism. There were also some awesome cities such as Canalave, Sunyshore, Floroama, Veilstone, and Jubilife. Two of my three fics have been set in Sinnoh, so that gives you an idea of how much I love it XD

    The Isshu region has been looking absolutely amazing so far. I can't wait to explore it and fall in love with as I've done the three regions before it.
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  10. Hoenn, hands down.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'd have to say hoenn because of the pokemon and diving
  12. Don't flame me but I enjoyed Sinnoh the most!

    Just so many new towns, so many things to do and awesome characters = WIN!
  13. Poe


    Johto. The pokemon are my favourites and the cities are really nicely done. :D
    I do like Kanto too, but it feels so... Well, everytime you finished the game it felt so utterly small and limited. :-\ It was almost claustrophobic. 0_0
    I guess that's another reason to why I just love Johto. When Gold/Silver turned up, it felt like a new kind of freedom. =)

    I'm gonna say that I wish that they could combine Johto and Kanto to one big absolutely amazing region. ;D
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  14. Hoen or Jhoto (Sorry can't spell)
  15. I think the best region was Sinnoh. I've been playing since RBY days and I found DPP the most intriguing games.
  16. Hoenn because there is a lot of climate differences. I mean theis a desert and a rain forest and a pine forest.
  17. Johto, hands down. it was the region with the best legendary pokemon
  18. No wait.. I have a good one! ISHUU!!!! (Pokemon black reigon) WOOT!
  19. I like johto the best. You get to catch lugia and entei two of my favorite legendaries. Plus the region seems bigger. Oh you get to catch a dratini also thats big points right there. Yeah i know in kanto you can catch dratini but i dont know what i would do in kanto or where i would chill at but i gotta admit kanto has the best characters like gary and lance. Sinnoh has the best places to visit like all the lakes. I like the music when you go there. Hoenn is just too blocked off its the worst region. I get confused alot so its not cool to mess with me. Oh and if were talking about the kanto in fire red then i pick that as my favorite but ill miss the rain =[
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I think Hoenn has been my favourite region to date.

    Hoenn was easily the most open region and never made you feel suffocated by trees, road blocks, and so on. I get why some people bash it for having too much water, but I felt the vast ocean made it feel more freeing. Even on land there were multiple routes that criss-crossed and worked as short-cuts, making it very easy to get from place to place. I loved using Dive and exploring the various underwater routes, and locations like Sootopolis were quite nifty. Then we had the volcano, desert, etc. Lots of stuff to see and do within a single region. Even Sinnoh, which I loved quite a bit, had to have an extra location tacked on to feel more complete.

    We don't speak on Johto. The fact that it needed Kanto attached to it just to flesh out the gameplay says all.
  21. Completely agree
  22. Whoever said hoenn doesnt have too much road blocks needs to check again.. And johto had plenty of story in it, and they did a waay better job than hoenn did. Another thing about hoenn that i hated were the graphics all around. G/S/C did a better job and it was for gameboy color!
  23. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I said it, and I meant it. Hoenn doesn't have nearly as many things to cut you off as the other games once you've advanced far enough. It's generally a quick bike ride to get anywhere since you can take so many quick shortcuts, and that's saying something considering how huge the region is. The surfing is much slower going, mind, but as I said above - I liked that about it. You could explore a huge amount of area and find lots of cool hidden stuff.

    Also, we're talking 'regions' here, not the plots. I said nothing about Johto's plot since that's probably my highlight of G/S.

    Each to their own. I openly dislike Johto as a region and have never tried to hide it. Especially G/S/C Johto. It feels suffocating to me. At least HG/SS added something new to it that made me like it more. The route beyond Cianwood is beautiful. ^^

    *P.S.: My bad. I didn't actually read your original post and wasn't intentionally replying just to disagree with you. I could write a novel explaining myself re: why I find Johto a poorly designed region, but this isn't the topic for it.*
  24. I already beat the games though, and trust me road blocks annoy me more than anything in a pokemon game so i would know which game has more.. And what how can you hate GSC? If you played pokemon from RBY you should know that the second generation blew RBY version out of existence
  25. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


    Okay. I'll say this once since I was trying to be polite.

    I've been playing the games since R/B were first released in NA. Played them over 20 times (only played Yellow once, but it was fun stuff). Played G/S/C once through each because I disliked them. Sold Gold, the only main series Pokemon game I ever did that with. Played R/S/E at least 10 times over. Played D/P/Pt at least 7 times over. Only played SS once, but hoping to get through HG at some point as well. Waiting eagerly for B/W.

    Please don't talk to me about experience with the games. I know enough to formulate my own opinions on which games I like and which I don't. You don't have to agree with me, but don't act like a know-it-all about it. And if you're gonna debate at all, do it with facts - not opinions.

    Edit: Also, could we kindly get back on topic? Seriously. This is not the topic for this. If you want to discuss this more, PM me. XP
  26. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    My favorite region to just run around in is Sinnoh, mostly because I like a number of the locations there and I always, always have a Fly-user with me (trying to bike around with that damned mountain in the middle of the map is annoying as hell). Sinnoh also has my all time favorite daycare sight, what with that long, glorious route right there with solid endings so I can breed and hatch without having to pay too much attention. I love it so much. :3

    And I totally get what you mean by Johto being too suffocating, Katie, there's just not enough to do there (although this is really because Johto was, and always will be, nothing more than a glorified expansion pack of Kanto). That being said, I adore the autumn path before Ho-oh's tower. I like taking my Meganium there and frolicking in the leaves. :3
  27. i change my answer to Isshu, Why? becase it is Based of the good old U. S . of A. go America Whoo!
  28. hmmm oh my this is a toughy. I was just thinking today about how much I loved Hoenn, idk why though

    Kanto - 1 (you have to remember where this all began ya know? :)
    Johto - 4 (still LOVE IT THOUGH)
    Hoenn - 2
    Sinnoh - 3
    Isshu - 5 (havent been there yet :p)
  29. My favourite has to be Kanto. And Isshu. They both don't overcomplicate with extra Pokemon from different generations. Hoenn is No. 5. Because I hate Kecleon.
  30. I'm going to say Kanto and Johto as an even match up.
    Reason why Hoenn makes a good challenge is because you could dive underwater and explore! Solve ancient mysteries and more!
    Sinnoh not much, I like the idea of bringing us to the mountains and new ideas for baddies, but Kanto and Johto by far tops them all in my honest opinion, reason why they match up is because like the creator of the thread stated it started it all, ALL THREE starters I absolutely love, I have a very hard time choosing some times. In Johto almost but Chikorita is just nowhere as admired as Totodile and Cyndaquil, Sinnoh region I ONLY like Turtwig and somewhat Chimchar but barely more than Chikorita. Hoenn... nahhh, their starters aren't all that great in my opinion, I understand the types are awesome and all, more water+ground added from Hoenn, Sceptile was always my starter, I wasn't a huge mudkip fan and still not, Swampert looks awesome yes but nahh...

    Johto is a tie up because of the extra long story line. It's amazing that you can get all 8 gym badges in BOTH regions not just one. Then you get a chance to tackle Red, your past life...

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